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Jul 052016

Hey, hey! I hope you all had a wonderful fourth of July! I had an extra long weekend due to a flex day at work, which I definitely needed since we moved out of our apartment and into the town house!


On Friday morning, I woke up relatively early (for a day off) and headed straight to the DMV to switch my driver’s license and license plates over to Virginia. Luckily the lines weren’t too long, and I was driving away with my new plates by 10:30 am. Not bad at all!

When I got back to the apartment, my mom was there waiting for me! She had driven over to help us pack, which was a HUGE help. Meanwhile, Fabio loaded up the car for another trip over to the town house. My dad met him there with another load of stuff he’d been storing for us in his basement, which again was so nice and helpful.

My dad also gave us these cute F & C lights as a housewarming present. Aren’t they cute?


I need to get some batteries for the & sign and a new lightbulb for the top of the C, but I can’t wait to use these cute little signs in our new place. 🙂

After working for a while we all met up for a quick lunch at Liberty Tavern, and I couldn’t stop thinking about how awesome my parents are for driving over to help us move. They are the best!

Fabio and I spent the rest of the day moving more stuff over in the car, as well as making two trips to Target and a stop at Home Goods. Phew! It was a busy day.


Saturday was our big moving day! First thing in the morning, Fabio and I headed over to UHAUL to pick up our moving truck.


Then we drove the truck over to the apartment where our friends Jojo, Jadd, Claire, and Kevin were waiting for us! After a bunch of trips down the freight elevator, we had the truck fully loaded except for a few small items (one of which was Jack).


Yep – Jack got to ride shot gun in the truck right next to Fabio. Haha!


Claire and Kevin helped us unpack the truck along with my stepsister Maggie and her boyfriend Nick (they had arrived as we were packing up the truck) so we got everything unloaded in no time. Claire and Kevin had to leave shortly after unpacking, but Maggie and Nick hung around for a celebratory lunch! We walked over to our favorite Mexican place, Uncle Julio’s where I enjoyed some delicious tacos.



After Maggie and Nick left, Fabio and I continued packing along with some help from our next set of visitors – Fabio’s sister Diane and brother-in-law, Alex! They helped us make some great progress in unpacking boxes and organizing the town house.

Of course, we may have procrastinated a bit…


…but all in all we made great headway!

I just have to say how appreciative I am to all the friends and family who helped us move. We couldn’t have done this without you guys! <3


Sunday morning was spent clearing out the last loads of boxes/miscellaneous items from the apartment (my dad helped us again with his big car!) before we drove over to my grandparents’ house for a break! My aunt, uncle, and cousin were in town from Arizona for the 4th of July, so we figured it was worth taking a break from the move to go see them.

It was kind of a crappy day outside – overcast and a little chilly – but it was still beautiful on the water (as usual).




We wound up going for a quick boat ride despite the chilly weather, and it was a lot of fun! (Having some adult beverages didn’t hurt either…)





Afterwords, grillmaster Fabio cooked us up some burgers and hot dogs.


For dessert we had homemade chocolate cake (and wine!) and I was definitely in my happy place. Ah, this break was definitely needed.


I’m so glad we made the trip over to my grandparents’ house and got to spend some time relaxing with family on this busy moving weekend!



On Monday, the fourth of July, we were back at it with the unpacking. And boy, did we have a lot to conquer.




Luckily we made a lot of progress and decided to take a break from unpacking to run some errands. It was another crappy day out and rained almost the whole day, so I didn’t mind spending my 4th of July at Lowe’s and Best Buy. #homeownerproblems


At least my TOMS were patriotic!

Then we stopped by the apartment to finish cleaning up and turn in our keys!


*Sigh* I’m going to miss this kitchen.


We also had half a bottle wine in the fridge and I didn’t feel like packing it, soooo I drank it. From the bottle because we didn’t have any cups. Just keepin’ it classy over here!


The rest of the evening was spent pretending like it wasn’t the fourth of July and avoiding social media; we didn’t really want to see all the fun BBQs and fireworks that we were missing out on in favor of assembling blinds and closet organizers. 😉

Even though we might not have had the most fun or exciting July 4, I feel so incredibly fortunate to have a home of my own! Being a homeowner is a huge step for us, and we enjoyed this long weekend in our own way. I fell incredibly grateful for everything that’s happening in my life right now, even if it does mean spending holiday weekends surrounded by cardboard boxes and bubble wrap.

