Mar 062017

Well friends, I’m back from the most amazing bachelorette weekend in Fort Lauderdale with my AMAZING best friends.

Seriously, I cannot even begin to tell you how fantastic they are and I am so, so lucky to have such thoughtful, caring, funny, loving, supportive people in my life.

I have about a billion pictures from the trip and it’s going to take me some time to sort through them all, so it might be a couple of days before I get a recap post (or two) up.

I’ll be back with an update for you soon!

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Mar 022017

Well friends, by the time you read this I will be on my way to my bachelorette destination! My girlfriends planned the whole thing (kudos to my MoH Bianca and awesome bridesmaid, Megan!!) and the location is a surprise! All I know is that I’m supposed to pack bathing suits and warm-weather clothes, so I know it’s going to be awesome. Plus, I just love my friends so much that you could literally stick us in a shack somewhere and I’d be a happy camper. 🙂

Anyway, I’m out for vacation today and tomorrow, and I’ll *try* to get a recap post for you up on Monday but that will depend on what time we get back on Sunday (since my friends booked my flights for me too, I don’t know when we get back!). Surprises are so fun. 🙂

Before I get too far ahead of myself, let’s talk about this week’s workouts.

Saturday, Feb. 25: A beautiful 5.6 mile solo run through Arlington and D.C. It was pretty challenging, which always seems to be the case when I run alone. It was so pretty though!

Sunday, Feb. 26: Rest day!

Monday, Feb. 27: Anne, Kathleen, and I decided to try something new on Monday — we took a kettlebell conditioning class at CRUNCH gym by Metro Center. As soon as we arrived, we were blown away by how nice and welcoming everyone was. We got a tour of the gym and the nice locker rooms, and then it was time for our class!

We were especially happy about the variety of kettlebells available, which is very much the opposite of one of our favorite spots, Urban Athletic Club. Over there, there are limited options and we sometimes have to share kettlebells. Not at CRUNCH!

We all grabbed a few kettlebells and picked up a big exercise ball for our workout, and then got started!

The class was relatively low-key as it focused more on strength and didn’t include any cardio, which I actually thought was a nice change of pace for us. I also liked that you could make this class what you wanted – if you used heavy kettlebells then it could be really challenging and if you went lighter ones it would be a nice, relaxing strength session. I wound up using fairly heavy kettlebells (two 12 lb. ones was plenty challenging for me) and was sore the next day.

I liked this class and would definitely go back when we’re looking for something a little different!

Tuesday, Feb. 28: Fabio and I headed into Georgetown on Tuesday morning for the C2 class at CorePower Yoga. Fabio’s been getting more and more into yoga lately so when he requested going to a class on Tuesday I happily obliged. 🙂

Sorry for the grainy and dark photo!

The class was fairly challenging and also gave us a good stretch. I also was a sweaty mess by the end, so I’ll consider that a success.

Wednesday, March 1: Anne and I headed into Dupont Circle for another class at CorePower Yoga (two days in a row!), but this time it was their sculpt class. Our favorite instructor Mandy was teaching, and she absolutely killed us! For whatever reason, the class was much harder than last time, which was both horrible and great. 🙂

All in all I’d say it was a good week of workouts so far! I didn’t have room for my sneakers in my carry-on, so if I do any workouts while I’m away it will probably be something low-key like more yoga or some walks on the beach (assuming I’ll be by a beach?). But, if I don’t get any workouts in that’s ok too! I actually planned around this weekend when making my Cherry Blossom 10 Miler training plan, so I’ll be happy with whatever happens.

And now let’s talk about my Monday night, which wound up being super fun and special since we had our wedding menu tasting!

We had initially planned to do the menu tasting on a weekend, but sadly we couldn’t get our schedule to align with the staff at the wedding venue (they have a lot of weekend events and other weddings) so we went on Monday night instead. My mom, stepdad, dad, and little sister joined us for the fun. 🙂

While there we got to try the champagne (woohoo! Fun Monday indeed.) as well as a ton of hors d’ouvres, salads, and entrees.

Everything was extremely delicious, but my favorite items were probably the “Wye River salad” which comes with strawberries, goat cheese, and candied nuts, and the crab dip. Because how can you not have crab dip when you’re on the eastern shore of Maryland?

Really though, everything that we ate was absolutely delicious and we were so happy with the food for our wedding. I think our guests are really going to enjoy it!

After we ate we went through a bunch of other details like what napkin color we want, selecting china, chairs, table numbers, etc. etc. etc. It was a productive evening and we made a lot of important decisions!

We didn’t wind up getting home until past my bed time (around 10:45) but it was worth it to have such a fun and productive night! 🙂

Alright friends, that’s all I have for you today. I’ll talk to you when I get back!! Woohooo!!

