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Good morning, and happy Veteran’s Day! I hope you get to spend a few minutes today remembering those brave military men and women (and their families!) who help defend our country. Fabio and I both have off work today, so we are planning to attend some of the festivities around DC. If you’re off from work, I hope you’re doing something fun too!

Today I have a few updates for you guys, so let’s jump right in.

Dinner in Boston

I finished up with my Boston work event early Friday afternoon, and my good friend Britt swung by to pick me up! Unfortunately I failed to take a single picture of our evening together – probably a result of my brain-dead state and my excitement over seeing her – but I found some pictures online that I think will help explain our night. Thank you, Google.

We looked a lot like this, only much more bundled up and in a different city. 😉


Once Britt had picked me up, we navigated our way over to the North End of Boston, a cute little area with lots of Italian shops and restaurants. First we walked around for a while and she showed me a fun market with lots of fresh produce, where I definitely would  have stocked up on goodies if I didn’t have to lug them with me on the plane.

Then we sat down for an early dinner at Panza, just one of the amazing-looking Italian restaurants in the area.



We wound up sitting at a quiet little table by the door (which is not a good idea in Boston – it was really cold!) and had a lovely evening. We started off with glasses of wine before ordering some mussels in a white wine sauce. There was also some delicious crusty bread that I enjoyed dunking in the sauce from the mussels. Yum!

For our entrees, Britt got the butternut squash tortellini and I got lobster raviolis (when in Boston…). Both dishes were delicious!



It was such a fun night, and Britt and I talked for hours and hours. My flight was at 9:00, so eventually we had to leave the restaurant for the airport. Good thing Britt kept an eye on her watch – I was so brain dead at this point I let the time slip away from me and we wound up getting to the airport later than planned. Oops! I guess wine and good conversation will do that to you. 😉

I arrived at my  gate just in time for boarding, and after a quick hour in the air I made it safely back to the DCA airport where Fabio was waiting to take me home. I missed him so much!! It was so great to see my boys.

Grandpa’s Memorial Service

The next morning, Fabio and I dropped off Jack at my friend Megan’s house, and then made the two-hour drive down to my grandma’s house in the Northern Neck of Virginia for my grandpa’s memorial service.

The event was held at my grandma’s house, which was decorated in lots of gorgeous white flowers for the occasion.


The whole day was really nice, and it definitely felt like a celebration of life rather than a sad funeral. My favorite part was when everyone went around the room and shared their favorite memories of my grandpa – it was so nice to hear how he affected each and every person there.

Although I got a bit emotional when it was my turn to speak, most of the stories told were upbeat and very positive. My grandpa had a great sense of humor, and his light-hearted an caring personality really shown through during the talks.

The next morning we hopped in the car and headed back home, but not before walking down by the water for a few minutes to think about all the time my grandpa spent down there.


It was a sad moment for sure, but it was a nice way to remember him.


The remainder of my weekend was pretty low-key and involved napping, unpacking my suitcases, meal/workout planning, and getting ready for the week ahead.

A Run in DC

On Monday, I had off from work due to all the extra hours I put in during my conference in Boston. After sleeping in a bit and having breakfast with Fabio, I set out for a nine mile run around DC.

When I got to the Georgetown waterfront, I noticed that a group of people were feeding the seagulls and ducks, so I stopped for a minute to enjoy the sight. With the sun shining on my face and the gorgeous view surrounding me, I couldn’t help but feel blessed for my life. I also thought about my grandpa a bit, and I thought he probably had something to do with this peaceful moment.



Then it was time to hit the pavement again. I headed along the Rock Creek Parkway path, which is a route I haven’t run in a while. It was just as pretty as I remembered.


Then when I got up to Adam’s Morgan, I turned onto Connecticut Avenue and ran along that road until I got to DuPont Circle.


From there I took New Hampshire all the way down to the Kennedy Center, and crossed Theodore Roosevelt bridge to get back to Rosslyn.

Once I was in Rosslyn I stopped at a red light, and then when I started running again I noticed a really sharp pain behind my knee. I tried to keep going but I wound up hobbling quite a bit, and since I didn’t want to hurt myself further I decided to walk the last mile home.

Still, I made it almost 8 miles, which was fine by me. Sometimes listening to your body is more important than checking a number off a list.


My pace was pretty good too, and I averaged out right at 8:49 per mile. For me, that’s fast!

Alright friends, thanks for letting me chat about these random updates today. Enjoy your Veteran’s Day!

Questions of the day: Have you ever been to Boston? Do you stop running when something starts to hurt or do you push through?

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  8 Responses to “Dinner in Boston, Grandpa’s Memorial Service, & a DC Run”

  1. I went to Boston when I was a Sophomore in college. I LOVED IT! I loved it so much I looked into transferring to BC. Yeah that idea lasted all about a day.

    When something hurts (more soreness than anything) I know I should stop but sometimes I think I can work through it if I keep going – twisted mind I know. But then there are other times where I know I definitely need to stop if I want to be able to continue running in the future. It is probably always a good thing to stop.

  2. You know all to well I am the worst patient and run through any and all pains. Good thinking deciding to walk back home though, especially up that hill. Let me know if the pain keeps up – I’d be happy to come by to check it out 🙂 aka I miss your face and would like an excuse to come hang out 😉

    Your grandfather’s service looked beautiful – it’s always good to sit around and talk about all of the good times to remember him by

    • I miss you toooo!! You me and B need to do something soon. And I almost sent you a pic of my knee/where it’s hurting, but it’s feeling a little better now! 🙂

  3. I’ve learned that pushing through discomfort or pain when running usually leads to further injury and me being sidelined for a lot longer than if i had just cut my run short and rested. After a bunch of injuries I have learned to just listen to what my body is telling me.

    The memorial service looked really nice and Im glad that you were able to celebrate his life in that way 🙂

  4. If something hurts, like injury hurts, during a run I stop. It’s not worth making it worse. If a run sucks because I’m tired or just not feeling it I’ll probably just slow down and plod home. There’s always a reason why – like a rubbish night’s sleep, or bad fueling so I’m not too bothered about a crappy run!
    Sounds like a really lovely day you had remembering your grandfather. It’s always nice to celebrate rather than mourn someone’s life I suppose.

    • Definitely! It was a nice way to celebrate his life. And I’m with you – I almost always try to finish if it’s just a “bad run,” but as soon as something starts to really hurt I call it quits.

  5. We vacationed to Boston, NY, Philly & DC a few years ago. I loved the people, sights, even the Sox! Couldn’t help but feel that the residents took their town’s rich history for granted. Living in LA where the history here is barely 100 years old, I loved seeing the centuries visible in so many aspects of Beantown.

    I just ran a 1/2 and noticed some runners knee-type pain. I didn’t stop running and the pain came and went every couple of miles. You’ve just reminded me to google those symptoms & do a little self-diagnosis!

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