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This weekend, my family and I visited no less than seven potential wedding venues. Seven!! We had planned on visiting some last weekend and some this weekend, but we had to move things around after we got two feet of snow. We saw lots of beautiful places, and are now weighing our pros and cons to make a decision on one. It’s going to be a really tough call, and I plan to discuss it all on CET later this week in the hopes that you guys can offer some good insight. You guys always have the best advice, and I know you’ll be able to help me decide!

The good thing is that whichever one we choose, it will definitely be beautiful!




Today though, I want to tell you about our Saturday night! My mom, stepdad, Fabio and I all stayed at the Mill Street Inn in Cambridge, MD.


Since we had so many venues to visit on the Eastern Shore of MD between Saturday and Sunday, we thought we might as well make a weekend out of it and stay in the area overnight. Mill Street Inn is an adorable bed and breakfast run by a sweet older couple – Jennie and Skip – and it was in walking distance to downtown Cambridge.

After arriving and getting a tour of the beautiful house, our small group walked into downtown Cambridge. Cambridge is pretty tiny, but they had a lot of adorable restaurants and shops to check out.


We had eaten a late lunch after checking out all the venues, so instead of a big dinner we headed to The Wine Bar for wine and some snacks.


My mom and stepdad were such troopers in coming to visit all the venues with us. It required a lot of schlepping around and they didn’t complain a bit!


After asking the waitress for a recommendation for a bottle of wine (I can’t remember what kind it was now – boo) we ordered and Italian cheese plate complete with burrata, a brie-like cheese, pears, nuts, prosciutto, olives, and baguette slices.


It was delicious! Once that was done we got another bottle of wine, and this time told the waitress to surprise us with another plate. This one had goat cheese, salami, more prosciutto, little pickles (what are these called?!), pears, olives, mustard, and truffle balsamic. The cheese and the truffle balsamic were amazing!


Once we were done eating, we headed over to another bar called Jimmie and Sooks where my mom and stepdad ordered some oysters (which were apparently just ok). After that, we headed over to a local brewery called RaR. They had a live band playing, so we thought we’d walk over and check it out.


The band was really good, and it was a really fun atmosphere!


It wasn’t long before these two were out of their seats and dancing.


They love dancing, and do it all the time. How cute are they?


Love birds!


We stayed for a few beers, and just had the best time. It’s not often that we get to go out with my parents like this (especially without someone needing to drive) and we had a blast!


On Sunday morning, we came downstairs to a delicious breakfast prepared by our B&B hosts!


First up was a delicious cinnamon roll muffin, along with some fresh coffee and orange juice.


I also dug into some tasty fruit, with especially delicious pears. Yum!


Then Jennie brought out the main event: blueberry corn cakes, scrambled eggs, and sausage!


It was all very delicious, and gave us the energy we needed to power through four more venue meetings. Phew!

Overall it was a great weekend, and I can’t thank my family enough for coming with us. What a blast!

Question of the day: Have you ever stayed at a bed and breakfast?

Truthfully, I think this was my first time!

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  1. I lived on the Eastern Shore for a year and had two friends get married there in the last year- Brittland Estates and Chesapeake Bay Beach Club- both were absolutely stunning! Good luck with your search- my hubs and I ended up looking at 20 venues before we picked one!

  2. I knew i recognized the Chesapeake Bay club – I went to a gorgeous wedding there!

  3. B&Bs are so fun! I have stayed at a few over the years. They are usually really cute and once they even had a dog who hung out in the lobby area, LOL.

  4. I love your doggie sweater!!!

  5. They’re called cornichons or gherkins. 🙂 I’ve stayed in a B&B in Ireland…but on a backpacker’s budget, it’s quite a bit different than your place! lol.

  6. B&Bs are quite popular in the UK. They’re usually quite quaint and small, which is always a nice change from a big chain hotel. Your stay looks so good – the breakfast, wow! And what a pretty area 🙂

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