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Wow, this weekend was quite a whirlwind, but it was so much fun!!

Friday evening was quite nice; Fabio and I had a simple dinner at home and then joined a few of our friends at Rhodeside Grill for a beer. It was Becky’s birthday celebration so we had a nice time catching up with that group of friends. I can’t wait for her wedding next month!!

Fabio and I made sure to stick to a one beer maximum because we knew we had a busy morning ahead of us, complete with a long run, so we took it easy. We were in bed by around midnight which wasn’t too bad at all! Woohoo!

Saturday morning started with a long run – 9 miles! When we started out it was a little chilly and cloudy, but by the time we were finished it was GORGEOUS out and perfect for a run. The sun was shining but it wasn’t too hot (around 60 degrees) so it made for a really lovely run.

Last week our 8 mile run was such a struggle, so I have to admit I was sort of worried about how this one would go. But- good news- it was great!!! I think the weather had something to do with it, as did our one beer maximum rule the night before.

We also ran my favorite route of all time (into DC, around the tidal basin, into Georgetown, and back) which we hadn’t run in a while. I just love running along the water and past all those monuments.


Here were our splits!

  • Mile One: 8:44
  • Mile Two: 8:53
  • Mile Three: 8:56
  • Mile Four: 9:17
  • Mile Five: 9:13
  • Mile Six: 9:16
  • Mile Seven: 9:14
  • Mile Eight: 10:03
  • Mile Nine: 9:08

We had a bit of trouble running downtown because there was a walk for Epilepsy going on which caused us to veer off track or into the grass a few times. All in all though, it was one of the best runs I’ve had in a long time. Great way to start the weekend!!

As soon as our run was over, Fabio and I had a quick breakfast and then got ready for Courtney’s wedding! We picked up our friend Britt around 1:15 and then headed into Elicott City, MD, for the ceremony.

Here we are with Megan!


The ceremony was held in Courtney’s church that she grew up in. Our good friend Jess was the Maid of Honor. Hey Jess!


Her boyfriend Erick was also one of the groomsmen (all the way on the right). It was so nice that he was included in the special day too!


When Courtney walked down the isle, we were all blown away by how gorgeous she looked. Her dress literally made my jaw drop. What a beautiful bride!!


Two of my other good friends, Jess and Vic, had a reading role in the ceremony. They did a great job!


It was a quick ceremony, and after about half an hour they were officially husband and wife!!


Mr. and Mrs. Stewart!!


Here’s a Snapchat photo we screen-shotted (thanks, Britt!). Married!!


After the ceremony we drove from Elicott City into downtown Baltimore for the reception. The reception was held at the Pier 5 hotel right on the Inner Harbor, and I absolutely LOVED the venue. If you are ever looking for a good wedding location in Baltimore I highly recommend this hotel. Everything was prefect and Courtney and Kevin definitely set the bar high for future weddings to come!

When we checked in, we were given goodie bags filled with traditional Baltimore snacked (Berger cookies and crab flavored potato chips included) as well as a free bottle of wine!! This was such a nice gesture and everyone got a big hit out of the bags.


Then Fabio and I checked into our hotel room, which was lovely!


We had a waterfront view which was so nice, especially since the weather was so fantastic.


The view from our room!


Oh hey, bridal party!!


A few of our friends joined us in our room for a quick glass of champagne, and then it was time for the cocktail party!



The cocktail party was held next to the lobby of the hotel, and since it was so nice out they were able to open up the patio as well.

Our boys!


All the ladies (minus the bride, of course).


Eventually Courtney made an appearance and we were so thrilled to see her. She was positively glowing!


Soon it was time to head into the main reception room which was on the second floor of the hotel. The room was surrounded by huge floor to ceiling windows that looked out over the inner harbor. It was gorgeous!


Before the bridal party arrived we took some time to take photos on the balcony. I still can’t get over how nice the weather was. It wasn’t too cold or hot at all!

This was the view from the balcony.


So pretty!

Me and my handsome date 😉



Soon the bridal party made their grand entrance!




They had some great entrances/dance moves!






….and the bride and groom!!


Then it was time for the first dance and speeches, which obviously made us all emotional. I am definitely a wedding crier.



Soon after the speeches wrapped up our food arrived, which was all fantastic. I ordered the crab cakes and Fabio got a steak. Everything was delicious.



The rest of the reception was filled with lots of fun and dancing, which I loved! It was a perfect wedding.














The evening concluded with an after party in Jess and Erick’s suite where they had 16 pizzas delivered and alcohol brought up from the hotel bar. Even the adults (aunts, uncles, parents, etc.) joined us for the after party which was amazing. We all had SO much fun.


And then I had a brief photo session in my room with Megan and Jess. I just love these two and miss living with them so much!!






And so concludes Courtney’s amazing wedding day!!

On Sunday we all met down in the lobby for a complimentary breakfast (so nice) and then headed our separate ways.

Fabio and I met up with his sister and her fiance for coffee since we were already in Baltimore, and then we headed back to Arlington to unpack and do a little more apartment hunting (we saw a few places, but didn’t love anything). We finished the weekend with some House of Cards on the couch, which was just perfect.

What a fun weekend!

Questions of the day: What’s your favorite part of a wedding?


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  1. Love weddings!! I went to a bridal shower this weekend! And I get all sappy and cry too, don’t worry!

  2. Ahh the dresses!!! Your dress is amazing but the bride is owning the show- like I want to get married in that dress someday!!

  3. Congrats to them! The bride looks beautiful.
    I do love a good wedding!

  4. Looks like a great weekend! Congrats on your great run (so jealous you got to run on Saturday – we had to push ours to Sunday and the weather was totally gross!). What a beautiful wedding! I absolutely love weddings – I’m a total wedding crier too!

  5. what an amazing location!

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