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Good afternoon everyone! How is your day going so far? Today I want to share my review of Still Missing, the book chosen by Julie’s book club for the month of May. Although I was too late to post for the blogger link up (somehow I didn’t see when she asked for our reviews?) it’s still fun to participate and I did read the book so I might as well post my review! I will warn you that it does include spoilers so if you haven’t finished it yet you should stop reading this post now (Britt this means you)!

Brief Summary

Still Missing by Chevy Stevens tells the story of Annie Sullivan, a 32-year old realtor who gets abducted during an open house by a man who she deems, “The Freak.” While she is abducted, she is forced to live in an isolated cabin with The Freak and adhere to his strict rules, which include using the restroom only at specific times during the day, never leaving the cabin, and being raped by The Freak every night. Eventually Annie gets pregnant and grows to love her baby, only to have her die at the hands of The Freak. This is when something inside Annie snaps and she realizes she will do anything to escape from The Freak, and manages to kill him while he is chopping wood. Annie then finds her way home and attempts to solve the mystery of who The Freak was and why he abducted her.

In the second half of the book, when Annie is solving the mystery of The Freak, she realizes that her own mother was responsible for her abduction as a type of get-rich-quick scam. Through this discovery and a few bumps along the way with her friends and potential love interests, Annie grows to understand herself better and begins to get over this horrible time in her life.

My Thoughts

On the one hand, I really enjoyed this story. It was well-written and fast-paced and there were times when I just couldn’t put it down. I needed to know what was going to happen and blew through this book in about a week. I love when books hook me from the beginning and keep me turning page after page (or, you know, kindle-button-click after kindle-button-click). I was really happy with the writing style and was so thankful that the story is told with a mix of past- and present-tense events so that even during the most suspenseful parts, you know that somehow Annie will be safe in the end.

On the other hand, I found this book pretty disturbing and creepy. I made the mistake of reading it while I was home by myself, and found myself crouching under the covers and jumping at small noises in my apartment. The detail and level of description in the scenes with The Freak were great because they were so realistic, but they were really sick. It made me sad that this actually happens to women way more often than I realize and I need to be more mindful of my safety (my parents are probably thrilled to hear me say that…).

All in all I thought it was a really good book. It was pretty simple and gets the job done if you are looking for a quick thriller to read. I would recommend this book to a friend (and I have) and think it was definitely worth reading.


What did you think of the book? How did Annie’s relationship with The Freak affect you? How about when she started to feel sorry for him? Personally I almost lost it when he killed that duck, but we all know I’m a duck lover.  What did you think of Annie’s relationship with her friends and family? Who do you think was the worst?

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  2. The duck and the baby definitely got me! But I completely know how you feel – I live by myself and definitely had to sleep with the lights on for a few days…

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