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Hi there! How’s everyone doing today? Having a nice week? Mine has been pretty awesome all things considered, and I have a few fun highlights to share with you today.


On Monday, I was supposed to meet my friend Anne after work for a stand-up paddleboarding date, but thanks to some heavy downpours over the weekend the Key Bridge Boathouse was only letting people kayak. We decided kayaking would still be fun, but then I got stuck in major metro delays on my way there and since boats have to be returned by 8:00 pm we decided to reschedule. Boo.

Luckily I was still able to have a nice evening; the weather was absolutely gorgeous so Fabio and I took our dinner outside. Fabio cooked us up some burgers on the grill, which we enjoyed with carrots and hummus on the side with a view of our building’s pool!


Not a bad Monday night at all! 🙂



Last night I met my friends Jojo and Brittany for a Sculpt class at CorePower yoga!


This has definitely become one of my favorite classes in the DC area (and that’s saying a lot!) so I try to go as much as I can. For those of you who haven’t been or haven’t read my review, this yoga class is hot (but not as hot as Bikram) and uses various weights and body weight exercises to “sculpt” your muscles. There is also a cardio segment in the middle of class that includes moves like jumping jacks and high knees. It’s tough!

I actually took a before and after picture to try to demonstrate just how sweaty I get during these classes.





My hair is a totally different color!

During yesterday’s class I actually forgot to bring a sweat towel (that’s the problem when you come straight from work!) and I will never, ever make that mistake again. I felt like I was dripping sweat all over the place and my metro ride home was less than pleasant. I felt so bad for the guy sitting next to me. Ugh!

When I arrived home I was greeted with a delicious steak and some rice and beans. Fabio and I are traveling this weekend so we are very low on produce at the moment (hence the rice and beans in this meal and the carrots and hummus the night before) but I’m ok with enjoying a Latin-style rice and beans side dish every once in a while. Fabio is so good at making it! Our dish was topped with a little parsley for garnish. (Someone please tell me why we have parsley but nothing else…#foodproblems).



Then this morning I met up with Anne for another workout at CrossFit Key Bridge! (Read my review of this CrossFit box here.) Since we couldn’t do stand up paddleboarding or kayaking on Monday, we thought a Wednesday morning CrossFit was a good alternative.

This morning’s class was another good one and we began with a warm-up of 2 sets of lunge and frankenstien walks, followed by 5 burpees and 10 air squats every minute on the minute for 4 minutes.


Then we did a bit of mobility work and went over the proper form for back squats, and then it was time for the WOD (workout of the day).

Today’s WOD was 10 rounds for time of 5 thrusters and 7 ring rows. I went pretty light with the weight for the thrusters and only used 20 pounds. I think I probably could have gone up a bit, but I didn’t want to push myself too hard, especially since I had just worked my arms during CorePower the night before. I’m also new to CrossFit, so I just did what the coach recommended. It was still challenging!


The ring rows were especially hard for me, and after a few rounds I had to adjust my angle a bit to make them a little easier. I wound up finishing my 10 rounds in 9:15, which I think was pretty good! Next time I’ll add more weight.

Oh one more thing, during the WOD we counted our reps using poker chips, which I thought was genius! I always have a hard time counting reps, especially when there’s more than about 6, so this helped so much! Anne and I were way too excited about this idea, haha.


And now we’re all caught up! Time to jet – now I’m late for work! Oops! 😉

Question of the day: What exercise makes you sweat the most?

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  1. Thanks for the motivation to get out of bed for a workout this morning! 🙂 Looking forward to SUP next week hopefully!!

  2. Great week of workouts! I love how you are mixing it up! I sweat like crazy when I run or do a SoulCycle class. Anything that gets my heart rate up makes me look like I just took a shower… Hope you have a great Wednesday!

  3. I really want to try the different versions of yoga. I’ve been (on and off) going to the regular one and it’s OK but just a bit dull…

  4. Ah, I’m so jealous of all of your fun-sounding workouts! I really can’t wait until I move to Atlanta later this summer and actually have access to a lot of fun studios and different kinds of workouts. As much as I love BodyPump, I also think it would be so much fun to try out some different styles of workouts and really challenge myself! Keep up the awesome work!

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