Question of the day: What’s the best wedding food you ever had?

My friend Megan’s Ben & Jerry’s ice cream stand was a memorable one for me!

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Jan 302017

Hello, hello! Did you have a nice weekend? Mine was one of the best I’ve had in a while, and I’m bummed it’s already over. Wahh.

Here’s my recap!


When I got home from work on Friday, I immediately got to work cleaning the house. I knew we had a busy weekend ahead of us and I just wanted to get the cleaning over with. Plus, after two weekends in a row of traveling, the cleanliness of certain things that I had been ignoring (like the tubs in the bathrooms) were really starting to drive me nuts. I was a woman on a mission, and with Fabio’s help we had the whole place clean pretty quickly. Phew!

After that, we sat down to dinner: broiled salmon with Asian sesame salad and couscous. Yum!

We spent the rest of the evening watching Netflix on the couch. We are in need of a new show right now – we tried watching the Black Mirror but I found it to be really weird and also kind of boring. Hmmm. Any suggestions?

Jack kept us company until we headed up to bed.


On Saturday we were up bright and early for wedding planning festivities! Woohoo!

At around 7 a.m. I took Jack for a really quick run (just about a mile) and then Fabio and I were showered, dressed and in the car by 8. We met up with my mom along the way, and then before we knew it we were arriving at our wedding venue! My dad joined us for the festivities as well, and we had a fun morning meeting our amazing wedding planner Kathie (she works for the venue) and our florist, Amy. Kathie had set out coffee, muffins, fruit, and pound cake for us. Amazing!

I had to giggle at Fabio and my dad wearing matching sweaters – my stepmom got them these for Christmas and I thought it was funny that they both decided to wear them on Saturday. Twins! 🙂

After a couple of (very fun) hours talking about flowers and detailed plans for the rehearsal dinner and wedding weekend, we took a spin around the grounds! This just got me so incredibly excited for the wedding (no surprise there) and now I am feeling even more giddy than ever. Eeeek! It will be here before we know it!

After saying goodbye to Kathie, the four of us drove over to our next appointment of the day: dessert tasting! Fabio and I don’t want a traditional cake for the wedding, and instead we’re going to have one small cake for cutting and then a bunch of other treats on the dessert table like cupcakes, brownies, bars, mini pies, mini cheesecakes, and cookies.

Kim of the bakery Peace of Cake did NOT disappoint with our tasting – I couldn’t believe how many treats she set out for us! Everything was phenomenal and I tried my best to just try a small bite of everything so I didn’t get too full on sweets, but it was definitely hard.

These were two of my favorite elements: little pies with hearts on the top and crab cookies! We added a bunch of these to our order. 🙂

If you are planning a wedding on the Eastern Shore of MD (or know someone who is) I can’t recommend Peace of Cake enough!

After our sugar coma, we met up with my grandparents for lunch at one of our favorite spots, The Narrows. We love this restaurant because not only is the food great, but the waterfront views can’t be beat.

Woah – don’t mind the crazy hair. It was windy!

None of us were feeling too hungry after all the sweets, so I got a small cup of the cream of crab soup and then shared and order of crab cakes with my mom. Hit the spot!

Lunch was a lot of fun, and I had a great time catching up with my grandparents. We had lots of wedding details to share with them!

All in all, it was such a fun morning, and I’m so thankful that my mom and dad were able to join us for the planning session. Thanks for coming, guys!

When we got home, we relaxed for a bit and then decided to keep the wedding planning going. We popped open a bottle of champagne that we already had in the fridge, and then sat down to answer a premarital counseling questionnaire that our officiant sent us a while back.

We were supposed to work on the questionnaire alone without sharing answers with the other person, so we put some music on and worked on separate computers until each of us had finished. There were some really thought-provoking questions in there, and it definitely made both of us think more about our relationship. I think we were both feeling a little mushy toward each other when we were done. Haha!

For dinner we had some leftover chicken sausage and brussels sprouts from earlier in the week, plus some of Fabio’s homemade mozzarella sticks we had in the freezer. We also finished up the champagne!

After dinner we watched the longest movie ever (the Physician – it was just ok) and then hit the hay. What a fun wedding planning day!


Sunday began with a trip to the dog park.

Then we ran a bunch of errands including Home Depot and the grocery store. I’m starting week 2 of Designed to Fit Nutrition and was really excited about some of the scheduled meals this week!

The rest of the afternoon was spent prepping and organizing for the week ahead!

This also included making a batch of fresh juice. This week’s concoction had carrots, beets, kale, other random greens, parsley, ginger, an apple, and a pear. Yum!

Once the meals were prepped for the week, I folded some laundry and watched one too many episodes of Fixer Upper (the house envy was becoming crazy). Fabio also had a fire going for us and I enjoyed some delicious green tea!

