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Back in late May, Fabio and I flew down to Jamaica for his sister Diane’s destination wedding (read the recap of the rest of our trip to Jamaica here).


Since I was in the wedding I didn’t have too many pictures, so I waited to write the recap until Diane and her new husband Alex had the professional photos back. Late last week they shared the photos with me, and today I have the recap for you guys! Woohoo!

This post is going to be very picture-heavy, so I’ll try to keep my words short. Here we go!

I was first in line to get my makeup done on wedding day, which meant I was sitting in the chair at 7:00 am ready to get my face on (keep in mind the ceremony didn’t start until 5:00 pm. Phew!) Diane’s friend Kristine wound up doing our makeup, and I thought she did a fantastic job! I wore fake eyelashes for the occasion which was a first for me, but Kristine did a good job putting them on and calming my nerves about having them stick to my eye or something, so I was happy.

Good morning!


At around 11:00 I headed up to the salon to get my hair done. I asked for a lose braid along the side and an up-do in the back, and I was very pleased with the results. I loved my hair and makeup! #Iwokeuplikethis #noIdidn’t


After we were done getting ready, Diane handed out our bridesmaids gifts!


We each got a lovely gold bracelet with pearls on it, which I loved. It’s so pretty and delicate!


Meanwhile the boys were over in the room next door getting ready too. Rumor has it they were taking a bunch of shots (boys!) but they pulled it together nicely.


Once everyone was ready we headed down to the lobby for photos! The lobby was a gorgeous setting and I love how the pictures turned out.


While we were down there, Diane and Alex had their first look! I think he was a little nervous about seeing her.



Obviously she looked phenomenal! He was a lucky groom for sure.



Bridesmaid photos! Aren’t our bouquets beautiful? I loved the colors.


Meanwhile the boys were up to their typical shenanigans…



Here’s a shot of Fabio’s family! (Minus the flower girl, who was still getting ready at this point.) Doesn’t everyone look great?


After pictures we headed back to the room for final touch ups before the ceremony. Right as we headed down for the beach ceremony, we found out it had started to rain and the ceremony had to be moved inside. Boo! This was a disappointment for sure (stupid Caribbean rain showers) but luckily the lobby area made for a great plan B.

Here we come!


The ceremony was quick and beautiful, and before we knew it Diane and Alex were husband and wife!


As soon as the ceremony was over, we all enjoyed a champagne toast.


Cheers to the bride and groom!


While the rest of the guests headed to cocktail hour, the bridal party headed outside for some photos since the rain had stopped. It was such a beautiful setting!


I tried getting a picture of Fabio and me with my phone, but sadly the lighting didn’t really turn out. Boo. At least you can get a sense for how beautiful the location was!


The whole group!


Fabio’s siblings and significant others, plus his niece Sofia, the adorable flower girl. 🙂


Me and my handsome date! I love this picture. 🙂


Not long after photos it was time for the reception. I thought the room looked beautiful!


Then it was time for our bridal party entrances. Yikes – these always make me nervous. Luckily I was partnered with Fabio, so that helped my nerves a bit.


For our entrance, Fabio pretended to throw out a fishing line and reel me in as his “fish.”


I thought it was pretty hilarious even if we did look totally silly.


Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Fishman!


After all of our entrances we were seated for our dinner. Here’s the table with Fabio’s family!


While our food was served (I had a delicious fish dish) Diane and Alex began their first dance. Since Diane has always enjoyed dancing, she and Alex did a beautiful choreographed dance.


I loved it and thought the whole thing was very romantic!


Then it was time for the father/daughter and mother/son dance, which was lovely. I always get so emotional at this part of weddings!


Before the dance floor got too crowded, Fabio’s dad danced with Sofia to a Michael Jackson song. It was so adorable!


Sorry for the crappy photo!

Then after the speeches were over (which were all great!) it was time to party!


Because Alex is Jewish, he and Diane got lifted into chairs for the traditional Hora dance.


I think they were both a little terrified haha! It looked fun though.


After that, everyone hit the dance floor for plenty of dancing. Meanwhile, Fabio and I revealed a little surprise we had planned…secretly we had ordered a bunch of these foam glow sticks online in advance of the wedding, and we managed to bring them all down to Jamaica with us! (Fabio had stowed them in the checked bag with his golf clubs.) We then got one of our friends who wasn’t in the bridal party to bring them to the DJ while we were busy taking pictures, and then when the dance floor got crowded Fabio and I passed them out to the guests. They were a big hit and almost everyone wound up dancing with them. Diane and Alex were so excited about the surprise, and I’m so glad we were able to coordinate it ahead of time!


(FYI these are the same glow sticks Courtney had at her wedding because we loved them so much!)


It was such a great night, and I’m so glad Diane and Alex invited us to share in their special day.

My favorite brother and sister duo!


Congratulations on your marriage, Diane and Alex!



The end.

Question of the day: Do you dance at weddings or just watch the fun?

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