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Hello, hello! How’s everyone doing today? I always like reading day-in-the-life style posts, and since it’s been a while since I’ve written one myself, I thought I’d share one with you today. I actually want to start including these in the blog rotation a bit more frequently, but we’ll have to see if I can remember to take enough pictures during my day to keep that up. 🙂 Anyway, here’s a look at my Tuesday!

My morning kicked off with a 6:00 am spin class at Reformation Fitness.


I’d been to Reformation Fitness once before for their Metabolic Conditioning class, but I hadn’t tried their spin class before. They also recently opened a new studio only 8 minutes away from my apartment (!!), so I was excited to check it out!

The class was great, and our instructor Paul had us pedaling our tushes off. He also had some great songs on his playlist, and I found myself singing along to myself more than once. It was awesome!

Lately I’ve been having a really hard time getting up for my 6:00 am classes, and I find myself feeling extra grumpy and sleepy when I climb out of the warm covers (truthfully, I always feel a little grumpy and sleepy when I get out of bed at 5:00 am, but lately it’s been even worse). I’ve found that one thing that really helps is knowing that I can use some of the new fitness gear I got over the holidays. I didn’t wind up getting a ton of new stuff this year (two headbands, two water bottles, and a pair of shorts), but I’ve been rationing out the things I did get for the mornings when I’m feeling particularly cranky so it gives me a little something extra to feel excited about.

New Athleta headband!

It definitely helps!

After my workout I came home, showered, and then sat down for breakfast. I had one of the egg cups I made over the weekend, and it was easy and delicious!


I also had a Vitamin D supplement that I picked up from my work meeting that I went to in Los Angeles in November. While I was there, I talked with some vitamin folks about two things: probiotics and Vitamin D. Last time I visited my doctor, she recommended that I take a Vitamin D supplement since almost everyone she tests is low in that vitamin, which is important for bone strength and prevention of osteoporosis (calcium can’t be absorbed in the body without Vitamin D). I told her I already take a multivitamin with Vitamin D in it, but she said oftentimes that’s not enough for people. When I talked to the vitamin folks at my meeting in LA, they said the same thing and gave me a few samples of their once-weekly Vitamin D supplement. Since it’s January and I haven’t been outside in the daylight much in the last couple of weeks (uhh…except in Jamaica 🙂 lol) I decided now was as good a time as any to take the supplement.


Do you guys take multivitamins? How about Vitamin D supplements or probiotics? It’s something I am interested in learning more about so I’d love to hear about what you all do!

After breakfast, Fabio and I walked to the metro together (ughh – it finally feels like winter around here) and then it was work, work, work.

At around 12:30 I stopped for lunch: a delicious salad with mixed greens, chicken, quinioa, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, sliced carrots, Craisins, and goat cheese.



I wound up working while I ate, and instead took my lunch break with my coworkers to browse around the nearby TJ Maxx. I didn’t buy anything (AHH! It’s so hard not buying anything in that store!) but I did see this adorable dog blanket that said “let’s stay home and snuggle.” I snapped a picture and sent it to Fabio since that’s a pretty frequently used saying in our house. 🙂


A little later in the day, I snacked on some mango slices from Nuts.com. I actually got these as a free sample when I bought some nuts over the holidays.


They’re really tasty (though a little tougher than some other brands I’ve tried) and I especially love the ingredients list: organic mango. That’s it!

Eventually my work day was over and it was time to go home. While I started working on this post, Fabio made us dinner! This week we skipped our usual grocery haul and instead are trying to make our way through some of the extra food in our fridge and freezer. Fabio wound up making a delicious steak, and I reheated some brown rice I had made over the weekend along with some peas we had in the freezer. Dinner = done!


We ended the night by watching the State of the Union address, which Jack was less than enthused about. 🙂


The end!

Question of the day: Tell me one thing about your Tuesday.

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  1. I take Vitamin D and fish oil in the morning with breakfast and I take Iron and Vitamin C in the evening with dinner (if I remember).

  2. I love that kind of posts so much 😉 Something aboyt my Tuesday: I got first of my 4 exams and it ends great. Can`t wait for vacation alredy

  3. What’s the brand of your black puffer jacket? I love it and am shopping around for a new one.

  4. I’m exactly the same about making sure I have something nice to wear to get me excited about getting up ridiculously early to go to the gym. If I know I’m wearing a nice outfit I’m far more happy to get up – how weird and vain is that! But it helps because then I’m in the right zone to get my sweat on.

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