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Hey guys! Have you all heard the news about Google Reader closing down in July? I know this doesn’t affect too may people, especially since RSS is kind of dying and a lot of people don’t know how to use it anyway, but I love my Google Reader and I’m pretty sad that it’s disappearing.

In case you are unfamiliar with Google Reader, it’s a free tool provided by Google that allows you to follow as many blogs as you want. The reader keeps tracks of all your subscriptions and shows you when your favorite blogs have new posts.

Now that it’s going away, I’ve been on the lookout for an alternative solution for my blog-reading habit addiction. If you are looking for a solution as well, here are a couple of helpful articles, including a petition to keep Google Reader running:

I originally tried to set up an account with NewsBlur, per a suggestion from the first article, but methinks they might be experiencing more traffic than usual today because the site crashed when I tried to sign up. Womp womp.

Instead I’m going with BlogLovin’, which so far seems to be just okay. It’s not as great as my beloved Google Reader, but I’m not sure anything will be able to compare completely. For now, if you want to follow me on BlogLovin’ you can click on the button over there on the right —>

See you there!

Anyway, let’s get to the meat (err- veggie?) of today’s post, shall we? That’s right I have a recipe for you today!

I know, I know, it’s been ages since I’ve posted a recipe. And, this one is so simple you can hardly even call it a recipe. Seriously. But it’s delicious and easy so let’s get to it!

A few weeks ago on a What I Ate Wednesday post, I showed you guys some fried plantains that I had for dinner. A few of you were curious about how I made them, so here’s a little how-to for ya.

I should start by saying that plantains are not really my creation. Sort of like Fabio’s gooey mozzarella sticks, this is recipe dreamed up by Fabio, who doesn’t cook much of anything besides chicken parmesan, steaks, mozzarella sticks, and, now, plantains.

I tried to capture a few pictures of him in action, but to be honest he didn’t care much about the whole picture-taking process and it was a little hard for me to photograph the whole thing. Just use your imagination.

Ok so, to start off, there are two different types of plantains they eat in Colombia: the salty kind and the sweet kind. I am personally a fan of both but had no idea how to make either of them, so Fabio asked his family members for tips. Apparently the sweet plantains are just more ripe. Seriously? That’s it?


Fabio’s aunts assured him that sweet plantains come from brown/practically black plantains while the still-yellow ones give you salty plantains. Otherwise they are cooked the same. I’m still skeptical, but whatever. Ours are always yellow and turn out salty, so maybe it’s true. Who knows.

Ok, moving on to how we Fabio makes them.

First, Fabio peels the plantains and chops them into one-inch sections, just like when you cut up a banana. Then he uses the bottom of a flat glass to press down on the plantain pieces to flatten them a bit.

Here you can see the smushed plantain versus the not smushed one. Smushed is a technical term, clearly 😉

Sometimes the plantains are pretty firm (as opposed to a squishy banana) so you really have to press down hard. Gotta use those muscles!

Once the plantains are all relatively the same size/thickness, Fabio drops about 4 tablespoons of vegetable oil into a pan and sets it to medium-high heat. Here comes the unhealthy part. Look away!

Then Fabio fries the plantains in the hot oil for a few seconds until they start to brown. It will probably take around 10 seconds, depending on how hot the oil is. Then flip and repeat!

Once both sides are brown and crispy, Fabio removes the plantains to a paper-towel lined plate and sprinkles them immediately with salt.

And that’s it! You’re done! Easy peasy.

These are delicious and are a great change of pace from the usual dinners we have. Usually when we have plantains I will have a piece of tilapia topped with either salsa or guacamole and some type of roasted vegetable.

Yumm. Delicious dinner!

So that’s it! I’m not even going to add in a little recipe box here because it’s so simple. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions though!

Question of the day: What does your significant other cook for you? If you don’t have a significant other, do your roommates ever cook for you?


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  1. I have been using blog lovin for a few months and I absolutely LOVE it! I think you’ll grow to get used to it! I didn’t really like google reader so it doesn’t affect me at all.

  2. Sigh…guess I’m moving to bloglovin’. I’ll miss you google reader!

  3. Urgh it’s so annoying about Google Reader. It just makes life easier.
    I think I need to try this plantain. Is it quite filling? I’ve seen some Caribbean-style meals that include plaintain that sound interesting. Not sure if Ben’s gonna go for this but I might just surprise him with it and let him make his mind up before he’s forms any pre-judgements haha. But if Fabio likes it then that’s promising! Ben gets very suspicious of new meals with ‘strange’ ingredients I try to tempt him with.

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