Feb 202018

Hellooooo, friends! How are you doing today? Demolition of our kitchen, living area, and stairs (aka, more than 50% of our house) began on Thursday last week, and things are both very exciting and very chaotic right now. Our house is a MESS! Before I get to any of that though, let’s talk about the lead-up!

Before everything got removed from our downstairs living space, Fabio and I decided to try our hand at selling our appliances. Our contractor warned us that they were pretty ugly and might not sell for much (LOL), but we decided to give it a shot anyway. We listed our oven, fridge, and microwave both on Craigslist and Facebook marketplace and then sat around waiting for bites. Meanwhile, I cleaned everything from the inside out so they’d be ready for new owners.

We also decided to sell our kitchen cart, which definitely made me sad. It served us really well in the last three years, and I didn’t want to see it go! But, we’re planning to stay in this house for the foreseeable future and with a new kitchen peninsula there just wasn’t space or a need for it anymore. Goodbye, kitchen cart!!

Old pic from when we first assembled it in 2015!

Before long, I had lots of inquiries on Facebook marketplace for the oven, microwave, and the fridge, and some on Craigslist for the cart. (I thought this was interesting – none were vice versa!) We coordinated with everyone and were able to sell everything. Woohoo!

Also in case you’re wondering, this is the fridge we are currently using to store the essentials:

Ugh. I can’t WAIT to have full-size appliances again!

Speaking of those, we’ve also been doing some shopping! Fabio and I were planning to get some very basic appliances in stainless steel finish, as we definitely don’t need anything over the top. But then his cousin’s husband who works at Lowe’s texted us saying this amazing fridge got returned to the store and had the open-box discount (and he walked around but didn’t see any dents or anything), which when combined with President’s Day sales and his employee discount, saved us $2400!! We couldn’t turn down that deal, so now apparently we are getting a crazy, over-the-top smart fridge. Just check out this demo video to see all the cool stuff it does!

We also purchased some laminate floors from Floor & Decor (we went with the Aquaguard brand) and are really excited to see how they look once they’re all laid out.

And also, byeeeee, money.

We haven’t quite decided on the countertops yet, though we did get a quote from Pyramid Granite for two different kinds of quartz: Calcatta Verona and Calcatta Caldia.

I did some Googling to try to decide which one I like better, but I’m kind of torn. What do you guys think?

This is the Calcatta Verona:



Basically bright white with large, prominent, gray veins.

And this is the Calcatta Caldia:



Basically a bit of a warmer white with smaller gray veins throughout. (Also, sorry those pictures are so bad – they were from a thread on So, any thoughts?

Aside from that, we spent a ton of time getting the downstairs ready for demo day. In fact, we spent our Valentine’s Day evening getting the last items out of the cabinets and moving tons and tons of stuff upstairs. Fabio’s dad even came down from New York to help us. How romantic. 😉

Here’s the house, ready for action!

And one last “before” shot of the terrible carpeting on the stairs.

And then the next morning, right at 8:30, the contractors arrived to rip everything out. Woohoo!!

Me & hubby (and Jack) excited to see the changes!

Fabio and I both had to head off to work, but we received lots of pictures from Fabio’s dad throughout the day. Here are some of the highlights:

This is the view from the front door…

From the top stair…

From the upstairs landing looking down…

One of Jack hiding in the bedroom so he doesn’t hurt his paws on any nails or staples…

And this is what I saw when I got home. Ahhh! What happened to my house?! (I know it will all be worth it in the end…)

Crazy right? Compare this panorama to the one from the night before. I can’t believe how much they did in one day!

We also discovered this interesting little thing on the stairs – apparently, someone named Darnel wanted to leave his mark!

Day two of reno was just as crazy – the drywall in our kitchen came down!

Our old cabinets had bumped-out drywall above them, and we want our new ones to go all the way up to the ceiling. (Oh, and the oven was still there until Saturday morning, which was the earliest the person buying it could come pick it up.)

But at least the stairs got (mostly) finished, meaning Jack’s paws were safe again. 🙂

Here’s the before shot again for reference – eek!

And there are lots of other updates to come! I will try to keep you guys posted as I have new pictures to share. 🙂

For now I need your thoughts on the countertops! Which one do you like?

Question of the day: Which quartz option did you prefer? For the locals, are there other countertop places in the DMV-area you recommend? We want to get a second quote to compare our options.

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Feb 122018

Hey friends! I’m coming at you this morning (Saturday, as I write this) from a cafe in Baltimore – Fabio has a dentist appointment with our brother-in-law, Alex, and I decided to use this time to park myself down and do some writing. No stress and no pressure, which is exactly how I think blogging is supposed to be. Honestly, it’s been a big shift for me not to post two or three times every week, but I think giving myself the freedom not to blog has actually given me more creative inspiration to write about some more fun things. Like today!

Last week I took four workout classes – three on ClassPass and one at OrangeTheory Fitness – and I had a mix of instructors I loved and instructors that I just didn’t. This made me think about the topic for today’s post, a review of some of my favorite instructors and what makes them so great!

First, let’s talk about what’s not so great. I won’t name any names or even say what studio I went to, but I had an instructor on Thursday that left me feeling so turned off. Don’t get me wrong, her actual workout was challenging and left me feeling pretty good, but her attitude was a big NO for me. As soon as she walked into the room I got this sort of vibe from her – like she thought she was just soooo much better than everyone else there. She didn’t help anyone with form, she didn’t give much encouragement, she just told us what to do in kind of a bossy, this-is-what-comes-next tone of voice. It was almost like she thought she was “too cool” to give us any personal attention? Maybe she was just shy in actuality and that’s how it came across? When we left (Fabio was with me) we said goodbye and she didn’t even look us in the eye as she said “Byeeeeeee – have a good one.” As you’ll see from the rest of this post, this is totally NOT what I like in an instructor, especially when there are so many who get it right.

I also want to say quickly that while I’ve been taking classes through ClassPass all over the D.C. area since it first came the area in 2014 (wow!), there are still tons of classes that I haven’t been to and probably lots of awesome instructors that I’ve missed. These are just the ones I go to time and time again because I love them so much.

