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Phew – what a weekend. Did you have a good one? Ours was a blast!


Friday night was pretty uneventful at casa Chelsea and Fabio. We got sushi for dinner and spent the evening enjoying our new recessed lights!


Whoever thought I would get so excited about new lights?! Haha! #adulting

Anyway Fabio and I are both so happy with how they came out. The whole process was really easy and quick (the lights were installed on Monday and they finished up the ceiling during the day on Friday) and it’s made such a difference in the amount of light downstairs. Plus the lights are dimmable, so we can keep them low when we are watching TV and turn them up for activities like cooking. Perfect!

The rest of the evening was spent cleaning up the house. We knew we had a really busy weekend ahead of us, so we figured if we got a bunch of chores done on Friday night it would save us the trouble later on. Plus, everything was really dusty from the ceiling work so we wanted to clean that up ASAP. Great decision!


Saturday morning started bright dark and early; we hit the road at 6:30 a.m. so we could volunteer at an event my work was putting together for a couple of hours. Fabio was a trooper for coming with me to such an early morning event! Everything went really well and I was so glad we could help out for a little while!

By 9 a.m. we had arrived in Baltimore ready for our next activity of the day: helping Fabio’s sister and brother-in-law move! Diane and Alex just bought a house outside of Baltimore, so we joined them in packing up the rest of their stuff and loading it up onto the truck.

Unfortunately we couldn’t stay too long because we had a lot more to do! (I told you Saturday was busy.) Luckily they had a bunch of friends there to help them finish up so we didn’t feel too bad about leaving around noon.

From there, we headed to Total Wine & More, a new wine and beer store in our neighborhood!


We were having my mom, stepdad, stepsister, and her boyfriend over to the house for appetizers to celebrate fall birthdays (mine, Fabio’s, and my mom’s), so we picked up some beer, champagne, and other essentials from the awesome new store. I have a feeling we will be frequenting this place often; their selection was amazing!


Then we headed over to Cheesetique for some cheese selections!


We walked right up to the cheese counter where we asked for recommendations for a soft cheese, a hard cheese, and some meat that would go well with champagne. The employee gave us some awesome recommendations (sadly I don’t remember what we got!) and I was feeling excited about our choices. 🙂


Then we finished straightening up the house and got ourselves ready for our visitors. Before we knew it, my family had arrived!

We had a great time sipping champagne, munching on cheese, and catching up. My stepdad hadn’t seen the house before, and the rest of the gang hadn’t seen it since we moved the furniture in, so it was really nice being able to show them around! Unfortunately during the house tour Jack gobbled up half of the cheese (NOOOOOO!) so that was a pretty big bummer. Good thing he’s cute. Sigh.

After appetizers, we walked over to Yona, a Japanese restaurant up the street that I had heard great things about.


I was so happy I got to sit next to two of my favorite ladies. 🙂


We started the meal off with some sake and a bunch more appetizers before ordering bowls of ramen. The restaurant reviews I read all recommended the pork ramen, so that’s what I got! I wound up sharing with my mom which was a great idea since we were both starting to get full from all the appetizers. Yummm!


Everyone agreed that the ramen was delicious, but Nick, who has to eat gluten-free, was especially excited about the buckets of “JFC” aka Japanese Fried Chicken! Because of the batter they use, the fried chicken is gluten free. He was in heaven!


The boys. 🙂

Anyway, we had a great time at Yona and I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for good ramen in Arlington. It was delicious!


Sunday morning began with a long walk for Jack, and then I settled onto the couch to watch cooking shows and read a new cookbook my mom gave me for my birthday, Cook’s Illustrated! This book is especially cool because it’s put together by dozens of chefs who try out different variations of recipes to determine which versions are the most successful.


I found so many recipes I wanted to try, which made meal planning a blast this week. Thanks, mom!!


(Fabio’s birthday is Tuesday, hence the “Birthday Baked Ziti” and the “Surprise” on this week’s menu!)

A little later on, we joined up with our friends JR and Megan to check out the grand opening of a new REI store in our old neighborhood in DC. The store hosted a three-day long block party to celebrate the launch, so we were excited to check it out!


The store was massive and also really crowded. It was very cool and there was so much to see! They did a great job with the grand opening, that’s for sure.


After wandering around the store and getting lost a couple of times (it was that big!) we headed outside for the block party.


We spent the next hour or so soaking up the sunshine, listening to live music, and sipping on some beers!


It was so fun spending the day with two of my favorite people. 🙂


They were also handing out free REI sunglasses at the event, and you got to make your own custom pair by choosing the colors you wanted for the sides and frames. Great idea!! I got lime green shades with one orange side and one blue side. 🙂


Love these guys!!

After the block party we decided to grab some lunch at Rocklands, our favorite BBQ joint right near our house. Eventually we said goodbye to JR and Megan and headed home. What a fun day!

Now Fabio is watching football from the couch and I’m trying to convince him that we still need to head to the grocery store for a later-than-usual weekly shopping trip. Ugh. I hope the produce isn’t too picked over!

Question of the day: What was the highlight of your weekend?

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