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Hey friends! How was your weekend? Mine was an amazing celebration of my 27th birthday (which is tomorrow, Sept. 27, making it my “golden birthday”) and everything about it was absolutely perfect. Here’s my recap!


When I came home from work on Friday evening, my friends Catrina and Britt who have been staying with us all week had a few surprises up their sleeves. Friday afternoon’s commute home was especially frustrating for me since there was a fire at Metro Center which caused a whole number of metro issues, so to say this was a sight for sore eyes would be an understatement.


They even made these peanut butter brownies for my birthday and greeted me at the door with a glass of wine. These girls are too amazing.



As soon as Fabio got home, he made us each a delicious Moscow mule while I got to work prepping the chicken fajitas we were having for dinner. Yum!


After dinner, the girls and Fabio sang me happy birthday, and I honestly had trouble thinking of anything to wish for. My life feels just about perfect these days, and having two of my best friends by my side to celebrate with me had me feeling like the luckiest girl ever.



Then it was time for peanut butter brownies and ice cream! (Fabio’s contribution was the ice cream, and it was the perfect addition to an already amazing birthday dessert.)


While we dug into our brownies, we watched the new NBC show, This is Us, which we’ve all been looking forward to watching since the trailer came out over the summer. It was really good! I can’t wait to watch the next episode on Tuesday when it airs. Then we watched the movie Joy, which was also good!


(Lol – Britt’s face in this pic!)


On Saturday morning, Catrina, Britt, and I drove into Friendship Heights for bridesmaid dress shopping part 2! A bunch of my other bridesmaids also came into town for this. They’re the best!


In case you missed it, last weekend I went to Bella Bridesmaids with my mom and two Maids of Honor to pick out bridesmaid dresses, and this week the rest of my bridal party joined me at the store to try on the different dresses and decide which ones they wanted. Almost everyone was able to make it to the store for the big shopping day, which made it so much fun!

These are the colors I’ll be using…


…and here are some of the styles. Everyone looked great in the dresses and made it so easy!


By the way, if you are struggling to pick out the right bridesmaid dresses for your girls, I would recommend Bella Bridesmaids in a heartbeat. They were so incredibly helpful throughout this whole process and made everything so easy for me. They were great!

After shopping, we met up with the guys and some of our other friends for a big birthday brunch! Our group of 18 met at Espita Mezcaleria for a fun boozy brunch. We weren’t all able to fit at one table but having two tables next to each other seemed to work out just fine.



I wound up sharing my meal with my friend Hana, and we had one potato hash dish with poached eggs and one jalepeno biscuit dish also with poached eggs.


Both were delicious, but the jalapeno biscuit stole the show!


Then the waitress brought out tres leches cake and ice cream for me while everyone sang happy birthday. Please excuse the blurriness of this photo, which was screenshotted from a snapchat video!




After that, we spent the rest of the day hopping around to various bars in DC, including to one of my favorite beer gardens, Dacha.



I was so incredibly thankful to be surrounded by so many people I love on this special day. Plus, every single girl in this picture had come in from out of town (two from NY, one from Philly, one from California, one from Virginia Beach, and one from Boston). They are the best friends ever!


We spent a few hours in the sunshine catching up with one another and enjoying beers in large boot-shaped glasses that Dacha is so well-known for.




So fun!



Eventually we headed home to walk Jack (and snuggle him, in Fabio’s case) where we munched on some snacks and then headed out to my favorite bar for dancing: Saint Ex.


We wrapped up our evening there and just had the best time. Thank you so much to everyone who was able to make it to my bridesmaids dress shopping outing and birthday celebration!


We had about 7 people stay at our house on Saturday evening, so on Sunday morning Fabio made breakfast for everyone. He’s the best!


After eating, it was time for all our guests to hit the road. It was definitely sad saying goodbye to so many of my friends, but I was left feeling so incredibly thankful that they were all able to come out and celebrate with me. <3

The rest of the day was spent cleaning up the aftermath of such a big party and watching football on the couch. It was the perfect way to end the weekend!

Question of the day: How did you celebrate your last birthday?

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  1. Happy birthday tomorrow!

  2. Happy Birthday tomorrow!!! Interesting that you call it the golden birthday, I’ve always called it the champagne birthday. There’s still time to go out and get yourself some champagne for tomorrow! 🙂

    My last birthday was my 30th. A bunch of friends and I went bowling and then we had everyone over for pizza and cake. It was really great.

  3. Aww happy birthday! Sounds so much fun!

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