Stephen from BLAST DC and Fly Wheel/Fly Barre

Does anyone remember the “hardest barre class I ever took” back in 2015? Well, that was Stephen’s class. Back then I’m pretty sure he only taught barre, but he now also teaches spin at Flywheel and, what’s even better for me, bootcamp classes at BLAST DC. And what I said before about his barre class being super hard applies to everything he teaches – I took his class at BLAST earlier this week with my friend Kathleen, and told her I thought it was one of the hardest classes that I have EVER taken. Stephen is just really good at pushing you to work as hard as you can. He tells you to turn up the speed on your treadmill and hold your weights for 10 seconds longer than you thought you could, but always in a really positive, encouraging way. Another thing I love is his music!! He plays all the normal stuff, but then sometimes will throw in something amazing like Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey. I remember one time around the holidays he played a song from the Prince of Egypt during FlyWheel and I thought I was going to fall off my bike, I was so excited. Those fun throwbacks are so motivating! Lastly, Stephen is super nice, encouraging, and always gives you a high-five when you’re done with your workout. I love his classes and frequently look for him on the schedule!

Plus, I love following Stephen on Instagram @SnapsFromSteve!

Virginia from BodyMass Gym

Virginia and her husband Kris own BodyMass Gym in Arlington, and their blast class is one of my favorites! First, I will start by saying that there’s a very similar gym to BodyMass less than a block away from it, and it’s usually empty. But not BodyMass – every time we go it’s absolutely packed! It’s not too fancy (though there is a dog!!) but you can tell people come for the instructors and the workout. The blast class is interval bootcamp style with mostly strength exercises and a bit of cardio mixed in. Virginia knows everyone’s name and does the BEST job at walking around to correct form and encourage you. When ClassPass prompted me to vote for a top instructor for 2017, she’s the one I instantly thought of and voted for. I just think she does a great job at inspiring you and teaches you the right way to do something. I feel like even basic exercises – from my deadlifts to my squats – have all improved since I started taking her class. It’s also really hard, and I love her playlists of rap from the early 2000s. Ja Rule?! Yes!

Virgina also competed (competes?) in bodybuilding competitions, and her Instagram includes some really impressive photos. Follow her @VirginiaVKinkel!

(I should also say that I love all the coaches at BodyMass Gym – especially Chase! – but Virginia really stands out. I’ve also never taken a class with her husband Kris, but somehow he knows my name too, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know anything about my blog. Amazing!)

Earl and DeShay from Definitions

I’m clearly not the only one who likes Earl and DeShay from Definitions DC – Earl even won most motivating ClassPass instructor for 2016! Though I usually take DeShay’s classes because of scheduling, I’ve had Earl a number of times and love the big smile he wears during a class and his positivity. He also calls the different colored kettlebells and resistance bands flavors instead of colors (so the hardest resistance band, which is purple, he calls grape, and the heaviest kettlebell, which is orange, he calls tangerine) which I think is a cute little touch. DeShay is great too, and she always makes sure new students are welcomed by the rest of the class. They both know everyone’s name, and even have a system where they’ll take your picture and save it on their computer so they can always match a face to a name, even if you don’t attend their class reglarly. Though their gym space is small, the intervals they plan are really thoughtful and make great use of the equipment and space they do have. The classes always fly by and are a lot of fun!

Alex from OrangeTheory Fitness Clarendon

Hopefully I’m not being biased here since Alex does read the blog (hi, Alex!) and is the one who invited me to try OrangeTheory in the first place. 🙂 BUT her classes are always packed, often with a waitlist of 20ish people trying to get in. I’ve heard plenty of people say how much they love her classes, so I know I’m not alone! Let me just set the stage for a minute – around this time last year (wait I actually just looked it up and it was exactly a year ago today – weird!) Alex invited me to try out a class at OrangeTheory so I went with Anne and Fabio. I remember loving the class and thinking it was really good/hard, but when I looked at the pricing sheet I knew it wasn’t going to happen – how could I justify paying that price on top of my monthly ClassPass fees? Every time I drove past an OTF after that I would think about it – it was just such a good class and I really liked how challenging it was. Then my friend Courtney moved to Clarendon from the West Coast, and she said she was in the market for a new fitness routine. I suggested we try out OTF since your first class is free and I knew she wouldn’t have to pay anything. So one morning we went together and I paid the drop-in fee to take another class with Alex. At this point, I knew it wasn’t something I could walk away from again. I just LOVED her class – how hard it was, how encouraging she is, and the music (she plays some great 2000s throwbacks, and I even heard some of my favorite old Simple Plan songs that took me back to middle school days). Alex is also really friendly and relatable, and I feel like we could totally be friends. I ran out of classes a couple weeks ago, and just shelled out $500 (ughhh) to get 30 more classes. Right now I am working out at OTF once a week, and I pretty much only take Alex’s classes. (The other instructors are good too, but I feel like I’d rather “save” my classes for Alex.) I’m a fairly frugal person in general, so the fact that Alex got me to splurge on another fitness program on top of ClassPass is pretty telling.

She’s another one who I like following on Instagram – @Alshabes.

Although there are lots of other instructors in the D.C. area that I really like – like Richard from FlyWheel Dupont and Graham from Urban Athletic Club, for exmaple – the ones above are the ones that really stand out for me. I will go out of my way to take their classes and will even move my schedule around if needed. Love these guys!

Question of the day: Who are your favorite DC-area instructors??

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Feb 022018

Hey friends! Long time no talk, huh? Honestly I’m really happy with my decision to remove any pressure to blog in 2018 – work has been insane lately and I’ve been getting home around 7 or 8 p.m., at which point the thought of sitting down to blog makes me want to die. So I guess this was a good time for me to make that switch! That being said, I still want to share my life with you guys, so I have a bunch of random updates to share today! Let’s see…where to begin…

Well first, I will say that I’ve been eating some really delicious dinners lately, including this lightened up pad thai (an old favorite)….

This cilantro lime chicken meatball bowl with cauliflower/broccoli rice (a new recipe I tried and loved)…

And some unpictured sweet potato peanut soupbacon brussels sprouts fried rice, and golden soup. I’ve been trying my best to meal plan smartly for the last few weeks, and it’s been working out great. I know for some people cooking can be stressful, but it’s been a great way for me to unwind after a hard day. Plus having leftovers for lunch isn’t bad either!

I’ve also been getting up to lots of great workouts, including some with Anne! Yes, she’s back in action after having her baby girl in November, and I couldn’t be happier to have my workout buddy back.