Question of the day:
Did you see fireworks this holiday weekend?

Even though we didn’t get to actually sit down and watch any fireworks, we actually saw plenty from the car as we drove around this weekend!

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Apr 272016

Hello, and happy Wednesday! I hope your week is going well so far!

My Monday and Tuesday were pretty great, so I thought I’d share some of the highlights with you today.

Monday was a rest day for me fitness-wise, so I got to sleep in until 7:00 am. Glorious! It’s funny because a while back I never would have scheduled a rest day on a Monday. I used to think that working out on Monday was the best (only?) way to set myself up for a healthy week ahead, and while I still know that it helps, I also know that after a busy weekend without much sleep, sometimes I just need Mondays to recover. I’ve learned that just because I don’t work out on a Monday doesn’t mean I will suddenly fall off the wagon and make unhealthy choices for the rest of the week, but it’s taken some time for me to learn that about myself.

Anyway, sleeping in was great and it was followed by a delicious bowl of yogurt after I took Jack for his morning walk. In my bowl: Stonyfield plain Greek yogurt, a drizzle of honey, banana slices, blackberries, and crushed pecans.



Then it was off to work, work, work, work, work (in the words of Rhianna).

Soon enough, I took a break for lunch! I had one of my favorite go-to salads complete with mixed greens, brown rice, sweet potatoes, roasted chicken, feta cheese, and craisins. I’ve been keeping a bottle of Newman’s Own parmesan balsamic dressing in the fridge at work, and it’s delicious with this combo!


I started craving my snack right around 3:30 – as per usual – and was bummed to discover that my giant honeycrisp apple was so big that it didn’t even fit in my apple slicer. Crazy!


I cut it up the normal way, but still couldn’t get over how big it was. Sheesh! It was a particularly tasty one too. 🙂


The weather was really beautiful on Monday, so after work Fabio and I took Jack for a nice long walk. We also walked Riley, our neighbor’s adorable black lab puppy, and let them play for a while afterwords in our apartment. They are just the cutest when they play together!

Once dinnertime rolled around, we decided to continue taking advantage of the beautiful weather by skipping the spaghetti squash casserole I was planning to make so we could grill outside instead! We had some burgers in the freezer and some broccoli we needed to use up, so it was the perfect alternative.


Yum! We enjoyed our burgers and broccoli with some baked beans on the side. Delicious!


It was such a fun summery evening, and it got me so excited for more warm weather in the weeks to come.

After dinner, we enjoyed some fresh mango for dessert! Yum!



My Tuesday morning began with a yoga class! I joined my friend Jojo for a sunrise class at Shaw Yoga. I hadn’t been to a good yoga class in ages and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed Shaw Yoga! It was a really nice class and I especially loved that the instructor rubbed some essential oils on us during savasana. I also love that it’s on ClassPass. 😉 I will definitely be back!


Post yoga selfie ftw

Then I had another (unpictured) yogurt bowl for breakfast, and instead of one of my go-to salads for lunch I met up with my friend Claire at Cava Grill! I ordered a bowl with mixed greens, brown rice, 1/2 chicken, 1/2 lamb meatballs, tzatziki, hummus, plus tons of veggies.


Not only was the food delicious, but it was another beautiful day and I had such a fun time sitting outside and catching up with Claire. What a perfect midday break!

After my work day was over I had something else fun on the agenda: dinner with my family and some family friends at Uncle Julio’s!


I got to sit next to these two. 🙂


Uncle Julio’s is one of my dad’s favorite restaurants, and he goes so often that he has racked up a lot of points for their preferred customer program. He recently reached some sort of milestone in their program that allowed him to have an appetizer party for a bunch of people, so we were all excited to join him for some chips, queso, guacamole, and chicken quesadillas. Don’t mind if I do!


For dessert we ordered a chocolate piñata (at the insistence of my little sister), which was a hollow chocolate bowl filled with fruit and mini churros inside. My sister got to be the one to crack it open!


Yum!! This was a really fun dessert to order for a big group.


