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Hello, hello! Boy do I have a lot to share with you guys today. I had a really fun weekend that was absolutely jam-packed, so let’s jump right into today’s recap!


On Friday night I met my friends Britt and Jess at Hank’s Oyster Bar for a little ladies’ dinner! (Chicks #1)


I had never been to Hank’s before, even though I’ve heard plenty of people talk about it over the years. Unfortunately Fabio is allergic to shell fish, so I knew an oyster bar would never be a place he’d suggest going. That made it a perfect spot for an evening with the girls!

We ordered six raw oysters to share as an appetizer, and my friends had a good laugh at my inexperience with eating them. I had only ever had raw oysters once or twice, so I was a total rookie! Everyone always says you should swallow the oysters down like a shot, so I didn’t know that you can chew them a little. It was pretty funny and even though I barely tasted oyster #1 because I swallowed it so fast, I enjoyed #2 a little more 🙂 Ha!

For my entree I chose the softshell crab with tomato, pesto, and feta cheese which was delicious. I love softshells and will always order them when they’re on the menu!


I got home from dinner at around 11:00 pm and then read my book in bed for a while before eventually giving in to sleep. It was a nice evening!


On Saturday morning I had workout plans with Britt at noon, so I made a two-ingredient pancake with a little peanut butter on top for myself beforehand. I was feeling extra hungry so I used two eggs instead of one, and it got the job done.


After breakfast it was time for our workout! I met up with Britt at the metro, and from there we headed over to Ballston for a “Sweat for Survival” CrossFit class benefiting the American Cancer Society.


One of my former coworkers set up the event and invited me on Facebook a couple weeks ago, and ever since I heard all about CrossFit from Catrina I have been wanting to try it out. It was a free class with a suggested donation of $15 benefiting the American Cancer Society, which I thought was perfect. Sweat for a good cause? Count me in.


The class itself was fantastic! It was an introductory level class that was customizable to your fitness level.

We started out with a brief 400 meter run followed by some plyometric moves as our warm up. Then we spent some time going over squats and the coaches came around and corrected everyone’s form. After we practiced our squat form, the coaches explained the workout of the day (WOD). The WOD was as many reps as possible (AMRAP) of wall balls, box jumps, and burpees.

We spent one minute on each exercise and then rested for one minute in between, which we repeated three times. We were encouraged to count each rep (so each wall ball, each box jump, each burpee) continuously throughout the workout. The goal was to get 200 reps, which no one in our class was able to do (though one guy got to 194 I believe). I got up to 161 which I was pretty proud of! I definitely hustled to try to get in as many reps as I could and I loved that I was competing against myself and the clock. It was a great workout and definitely made me want to go back! I’ll be keeping my eyes open for more CrossFit deals, that’s for sure.

After CrossFit I headed back toward home and picked up a salad from Corner Bakery on the way. Gotta refuel!


After lunch I quickly showered and then met up with a bunch of Bianca’s girl friends at the BullPen, the fun outdoor bar outside of the National’s ball park! (Chicks #2!)


Thank you, Fabio, for photobombing.

We debated buying tickets for the actual game, but we got there late and tickets were around $40. We decided instead it would be more fun to just hang out in the BullPen and listen to the live band, play cornhole, and drink cheaper beers 😉

Here I am with Britt, feeling a little sore after our morning CrossFit adventure.


Fabio also took advantage of the little pitching booth they had set up in the BullPen, which he does pretty much every time we go there. He used to play baseball in high school so he likes to check up on his throwing speed from time to time.



Go Fabs!!

It was a beautiful day and I had so much fun with my friends!


After the BullPen we all headed to Cantina Marina for dinner, and then went to Saint Ex to continue dancing the night away. It was so much fun!


Since I didn’t see my mom last weekend for Mother’s Day, Fabio and I went over to her house yesterday to enjoy a belated celebration! My aunt and uncle were also in town from NYC and Los Angeles (respectively) so we had a fun day with the family!

Chicks #3!


I gave my mom her Mother’s Day gift, which was a Lily Pulitzer serving tray. It matched what she was wearing perfectly and I think she really liked it!


She immediately put it to use by bringing out her delicious chips, salsa, and guacamole!


I also got to see the baby chicks! (Chicks #4!)

They are so cute right now and it’s going to be so funny to see how they change when they grow up to be real chickens! My mom is so excited that she’ll have fresh eggs every morning, and I can’t wait to take some back home with me when there are extra eggs.


SOOO adorable.


It was a wonderful day with my family!


Questions of the day: Are you a fan of baseball games, or do you just enjoy the atmosphere? Would you ever consider raising chickens?

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  1. It sounds like a really fun weekend! Those baby chicks are adorable, fresh eggs would be so nice to have at home. Crossfit is such a fun workout, I can imagine you were sore for awhile, lots of really heavy lifting.

  2. That sounds like an awesome weekend! I’ve been oyster shucking before but have never actually tried an oyster! They kind of intimidate me! And that sounds like a perfect Saturday with the girls! I’ve been wanting to try one of those egg-banana pancakes, but does it have a strong egg taste to it?? Love the tray you got your mom, it does match her! And OMG those baby chicks are so so cute!!

    • They can sometimes taste a little eggy if you use two eggs, so I would recommend just using one your first time. It’s also important to cook it low and slow so it doesn’t get a weird eggy texture!

  3. A nice night at the ballpark is always fun! We have the Royals in KC and they are fun to go watch!!

    The chicks are super cute, but birds in general are not my thing.

  4. Those photos of Fabio pitching are incredible! He looks amazing! Really cool action-shot.
    The softshell crab sounds really yummy too. Never tried it but I’m sure I’d love it as I’m a big fan of crab meat.

    • Thanks! I’ll have to tell him you liked the pictures; he’ll be so flattered 🙂 And yes, since I grew up in Maryland where crabs are plentiful, it’s one of my favorite things to eat!!

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