Honestly, having a workout buddy to help keep you accountable makes SUCH a difference for me, especially when it comes to crawling out of bed for an early morning class. I’m so happy she’s back! We’ve been working out with Kathleen a lot too – it’s so nice to have our trio reunited.

We’ve also had some fun around here on the weekends, including bartender Fabio making us some delicious Saturday night cocktails…

…meeting up with cousins and my sister for a nice brunch at Summer House in Bethesda….

…and traveling up to New York to surprise my best friend Bianca for her 29th birthday. This was such a fun weekend, and I’m so glad we were able to surprise her. 🙂

Also, this is probably the MOST typical picture of Bianca and me. LOL!

Yep, sums us right up!

And now, what I know a bunch of you have been asking for, a kitchen update!

Ok so just a reminder, this is what we’re currently working with.

[Cue screeching horror movie music.]


A few weeks ago we met with a designer who took a bunch of measurements of our kitchen and then worked with us to lay out a cabinet design exactly the way we wanted it. We went through about 4 rounds of different designs before landing on the one below.

I knew there were a few things I wanted (hood over the oven instead of the microwave, a few open shelves, some corner lazy susan cabinets, a cabinet for trash, etc.) and the designer worked with us to incorporate everything.

I love that the microwave is going to go below the new peninsula – we don’t use it much and I think the hood looks so much nicer above the oven.

I originally wanted gray cabinets on the bottom and white up top, but the gray ones were going to cost a lot more, so I decided I’m ok with going all white. This will allow us to splurge in some other areas, like adding crown molding throughout the downstairs and adding a fireplace mantle. Woot!!

We placed our order through after looking around/getting some different quotes, and the cabinets should be here in about a month. Yay!

The next thing on our to-do list will be to pick out flooring (we are thinking hardwood or laminate that looks like hardwood – any recommendations?) and the countertop. We’re hoping to find something in quartz that looks like the image below:

And then from there we can buy the appliances, backsplash (we are thinking white subway tile with a gray grout), and hardware (I like some of the darker options).

Here are some of the new inspiration pictures I’m working from now that we’re doing white on white cabinets.





So what do you guys think? Which picture do you like best? What color do you think we should get for the floor – something dark and grayish maybe?

As far as the timeline goes, the new cabinets will be here in one month so it’s time to get moving! Demo will start on Feb. 15, so we need to get everything moved out of our downstairs area before then (since we are redoing the flooring for the whole first floor). Eek! It’s going to be a lot of work (and a lot of money) but I think it’s going to turn out so great!

And one more question for you guys – since our kitchen will be out of commission for about a month, I’m thinking of doing a meal delivery service of premade dinners at that time. I would be interested in checking out one that’s Whole 30 or vegan or something (though I don’t know if I could get Fabio on board with that plan…) so please let me know if you have any suggestions.

*Edited to add:


Alright that’s all for now – I hope to be able to check in again relatively soon!

Question of the day: What do you think of our kitchen plans? Any recommendations?

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Jan 162018

Hi friends! Thank you so much for the kind words after my 2018 goals and blogging update post – it’s so nice to know you guys are behind me no matter what my blogging schedule looks like moving forward. 🙂 For now, I wanted to pop in to share a super fun 3-day weekend that we had in Philly. I didn’t take a ton of photos because I wasn’t sure if I was going to post about it, but here I am on Monday evening with an urge to share, so I’m going for it!


On Friday evening, Fabio and I had a date night! Fabio’s on an international networking group at his job, and they’re planning a cool event to celebrate the Winter Olympics in a couple of weeks. They’re planning to serve Korean food at the event, and Fabio recently got to sample food from a couple of local Korean restaurants so he could help decide what to have at the event. He and his team wound up going with food from a place called Seoul Spice, and after he raved about it to me I made him promise to take me there for dinner. 🙂 We didn’t have plans for Friday evening, so a date night at the Korean spot was in order!

Seoul Spice is actually located in our old neighborhood of NoMa, and when we arrived we realized it was a fast-casual spot! Ha! I guess we should have looked it up ahead of time. Oh well – it was still a fun date night even it was more casual that we realized. Plus the food was SO delicious!

I went with the “Klassic” bowl with purple rice, and everything was so delicious. I definitely recommend this place if you’re in the area!


Saturday morning began nice and slow. While I took Jack on a long walk, Fabio was busy at home making us lattes and arepas (basically Colombian corn pancakes, but not sweet at all). I made some soft-scrambled eggs to go with the arepas, and we enjoyed a delicious late breakfast.

After that, we got ourselves ready to head up to Philly! Our friend Jake turned 30 this weekend, and his fiance Greg threw a surprise party for him on Saturday night. Jake and Greg were both in Fabio’s fraternity in college, so many of his fraternity brothers were coming into town for it too. I couldn’t wait to see everyone!

We hit some traffic as soon as we arrived in Pennsylvania, but all things considered, we had a pretty easy drive up.

We arrived in Philly around 2 p.m., and then spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out with our friends watching the Eagles playoff game at a bar near our hotel. Then at 8 p.m. we headed to the party, and the birthday boy (and his friend who was also turning 30) entered the room as we all yelled “Surprise!”

I think it’s safe to say Jake and his friend were surprised – they literally yelled, “Is all this for us?!”

Success! The party itself was so much fun, and Greg did a great job coordinating every detail. I miss these guys!

After the party, Fabio and I went out to another bar with his best friend, Hayden, and we spent the night dancing just like old times. So fun!


On Sunday morning we had brunch plans with my good friend (and sorority sister/bridesmaid) Kristen, and her fiance Mark. We went to Girard Bruncherie to eat, and it was so, so delicious. Highly recommend this spot!

While we were there, Mark casually mentioned that next weekend they had plans to attend the Philadelphia Home Show, and we joked that we should drive back up to go with them. Then he said that the home show was also in town that weekend and that he happened to have two extra tickets to go. We then found ourselves making plans to go to the home show after brunch. Who knew we’d wind up doing something so random, impulsive, and adult?!

We wound up spending the next couple of hours walking around the Philly Home Show with Kristen and Mark as we checked out lots of different home renovation booths. It was super helpful to see different materials in person, especially since we’re meeting with the kitchen contractor later this week to start making real plans. We looked at cabinets, countertops, flooring options, hardware, and more, all with two of our favorite people by our sides. Yep, it was random, but so fun!