For dinner I made us some mac ‘n cheese using a “sauce” of Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, sundried tomatoes, and garlic whirled in the food processor, alongside some random chicken sausages we had leftover in the fridge. Plus a salad on the side!

It was the perfect end to a perfect weekend. 🙂

Question of the day: If you’re married, did you have a traditional cake? If you’re not, would you want one at your future wedding?

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Oct 192016

Today’s post is wedding related! If you’re not interested in this particular topic, pop back in for a regular update on Friday. 🙂

When it came time to select dresses for my bridesmaids to wear during my upcoming wedding in June, I didn’t know where to start. I knew what color dresses I wanted (sage green), but when I turned to the internet I was overwhelmed by all the options.

I found a few that I liked the look of, but I didn’t know what do next. I wound up having one of my bridesmaids (Megan) order a dress, but when it arrived we agreed it was a definite no. I knew this strategy would work out ok as long as shipping and returns were free, but how many dresses were we going to have to order (and then return) before finding the right one(s)?

I also visited the bridal boutique in a local Macy’s with my mom, but I didn’t see anything special and wasn’t really taken with any of the dresses. I didn’t really want to go to a place like David’s Bridal – for no real reason except I just felt like that was too common or something – but I was starting to run out of alternatives. Admittedly I was feeling a little lost by this time and wasn’t sure how to proceed.

Then Megan passed along some information about Bella Bridesmaids, a franchise with locations all over the U.S. where she had purchased a bridesmaid’s dress for another wedding she was in recently. Bella Bridesmaids’ showrooms carry dresses from tons of different designers, making it easy browse hundreds of options all in one place. Bridesmaids can come in for a visit or place their order online, making it easy for everyone involved.

Bella Bridesmaids

To get started, I emailed Sheri from the D.C. Bella Bridesmaids (located in Friendship Heights right by the metro) and asked to come in for an appointment. She asked me how many bridesmaids I had, and suggested I come in once with a small group of about three women to make the initial selections, and then a second time with the rest of my bridesmaids so they could try on the dresses.

I also sent Sheri some links and images for dresses that I had in mind, and she worked with her team to have similar samples pulled before we arrived.



Some of the inspiration images I shared with Bella Bridesmaids

During the first visit, I went to Bella Bridesmaids with my mom and two maids of honor. We met our stylist, Violet, who had helpfully picked out everything ahead of time. We all loved the dresses that she pulled, and I felt like really “got” my vision. We wound up selecting dresses from three different designers all in slightly different colors, so I know it’s not something I would have been able to do on my own.

Once we made the initial selections, I visited Bella Bridesmaids again a few weeks later with the rest of my girls. I actually had been second guessing my choices in between visits, and when I told Violet about this via email she pulled a few additional styles for me just in case. When we got there and saw everything in person, my fears disappeared, but it was so nice knowing they could be super flexible!

Then my bridesmaids all got to work trying on their dresses and placing their orders right then and there (not necessarily in the right colors, but there were enough options for us to get the idea).

The team at Bella Bridesmaids measured everyone, ensuring that they would all get the correct size. The girls could have the dresses shipped directly to the address of their choice for an extra $25, or they can be shipped to the store for free and picked up from there (we had a mix of these). They’re ordered directly from the designer so they do take a while to arrive (a few months) but since we are way ahead of schedule this wasn’t an issue for me.

The whole appointment went incredibly smoothly, and even though I showed up with 7 girls, we were in and out of there in an hour! That just shows how organized and put together these women were.

Plus, it was a lot of fun!

Just when I thought we were done with our orders, I contacted Violet about dresses for my junior bridesmaid and flower girl, and she had even more suggestions for me. I wound up making a third appointment with Bella Bridesmaids so my sister could come in and try on her dress, and once again it was a huge success.

Overall I can’t say enough good things about ordering bridesmaids dresses through Bella Bridesmaids, and they made the selection process so incredibly easy for me. Plus, it was a lot of fun going into all those appointments! 🙂 Seeing everything in person reassured me that I was making smart decisions, and I know all my girls are going to look amazing!

Question of the day: Tell me a story about a wedding! Have you been a bridesmaid? Did you have a dress snafu?

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Aug 052016

Hello, and happy FriYAY! With all these posts recapping the many weddings I’ve been to recently (and I still have two more to go to before the month is over!) I thought maybe you’d be wondering how my wedding planning is going. Since it’s Friday, I thought today would be a fun time to give you an update!

