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One of the highlights from my weekend in the Berkshires was a hike through the beautiful Otis State Forest.


On Saturday morning, Fabio, Steve, Jack, and I headed to the trails right behind Steve & CC’s new house for a hike. The park is literally in their back yard, which is so convenient. It’s so nice to be able to walk out the back door, and immediately be in the state park!

We kept Jack off the leash for the majority of the hike since there weren’t too many other people around. What a luxury! I wish we could do this more where we live, but sadly the parks near us are usually pretty crowded and strict on the leash laws. Jack did a great job of staying with us  ahead of us and listening when we told him to come. 😀


Eventually we got to the reservoir where we were able to take in the beautiful sights while Jack went for a swim 🙂


Obviously Jack had a blast playing in the water, and he wound up playing with a giant 7-foot stick that weighed about 15 pounds. We tried tossing smaller sticks in the water for him, but he wasn’t having it. Only the biggest sticks will suffice for this dog.





We let Jack swim around for quite a while before eventually calling him back to shore. He had a blast!


After that we made our way back up the trail to CC’s house.


We wound up covering about 3 miles overall, which was just perfect! (I think any longer and the mosquitoes would have eaten us alive, not that they didn’t try.)


One kind of crappy thing did happen because of this hike though; on Sunday morning we noticed Jack wasn’t being his normal self and his tail was hardly wagging at all. In fact, it was sort of laying limp between his legs which was really weird. There was a thunderstorm going on at the time so I thought maybe he was just scared, but his limp tail persisted throughout the morning.

By early afternoon I was really worried and started looking around online, where I read this article about limber tail syndrome. Basically it’s a tail injury that happens to many dogs – but especially Labradors – after overexertion from activities like “over-long off-leash hikes or a swim in cold water.” Yes, the article literally said that. At least after reading this I knew what was bothering him, but it still made me really sad to see my usually super-happy pup unable to wag his tail. Poor little guy!!

Luckily the injury only lasts a couple of days, and already today he is almost back to normal. I guess in the future when he wants to keep swimming with really heavy sticks we will have to pull him away sooner. Clearly he had a little too much fun!

Question of the day: Has your pet (or child) ever suffered from an injury that had you worried like a crazy person?

I was literally driving Fabio up a wall on our entire 7-hour car ride home while I thought of all the things that could be wrong with him. Thank goodness it was nothing more serious!


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  1. Aw, I love these pics. An off-leash hike is doggie heaven. I have never heard of limp tail syndrome, but I grew up with Australian Shepherds (and have one now!) who naturally don’t have tails or their tails are docked at birth. It’s so scary when our dog Winnie isn’t acting herself because they can’t tell you what’s wrong. And as a dog-mom, it’s totally natural to panic. You sound like you’re a great dog-mom, Chelsea!

  2. Oh no, poor Jack! I’ve never heard of limp tail syndrome before, but then again I have a dog who won’t get within 10 feet of water! I’m glad that he’s almost back to norm though. I know how scary it can be. One time Laney started passing blood, and I was convinced she was dying or had cancer. Thankfully after one very expensive trip to the emergency vet, we found out it was just a UTI. Who knew dogs could get those?

    • Wow I had no idea that could happen to dogs. So scary! If I’m this worried about my dog, I can’t imagine how I’ll be as a mom someday….gulp!

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