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I spent the majority of Friday romping around good ole’ New York City!

*This is the moment where any of my friends who live in New York and didn’t already see this picture on Instagram start telling me that I suck for not letting them know I was in their city. Sorry, guys!! There’s just never enough time for everything!*

Anyway, I had off from work on Friday since I worked last weekend, so I decided to head up to New York! While I was in Dallas, Fabio spent the week in New York visiting his family, and on Friday I decided to meet him up there. It worked out perfectly because his family decided to celebrate Thanksgiving one weekend early since everyone was available, and I was so glad I was able to go up. Perfect!

Fabio and I had our five year dating anniversary two weeks ago (woah!), but we never did anything to celebrate it (we tend to do this every year haha. We are not big anniversary people). Since we were both relatively free on Friday (Fabio was working remotely but he finished up everything on Thursday night once he knew I was coming), we decided to spend our anniversary celebration wandering around the city!

I arrived in New York around 11:15 am and immediately picked up some peppermint mochas from Starbuck’s for Fabio and me (his was regular, mine was skinny :)). Then we walked around the city!

First up: the holiday window displays at Macy’s! They were just unveiled the night before, so it was perfect timing.


The windows looked really nice, but I think I was expecting something a little more dramatic. For those of you who have seen this year’s display, what do you think?

macyswindow1In the blocked off street right next to Macy’s, they were showing Christmas movies for free! There were couches and chairs set up and I thought that the huge screen, dreary weather, and looming Empire State building all seemed really festive for the holidays.


After hanging around people-watching and checking out the Christmas movie for a little longer, Fabio and I headed to the Upper East Side to meet his dad for lunch. Originally we were going to take a cab, but I had been sitting on the bus for a while so I suggested walking, at least for a few blocks. We wound up getting caught up in conversation and walked the whole way! It took about an hour but it was really nice to just walk around and enjoy the city. Hello, Times Square!


Once we met up with Fabio’s dad he took us to a really great deli for lunch. Fabio and I each got a cup of homemade chicken noodle soup and split a couple sandwiches.

Everything was delicious. I wish we had more delis like this near us!


After lunch Fabio and I had an appointment with the acupuncturist! I’ve only ever tried acupuncture once before, but Fabio’s family goes to a really great acupuncturist in the city and whenever we have some extra time we try to stop in.

accupuncture For those who are wondering, my acupuncture appointment started with a brief consultation with the acupuncturist where she asked if there were any problem areas on my body that I wanted special attention on. I was feeling pretty good so I said I didn’t need any special attention.

I then laid on my stomach and, wearing the little gown they gave me, received the most amazing massage. Even though I didn’t say anything about this to the doctor, my back had been pretty sore from lugging around a heavy laptop bag the entire time I was in Dallas. During my massage, the masseuse (who was different from the main acupuncturist) seemed to pinpoint the exact spot that had been hurting me and spent a few minutes working out the kinks.

He also went up and down my spine pressing down in different directions, and I was imagining that he was releasing toxins that got trapped in my spine (I don’t know if that’s exactly right, but that’s what I was imagining while he was massaging me). It was one of those massages that was painful but oh-so-good!

After the massage, the acupuncturist came back in and stuck the thin needles in along my spine, which didn’t feel like anything more than a tiny prick. Then I laid in the room for about twenty minutes relaxing and dosing off until she came back in and took out the needles. It was a great experience and, even if you don’t buy into the whole release-of-negative-energy thing, it was a great massage!

After acupuncture Fabio and I headed to the Empire State building!

empirestate2 Fabio had never been before (even though he is from New York) and I hadn’t been since I was around 10 years old, so it seemed like a good anniversary day activity.

We went right around the time of sunset so we could see the city in the twilight and at night 🙂 It was kind of a weird time to go since it was on a weekday around 4:30, so there were no lines! Woohoo!
newyorkcity1 The view was really beautiful and we had a great time just walking around and taking in the sights.




So many cool views! I love how in this one you can kind of see the curve of the horizon!newyorkcity3 We also bought tickets for the upper level, which cost a little bit more but were definitely worth it. We figured this was one of those activities you do only a couple times in your lifetime, so we thought it was better to go big or go home!

Such a gorgeous city!



Once we were done at the Empire State building we headed to the Upper West Side to meet my aunt CC’s new kitten, Addison!


*Fun fact: I call her CC because when I was a baby I couldn’t say Colleen :)*

We weren’t initially sure if we were going to be able to squeeze in a visit with CC and my uncle Steve, but things wound up working out perfectly! We started off with some champagne at their awesome apartment, and then headed to Porter House in Columbus Circle for dinner.

CC and I started off the night with Cosmos! The boys got martinis.


We had a couple delicious appetizers and then Fabio and I split a huge steak for two. It was so good!steak

For dessert we couldn’t decide what to get, so we ordered our top four choices and nibbled on all of them. It was so much fun!! I think the cheesecake was my favorite.

dessert After dinner we got drinks at the Mandarin Hotel and enjoyed a gorgeous view of the city. Our little table was right by the window and I couldn’t stop looking at the awesome tall buildings. What a fun spot! I definitely recommend this bar if you are looking for a place with great drinks, friendly staff, and fun ambiance.


When we were done at the bar we headed back to CC’s apartment where the boys played darts and continued drinking. CC and I hung out on the couch catching up and playing with the cats 🙂

addisonclarenceHere are the boys! They had so many variations on their game of darts lol and I’m pretty sure it got turned into a drinking game somewhere along the way.


We finally went to sleep around 3:00 am (or something like that) and CC and Steve were nice enough to let us spend the night there instead of taking the train all the way back to Fabio’s dad’s house in Queens. Thank you, CC and Steve!

We had so much fun with them 🙂

Since this post is already so long I’ll save Saturday and Sunday’s recap for another day.

Question of the day: Where do you like to go in New York City? Have you ever been up in the Empire State building?

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  1. Looks like such a fun weekend!! Ever since my trip to NYC a few weeks ago (for our anniversary too!), I’ve been dreaming of going back and visiting more things! It’s such a fun city. Also, congrats on your 5 year anniversary! Chris and I have our 5 year in January!

  2. this looks like such a great weekend. and a massage! even better. that sandwich, now that is a way to stack a sammie.

  3. I’ve been to NYC quite a bit, but I have never gone to the top of the Empire State Building. Your photos are gorgeous!!

  4. Congrats on your anniversary too by the way!

  5. Congrats on your anniversary! You guys are so sweet.
    And all those puddings, omg. Amazing.

  6. Happy five year anniversary, Chelsea! You and Fabio sound just like my boyfriend and I — we passed our five-year dating anniversary in June of this year but did nothing special to commemorate it hahaa. We’re not really anniversary people either. I understand celebrating a wedding anniversary because you have a specific date and whatnot, but Mike and I don’t have a set date, so we just say, sometime in May or June-ish. I think it’s great to keep anniversaries casual.

    • Yes!! Jorie I know exactly what you mean. My five year anniversary with Fabio is not even a real date- we sort of looked back and tried to guess the date after we’d already been dating for a couple months. I think anniversaries when you’re just dating are a little silly; it was a nice excuse to do something fun together though!

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