We said goodbye to Kristen and Mark around 3 p.m., and got home around 5:30 p.m., at which point Fabio offered to make chicken parm for dinner. What a treat! It was really cold out too, so we enjoyed a cozy fire at home while we ate.

Oh yes, and those are Fabio’s famous mozzarella sticks on the side. 🙂

After dinner, we stayed up way too late watching our current favorite Netflix show, The Travellers. Has anyone else been watching that one? We also recently watched Peaky Blinders and Godless, all of which have been amazing. Netflix is killing it with their original series lately!


We had talked about meeting up with our friend Jason for a FlyWheel class on Monday, but instead Fabio and I decided to have a lazy day at home. We slept in, we watched more Netflix, I took a nap, and then I did other important stuff like meal-planning and grocery shopping to prep for the week ahead. We currently have another fire in the fireplace, and Fabio’s making me dinner again. Woohoo! I could get used to this.

This week ahead should be a busy one – work is pretty busy right now and we are planning to get started with kitchen plans, which I’m getting SO excited for. I’m sure I’ll be sharing some updates about that soon!

Question of the day: Have you ever had a surprise party planned for you?

My best friend Bianca planned one for me when I turned 15. It was at my own house and I was STILL shocked!!

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Jan 112018

Hello there! Happy Thursday! Today I’m popping in to share some thoughts and goals for 2018, and share a blogging update with you.

I’m not the kind of person who makes official New Year’s resolutions (except for the year I vowed to start flossing my teeth every day, which is a habit I’ve continued with years later), but I do like to take the opportunity of the new year to evaluate what’s going on in my life and think about where I want to focus my energy. Here are some of the things I’m going to work toward this year!



This year Fabio and I have two big things planned: 1) to redo the kitchen and 2) to travel to Spain and Portugal over the summer. These aren’t goals necessarily, but they are events on our calendar that will require considerable planning when it comes to both our finances and logistics.

Kitchen renovations are slated to start in the next month or two (we just started interviewing potential contractors!) and we’re realizing that the cost will be a bit more than we had originally saved for. (As you may remember, Fabio’s super into managing our finances, and he’s we’ve decided we’d like to pay for everything in full vs. taking out a loan.)

That means we’re going to have to hold the purse strings a bit tighter, and aside from a ski trip we already committed to, we’re planning to use the month of February as a “no spending” month. This means we will cook at home instead of eating out, and try to avoid spending money over the weekends. It’s only for a few weeks and we generally like doing that stuff anyway (i.e., we like cooking), so hopefully it will be doable and will help us get where we need to be financially for the kitchen. If not, we always have our back-up savings accounts, though we’d rather not have to tap into those. Fingers crossed!

Of course a project like this takes a lot of planning coordination too, which I’m having fun with in my free time. 😊 Here are some of the inspo pictures, as well as what we’re dealing with now. Yikes.

(Sorry I don’t have sources for these – I’ve had them saved on my phone for a while!)

Pretty, right? I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

I’m also starting to plan for our Eurotrip later this year, and I’m sure we’ll start looking at flights soon. Yay!

This year will also be super busy with weddings – I think we have 8 on the calendar so far – so I’m noting that here as something else that’s on my mind for the year ahead. Yep, we’re really going to need to watch our finances in 2018. Eek.

*And for anyone wondering/if my grandma reads this, no, there is no baby planned for 2018! There’s plenty of time for that in the next few years or so. 😉*



Work is still going really well, and I love my coworkers and the work that I do on a day-to-day basis. I feel fulfilled by my job and I don’t wake up in the morning and dread going into the office (which is something I think a lot of people experience, and something I’ve experienced before).

That being said, I do have some personal goals I want to work on to help me progress in my career, including becoming a more creative writer. Over the last year and a half or so that I’ve been at my current job, I’ve noticed that I’m pretty decent at long-form writing (talking points, press releases, emails, newsletters, etc.) but writing shorter, pithy content (like ad copy or catchy headlines) is harder for me. So, in addition to focusing on advancing my career, working with my team, etc., I want to make more of an effort to take some classes or trainings on the side to improve this skillset. I’ve already flagged a few courses on for creative writing and marketing strategy, and now I just have to make the time to do them!



When it comes to health and fitness this year, I actually don’t have too many goals. Mostly I’m just excited to be back in a routine after the holidays, and I’m enjoying the feeling of filling my body with good-for-me foods and getting my sweat on. I know I gained a couple of pounds in December – likely due to the 1,000 cookies I ate and #allthecheese – but I’m not worried about losing it; I know my weight will even back out after a couple of weeks back in my routine.

I’m not sure if I’ll run any races this year or not; I’m just planning to go where my body and my plans takes me. For now I’m still loving Orangetheory Fitness, bootcamps, spin, and yoga, plus some very short runs with Jack when it’s not negative degrees outside.

I did recently make an appointment with my PCP for a physical since it’s been a couple of years since I’ve had one. Preventive care is so important!


Blog & An Update

As you can see, I have quite a few goals for 2018. Unfortunately, none of them revolve around growing the blog. You know, I started this blog back in 2012 and back then it was so exciting and something I couldn’t wait to do when I got home from work. I had all these ideas and all this passion to get my message out there to the world, and I just don’t feel that spark anymore.

I think a big part of the shift has been because of my career – when I started CET I was right out of college and doing unfulfilling work like compiling media monitoring reports and taking minutes during client calls. I needed the blog as my outlet to make a small difference in the world. And now, 6 years later, I have a job where I actually do get to write about important health topics and I do get to share them with the world.

Working in a health-focused nonprofit where I get to coordinate campaigns like “Get Fit Don’t Sit Day” and “National Healthy Lunch Day” has filled that void that I had before. Work is also much more stressful, and sitting down to stare at the computer for an extra hour at the end of the day isn’t something I enjoy much anymore. I’ve come to realize that unwinding at home with my family – and unplugging – is something I enjoy much more.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I rarely share my food or my fitness on the blog anymore, and while part of that is because I’ve finally found a routine that works for me and there’s only so many pictures of cottage cheese and blueberries that a person would ever be interested in seeing, a bigger part of it is because I don’t feel called to share that stuff all the time anymore.

I still enjoy sharing what I’m up to on the weekends, and I’m sure I’ll still post about food and fitness every now and then, but here’s my plan for blogging in 2018: I’m freeing myself from the pressure to post. I’m taking away that obligation that I set for myself. I want to shift my feeling of “I have to blog” to “I get to blog.”

