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How’s that for a loaded title? Did everyone have a good weekend? Mine was really nice but went by way too quickly, as usual. Sigh. Here’s a recap!


After work on Friday, Fabio and I drove over to Kent Island to meet my family for dinner! My dad celebrated his birthday last week, so we joined him, my stepmom, my little sister, my grandparents, and my dad’s friend Tod for dinner at Annie’s. It was quite the group!


Please note my dad’s solo birthday balloon – haha!

I got to sit next to this one, who was having a lot of fun looking up potential bridesmaid dress colors on my stepmom’s iPhone. 🙂 She’s clearly excited for wedding plans!


For my meal, I ordered a crab flatbread pizza. Although the chunks of lump crab meat on the pizza were delicious, the rest of the pizza was just ok. Luckily my sister let me have her garlic bread and Fabio shared a few bites of his veal Parmesan, so I was content.


We had such a fun night chatting and laughing with one another, and I’m pretty sure we closed down the restaurant. By the time we left, we were the only customers still there! Whoops!

Once we got home, Fabio and I picked up a very special package from our concierge – check out this amazing gift basket that some of my bridesmaids put together for me!


Each bottle was labeled with instructions for when to drink it, so for example when we have trouble figuring out the seating chart and how to balance the Colombians with the fox hunters (my stepdad’s friends), we are supposed to take a shot of the tequila. When our budget exceeds our expectations we are supposed to drink the vodka, and when I happy-cry because the linens match the flowers I am supposed to drink the red wine (or something like that). Isn’t this just the cutest idea?! All of the notes were personalized for our relationship/family/friends too, which was so nice.

I was so thrilled. Thanks Meg, Treen, Britt, and Kris!! I love you gurlays.

We also opened up a bunch of other gifts from our engagement party on Friday night since my dad handed them off to us after dinner (he took them home with him after the party since he drove up to NYC and everyone else mostly took the bus). While we opened everything up, we drank some gin and tonics out of our new Kate Spade cocktail glasses. Love these!


We received lots of wonderful gifts and cards, and had a lot of fun reading the advice that people left for us. I loved this one saying “Get lots of puppies/dogs!” 🙂 What good advice.


Eventually after opening everything up, finding locations for our new goodies, and making a long list of people who need thank-you notes, we went to bed. Phew!


Saturday morning was not fun – Fabio and I spent two whole hours at the bank.


A few weeks ago I opened up a new bank account for us to put our wedding savings in, and unfortunately was told Fabio needed to be there in-person for me to add him to the account. We went to Bank of America on Saturday morning to take care of that, and I guess everyone else had the same idea because it took us almost two hours to be seen by an associate. Wah! I hate going to the bank and I knew the lines would be long, but I was not expecting the errand to take longer than two hours! Sheesh!

Luckily I had something to cheer me up when we got home: a playdate with our neighbor’s new puppy! (They decided to name her Riley by the way…)


Gahhh isn’t she just the cutest?


Riley got spayed on Thursday, so she was still pretty out of it and sleepy when we saw her on Saturday. That was ok though, since it meant she was even happier to snuggle with us. 🙂


What a cuite!


Eventually it was time to head back to our place and get ready for the day since we had a fun bar crawl on our agenda! Fabio’s friends are big fans of golf, so they came up with a golf-themed bar crawl for us to take part in in Arlington.

Here are all the boys in their golf attire. 🙂


What a bunch of bros.


Our friend Caitlin just got a cool polaroid camera, and she snapped this picture of us at one of the bars. The camera also saves the pictures to a memory card, so she can also load them to her computer. Cool, right?


After our bar crawl we hit up Amsterdam falafel for dinner, which is always one of my favorites! I loaded my falafel sandwich up with all the toppings including cabbage, beets, tomatoes, kale, and garlic mayo. There was a lot of other stuff in the mix too; I pretty much grabbed a little bit of everything. Fabio on the other hand is a little more traditional and went with tzatziki and hummus.


Delicious! It was a fun day with our friends!


On Sunday we went to our first National’s game of the season!


It was a chilly one but we had a good time nonetheless. Plus the Nats won – yay!!


I can’t wait for more games this season, especially once the weather gets nicer. 🙂

Sunday afternoon included a nap, meal planning, and cleaning the apartment. The evening ended with snuggles on the couch. <3


What a perfect weekend!

Aaaand now it’s time for that Monday grind. Have a good week!

Question of the day: What was the highlight of your weekend?

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  1. What a fun weekend! That puppy is SO frickin adorable.

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