May 202012

Warning: If you don’t like pictures of bugs or snakes, only read the first half of this post!

Good evening, everyone! I hope your weekend was fabulous! Mine was excellent; the weather was perfect and I had lots of fun spending time outdoors. And although I’m sad the weekend is over, I’m looking forward to this week because on Friday I will be heading down to the beach with some girlfriends. We have been planning this trip for months and I can’t believe it’s almost here already! Anyway, here’s a quick recap of my weekend…

On Friday, I mentioned that my friends and I were planning to go to Top Golf, a bar/driving range near us. We had never been before, but we heard from friends that it’s really fun. We are always looking for new things to do in our area, so we couldn’t wait to try it out!

When we arrived on Friday evening, the wait was pretty long (about an hour) so we went ahead and ordered some beers and food. I got a chicken panini with sweet potato fries which were delicious. The waitress also recommended a lemony beer to us, which we happily accepted. Later we realized she only recommended it to us because it was more expensive, so we stuck to Bud Lights after that. It was pretty tasty though!
photo (10)Once we finished eating, it was our turn to golf! We headed upstairs to our two open bays (one for the boys and one for the girls) and set up our balls. Each player had twenty balls registered to their name. The balls had microchips in them so you could see where they landed in comparison with the other players’ balls. I was the worst on our team (surprised? Me neither), but luckily none of us were too competitive and we all just wanted to have fun. I would definitely go again!

photo (7)photo (6)photo (8)


Hanging out with Britt at Top Golf

After Top Golf we debated going out, but realized it was almost midnight! Time flies when you’re…golfing? Haha.

The next day Fabio and I had another Shakeology shake for breakfast (which finished off my sample wahh) and headed over to Great Falls Park with Jack for a long hike. We wound up going about 5.5 miles by the time we were finished and we were pooped! We did see a lot of wildlife on our hike including (you guessed it) birds, turtles, and snakes…oh my!



DSC01389The snake was humongous! Probably at least four feet long if you stretch it out (I actually think it was longer but Fabio says I am exaggerating. Hmm). Now, I am not a snake person at all, so Fabio was shocked when I got up really close to it to take a few pictures. He and Jack (wisely) kept their distance.

DSC01391 Don’t worry, this was zoomed in. I wasn’t that close to the snake (mom you can calm down now…).

We also saw the dam that provides the water supply for most of the Maryland, DC, and Virginia area.

DSC01406It was pretty cool. There were some other really cools falls in the park, but we must have chosen the trail that didn’t pass them. Once we got back to our car I wanted to keep walking just a little further to see if we could see the really big falls, but Fabio and Jack were exhausted.

Here are some more pictures from our hike!



DSC01332The rest of our weekend was pretty relaxing. I thought I had to babysit on Saturday night, but at the last minute the family called to cancel (yay!) so Fabio, Jack, and I walked up the street to have dinner at Fireworks.


We split a small Margherita pizza and a small pizza topped with tomatoes, spinach, garlic, and balsamic glaze. I also had a fruity sangria to drink! Yum!

When we arrived home later we watched The Vow, which I enjoyed but not as much as I thought I would. Sunday was another beautiful day and we spent the entire day outside. Jack even got to go to his favorite dog park in the morning, where he swam with about 7 other black labs in a group that everyone was calling, “the black lab possy.”

DSC01420Can you spot Jack?? He’s the second from the left 🙂

DSC01412For dinner we had a barbeque with some friends. We had chicken drumsticks, broccoli, and brussels sprouts. For dessert took a walk to grab some FroYo (I opted for plain topped with mango, blueberries, and strawberries) and then we hung out on the couch blogging (me), watching baseball (Fabio), and sleeping (Jack). Perfect end to a perfect weekend!

How was everyone else’s weekend? Did you see any interesting wild life? I love all animals and am not too afraid of creepy crawly things…but snakes do make my skin crawl. Blech!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great (and busy weekend)! I love hiking, but there really aren’t that many places around here to go unfortunately! The one time I took Laney hiking she aboslutely LOVED it, so I wish we could do it more! Also – I’m like the world’s worst golfer, so I totally understand. But at least it’s fun, right?

    • Yes! It was really fun! I’m sure I’ll improve eventually…I just need to practice some more. Also Jack looooved our hike too; except he was oblivious to all the animals we saw! At one point there was a huge deer standing right in front of us, and he had no clue. Ha!

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