Ok so, when we last left off I had decided on my venue, asked my bridesmaids to be a part of my big day, and then I found my dress! A few more things have happened since then that I’m excited to tell you about today. 🙂

First, let’s jump back up to the venue for a second. In case you don’t remember, I’m getting married on June 10, 2017 at the Aspen Wye River Marriott in Queenstown, MD, which is a beautiful private hotel right on the Wye River.



It has a ton of amenities on the grounds including a pool, fitness center, volleyball court, and a dock where we can bring our boat around – YAY! – but the best part is we’ll have it all to ourselves. The entire hotel is used for group events, so our large group will be booking up all of the rooms. I can’t wait! We started sending out the link for the bridal party and family to book their rooms, and it makes me so happy whenever I get a report from the wedding coordinator at the hotel with the names of people who have booked.

The next step is well underway too – last week I put together our wedding website and sent out save the dates! It was a busy week for wedding planning, that’s for sure! Now that the save the dates are out (with the wedding website info on them) even more people are going to start booking their hotels. Eek! So fun.

I’m thinking you’re probably excited to see the picture we used on our save the dates, right? Maybe you’d even like to see our favorite pictures from the engagement photo session? Remember these are the ones that came from the engagement photo shoot we did back in December in Jamaica. I love these pictures because we’d only been engaged for about three days, and it makes me so happy whenever I look at them.

Without further ado, here are our engagement photos!

We used this one for the main picture on the website.


And this one was our save the date photo!


For the save the dates, we had this picture printed on magnets from Minted using this design. They came out really beautifully, and even came with free pre-addressed envelopes that matched the design! I can’t tell you how nice it was not to have to write out the addresses on the envelopes, and I loved that they looked the same as the save the date inside. It was really easy to upload my contacts too (once I finally had everyone’s address). Minted also gives you a discount on your first purchase, so the save the dates weren’t too expensive either. All in all I had a really wonderful experience with Minted, and I’m definitely planning to use their services again.

Here are the rest of our favorite photos from the day!






We used this one on the invitations to our engagement party back in April. 🙂


And I love this one! 🙂


As for other wedding updates, we’ve made pretty good progress on selecting our vendors! We’ve decided to go with Crow Entertainment for our DJ and Lauren Nievod for photography. I’m especially excited to work with Lauren since we met over Skype and clicked right away. The slogan on her website is “where every sparkly detail counts,” and if that doesn’t scream Chelsea then I don’t know what does. 🙂 Lauren usually includes an engagement session in her pricing but since we already had the photos from Jamaica we asked if she could do our engagement session on the day of the rehearsal dinner and sneak some photos of the rehearsal dinner in as well. She agreed to work with us on that and now I’m thrilled that I’ll have some professional photos of the rehearsal dinner as well as the wedding! Both vendors have been great to work with so far.

As for what’s coming up, I have a couple of appointments with my bridesmaids to select options for bridesmaids dresses later in September. The color I’m going with is sage green, and I’d like to have a few different styles of dresses for the girls to choose from. Here are some inspiration photos!







And then flowers for me to match! 🙂



What do you guys think?

The next vendors I need to choose are my florist, hair, and makeup people. I have a couple of ideas in mind for these, but would love recommendations from any of you who have planned DC/MD/VA weddings recently!

We are also starting to loosely plan our honeymoon, and we are thinking of going to Thailand! I have a tentative itinerary outlined based on recommendations from friends and articles I’ve read online, but I’d also really appreciate any tips from those of you who have been to/around that region.

All in all I have been really enjoying wedding planning, and I’ve found that if I tackle one little piece at a time it’s not overwhelming at all (yet!). I’m a very Type A, organized (some might say OCD) person, so this has all been really fun for me so far! Also I know I’m pretty ahead of the game, but if you can think of anything I’m forgetting that you think I should do now please let me know!

Questions of the day: Do you have any advice for me? What do you think of our plans so far?

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Jul 252016

Well I think it’s safe to say this weekend was one of my favorites from the whole year. My mom and stepdad threw us an amazing engagement party at their house, and we just had an absolute blast. So many of our friends and family members came out to celebrate with us, and I’m so grateful to have all these wonderful people in my life. I have about a million pictures from the day (mostly that my dad took!), and as they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so today I’ll let the pictures do the talking! Enjoy!








There was also camping! Everyone brought tents and spent the night in my mom’s side yard.


The hostess of the year!!



My sisters!






My Kappa Delta sisters!!




My stepdad built this amazing fire pit for the BBQ. He’s so talented!


Bianca, one of my Maids of Honor, brought these adorable decorations. 🙂

Be smitten not bitten!



She also brought this AMAZING photo frame with our hashtag on it that her dad made. I love it so much!


Cheese! 🙂




We had a great group of friends from home, school, work, and more. We are so thankful to have so much love around us!


And dogs too. 🙂


It was SUPER hot out, so everyone was eager to get in the pool. Fabio went first!






