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Hi friends! Did you have a nice weekend? It was a really cold one in these parts, and we even got our first snow of the season! Here’s my recap.


On Friday night, Fabio and I drove into Baltimore to celebrate our friend Cole’s birthday!

There wound up being a big group of us there to celebrate, which of course meant we had a lot of fun! I hadn’t seen most of this crew since the summer – basically since wedding season ended – so it was great to catch up with everyone.

Tom is such a goof – he pretends to look surprised in all these pics!

Anytime there’s a selfie stick at the bar it’s pretty much guaranteed to be a good time!

Since most of these guys are Fabio’s fraternity brothers, I offered to be the DD and drive us home after the bar (that, and I didn’t really feel like crashing on someone’s couch and then having to drive back to Arlington in the morning). Since I was driving, Fabio took advantage of the time with his friends, and let’s just say the car ride home was…entertaining. Fabio decided he was only going to speak Spanish, and then when we played songs on the radio he tried to translate the lyrics and sing them in Spanish. Ha!

We arrived back at home at around 12:30 a.m., and although I was tired I was happy to be in my own bed!


Saturday wound up being an ultimate PJ day, which was actually a lot of fun! When we woke up in the morning it was freezing outside (temps in the teens/low twenties with wind chills in the single digits) and snowing! When I took Jack out for a walk it had only just started to snow, but it continued through the rest of the morning and early afternoon.


Since Fabio and I didn’t have any plans for the day, we decided to stay inside and get cozy! Fabio built us a nice fire which we enjoyed from the couch while watching Netflix.

The snow continued to fall and wound up sticking to the roads, so I was really happy we didn’t have to go anywhere. Yay! What a fun and relaxing day.

In the late afternoon, we took Jack out for a longer adventure in the snow (he LOVES running around in the snow) before returning to the couch. Yep, it was quite the lazy day!

I wound up making homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner, which really hit the spot. We also happened to have a bunch of fresh herbs on hand including rosemary, sage, and parsley, which added lots of flavor. Yum!

And that was pretty much it for our Saturday!


Sunday morning was another cold one with the “feels like” temperature a measly one degree. Ugh.

After taking Jack for a walk, I fueled up with some scrambled eggs and avocado, plus half a piece of Fabio’s bacon. 😉

Then Fabio and I headed out to get some grocery shopping done at both Giant and Costo, and on our way home we stopped by a class at CorePower Yoga!

The class was Yoga 1 which is a little on the easy side for me, but it fit with our schedule so it worked out ok. The warm class was a nice reprieve from the cold outside!

When we got home we prepped a bunch of food for the week and Fabio watched some football.

Dinner was leftover chicken noodle soup, and we had hot chocolate for dessert!

With extra mashmallows on top, obviously.

Overall it was a really nice relaxing weekend, which I definitely appreciated with all the running around we normally do. We’re going to be doing a lot of traveling in the next couple of weeks, so this was a good time to rest up!

Question of the day: What’s the weather like where you are?

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  1. Seems like we had a very similar Saturday! Tons of Netflix and couch time and, for us, homemade chicken wings. I couldn’t believe the frigid temps! And that’s hilarious about your dude speaking only in Spanish on the way home + singing. That’s something my boyfriend would do too. And has. Haha.


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