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Hey guys! I hope you had a fabulous weekend! Mine was just perfect and I’m actually really depressed that it’s over. Wahhh.

Anyway, let me show you what I was up to!


After work on Friday I wish I could tell you I did something fun and wild since it was my birthday, but honestly it was spent running around shopping and preparing for the bigger celebration on Saturday. When Fabio picked me up from work around 6:30, we went to Costco, Safeway, the liquor store, and Target. By the time we got home we quickly cleaned up the apartment, packed everything for the next day, and were in bed by 11:00. I guess this makes us old farts, but we had a big day ahead of us on Saturday!


Saturday started bright and early for a 5K! It was a gorgeous morning and I didn’t mind waking up early because I was so excited to get the day going.

Good morning DC!


Fabio and I joined our friend Angela and her family in a 5K called the “undy 5000” to support colon cancer. Angela’s family has had a history with colon cancer so we were really happy to be able to support the cause. Plus you get to run the race in underwear, so that’s pretty fun.

Fabio and I wound up donning the free blue and yellow boxers that we received instead of race t-shirts, but some people were full out wearing their own undies! So much fun!


Even this dog participated in the fun, haha! How miserable does he look? Lol.


Fabio and I took advantage of the free photo opp and fun signs before the race began.

Dc39A244-0 Fabio chose a sign saying he secretly hates running!! Haha considering we are running our second half marathon together this weekend, I’m going to go out on a limb and say he must not hate it that much. Right? Either that or I’m the worst girlfriend ever for dragging him with me on so many runs, haha.

The race took place in Rock Creek Park (who knew there was actually a Rock Creek Park and not just Rock Creek Parkway?) which was just gorgeous. Unfortunately the whole first part of the race was downhill, which of course meant the second half was torturous coming back up. Ah well, luckily Fabio and I pretty well-trained to run up steep hills from the Rosslyn hill of death.

And guys, despite the hill, Fabio and I both did great!! First of all, Fabio got third place overall. Isn’t that awesome?? It was a smallish race, only about 150 people, but still. I was so proud of him! He finished the race in 21:37 and his average pace was 6:58. Great job Fabio!

I did pretty well too and although I didn’t come in third, I did come in 21st which is pretty cool and I was fourth in my age group (I missed getting third and receiving a medal by 1 second. UGH!). I completed the race in 25:19 and my average pace was 8:09. Not too shabby!

My friend Angela’s parents also did awesome and they ran the whole race together. Angela’s dad was even wearing jeans since he had been planning to walk the race. They got first and second place for their age group. So great!


Here are the medal-winners of our group!


And the whole team!


The best part about this race was the awards ceremony where people spoke about their experiences with colon cancer. It was so emotional to see how this cancer had affected the race attendees, and I may have shed a few tears. It was one of those moments where you realize this race wasn’t just about getting a new PR or getting a medal, but it was about the people who have lost someone to this awful disease and who are using the race money to find a cure. It was definitely an inspiring moment.

After the race Fabio and I quickly headed home, had a nice breakfast outside at Bean Good Coffee with my new neighbor/good friend Bianca, and then started getting everything ready for the day.

Breakfast included a cappuccino and a warm and toasty ham, egg, and cheese croissant. De-lish.


After breakfast I quickly came home and showered because we had guests coming over!!


About 35 of them, to be exact.

For my birthday, Fabio rented a bus, invited all our best friends, and coordinated logistics so we could go see Rascal Flatts (a country band) in concert. I cannot even begin to explain how awesome this was. First of all, a lot of my best friends live in New York so the fact that they came down for my birthday celebration was awesome. Then there was the fact that my friends from home got along great with my friends from school, and everyone had a great time together. The bus was all of my favorite people in one place!! It was so much fun.

I also didn’t really have to do any of the planning because Fabio took care of everything. He set up the bus, collected money, coordinated logistics- you name it, he was on top of it. This meant that all I had to was relax and enjoy my time with my friends. Ahh I’m so sad it’s over.

Anyway, everyone started coming over to our apartment around 11:30 am, and we kicked off the morning with some mimosas. By early afternoon my apartment was absolutely packed and it felt like one of those crowded bars where you can’t even move. There was even a line for the bathroom! Haha it was crazy and I’ve never had so many people in my little apartment before.

At 3:00 it was time to board the bus! Everyone had brought beers, coolers, and snacks, so they were loaded up onto the bus and away we went!


The bus was a blast and the bus driver was really fun (this was probably due to the big tip Fabio gave her at the beginning of the day) so we had a great time blasting music, drinking beers, and even dancing on the bus. This picture was taken at the beginning when things were still relatively calm, but don’t be fooled- things got rowdy.


When we arrived at the concert we had a great time tailgating for a few hours. The tailgate is probably the best part of an event like this. The weather was nice, there was plenty of beer and food, and all my friends were in one place. Doesn’t get much better than that!














I love my friends 🙂 (and am also super sad I didn’t make it into this picture. What the heck, guys!)


Oh and this happened. Megan is going to kill me when she sees this 😉 but how could I not share? I love these pictures. Hi Megan!






The concert itself was a lot of fun too, and happily Rascal Flatts played a ton of my favorite old songs 🙂 They were awesome.


The bus ride home was somehow even more fun than the concert or tailgate, and I had a really fantastic time.


I’m so lucky that I have so many great friends to come spend my birthday with me. 🙂


On Sunday I hung out with my friends Megan and Catrina during the day and we had a great time recapping the day before over pizza and fountain sodas (because sometimes after all that beer, all you need is a fountain soda and cheesy piece of pizza).

Eventually it was time for my New York friends to head back home (wahhhh) but we already have plans to see each other in October so at least I have that to look forward to.

After dropping off Catrina at Union Station, Fabio and I took Jack over to my mom’s house for a little family birthday celebration!


My mom outdid herself once again with her cooking, and everything was delicious. The champagne was a nice birthday touch too!! I always love a nice glass of champagne! 😀


We had a delicious dinner of steaks and chicken, and then my mom brought out the birthday cake!


Hooray for birthdays!! I’ll take any excuse to have a slice of my mom’s chocolate cake 😉


Make a wish!

birthdaycakeAfter dinner Fabio and I headed home, cleaned up the apartment a bit, and watched the series finale of Breaking Bad. All in all, it was THE perfect birthday weekend and I could not have asked for anything more. I feel so blessed 🙂

Questions of the day: What do you do for your birthday? Did you watch the Breaking Bad finale? What did you think?


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  1. um that race sounds hilarious. man you had a jam packed weekend!

  2. this weekend was such a blast! also, I love the post title (although I was a big fan of the propose “Chelsea Bongs Beers”.) E and I ended the night with some delicious pizza 🙂 love you! xoxo

  3. Looks like a great weekend!!! 🙂 I love the signs for the half marathon! 🙂

    We do a family birthday party, and Jake also usually takes me out somewhere to eat.

  4. Looks like an AMAZING weekend!!! Also, I LOVE Rascal Flatts, so I’m super jealous!

  5. Jack’s face when he’s wearing the undies is PRICELESS! Love it!

    My birthday falls within 3 days of Thanksgiving, so we do the traditional family party on Thanksgiving.

  6. Hey just to let you know when I went to your site on my pc I got a trojan white screen virus instantly. Idk if its one of you adds on here but I just wanted to let you know. I’m sending this from my phone.

    • Sorry to hear that, Amanda!! I actually don’t have any ads on my site at all, so maybe it’s something with WordPress? I’ll look into this. Thanks for telling me!

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