Then it was the girls’ turn.




Drinks in the pool!









Even my stepdad got in. He loves the diving board and always freaks out when he jumps in, haha!
















More diving board action.



My mom did such an amazing job with the decorations too! She also made all the food. She’s amazing.







The evening ended with beer pong and dancing late into the night, before everyone crashed in their tents.





The end.


Our friends were still in town on Sunday, so we decided we needed to continue the party.





What an amazing weekend! Thank you again to my mom and stepdad for everything that they did for us! They’re amazing!

Question of the day: Share a memory from a favorite party!

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Jun 272016

Hello there! How was your weekend? Mine was absolutely amazing and included not one but TWO very important life milestones. Crazy! Let’s take a look, shall we? Since so much happened, this recap is actually pretty long. Be prepared for lots of scrolling!


I actually wound up working from home on Thursday because….we closed on our town house!


Fabio and I are now the proud owners of a town house in the heart of Ballston (in Arlington, VA). We could NOT be more excited and spent some time on Thursday walking around the house in complete shock.

We’ve never had more than a one bedroom apartment together, so to be able to call “home” an actual town house with two bedrooms, a loft, and STAIRS is pretty unreal. Yay! We were totally on cloud nine.

Sadly on Thursday evening Fabio had to fly out to Miami for a bachelor party, so I was on my own after that. I wound up grabbing dinner with my dad, meeting with the air conditioning guy who needs to fix our HVAC unit, and then binge watching Parenthood while painting my nails. Not a bad evening at all!


Friday morning began with a sweaty workout at one of my favorite spots: Urban Athletic Club!


Photo via Anne

I was joined by my friends Anne and Kathleen, who is seven months pregnant and still going strong when it comes to workouts. Amazing! I hope I can stay as fit and look as adorable as Kathleen when I’m that pregnant. 🙂

After class, I headed home to shower and then drove over to my mom’s house, where I stayed for the majority of the weekend! (I had off from work due to summer flex scheduling 🙂 Awesome!)

We spent some time sitting by the pool and soaking up the sun while chatting about the new town house, work, the wedding, and other mother-daughter stuff. 🙂


For lunch my mom made us fried squash blossoms, pizza balls, and a fresh salad from the garden. Delish!


At around 3:45 pm, my Aunt CC arrived from New York! As I mentioned last week, we had plans to go wedding dress shopping this weekend, and on Friday afternoon CC and my mom joined me at Posh Bridal in Urbana, MD.

Although Posh Bridal had a lot of very nice dresses, I didn’t see anything that really called out to me. Regardless, it was really fun to try on dresses with CC and my mom, since those are the two people I definitely wanted to make sure were involved in this big decision. 🙂



After dress shopping, we headed back to my mom’s for a crab feast!


Crab feasts always remind me of Maryland in the summer, and it had been way too long since the last time I had them. Yummm!


My stepsister Maggie and her boyfriend Nick joined us for the feast, and we had a great evening picking crabs, sipping wine, and catching up. So fun!



Saturday was dress shopping day! We started the morning off with fresh squeezed orange juice and potato hash with poached eggs, courtesy of my stepdad.




After breakfast, my entourage of dress shopping helpers arrived! I was lucky enough to be joined by my half-sister Nicole, my best friend from middle school/high school Bianca (one Maid of Honor), my other high school best friend Hana, my stepsister Maggie (second Maid of Honor), my mom, and CC!


CC also bought everyone personalized tote bags and towels in case we wanted to go swimming after shopping, plus little champagne bottles to celebrate with.


Like usual, she totally outdid herself. Thank you, CC!!



Then we were off!

Since it was in the same general area, our first stop was the new town house!! Everyone seemed to really like it. 😀 Thank goodness!


Then we headed to Fabulous Frocks, a bridal boutique in Alexandria that offers designer dresses at a discounted price.


Fabulous Frocks only sells sample dresses, so what you see is what you get. Luckily I fit pretty well into sample size dresses, but I could definitely see this kind of store not working out for some people who need a bigger or smaller size.


There’s also a relatively small selection of dresses at Fabulous Frocks, and honestly when we first arrived I thought I was going to have a hard time even finding enough dresses to try on.


Because of the limited selection, I wound up trying on some dresses that I never would have tried at one of the other boutiques, and I wound up finding one that I LOVED! It was totally not what I expected to like for my wedding dress, but I felt so happy in it and after I took it off I couldn’t get it out of my head.

Eventually it was time for us to leave Fabulous Frocks and head off to our next appointment at Global Bridal, and the whole car ride over I kept thinking about the dress.

