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Hey there! Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! I had an awesome day yesterday, which I’m planning to tell you more about later this week. Today though, we’re not talking about birthdays. We are talking about the things that I’m learning you have to deal with when you’re a homeowner, which I guess also coincides with getting older.

On Monday night, the night before my birthday, I was treated to a nice welcome to adulthood. Hello, 27! Aren’t you fun. 😉

This story involves references to unwanted critters in our home, so if you are squeamish about pests then stop reading right here. Megan, I’m talking to you.

Ok, so. Where to begin.

You may remember that earlier this month Fabio and I were dealing with a spricket and mouse issue in the storage room under our stairs. As a refresher: sprickets – which look like a cross between a spider and a cricket and are actually called camel crickets – happen to be the favorite food of mice (or something like that). If you don’t get rid of your sprickets it could draw mice into your home, making it a lovely double whammy of a pest problem. We had been seeing a few sprickets here and there from the time we moved into our house, and then a couple of weeks ago we saw a mouse. Ugh.

At the time, we sent Jack and our friends’ dog Tully (who we were dog-sitting) into the storage room to chase off the mouse, and bought a bunch of traps from Home Depot. We didn’t see the mouse again after that, so I (naively) thought the dogs had scared it off and our mouse problems were over.


At around that same time, our light bulb went out in the storage room, and while I was too skeeved out to spend much time in there, I still didn’t see any mice so I didn’t think much of it. Then a couple of days ago Fabio replaced the light bulb in there, and then shortly after that he noticed mouse droppings in the coat closet (which is nowhere near the storage room). Our friends were over at the time so he quietly vacuumed them up and didn’t say anything about it (!!), but then on Monday night he declared that we needed to go to Home Depot to “solve our mouse problem.” I, of course, had no idea that our mouse problem needed to be solved, so this was definitely a surprise to me.

Anyway, off to Home Depot we went, where we spent way too much money buying mouse traps. As soon as we got home, we sat down to eat dinner and all of a sudden Jack ran over to the coat closet and started sniffing loudly at the crack under the door. He also started wagging his tail and acting really odd, so Fabio abandoned his dinner and went over to the closet.

When he opened the door, Jack immediately lunged into the corner and started trying to get at something. Our vacuum cleaner was in the way, so Fabio ran and got a broom and then moved the vacuum. Once he did that, Jack really lunged into the corner, and then I saw a mouse scurry out of the closet and run around in a circle. Obviously I did what anyone would do in this scenario, which was scream at the top of my lungs and stand on top of the couch cushions so the mouse wouldn’t touch my feet.


The mouse then went back into the closet (I guess because there was nowhere to hide) and Jack continued sniffing him out. Then the mouse ran out a second time, and this time he went right between Jack’s legs (Jack didn’t even see him, and kept sniffing in the closet).

Good job, Jack.


Luckily Fabio did see the mouse, so he whacked him on the head with the broom (while yelling, of course). Unfortunately, he didn’t hit him hard enough because the little guy kept running and finally hid under the couch. Where I was standing.

At this point I was terrified: I couldn’t get off the couch because the mouse might touch my feet, but I desperately wanted to get off in case it decided to crawl up onto the couch. Basically I was standing on the cushions going like this:



Finally, Jack realized the mouse was no longer in the closet (seriously, it took him forever to figure this out) and he came around to sniff under the couch after Fabio and I both pointed him in the right direction. The mouse scurried out from under the couch and Fabio was able to hit him again with the broom. He hit him about 5 or 6 times (yelling each time – it was hysterical) and then even when the mouse was dead, he hit him a few more times (LOL).

When we were both sure the mouse was dead, Fabio used the dustpan to throw it in the trash while I cleaned mouse blood and brains off the carpet. This is when I realized that being 27 and having these adult responsibilities is maybe not all fun and games.

You better believe we set up all the traps before we went to bed.

Oh, and the next day? My birthday? I took the trash out (in the rain) and when I came back inside I was greeted to a gigantic spricket. Happy birthday to me!

Question of the day: Have any funny pest stories?

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  1. OMG this is hilarious. I laughed out loud. I had a similar (yet not nearly as funny or entertaining) mouse situation in my apartment. I first saw the mouse in May, about a week before I left for a 3 week Euro trip. I was sitting in my living room watching TV when I saw a mouse walk into the room. I freaked out! The mouse quickly turned and ran back where it came from and I sat on the back of the couch for an hour while I waited for my landlord to show up to do a search and set traps. We never caught the mouse and after a couple months, I figured it was gone. Then one night I was about to go to bed and I forgot to check something online so I went back into the living room to get my computer. I turned on the light and a mouse scurried from under the couch to the dining room. Eek!!! Yuck!! Right before I was going to sleep. Naturally I had a hard time sleeping. It’s a little over a month later and after more traps and an exterminator came out, I still sleep with a blanket under my bedroom door.

    • OMG! I can’t believe it’s still on the loose! I guess cleaning up mouse brains from the carpet isn’t that bad after all – at least I know it’s dead! (That one, anyway…I hope it doesn’t have friends!)

  2. OMG! That visual is just too funny. Thanx for the morning laugh! Oh, and a belated happy birthday!

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