If I want to post, I will. If I had a really fun weekend or took a really awesome class and I feel excited to sit down at the computer and share about it, then I will. I won’t worry about what day it is, I’ll just post it. And on the other hand, if I feel like I don’t have anything particularly interesting to share or the thought of looking at a computer screen for one more minute makes me want to tear my eyeballs out, then I won’t. Simple.

I know this will be a change and I’ll probably lose a lot of readers, but I feel like it’s something that’s been a long-time coming for me. There are so many blogs out there these days that share content much better than mine, and no one likes reading content from a burnt-out blogger anyway. I can always reevaluate this plan a little later on in 2018 and see how I’m doing, but for now, I think this is the way I need to go.

I hope you all can understand my thinking behind this change, and that you’ll be there for me when I do decide to drop in with a post, be it twice a week, once a week, or once a month.

And, if you’re missing hearing from me, you can always catch me over on Instagram @ChelseaEatsTreats.

Over and out!

Question of the day: What are some of your goals for 2018? Do you make actual resolutions? What do you think of the shift in the blogging schedule?

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Jan 052018

Hi friends! Today I’m back with the very last recap of our beautiful wedding. Man, it sure took me a while to get through all of these, didn’t it? Today’s post will recap the most fun part of the wedding: the dancing! As usual, here are my vendor notes:

  • DJ: Crow Entertainment (we worked with CJ, and he was SO great! He got everyone’s names right, and we had some tough ones! Plus his playlist was fantastic!)
  • Photography: Lauren Nievod (I’ve already raved about her a ton of times – 100% recommend)
  • Venue: Wye River Conference Center (amazing Eastern Shore/riverfront hotel with beautiful grounds. Can only be booked by groups, meaning our guests took up the whole thing)

If you missed any past recaps you can find them here.

And now, let’s jump right in!

For our first song, I wanted to start off with something to honor my grandparents, who have been married for 63 years! I had talked to my DJ about this ahead of time, and he asked all the married couples to head out onto the dance floor for a special dance.

It was crazy to see a bunch of our friends on the dance floor – we’ve been to so many weddings in the last few years that we actually have a lot of married friends now!

Jess & Erick


Megan & JR

Grae & Dan and Rebecca & Richard

Plus some family members too!

After everyone danced for a little while, the DJ would ask the couples to sit down based on how long they’ve been married. He started with “sit down if you’ve only been married for an hour.” Ha! Guess that’s us.

Then he continued counting down different amounts of time until only my grandparents were left on the dance floor!

I thought this was a really fun way to celebrate their marriage, and it got everyone’s attention on the dance floor. 🙂

Yay, Grandma and Grandpa!

After that, the boys headed out to make a toast at the bar…

…and the ladies hit the dance floor!

I was so happy with how the reception went as a whole; we had given our DJ a list of songs that we definitely wanted him to play and a few to steer clear of. He totally listened to our suggestions and added a few selections of his own. Everything was a hit!

As for the dance floor itself, it was totally packed during the whole wedding! Many of the venue’s employees told us the next day that they’d never seen a wedding there where every single guest was up and dancing. What can I say, our friends and family like to dance!

One good thing about being under the tent was that when the dance floor got too crowded, people just danced on the grass either by the tables or outside the tent. Of course my mom and stepdad did some of this since they need a lot of room when they dance. 🙂

A couple other guests danced out there too!

There were also different pockets of people on the dancefloor – I guess because of where their tables were set up and what part of the dance floor was closest to them – so I made sure to move around the floor so I danced with every group a few times. Fabio and I didn’t really do the whole go from table to table greeting people thing (we didn’t spend much time on dinner and didn’t think we would have time to visit everyone), so instead we mingled on the dance floor instead. I think that’s more our style anyway. 🙂

Here are the bridesmaids/my friends!

And this amazing selfie that Fabio’s friends got!

(Also with our Snapchat filter!)

We also danced with my family/family friends! (How cute is my grandma – my mom’s mom – dancing with Fabio’s dad?)

Plus Aunt CC and me, of course.

And my sister danced with Fabio’s dad!

And you probably recognize these guys, though they’re usually in sweaty gym clothes when I post their pictures: Anne and Kathleen!

Fabio’s family was really fun to dance with too, and they got up to some crazy dance moves.

For example, check out this photo sequence with Fabio’s Tia Clara. She’s always a hoot, and these pictures continue to crack me up.

Yes, that’s Fabio crawling between her legs. Ha!

Fabio’s family are all really good dancers, and I made sure to do some salsa dancing with them too. I specifically remember singing to Despacito with Fabio’s Colombian cousin in this picture. 🙂

I’ve gotten really close with Fabio’s cousins over the last couple of years, and now I feel like they’re truly my cousins too! I love this one with his (my!) cousin Maria Clara. <3

And then, of course, I did plenty of dancing with my husband too!


These two pictures sum us up perfectly. I love them!



Before we knew it, our time was up and it was time to leave the tent for the after party.

When planning out our timeline for the day, I knew I wanted to do a bouquet toss but didn’t want to use up valuable reception time on it. Instead, I did a more casual bouquet toss in the grass outside the tent as everyone was leaving. My cousin Yasi caught it!

(I also wound up throwing a smaller bouquet that was used on the dessert table so I could save mine. It worked out great!)

After that, we all hopped on the venue’s shuttle for the after party! We held it in one of the houses on the property, and it had a really cool atrium ceiling and balcony by the upstairs rooms. My dad brought a sound system/light machine from home, which made the space really fun! Fabio and I climbed up on the balcony to thank everyone for coming, and then the party kicked off!

(We had another Snapchat filter for the after party!)

It was so fun spending more time with our guests, and I was happy to see that our family joined us for the party as well. 🙂

I had debated changing into another outfit, but I decided that I spent so much money on my dress that I wanted to keep it on for as long as possible!

We ordered something like 30 pizzas for the after party (this is just one stack), and somehow they ALL got eaten by the end of the night. Crazy!

We had purchased alcohol from Costco ahead of time, which made everything really easy. It seemed like everyone had an absolute blast – I know I did!

Jack came to the after party too, and goodness only knows how much pizza he ate. Everyone kept telling me that they fed him some – LOL!

He was definitely the hit of the party. 🙂

Overall it was the perfect way to end our night and was just SO much fun.

We finally stumbled back to our room at around 3:30 a.m. Oof! What a long day.

