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Hi friends! This post is going to be a bit all over the place because in addition to my usual Favorite Things Friday, I want to tell you about today’s November Project workout! I guess I’ll just mash up the two?

This morning started bright and early with another fun November Project workout. I met my friend Dan and a ton of other Washingtonians at 6:30 am at the corner of New York Ave and 11st St. NW. November Project DC does a fantastic job taking photos – seriously, they are gorgeous – so I’m going to borrow them again in today’s post. I don’t think they’ll mind since it’s free publicity. 😀 Thanks, November Project!

Our workout began in the usual way with a bit of jumping up and down, hugging, and yelling “Good morning!” to one another. Plus a couple of weird “I dream of Jeannie hugs” because that’s what we do.


We were working out right under a big apartment building, and after all of our yelling a few people came out on their balconies to see who was screaming “Good morning!” at 6:30 am. Naturally, our response was to wave at them. Typical. I’m sure they loved us. 😉


Then our workout began! We wound up running around the block a bunch of times and completing a different activity on each side of the block. On one side of the block we had to do 10 tricep dips and 10 incline pushups.



On the next side, we had to join with a partner to do 20 wheelbarrow steps each. Holy upper body!


From there we ran to the next side of the block where we had to do 10 walking lunges (5 on each side) and then skip down the rest of the block. We passed a bus driver at one point who was very confused to see so many people wearing neon skipping down the street. 🙂


Dan and I made friends with Lindsay, a former Seattleite (is that what they’re called?) who just moved here. You can see her in the yellow tank top below. Hi, Lindsay! You can also sort of see me in the background in my neon pink shirt and black shorts, and Dan in his maroon t-shirt. We all made plans to go again on Monday. I love how November Project encourages you to meet new people! 🙂


On the last side of the block we had to sprint to the end. I love this guy’s face! Haha!


After a few rounds of this we all got called back and I remember thinking the time went by so fast! Well, it turns out they had more for us to do, and boy was it interesting. We were told to join with a partner and carry them koala-style across the parking lot. Twice.

Two guys were kind enough to demonstrate for us. 😉


I think this was the most ridiculous fitness move I have ever done! I joined up with Dan again and we couldn’t stop laughing the whole time. What a weird morning!


After that we were really done – except for some people who drove to November Project from less than 5 blocks away and had to do burpees during the group picture as punishment. 🙂 So funny.


Overall it was such a fun morning and I’m looking forward to going back on Monday!

Favorite Breakfast

After November Project I came home and made some scrambled eggs with chicken, hummus (mixed right in with the eggs), and feta cheese. Served with Cholula hot sauce, OJ, and the Today Show on the side. 😉


I have off from work today because of summer Fridays (hooray!), which was why I had time to whip up this breakfast. It was a good one! I loved how mixing the hummus right in with the eggs gave everything a tasty flavor and creamier texture. 🙂

Another Favorite Sweat Sesh

As for my other workouts this week, I had some good ones! On Tuesday I headed down to Georgetown for a 6:00 am Sculpt class at CorePower yoga.


You guys should know by now how much I love this class, since I go all the time! It really is a fantastic workout and I was particularly sweaty after Tuesday’s class. I don’t know what it was about the class (maybe it’s just that it’s hotter outside too?) but I was totally drenched when I left, plus a little sore the next day. Success!

Yet Another Favorite Sweat Sesh

Then on Wednesday I had another great workout! I joined Anne for our favorite Ubran Athlete class at Urban Athletic Club.


This class was taught by Andrew, one of our favorite instructors. Sadly Andrew will be moving to Texas at the end of August, so we’re going to make sure to take lots of his classes before he goes. We will miss you, Andrew!

The workout itself was another tough one, and I was once again drenched in sweat by the end.


Thanks for the fun morning, Anne!

Favorite Decorator Challenge

Ok – now for some non-fitness talk! Fabio and I are putting together a travel collage for our wall, and it’s almost done!


Right now about half of it is up on the wall, and we just have some of the outer frames to hang still. I was trying to play around with the layout earlier this week, and I couldn’t decide if I liked it symmetrical or a little asymmetrical. I think I like it the way it is in the picture above (only obviously spaced out better), but I’m still not 100% sure. What do you guys think? I promise to share pictures when it’s done!

Favorite Dinner Alone

Fabio has softball on Wednesday nights, and I usually find myself feeling totally uninspired in the kitchen when he’s away. Cereal? Check. Eggs? You bet. This Wednesday I really wasn’t in the mood for either of those though, so I turned to good old Pinterest to find something better. I found a great list of meals for one (which now I can’t find again – ugh) and from that list I decided to make this recipe for open faced turkey sandwiches with hummus and black pepper honey.


You. Guys. This sandwich was SO delicious and I gobbled up every bite!! It was super simple too. Here’s how I made it:

  1. Turn the oven on to broil. Once it’s hot spray both sides of your bread with olive oil (I used a hamburger bun because that’s what we had). Broil the bread until it’s nice and crispy and even a little burned.
  2. Smear the warm bread with hummus and top with turkey meat.
  3. Heat a little honey in the microwave (just for about 10 seconds) and then add a bunch of cracked black pepper to the honey. Drizzle it over the turkey.
  4. Eat!

I still can’t get over how delicious this combo was – the spicy and sweet honey was so unique! Definitely give this one a try. I had mine with some baby carrots on the side.

Favorite Dunk

Last night it was SO hot out, so Fabio and I headed down to the pool for an evening dunk.


Having a pool is the BEST!


Favorite Music

For my Spotify friends, have you tried listening to the Discover Weekly playlist yet? It’s a playlist that Spotify creates for you based on all the music you listen to.


So far mine has been AMAZING and it’s made me so happy. I’ve discovered so many new songs! Most of my friends said their recommendations have been spot-on too, so definitely check it out. Good job, Spotify!

Alright, that’s all I have for you today! We are having a house warming party this weekend so today’s going to be pretty busy with getting everything ready for that. Wish me luck!

Question of the day: What’s your go-to meal for one?

P.S. I have to wish a very happy birthday to my friend Megan!!! I can’t wait to celebrate with you tomorrow, Meg!

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  1. My go-to meal for one……probably 2 poached eggs on Hoxton sourdough bread….Hoxton is a new bakery set up near me, started recently by a young couple who have escaped careers in London. The bread is seriously good and makes every other kind look anaemic in comparison! Thanks for your share today.


  2. I like the photo collage arrangement, but I would maybe move the little horizontal photo from the very top to the big opening in the top right corner.

    Then one of my go-to meals for myself is to cook up some lentils on the stovetop and roast some sweet potatoes in the oven for 25 minutes at 425 degrees. Sometimes I’ll microwave a plate of spinach, too, to put the lentils on. It’s nice because you start the lentils and potatoes, get stuff done while they cook, then 25 minutes later it’s all done!

  3. Eggs with hummus!? Sounds amazing!!
    I’ve actually sneakily suspended my Spotify account to make the most of the Apple Music free for three months. I’ll be going back to Spotify afterwards tho as Apple Music is just not the same! Same music, but just annoying interface.

  4. Where did you get that Map print in the middle of your photo collage? That is such a great idea and I think I am going to have to copy that!

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