Global Bridal was also located in Alexandria, and I would absolutely recommend going there for dress shopping. We were helped by a super helpful consultant named Amanda, and after showing her pictures of what I wanted she pulled out about 7 dresses that were all exactly what I was looking for. Global Bridal was the first place where I found TONS of dresses in exactly the style I wanted.

The only problem was that I still couldn’t stop thinking about the other dress. Even though it wasn’t what I pictured myself wearing on my wedding day initially, the dresses that I thought I wanted just didn’t compare. Even when I found a dress that was exactly what I had been looking for, it didn’t give me butterflies like the other one had.

Luckily all the ladies with me agreed, and after saying sorry to Amanda we decided to head back to Fabulous Frocks so I could buy my dress!! 😀


This is when we made the decision to go back and get “my dress” 🙂

When we arrived back at Fabulous Frocks, the consultant was not at all surprised to see us since she could tell how much I liked the dress. She said she had to finish up her other appointment, but then I could get back in the dress one last time. While we waited, my awesome friends surprised me with a bottle of champagne!!


To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to actually BUY a wedding dress on Saturday – I sort of thought we’d just be looking around and then I would go back to buy something with my mom later – but since Fabulous Frocks only has one of each dress, we couldn’t risk someone else snatching it up. Good thing my friends were prepared with champagne!


Before long I was back in the dress, and everyone toasted me with their champagne. Yay!! I said yes to the dress!!

Afterwords we had a celebratory lunch at Nick’s Riverside Grill on the Georgetown waterfront.


I cannot thank these lovely ladies enough for coming with me on this important day, especially the three that drove down from NYC! I couldn’t have made this decision without them!


All in all it was the most perfect day, and it ended with my mom, CC, and I going for a late night swim in my mom’s pool and lots of wine. SO FUN!


On Sunday it was back to business: I started the day with church and then picked up Fabio from the airport so we could get started with moving. And do you know what the first thing I moved into the new town house was? The wedding dress, of course!! 🙂


Now I just have to figure out how to keep Jack’s hair off of it and keep Fabio’s prying eyes away…haha!

Question of the day: For my married friends, how many dresses did you try on before you found “the one?”

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Jun 222016

This weekend I’m going wedding dress shopping with a small crew of bridesmaids and female family members, and I could NOT be more excited. I made an appointment at two dress boutiques, and we’re going out to lunch afterwords, so it should be a really fun day!

Before taking everyone out to the stores though, I wanted to try on some dresses with just my mom so that I could get an initial feel for what kind of dresses I like. Even though I already have a style in mind, I thought this would be a good opportunity to try on dresses in different styles – like trumpet gowns and big poofy ball gowns – so that I can be more strategic and focused when I have my entourage in tow.

So, to start off this little shopping adventure, my mom and I met up at Ellie’s in Alexandria!


Ellie’s had great reviews online, and since you can’t bring more than 4 guests with you to an appointment there, I knew it would be the perfect spot to check out with my mom. As soon as we walked in, we were greeted by our helpful consultant Cassandra, who asked me what styles I like and what my budget is. She also asked if I had any pictures of dresses to show her, but since I wanted to have fun with the appointment and try on lots of different types of dresses, I decided not to show her any of the pictures.

Then she told us to walk around the racks (and helpfully told us which ones to avoid to stay within my price range) and pick out about nine dresses to try on. When I found one I liked, Cassandra would take it back to the fitting room, and my mom and I didn’t need to lift a finger. I thought this was great customer service!

Even though Ellie’s wasn’t a huge store space, they had a ton of dresses to choose from!


I wound up choosing nine dresses to try on before I even finished looking through all the racks in the store.


If I was looking more seriously I think I would have done a lap of the store first, and then gone back to choose my nine, instead of just picking them out as I went. Since I was just trying them on to get a feel for style though, I had no problem picking a few here and a few there.


Then I headed into the dressing room and started trying on dresses! There were a few that I wound up liking a lot so I’m not going to share those pictures here, but I’m happy to share some of the ones that got nixed.

I really liked this A-line dress with a beaded bodice and crinoline skirt, and I even told Cassandra that if I was having my wedding at a different venue this one would definitely be a contender.


Since we are having it at the Aspen Wye River Marriot in Maryland (i.e., outside, on the grass, by the water) this dress didn’t really fit my vision, but it sure was beautiful.


I also tried on one that was even poofier and reminded me a lot of a Cinderella dress! That one was way too heavy and would be impossible to dance in, but it was fun to try on anyway. 🙂

There were also some really beautiful dresses that were more form-fitting thrown into the mix, and even though I liked these a lot, they didn’t really feel like me.