I think everyone was hurting a bit in the morning, and our friend sent us this picture on her way to meeting for breakfast. Ha!

Yep, it was a fun wedding and after party, that’s for sure.

We had a really nice breakfast the next morning under the tent, and then around noon we all said our goodbyes and Fabio and I headed off to Thailand! But you already know that part of the story. 🙂

Aaaand that concludes the blog recap of our amazing wedding! Everything just went so perfectly – you always hear that things won’t go according to plan but we just got so, so, so lucky with the weather and the venue and our vendors and everything. I remember we both had humungous grins the whole drive home, and we couldn’t stop saying how lucky we were. <3

Question of the day: Do you like when weddings have traditional elements like the bouquet toss and garter toss, or would you rather spend more time dancing?

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Jan 042018

Helloooo there! How’s your first week of 2018 going? Mine is going pretty well, though it’s *SO* cold in D.C. this week. Brr!

Anyway, I’m back today with another recap of my holiday break! After Christmas, Fabio and I both had to work for a couple of days and then after work on December 27th, we drove up to Aunt CC and Uncle Steve’s mountain house in Otis, Massachusetts. I was able to duck out of work about 15 minutes early and Fabio picked me up right from the office, so we made it up north in record time! We usually don’t arrive until 2 a.m., but this time we arrived around 12:30. Woohoo!

I had to snap this picture as I headed upstairs to put my stuff down – isn’t it just SO cozy?

We had a bunch of friends come up with us for the weekend, including one of my besties from high school (Hana), one of my sorority sisters (Britt), and two of Fabio’s friends (Jason and Bryan). We love spending time at CC and Steve’s place, and we were excited to share it with our friends!

Of course when we arrived, CC spoiled us with a gigantic spread of goodies.

We had some gigantic shrimp (seriously, they were SO big and tasty), chicken sausages, cheese, cookies, caprese skewers, and more.

CC really outdid herself! (Especially since it was the middle of the night…)

Steve, of course, poured us some delicious cocktails upon arrival, and we all settled on the couch to play What Do You Meme. Have you guys played this game? It’s similar to Cards Against Humanity and is really fun! Eventually Hana and I fell asleep on CC and Steve’s huge comfy couch, but the boys stayed up until 6 a.m. playing games. Oof!

Thursday, Dec. 28

We woke up to some brutally cold weather on Thursday, so after a delicious breakfast we all bundled up in tons of layers so we could head out to the slopes.

Also I clearly needed to charge my phone – LOL!

CC and Steve live next to two different mountains – one is kind of small and just five minutes from the house, and the other is a bit bigger but about 30 minutes away. On Thursday we tackled the smaller one, Otis Ridge.

I’m not a very good skier, and I like to go really slowly and stay in control. I did ok with my skiing on Thursday, but I went down the mountain at an embarrassingly slow speed. But, I only fell once, which was a heck of a lot better than last year! My friends were all a lot better at skiing than I was, and they lapped me a few times on the mountain. Oh well, I did my best!

When we ladies were mostly done skiing, we grabbed some soup in the lodge while Fabio and Steve completed a few last runs. Then it was back home to sit by the fire! Ahhh!

We all showered (the hot shower felt *amazing*) and then changed into warm PJs. We spent the next few hours sipping cocktails and eating snacks until it was time for dinner!

We wound up having two kinds of lasagna (veggie and meat) and a delicious salad that Hana brought.

Plus cheesecake, brownies, cookies, and bars for dessert! #allthetreats

Dinner was also a TON of fun – maybe my favorite part of the whole trip – and we went around the table saying what our last meals would be and which celebrities we would invite to a dinner party. Everyone in this group is really outgoing, so the atmosphere was just a lot of fun. The delicious wine didn’t hurt either. 🙂

After dinner, we played Speak Out, another new-to-me game where one person wears a ridiculous mouthpiece and tries to talk, while everyone else guesses what they’re saying. Ha!

It was a lot of fun!

Friday, December 29

The next day was another cold one, though the “feels like” temperature was only -12 this time. Ha! Twice as warm as the day before! 😉

This time we hit up the bigger mountain, Butternut!

Here’s the whole gang!

Britt & me!

And Hana & me 🙂

I liked this mountain a lot better – there was a glorified bunny slope that I went down a ton of times that helped me get more comfortable on my skis and get better at controlling my speed. Luckily, CC skis like I do (nice and slow) so we went down that mountain a lot and only went down a bigger mountain once (I was scared going down that one, and did wind up falling once).

It was so nice having her there with me to go my speed! Our friend Jason wasn’t a fan of the bigger mountain either, so he kept us company on the small mountain when he wasn’t warming up in the lodge (he also has a back injury right now so didn’t want to ski too much).

The rest of the group tackled the tougher runs! Here’s a picture Hana took (she snowboarded) of Fabio and Britt. Aren’t the surrounding mountains pretty?

Fabio even went down a black diamond, which was new for him. Go Fabio!

The mountain closed at 4 p.m., at which point we repeated our cycle of showering and changing into jammies.

So cozy!

That night we ate an assortment of random leftovers for dinner, including some challah French toast that Bryan made, soup, and leftover lasagna. Plus we just about ate our weight in cheese. ‘Tis the season!

Sunday, December 30

On Sunday morning we all had breakfast at the Otis diner (I got an omelet with veggies, cheese, and bacon) and then hit the road. The drive usually takes us about 6.5 hours, but it snowed all through Massachusetts and Connecticut, so we carefully crawled along. We didn’t get home until 7 p.m., at which point we sat on the couch and didn’t move. Ha!

Monday, December 31

Our New Years Eve day was pretty relaxing and included a lot of Netflix and couch time. In the evening, we headed over to our friend Courtney and Kevin’s apartment in Clarendon for a celebration with friends!

She had some delicious snacks set out for us and made a festive champagne cocktail.

We had a dinner reservation across the street at 8:30 at Green Pig Bistro, which was super convenient. At 8:25, we walked right over!

I’d always wanted to try Green Pig Bistro, and I thought the food was really tasty! I especially liked the cinnamon bun bread pudding, which came coated in corn flakes. Yum!

The company wasn’t bad either. 🙂 I had a GREAT time sitting next to two of my besties and catching up on life.

We got back to Courtney’s place just in time to count down and watch the ball drop!

Happy New Year!!

