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Hi friends! I had a terrific weekend, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Friday night was totally uneventful and apparently I didn’t take any pictures, so let’s jump right to Saturday!


Fabio made us some delicious breakfast sandwiches on Saturday that included egg, cheese, and some sausage patties we had in the freezer. I added some grape jelly to mine for some salty/sweet contrast, and it was delicious.

Don’t mind that hungry pup in the background. 😉

After breakfast, Fabio and I set out to look at some apartments! Some of you may remember last spring when Fabio and I got the itch to move into DC, and we looked at a bunch of apartments in Capitol Hill/Eastern Market. We didn’t wind up finding anything that we liked, and we love our place in Arlington and have a great deal on our rent, so we stopped looking for a while. (We are technically month-to-month on our rent right now, so we can move pretty much at any time.)

We got to talking about it again last week though, and decided to look around again. Even though we love our place, my commute into Silver Spring for work is pretty terrible (an hour each way on the metro) and we think we should experience living in DC at some point in our lives, instead of living just a mile outside it.

On Saturday we wound up taking tours at four different apartment buildings: three in NoMa and one by the Navy Yard/Waterfront.


We like the NoMa area since it’s “up and coming,” close to a lot of our friends, and right in between our two jobs (right now my commute is an hour and Fabio’s commute is just 7 minutes, but if we moved to NoMa both of us would have a 25 minute commute). We aren’t sure how much we love the neighborhood since you have to walk a bit farther to get to most of the good restaurants/bars, but it’s still really nice.

We liked the Navy Yard/Waterfront area too, but the buildings there were more expensive and they’re still doing a lot of construction in that area which can be noisy/a pain. It would also be a farther of a commute for both of us, so that option doesn’t make as much sense.

This time around we looked at larger apartment buildings, as opposed to last year when we looked at English basements in Capitol Hill row homes. A lot of them looked like hotels!


Fabio looks thrilled to be touring yet another apartment building, doesn’t he?



There was one apartment building we really liked in NoMa, so now we are crunching the numbers to see how much more it will cost and if it’s worth moving into. I also looked online at some places in Dupont Circle, Logan Circle, and Bloomingdale, but I didn’t see anything that we liked more than the place in NoMa. We shall see!

We wound up having some time to kill in between one of our appointments, so we took a quick spin around Union Market!


If you’ve never been to Union Market I 100% recommend it – it’s a really big space filled with tons and tons of vendors selling everything from fresh meats and fish…



…to fresh baked bread (yum)…


…and lots of veggies!


Everything looked fantastic, and I tried my best not to go crazy over the pastry/cookie displays. Wow – did they look good.

In the end I wound up buying a small corn muffin from the BBQ Joint to have as a snack. It was delicious!


After apartment hunting from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm we were famished and exhausted, so we opted to get a late lunch/early dinner at our favorite Peruvian chicken place in Ballston while we discussed apartment options.


Phew! It was a long day.


On Sunday morning, the Easter bunny made a little visit to our “I love you because” board, as well as our meal planning board!



Haha! That tricky bunny. 😉

Once we woke up and got ourselves ready for the day, Fabio, Jack and I headed over to my mom’s house for some Easter fun. First up: a breakfast of my mom’s homemade hot cross buns and a mimosa.


That is definitely a great way to start the day if you ask me!

After breakfast we hung around at the house for a while catching up, and then at 2:00 we drove over to the Comus Inn for a late Easter brunch.


It was a beautiful day, and we all enjoyed the sunshine.


How cute is my mom’s outfit, by the way?


The brunch buffet was delicious, and in addition to the plate you see below with eggs Chesapeake (egg’s Benedict with crab meat), mac & cheese, bacon, potatoes, and cheesy polenta, I had a huge plate of veggies and salad, and a small oreo waffle for dessert. Hey, it’s all about balance, right? Haha!


Oh, and I had a super strong mint julep to sip on. Yum!


Overall it was such a fun Easter, and I was so glad I was able to spend the day with my mom, stepdad, stepsister, and Fabio.


Question of the day: DC locals – what neighborhoods do you like? Should we move from Arlington?

It’s always so hard deciding whether to move, especially since we have such a good deal right now. If it weren’t for my stupid commute, I’m sure we would stay right where we are!

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  19 Responses to “Apartment Hunting + Easter 2015”

  1. You look FAB in those Easter colors!!

  2. I live in Woodley Park and LOVE it!

  3. Your Easter outfit is adorable! Love that skirt!

  4. I love Union Market! I have gone to the restaurant twice when visiting DC. They have a truffle grilled cheese with an egg on top that is so so so so good

  5. “a small oreo waffle” sounds amazing, minus the “small” part. also, your dress is adorbs. happy apartment hunting! 🙂

  6. The company I work for built Twelve12 apartments in the Yards. You should definitely look into it if you haven’t yet. My co-worker who worked there says a lot of good things about the place. Also, if you are looking to buy, the price for that area is probably going to inflate a lot over the next couple of years or so .

    • We did look at Twelve12 but unfortunately I think it was a little more expensive than what we are looking for. I love that neighborhood though! And you’re totally right about that area – it’s exploding!

  7. Your Easter outfit is awesome! Apartment hunting seems awesome and daunting, all at the same time. At least you aren’t rushing into anything and get to take you’re time! Wish I had some advice, but I’m all the way in CA! xoxo, ganeeban

  8. I live in Arlington and just love Virginia, I don’t know why — maybe it’s the cheaper taxes 😉
    but I work in DC near DuPont and a bunch of my coworkers live in the city. Some who live in Adams Morgan and Columbia Heights rent a floor in houses moreso than apartment buildings. But I do have a friend who lives in Foggy bottom and loves it and never wants to move. Lots to walk to and fun area…only downfall is the metro if you need to fill your metro card because there are so many tourists in the area.

    • I used to take the metro to Foggy Bottom every day to get to my old job, so I know what you mean with the tourists and huge groups! We are looking at houses more than buildings too; I think it feels a little too much like a hotel in those big buildings! They do have awesome amenities though…

  9. This post could not have come at a better time! My husband and I are beginning to plan a move from NYC to Washington D.C. area and I have been looking for some advice on neighborhoods to check out. Nice to have it come from someone I trust (as a blog reader)!

  10. Apartment hunting is both really fun and really stressful!! We’re trying to do it right now as we get ready to move to Atlanta, and it’s kind of funny just how much time and effort can go into looking! Sounds like you’ve got some great options though, so I hope that one of them works out! Also, I love your Easter dress!

  11. Moving from Arlington to DC was hands down one of the best decisions I made! I liked living in Courthouse, but love living in DC (live in Penn Quarter/Chinatown area). Good luck!

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