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Hey there! I’m back today with the very last recap of our trip to Colombia. These posts have been so fun to write and I’m sad they’re coming to an end. If you missed any of the first recaps you can find those here.

When we last left off, we had just wrapped up an awesome boat ride to see the Rosario Islands. When we got back we rested for a bit and then headed up to our rooftop to enjoy the beautiful view.


I could get used to this!

For dinner we made the walk down the street to La Perla, a seafood spot that had great reviews online.


We ordered a delicious tuna tartare dish to start and had no problem gobbling up every bite.


We also got an order of the ceviche, of course! Cartagena is famous for its ceviche, and this one did not disappoint. With the steamy temperatures outside, I can understand why the locals love eating this dish so much. It was so refreshing!


For my entree I ordered one of the fish specials, which was incredibly fresh and likely caught that day. It was perfectly cooked and served on a bed of mushroom and spinach risotto. Delicious!


After dinner we decided we wanted some dessert, so we strolled over to Mila, a cute dessert spot I had read about online. Mila is decorated with funky chicken decor and has a substantial dessert menu with tons of delicious options.


There is also a huge display case where you can take a look at the desserts they have, and I was practically drooling over all of them.


They even had a cake iced in gold frosting! How fun.


We wound up getting an amazing chocolate cake that our waitress recommended, and it reminded me of a cross between a fudgy brownie and cake. Holy cow, was it delicious.


I think it might have been one of the best chocolate cakes I’ve ever had (sorry mom!). The fact that it came with a chocolatey gold truffle on the top didn’t hurt either. 🙂

Diane, Alex and Karen also ordered a couple of chocolate cakes which we sampled, but I thought ours was the best.


We were all pretty full by this point so we packed the rest of our cake to go. It was so nice to snack on during the remainder of our stay!

Definitely check out La Perla and Mila if you’re ever planning a trip to Cartagena; I can’t recommend them enough! (Don’t get the coffee at Mila though, as it wasn’t very good.)

After dessert we headed back to our Air BnB and debated between going to bed or going out. We were all exhausted and were tempted to stay in, but we knew we only had a couple of nights in Cartagena and really wanted to make the most of them. We turned on some music, drank some of the famous Colombian aguardiente, and then we were ready to go!

We decided to check out Bazurto Social Club, a salsa dancing spot that was both recommended to us by Fabio’s sister Karen who had been to Cartagena once before and one of you! Thank you for the recommendation!

We obviously needed to stop to take pictures with the cutout in front of the club. Fabio makes a good Colombian lady, don’t you think?


We spent the rest of the night drinking more aguardiente and dancing! I definitely improved my salsa dancing skills during this trip, and Diane even said I moved from beginner to intermediate. Woohoo!


So much fun. 🙂


The next day we slept in a bit, had a delicious home-cooked breakfast courtesy of the housekeeper who came with the Air BnB (she made the most delicious fresh juices every morning), and then headed out!

On our walk we passed by lots of cool street vendors selling everything you could think of. I thought this fruit stand was especially beautiful!



Our plans for the day included a trip to the old military fort in Cartagena, San Felipe de Barajas Castle.


Originally built in 1536, this fort was used to protect the old city of Cartagena from international pirates. At the time Cartagena was colonized by the Spanish, who used the port city to export all the goods out of South America. You can imagine how prosperous this area was back then, since everything that was grown and mined in South America had to travel out of a port city like Cartagena to go back to Europe.


The Spanish had to have a good hold on the city to keep “pirates” (aka English, Portuguese, French, etc.) from trying to take over the city. We obviously know they were successful since people in Cartagena speak Spanish instead of one of the other languages!


Once we arrived at the fort, we climbed to the top to meet up with a tour guide who did an amazing job of explaining different details of the fort to us. I would highly recommend this tour for anyone who is interested in hearing a bit of history about the city!

The views from the top were also pretty great.




Our tour guide then took us around the fort to show us all sorts of booby traps and tricks that were set up to protect it from any enemies.






It was a lot of fun!


Overall we had a great time on the tour and the hours flew by.

We also made sure to take a picture in the big bronze shoes outside the fort, which is a more modern art piece that’s dedicated to the hard working lower-class people in Cartagena.


After all that walking we were hungry! We hopped in a cab to take us over to La Mulata, another fun seafood spot that had rave reviews online.


First off, we enjoyed some complimentary fish soup and then I ordered a delicious coconut lemonade drink that was out of this world (Fabio got mango). The drinks cooled us right off after walking around in the super hot and humid weather. 🙂


Then it was time to eat! I ordered a seafood stew that came with huge hunks of lobster. It was really good, but the coconut rice stole the show.


La Multa was also a great pitstop for tourists since they had free wifi and iPhone chargers that you could borrow to recharge while you ate. Awesome!

Then we spent the rest of the day walking around the Walled City!


Cartagena is so cute and we all loved the charming old architecture.


And the bougainvillea everywhere!



After our walk we grabbed a quick bite to eat and then got ready for another fun night out.

While I was getting ready I got a text from our friends Jadd and Jojo saying that they thought they could see our rooftop from their own Air BnB’s rooftop across town. It turns out they were right, and we wound up waving to each other from across the city. Can you see the two little blips on top of a square beige building on the left side of this photo – near a random tall vertical line (tower?) thing? That’s them. Haha!


Then they came over along with some of their friends to join us for drinks before the Colombia soccer game!

Soccer is a huge deal in Colombia and they happened to be playing the USA, so we made a fun night out of it.


That means, of course, more aguardiente!


Before long the game was starting so we headed over to a nearby bar to watch it. Every single bar was playing the game, so we had no trouble finding a spot.


Go Colombia! (And USA…)


Truthfully I can’t remember who won (we ladies were way less interested in the game) but I do remember when the game was over it was salsa time!


After the game we kept the fun going – it was our last night of vacation after all – and we wound up on a rooftop bar right near Plaza de los Coches (I forget the name!). It was a lot of fun and we had a blast with our little group.




We ended the evening back at Bazurto Social Club, and then finally we headed home. Phew!

The next day was travel day, and were all sad to be ending our trip.


It sure was fun!

Question of the day: Have you ever tried salsa dancing?

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