After the ball dropped, we changed into PJs and stayed to chat until 3 a.m. at which point Megan declared it was time to go home. Ha! She was right, as usual.

Overall it was an absolutely perfect holiday season, and I’m once again left feeling so thankful for all the people in my life who made it so fun! <3

Question of the day: Do you like big New Years celebrations or smaller, quiet ones? This one was just perfect!

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Jan 032018

Hey friends! Happy 2018! I hope you all enjoyed a nice break over the holidays – I know I did! Our Christmas and New Year celebrations kept us very busy over the last week or so, and I have a couple of posts coming your way with recaps. First up is our Christmas celebration!

Friday, Dec. 22

I had off from work on Friday and spent the majority of my day in the kitchen! In the morning I baked three kinds of cookies from Sally’s Baking Addiction: Classic Peanut Butter Cookies, Chocolate Crinkle Cookies, and Chewy Gingersnap Cookies (from her cookbook, but these are similar).

Since I needed these cookies to last for a few days, I packaged them up and added a piece of bread to each container, which I had heard would keep them soft longer. It wound up working great, and I ate one of the cookies last night and it was STILL soft! I’m definitely going to use this trick again.

I also made this lemon blueberry bread to bring to a Christmas Eve brunch, and it was a huge hit. It was a busy day in the kitchen!

Later in the afternoon, I sat through some brutal traffic before arriving at my mom’s house for some tree-decorating and dinner. It was so fun reminiscing over old ornaments with her, and my stepdad made some delicious potato pancakes for dinner. Yum!

After we ate, I headed over to my friend Hana’s house to decorate gingerbread houses. Hana, Bianca, Sam, and I are all best friends from high school, and every year when everyone’s home for the holidays we gather at Hana’s to decorate gingerbread houses. It’s always so much fun to catch up with the girls!

This year Bianca picked up my house for me, and when she was out shopping, she texted me asking if I wanted to join her in making a “surprise” house. Of course I said yes, and it wound up being a gingerbread castle from Frozen!

It even came with little cut-outs of the characters. So fun!

In the end, the castles came out…ok. Ha! Hana and Sam’s traditional houses came out a bit better, but Bianca and I had fun with the castles. Too bad mine fell apart on the drive home!

The gang!

Saturday, Dec. 23

Fabio and I had plans to spend Saturday with his family outside of Baltimore, and before we hit the road, we stopped for breakfast at my favorite Arlington spot, Northside Social. Their breakfast sandwiches and coffees are just the best!

We had to run a few errands on our way over, including a stop at Home Goods where we saw this awesome black lab nutcracker on skis (his tail was the nutcracker part). We sent a photo to Aunt CC and Uncle Steve saying that if it hadn’t been $300 and so difficult to transport, we would have bought it for their mountain house in the Berkshires. Ha!

They told us to save our money. 😉

After that, we arrived at Fabio’s sister Diane/her husband Alex’s house where we got to visit our favorite Christmas elf!!

Baby Michael was four months old on Christmas, and looked so festive in all his holiday gear! We spent a fun afternoon and evening just hanging out with the fam, which was nice and relaxing. I even got to feed Michael!

Cutie in his Christmas PJs!

Sunday, Dec. 24

The next day, Christmas Eve, was super busy for us! First, Alex’s family came over for a Christmas Eve brunch, and we enjoyed plenty of delicious treats. Everyone loved my lemon blueberry bread! I loved the smoked salmon and everything bagels. 🙂

Then we participated in a fun white elephant gift exchange…

…and gave baby Michael and my neice, Sofia, their gifts (they arrived late the night before).

Fabio got Michael a baseball glove and a tee-ball bat and stand, even though he’s only four months old and won’t be able to use them for a few years. Ha! What can I say, he’s excited!

And we got Sofia a fun sparkly mermaid fin! She totally loved this gift and didn’t take her “fins” off for the whole rest of the day.

In the early afternoon, we said goodbye to Fabio’s family and drove over to my grandparents’ house! This is where I’ve traditionally spent Christmas Eve, so I’m glad we were able to make it over there again this year.

When we arrived, I discovered my sister and I were twinning!

Clearly we are related. 🙂

We then headed to the living room to swap presents with my grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousins.

We all got great gifts, and Fabio and I got money to put toward our upcoming kitchen renovation. 🙂

Then it was time to eat! I got to sit next to my sister (who changed into a new shirt that she got from my grandma…either because she was cold or because she didn’t want to match me anymore. Ha!)

Dinner included some delicious turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, and rolls.

Plus TONS of dessert!

At one point my phone got hacked…

And then there was some dancing and family photos after the plates were cleared. I love this one of my sister and grandpa!

And my adorable grandparents!

Here’s my side of the fam!

After that, we headed back to my dad’s house where we watched Elf and fell asleep around midnight.

Monday, Dec. 25

We woke up on Christmas morning to lots of presents!

Even the dogs got some big bones to munch on. 🙂

And we spent the next few hours opening presents, sipping mimosas and coffee, eating breakfast, and playing with our new stuff.

A little later in the day, we watched Home Alone and then got ready to head to my mom’s house.

My mom and stepdad host a big open house on Christmas Day, and this year’s party was really fun! I didn’t manage to snag any pictures because I was busy talking the whole time, but we had a really nice day chatting with my mom and stepdad’s friends.

Eventually it was time to head home (Fabio and I both had to work on the 26th) and we crashed hard when we got back around 8 p.m. Phew! At that point there was nothing I wanted more than to just sit on my own couch and do NOTHING. It was a busy, busy Christmas! However, we left feeling so thankful that we have so many wonderful family members close by to spend time with.

Question of the day: Do you celebrate Christmas in one place or do you travel around to a few different ones?

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Dec 222017

Hi friends! I have the day off from work today and am planning to spend it getting a few last things ready for Christmas. All our gifts are wrapped and the house is clean, so today will be spent doing some cooking! Then this afternoon, I’m heading over to my mom’s house to help her decorate the tree, and this evening I’ll be hanging with my best friends from home for our annual gingerbread house making get-together. Woohoo!

I’ll try to pop in sometime next week with an update for you guys, but just in case I don’t, I’ll see you back here in 2018!

For those of you who celebrate it, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and (just in case), a happy New Year!




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Dec 202017

Helloooo, and welcome to another wedding recap! Man, I thought I’d be able to wrap everything up in one last post, but who am I kidding–I’m going to need at least one more after this to fit everything in! I might not make it to my goal of recapping everything by the end of 2017, but I’m still going to try!

