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Well hello there! How is your Monday going? Mine is going great…busy but not too busy, which is just how I like things around here! Anyway, let me tell you about my weekend!

On Friday afternoon Fabio called to tell me his dad was coming to visit for the weekend. We were speculating whether or not he would come to visit all week, and finally around 4 p.m. Fabio’s dad let us know that he’d be arriving that evening. Gah! I felt like there was so much to do! Luckily I keep the apartment pretty clean on a regular basis (I’m kind of nuts about it) but there were a lot of little things I wanted to do before Fabio’s dad arrived.

After work, we quickly took Jack to the dog park and then came home to clean the parts of the apartment that don’t get cleaned regularly (come on, how often do you need to dust an end table?). Once the apartment was looking good, we headed over to Ross to look for a few items to make everything more homey. I was looking for a) new pillows for the couch b) a new comforter and c) new dish towels for the kitchen. While I didn’t find any pillows I liked, I did find some cheery yellow dish towels and a gender-neutral Nautica comforter on sale for $54 down from $98. Score!

I’ve been looking for a new comforter for months and was so happy to find this one! Fabio and I used to have a blue comforter that my mom gave us that was just way too much blue with the walls. Plus it was really thick, so once the weather started warming up we switched to a small Yankee throw blanket that I got for Fabio as a Christmas gift one year. Not only did it not fit the bed, but it was definitely masculine and didn’t even solve the blue-overload problem. This new comforter was definitely a welcome addition!

I also stumbled across these cute ramekins and condiment bowls on the clearance rack at Ross for $5!

Ross is amazing.

After going home, unpacking our new goodies, and throwing the comforter on the bed, it was time to pick up Fabio’s dad from Union Station.

Oh yeah, his bus arrived at midnight. Ugh.

After picking up Fabio’s dad we trudged back home, chatted for a while, and then (finally!) went to sleep around 2:30.

On Sunday morning we showed Fabio’s dad around Arlington and drove past all of the restaurants, shops, and of course, the dog park! It was extraordinarily hot so we stayed just long enough for Jack to run around.

After the dog park we took Jack home and decided to walk into Georgetown to shop for the day!

Fabio and his dad took the obligatory tourist picture in front of the DC sign, and then we all took a picture from the Key bridge!

(Not the best picture, but considering we used an iPhone on a sunny/windy bridge to capture 3 people, it could have been worse!)

Once we were in Georgetown we stopped at Clyde’s for brunch (I ordered eggs Chesapeake- eggs Benedict with a mini crab cake!) and then popped into a bunch of stores.

At H&M I got three pairs of earrings, a dress, and a sheer tank top.

H&M is always so cheap!

Then at the Nike store, I ogled these awesome neon sneakers, but immediately put them down when I saw their $139 price tag.

But don’t you love those colors??

After bopping around Georgetown for a while, we decided we wanted to do even more shopping and headed over to the Pentagon City mall. It was packed! Although I didn’t buy anything there, Fabio got two nice pairs of dress pants for work at Jos. A. Bank, which was having a huge sale.

After the mall we were planning to head home and relax, but Fabio’s dad wanted to take us grocery shopping to restock the fridge after we had to throw everything out last week because of the power outage. He wanted to pay for everything (so sweet!) but we thought it would be better if we split the cost three ways to save us all some cash. We each wound up paying about $40. It was such a nice treat!!

Here’s some of the stuff I got (not showing the veggie drawer, which was filled with broccoli, asparagus, apples, and avocados):

Yay! I finally have some food again!

Finally we headed home to get ready for dinner at American Tap Room, a fun restaurant near our apartment.

I wore my new dress and earrings 🙂

After dinner, we went back home to relax until we took Fabio’s dad back to Union Station for his midnight bus back to NYC (seriously, what’s with the late bus schedule??).

Sunday was a much more relaxing day, although Fabio and I did do a bit more shopping at Crate & Barrel. We found these great plates for only $2.50 each!

And then took Jack to the dog park to cool off from the scorching heat.

Lots of other people had the same idea…

We spent the rest of the day relaxing in the air conditioning, watching movies on demand, and drinking too much red wine with dinner 😉

It was a great evening!

So tell me, what did you do this weekend? It seems like a lot of people had the same idea that we had to spend time in the mall/air conditioned stores. It was just too hot to be outside! I also don’t go shopping very often at all, so it was a nice treat for me to be able to get all that new stuff this weekend 🙂




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  7 Responses to “A Shop-til-ya-drop Weekend”

  1. I didn’t know ROSS had house stuff. Love the bowls. Might have to go there…now.

    • Yes! I get everything there….cooking stuff, shower racks, sheets, picture frames, candles, the list goes on and on…it’s so cheap!

  2. What an eventful weekend! Looks like a blast!
    You and I have the same taste in stores! I love both Ross and H&M! I can’t bring myself to buy expensive things and those places always have good deals!
    I spent the weekend sitting on the couch 3 inches away from my fan (so hot here!), then got to go to my Aunts house for a BBQ. Free food AND AC?! Count me in!

  3. Jealous of your shopping weekend! I love your bowls and ramekins from Ross!!

  4. What a great weekend of shopping! And so much cute stuff!! Those little ramekins are adorable. I also love your dress! I used to SO not be a dress person, but all of this wedding planning and hot weather has kind of converted me!

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