I also don’t know what I’m doing in this picture – lol – but you get the idea. 🙂


Overall our first adventure in dress shopping was a big success! I left with a better understanding of the types of dresses I want to be looking for at our next appointment. I also realized that choosing a dress is going to be really hard, especially because I’m a pretty indecisive person anyway and all the dresses were so beautiful! I’m hoping that having a bigger entourage with me on Saturday will help me narrow down the options a bit more. I’m also hoping that when it’s the right dress, I will just know. For those of you who are married, did you know right away when it was “the” dress?

After shopping, we headed over to Dante Ristorante near Tyson’s Corner for lunch! Fabio and I had gone there a while back for dinner around the holidays, but this was our first time going when the weather is nice and it was just beautiful!


My mom and I were seated outside on the patio, which was surrounded by a cute fountain and plenty of beautiful greenery. It was so peaceful out there!


My mom and I started off our lunch with champagne (duh!) and an order of calamari. Both were delicious!


For my entree I chose the veal ravioli, which was to die for. I had remembered that the homemade pasta is really a specialty at Dante Ristorante, and this meal did not disappoint! The pasta was chewy and perfectly cooked, and the decadent tomato cream sauce had me mopping up my plate with bread. So good!


My mom got the special of the day which was fish with crab meat (obviously a healthier choice) and the bite I had of her meal was so fresh and flavorful. Yum!


We also got an (unpictured) chocolate hazelnut trufo for dessert, which was the perfect ending to a perfect meal.

I have to give a HUGE thank you to Dante Ristorante for taking care of the bill in exchange for a review on the blog (though of course all opinions are my own). The staff there is so incredibly generous!

Overall it was a perfect mother-daughter day, and it got me even more excited for the shopping adventure this weekend. I can’t wait!

Question of the day: Married ladies, how did you know when your dress was your dress?

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Apr 292016

Hey there, and happy Fri-YAY!! I have a little something different planned for today’s post; you see, earlier this week I received a flash drive in the mail with the professional pictures from our engagement party in New York City! Although I already recapped the party in full here, I still wanted to share the pictures with you. I tried to pick the best photos from the hundreds that the photographer sent us, and even though I narrowed it down significantly, there are still a TON in this post. Whoops?

Anyway, I thought they turned out great, so I hope you enjoy them!


Our party was held at Distilled NY in Tribeca, NYC, earlier this month.


As you probably remember, my Aunt CC and Uncle Steve planned the whole thing! CC wound up hiring Forever Young, a full service event planning company. When we arrived at Distilled NY before the party, we got the chance to meet Sara Greenberg, the director of Forever Young, who pointed out all the little details of our party.



Sara had worked with CC to determine what little touches would make the party more festive for the big day, all while staying within CC’s budget.






While a lot of the details were coordinated by CC (like our guest board below, which she ordered from Etsy), Sara painted all the mason jars herself and helped with a lot of the other decorations. So cute!




Sara did such a good job making sure our party was festive and fun, and I can’t recommend her services enough. Definitely check out Forever Young if you’re looking for an event planner!


Ok now for all the people pictures. 🙂 Here we are when the party first started! I borrowed a pink blazer from my mom, and wore this dress from Lulus that I had gotten taken in a bit at the waist. Great decision!


Here I am with CC, the most amazing hostess there is!! 🙂


Also, how pretty are those flowers pinned to my blazer? That was another detail Sara coordinated! (Fabio and our moms got some too!)

Before long, the rest of our friends and family started to arrive.


Mother daughter pic! (Can you tell she and CC are sisters? I think we all look alike.)


My dad, stepmom, and little sister Nicole


Fabio’s parents


My stepsister, Maggie


Me, Fabio & Nicole


Bianca and Hana, two of my best friends from high school


Sloppytown, my college besties!

From there, the party quickly picked up steam. We had invited 55 of our closest friends and family (and wished we could have invited more!) and the room quickly filled up with our favorite people.



Here’s the groom to be!


We had a great time mingling with friends…







Lol – Megan’s face!




…and family!






Epic photobomb!




I love pictures like the one above, which includes important men in my life from multiple families (Fabio’s, my mom’s, and my dad’s). The fact that they were all getting to know one another makes my heart so happy!

Also these next two pictures are some of the best ones I have of my closest family members. Love! <3



Plus Fabio’s family!


Me & my sister. <3


Toward the end of the night, all our families and friends were mixed up with each other and I was on cloud nine. Everyone got along so well and seemed to have a lot of fun intermingling with different groups. (I guess an open bar will do that to you…)





My Maids of Honor!

Once again, I have to thank CC and Steve from the bottom of my heart for throwing this amazing party for us. This was truly a day I will never forget! You guys are the best!!




And of course, to the one who made this whole thing possible…



I love you, my amazing fiance. 🙂

The end.

Question of the day: Would you ever hire an event planner or do you like to plan everything yourself?