Today’s recap kicks off the wedding reception! If you missed any of my past recaps you can find those here.

As usual, I have a couple of vendor notes to share with you guys:

  • DJ: Crow Entertainment (we worked with CJ, and he was SO great! He got everyone’s names right, and we had some tough ones! Plus his playlist was fantastic!)
  • Dessert: Peace of Cake (the prettiest and most delicious desserts!!)
  • Photography: Lauren Nievod (I’ve already raved about her a ton of times – 100% recommend)
  • Venue: Wye River Conference Center (amazing Eastern Shore/riverfront hotel with beautiful grounds. Can only be booked by groups, meaning our guests took up the whole thing)

And with that, let’s dive right in!

As soon as cocktail hour was over, the DJ instructed everyone to take their seats under the tent. Then he pressed play on “You make my dreams” by Daryl Hall & John Oates, which we used as our bridal party entrance song! (BTW, this song is currently being used in a Chili’s commercial, and every time I hear it come on it makes me think of the wedding!)

First up, my mom and stepdad! Don’t they look so great?! They danced in a bit, but also kept things classy (per usual).

Up next came my dad and stepmom, who danced a little bit more. 🙂

But Fabio’s parents, however, really got into it! They’re both great dancers, so I’m not surprised.

Then came the bridal party! I had sent them all an email leading up to the wedding letting them know who they’d be walking in with and encouraged them to work together to come up with a fun entrance, and they did NOT disappoint. We had some really fun ones!

Here are Kristen and Tom…

Jon and Catrina…

Jay and Megan…

And Diane and Alex!

Honestly, everyone had a great entrance – even my sister who wound up having to walk in by herself due to some confusion with the flower girl. 🙂 Yay, bridal party!

When it got to be our turn, Fabio and I realized we hadn’t planned anything for ourselves! Ha! So we looked at each other and just decided to run into the tent.


It seemed to work out well. 🙂

I had also told our bridal party to circle the dance floor once they entered the tent, which made for a super special first dance with all our best friends surrounding us. It obviously looked nice for the pictures too. 🙂

Our first dance song was “Say You Won’t Let Go” by James Arthur, and as soon as the music started, our bridal party all linked arms and started swaying to the music.

Fabio and I had originally thought about taking dance lessons for our first dance, but after talking to our friend Kristen (who’s a dancer), she suggested we do whatever feels natural to us. Having to worry about choreographed dance steps isn’t really our personality, so we took her advice and just kind of winged it. I actually think we did pretty well!

We even got a few spins in, which was fun since the bottom of my dress spun out. 🙂

P.S. How great is Catrina’s face in that photo above?

And then before we knew it, our song was coming to an end!

Which of course meant a big kiss. 🙂

After our first dance was over, we went right into dances with our parents. To save time/maximize time spent on the dance floor later, we just danced to one song (“What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong, which is a special one for my dad and me), and it was nice to have all four of us on the dance floor together. Fabio and his mom had a nice little step going on, but my dad and I just kind of swayed. (Again with the winging it thing!) 🙂

Once that was over, my grandpa shared a blessing so everyone could start eating their salads and bread. This was something special I wanted to include since my grandparents mean so much to me, and my grandpa is pretty involved with his church.

Fun fact: I actually hand-wrote him a card asking him to read a blessing and mailed to his house a few months before the wedding, even though I see him and my grandma pretty frequently. He seemed to really appreciate this gesture, and it was nice to ask him in a somewhat special way. (We did this with our aunts for the readings too!)

Anyway, my grandpa did a great job!

Then while people dug into their salads, we got started with speeches! My dad went first.

My dad and Fabio worked together at one point a few years ago doing government work, so my dad made a joke about how every dad wants to know all about his daughter’s boyfriend, so my dad’s solution was to hire Fabio and then make him go through an official government background check. Ha! This was actually true – Fabio did have to get a background check for that job – so it was pretty funny.

My dad did a great job at making us laugh while also bringing in lots of emotion, which was a common theme with all the speeches at our wedding.

I’ve always been a daddy’s girl, so this was a really nice moment for me. 🙂

Up next was my stepsister, Maggie! Maggie started off by saying she was going to do something a little different from a regular speech, by singing an original song that she wrote!

This caught me totally by surprise, and then I realized there was a keyboard and microphone set up by the DJ booth. Had that been there the whole time?

Maggie is a great singer and really creative, and her song was all about the relationship of sisters and love.

Her last line in the song had something to do with how when times are hard or I’m feeling lonely, I should remember all the love here today, and I totally lost it. Wow – I was NOT expecting to get so emotional during her speech (/song)!

It was so, so sweet of her to write and sing us a song, and it’s a memory I will always cherish.

After that was the best man, Hayden!

Fabio and Hayden met freshman year of college, and I met them both during our sophomore year, so I was kind of nervous about what kind of stories Hayden was going to bring up in his speech. We have been through a LOT of crazy times together (usually involving too much alcohol) so I didn’t know what to expect. In the end, he shared a funny story that involved drinking and the Yankees, which was appropriate given Fabio’s love for the team and luckily not too embarrassing.

Ok, so it was a little embarrassing.

But I had made him promise to run his speech by his girlfriend, his sister, and his mom before the big day, so luckily it wasn’t too bad. I actually think he did a fantastic job!

Last but not least, my best friend and other Maid of Honor, Bianca!

Bianca tends to get emotional, so I was definitely expecting some tears from this one.

In the end, Bianca had me cracking up for 99.9% of her speech, and I only got super emotional at the end.

There was one point where I felt sure I was ugly-crying, but from the pictures, it doesn’t like it was too bad. She really got me though, and I felt #alltheemotions.

My best friend! <3

Then we did a quick little cake-cutting ceremony while the DJ played “Cake (I only Came for the Cake)” by DJ Too Tan. My friend Megan got us these adorable Kate Spade cake-cutters, so I made a crazy face at her which was captured on camera. Ha!

When Fabio and I cut the cake, we agreed not to smash each other’s faces into it.

However, that didn’t mean I couldn’t put some on Fabio’s nose, right?

He got me back after that, which was pretty fun. 🙂


And after that, the rest of the night was spent on the dance floor!! More in the next recap!

Question of the day: Would you take dance lessons or wing it? Cake smashed in the face or no?

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