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Hi friends! Did everyone have a good weekend? Here are some highlights from mine!


Fabio was actually in New Orleans for a bachelor party – during Mardi Gras no less – for most of the weekend, so Friday night was pretty quiet. I picked up a lentil bowl from SweetGreen for dinner (delicious!) and enjoyed it while binge watching Friday Night Lights (I only have two episodes left! Ah!).


Look at Jack sniffing my bread. Haha! What a sneak.

Anyway, it was a really nice, relaxing Friday, and I was asleep by 10:00. It felt so good!


Saturday morning was super productive! As soon as I woke up, I took Jack for a nice long walk and then meal planned for the week. After that I hit up the grocery store, made fresh juice, and cleaned the apartment.


While I put groceries away and cleaned, I caught up with my friend Courtney, who lives on the west coast and was also on her own this weekend (her husband Kevin is in the military, and he’s been away for a few weeks. I hope he’s back soon!). We wound up talking on the phone for almost an hour, which was so nice. I love when I have the opportunity to catch up with long distance friends! I definitely need to make an effort to do this more often.

Later in the afternoon, I met a bunch of my friends at the Prospect on U Street to watch the Maryland basketball game. I did a pretty bad job of watching the game, but in between sips of Moscow mules I would at least look up to catch the score. Haha! A little later, even more of our friends came to bar including these three – Derrick, Tina, and Sam – all of whom were in town from Philadelphia.


Sam is actually one of my best friends and I recently asked her to be a bridesmaid (more details on that to come!) and since she hadn’t seen me since I got engaged we had a lot of fun talking about wedding planning. 🙂 What a fun day!


I picked up Fabio from the airport at 10:45 on Sunday, and was so happy to see him! He was pretty pooped from his trip, so he didn’t move from the couch for most of the day. Luckily I had already grocery shopped and cleaned the apartment, so that was fine with me!

While he napped I threw together some super bowl snacks, including these buffalo chicken meatballs (the same ones we had last year) which are actually pretty healthy – they are baked (not fried) and even have some veggies in them. Yum!


I also made these loaded sweet potato skins, which also came out delicious. I wound up topping them with a little plain Greek yogurt for extra texture, taste, and protein. Yum!


We initially planned to bring these snacks over to our friends Dom and Ash’s apartment, but they texted us saying they were pretty tired and Fabio was too, so we decided a quiet super bowl in our apartment was just fine. Plus, that way we could stay in our PJs! 🙂


Based on the color of our food you would totally think we were Broncos fans, right? So much orange! Fabio was actually rooting for the Panthers, and I just wanted to watch Beyonce and the commercials. 🙂

For those who watched, what did you think? Did you see Beyonce almost fall? Which commercials were your favorite? I liked the NFL kids one, the Subaru one with the crying puppy (obviously) and I thought both the Doritos sonogram one and the puppy-monkey-baby ones were super weird.

Questions of the day: Who did you want to win the super bowl? What was your favorite commercial? What did you think about the halftime show?

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  1. I thought Beyonce almost fell but I wasn’t sure if it was part of the dance moves, LOL. I am from IN so I was rooting for Peyton to win!

  2. Lovedddd seeing you and catching up with all things wedding!! Love you! 🙂

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