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Hey friends! Happy Halloween! Is anyone going trick-or-treating tonight? We have a couple of friends coming over to carve pumpkins (nothing like waiting until the last minute…) and help us give out candy, so that should be fun! Other than though we really didn’t celebrate Halloween over the weekend; instead we focused on Fabio’s birthday!


I got to work from home on Friday (always a nice treat!) and Fabio came home from work a little early, so we enjoyed an extra long evening walk with Jack. It was such a beautiful evening and the leaves are really starting to show their fall colors. 🙂


When we got back home, I noticed that the bunnies have really done a number on our pumpkins. The small one looks even worse than this now; they ate all the way through it!! Sigh.


The rest of Friday evening was spent running errands and cleaning the house. Phew – what a wild Friday night. 😉


On Saturday morning, Fabio’s sister, Diane, and brother-in-law, Alex, came over. Once they arrived, we headed into DC for a brewery crawl! Our first stop of the day was DC Brau. Fabio and I really like the beer from DC Brau, so we were excited to check it out.



DC Brau felt very hipster to us, as it was located in a big warehouse and had lots of board games available for patrons. While we waited for our free brewery tour to start at 1 p.m., we played a couple games of Hungry, Hungry Hippos! I think we enjoyed playing this game a little too much, and I’m pretty sure we annoyed everyone else who was hanging out in the brewery with our antics. Oops! It was so fun!


Soon enough, it was time for the tour! We learned all about DC Brau including how they make their beers, where their beer is served (I think it’s served in five different states?), how they can their beer, etc. It was pretty cool!


Midway through the tour a bunch of our other friends arrived! They heard the rest of the tour with us, and then we all enjoyed sampling the different beers. So fun!


After hanging out at DC Brau for a little while longer, we grabbed some ubers and headed over to Right Proper Brewing Company (the actual brewery, not the restaurant in Shaw) for our second brewery tour of the day!


We all decided we liked the atmosphere of Right Proper better – it was really nicely decorated with cool murals on the walls – but the beer was better at DC Brau. One good thing about Right Proper was that they had a pop-up food stand from Pizzeria Paradiso. Yum! With all that beer, I was happy to have some food in my belly.


Right Proper’s tour kicked off at 4:00 p.m., so we had a good time hanging out with our friends in the meantime. Can you tell we had a plaid theme going on in lieu of Halloween costumes? Haha!


Anyway, the tour at Right Proper was another good one, and after that, we hopped in an uber over to our third stop of the day: Atlas Brew Works! Atlas was probably our favorite stop of the day, and we loved the atmosphere of the brewery as well as the fact that dogs were allowed. We had a great time playing with a yellow lab puppy inside! We will definitely be back here with Jack.

Sadly a bunch of Fabio’s friends had to head back to Baltimore around this time, but more of our friends arrived to keep the celebration going. Here I am with my old coworkers, Jojo and Brittany! It was so nice hanging out with them. 🙂


A little later on my cousin Yasi and her boyfriend Tom joined us for the festivities as well. What a fun group!

We also saw plenty of silly Halloween costumes while we were out, including these two muppets. Haha! So intense.


Our last brewery stop of the day was at Bardo, but honestly it was not our favorite spot and we didn’t stay for too long. I think maybe since the sun had gone down it lost some of its charm? Oh well, I’m glad we gave it a shot.

Anyway, it was such a fun day and I’m so glad Fabio’s birthday celebration went off without a hitch! I never realized how nerve-wracking it can be to plan such a big event! Phew!


On Sunday, our friend Jason came over! He ran the Marine Corps Marathon in the morning (anyone else run it?) and he did amazingly well. He is so fast – he ran it in 3 hours and 30 seconds! Go Jason! He was bummed because apparently this is third time running a marathon at that exact pace; he can’t seem to break his record! But he said since it was a hilly course and the weather was unseasonably warm, he was still happy with his time.

We spent most of the day hanging around the house and dressing Jack up in his University of Maryland Terrapins costume. 🙂


And, being the good friends that we are, we put Jason to work even though he’d just ran a marathon! Haha! 😉 We needed a hand getting our futon up into the loft, so we called our friend Ciro to come over and help as well. With the four of us, we were able to get the futon up there in no time. Yay!!! (So different from last time Fabio and I attempted this on our own…)


Then Jason, Fabio and I headed out to World of Beer for dinner. I got a buffalo chicken wrap with grilled chicken and kale coleslaw on the side. Yum!


Overall I would say it was the perfect end to a really fun weekend. Thank you to all our amazing friends and family who came out to help us celebrate Fabio’s birthday!

Question of the day: Are you dressing up for Halloween? What are you wearing?

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