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Apr 042016

This past weekend, Fabio and I were joined by our closest friends and family for an engagement party in New York City. My amazing Aunt CC and Uncle Steve threw the party for us, and I don’t think they will ever know how appreciative we are. We had an absolutely amazing time, and none of it would have been possible without them. Thank you CC and Steve!!

Here comes the recap, complete with about a million pictures!


Fabio and I took the bus up to NYC on Friday night, and we arrived in the big apple around 11:00 pm. From there we met my mom, stepdad, stepsister, her boyfriend, CC, and Steve at a bar near our hotel (we stayed at the Empire Hotel in Columbus Circle and it was great!). We had a few celebratory drinks (glasses of prosecco for me!) and then called it a night. We had a big day on Saturday!


Saturday morning was pretty rainy, but I was so excited for the party that it didn’t matter at all. Fabio, my mom, my stepdad, and I started off our day with a rainy walk over to a bagel shop!


I ordered an everything bagel with veggie cream cheese, lox, and tomato, plus a coffee on the side. Hit the spot!


Then after showering up, my mom and I headed over to DryBar in Bryant Park for blowouts with my friends! My little sister Nicole joined us as well, and she had a blast getting ready with the big girls.




They gave us each glasses of champagne at the DryBar, and there were cookies set out by the register too. My kind of place!


Doesn’t my mom look beautiful in her purple suit? She’s so chic!


Me & my home friends, Bianca and Hana! Stollen from Hana’s snapchat, of course. 😉


(Don’t mind the makeup-free face!)

Then after quickly getting changed and made up back at the hotel (it had stopped raining!), it was time for our party!


The party was held at Distilled NY, a fun bar in Tribeca. When we walked in, we saw that CC had outdone herself with the decorations. There were cupcakes, cake pops, vases, frames, and adorable personal touches everywhere we looked!



How cute is all of this?!


IMG_0175I especially liked this custom wooden guest book that CC bought for us from Etsy. There were a few silver paint pens set out, and guests were encouraged to sign the board for us. 


Amusing side story: I asked my little sister to be the first one to sign the board, and she just wrote out her name in basic print. I had to explain that she was supposed to write something else too, like Congratulations or draw some hearts or something. She thought she was only supposed to write her name, which I thought was so cute! Haha!

I am in love with this banner that CC got us too, which is also from Etsy.


CC even bought nice soaps for everyone to take home…


…and had little stations where people could leave us advice.


She seriously thought of everything!


Then it was time to party!


There were about 55 people there, and we had an open bar with passed hors d’ouvres from 2:00 – 5:00 pm. So fun!

I love this picture with my dad and little sister.


My mom and CC!


The moms! (Don’t you love those corsages CC got us?)


My mom, dad, stepmom, and little sister!


Me and my sister <3


My mom and dad!


I’m such a Daddy’s girl 🙂


Fabio’s family!


A bunch of our friends came to the party too!



Look at all these handsome men. 🙂


So fun! Here I am with my friend Claire…


And with my besties Bianca and Hana!


Later in the day I switched from drinking wine to this delicious cucumber drink with a sprig of rosemary in it. Delicious!


Us with Aunt CC, aka the best party planner ever!


Eating treats of course!


Oh yeah, CC also hired a professional photographer (!!) to be at the event and take pictures of everyone. I kid you not – I told you she went above and beyond! At one point, he asked Fabio and I to step with him off to the side so he could film this new video thing where part of the image is frozen while the rest of it is a moving video. I didn’t understand what he was talking about at all, but went along with it.


Well as you may have already seen via my instagram, it turned out awesome!

How cool is that? I have no idea how he did it, but it makes me even more excited to see the rest of the pictures he took. He’s clearly very talented! I’ll share them with you when I have them!

Things got a little silly later in the evening, and we kept the party going for much longer into the night. We went to a couple more bars, and just had the most amazing time with friends and family!







Overall the party was so much fun, and I felt so lucky to have all my friends and family surrounding us for the special occasion. I loved how well Fabio’s family got along with mine (our parents and siblings have all met numerous times, but this was the first time the cousins, aunts, and uncles all met) and seeing our families and friends intertwined just put the biggest smile on my face. This event just made me even more excited for the rest of our wedding festivities to come!


My family and I had a nice breakfast at our hotel on Sunday morning, where we recapped all the fun we had the day before. 🙂


And then at noon we hopped on our bus back to DC!

I just have to thank CC and Steve one more time for throwing us such an amazing party. It was absolutely NOT necessary (AT ALL!!) but I am so, so, so thankful that they organized all of this for us. It was such an incredible day, and I know we will have the best memories of this party for the rest of our lives. You guys are the best!!



Question of the day: Have you ever been to a blowout bar? It was really cool! I definitely want to go again.

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