After dinner we walked around Dick’s Sporting Goods for a little while where my dad and Fabio geeked out over golf stuff and I tried my best not to buy new fitness gear. Gulp. It was dangerous in there!


And that wraps up my Monday and Tuesday! 🙂

Question of the day: Does your family have a restaurant they go to all the time? If so, what is it?

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Aug 242015

Well, another summer weekend is in the books! I can’t believe it’s almost the end of summer already; where did the time go?? Luckily we’ve been taking advantage of every minute of it and had another great weekend around these parts. Here’s my recap!


Fabio’s work held a summer formal on Friday after work, and I got to tag along as his plus one. 🙂 Since it was a formal occasion, I wore one of my favorite little black dresses that has some pretty embroidery on the sleeves (it’s Trina Turk from Bloomingdale’s years ago) and I even treated myself to a new lipstick from Ulta. What do you guys think?


Up until recently I never really wore lipstick, but lately I’ve been giving it a try. I think I like it!

The formal itself was held at the Loft at 600 F St, a cute two-story bar/event space in Downtown DC. There was an open bar, plenty of food, and an awesome DJ, so it’s safe to say we had an excellent time.

Of course we took advantage of the photobooth with Fabio’s coworkers too!


Some of you may have seen this one on Instagram.  I <3 this guy.


Such a fun night!


Saturday morning began with egg sandwiches with sausage and homemade blackberry jam on double protein English muffins.

This breakfast is quickly becoming a favorite in our house!

After eating, Fabio headed to the driving range while I sat out by the pool for what will probably be the last time of the summer. 🙁 The pool closes after Labor Day and since we are heading to Europe later this week I doubt we will get any more time pool-side. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.


Later in the afternoon we met up with my dad and little sister at the annual Montgomery County fair!


As a kid I used to go to the fair every year, but now that I’m older and seem to have way less free time, it’s been harder and harder to get over to the fair during the week that it’s in town. I’m glad we were able to make it this year!

My favorite part of the fair by far is seeing all the animals! I am a huge animal lover (in case I haven’t made that painfully obvious over the years…haha!) so seeing all the farm animals is always the highlight for me.



This year they had a bunch of baby animals at the fair – this little guy was born on Friday!


And this one was only three days old. 🙂


They were so adorable and still had wet, matted down fur from being born. I don’t even think they could walk yet! What a bunch of cuties!

In addition to cows we saw goats, pigs, rabbits, and chickens!


Of course I loved seeing the baby pigs!


How cute are these little guys? I was even able to touch one of their snouts. 🙂


Can I take one home please??


After visiting the animals we moved on to the rest of the fair. While we walked along, we decided to share a funnel cake because you can’t go to the fair and not get funnel cake.


The area by the rides was absolutely packed, so my sister and I just went on one quick haunted house ride.


The line was super long and the ride only lasted about a minute, so I’m not sure it was entirely worth it. I think my sister had fun though!


Fabio and my dad had fun playing some of the carnival games at the fair, and Fabio even won us a stuffed huskey toy from the basketball game.


Go, Fabio!


He also killed it at the dunk tank, and managed to hit the tiny red target to dunk the annoying clown not once but twice! The clown was such a heckler and kept calling my dad Grandpa and saying Fabio had big ears, so it was extremely satisfying to see him dunked twice. By the time Fabio was done throwing, a huge crowd had formed to watch him! He did great. 🙂 Stupid clown.


Overall it was another really fun year at the fair, and I’m so glad I got to go with my family!


After the fair we hit up our favorite dinner spot, Uncle Julio’s, for their awesome fajitas. So good!


Then Fabio and I called it an early night. We were pooped!


Sunday was super relaxing for me – other than taking the dogs (we are dog-sitting until later tonight) on a couple of nice long walks, I didn’t get out of the house much at all! Instead I was very productive inside and cleaned the apartment from top to bottom and finished up some last minute plans for our trip. It’s coming up so soon!

I also baked a batch of peanut butter banana oatmeal bars to have throughout the week. It will be nice to have a few of these to take on the plane too!


It wasn’t my favorite recipe ever – I omitted the chocolate chips and I think they actually could have used that added texture – but they still came out pretty tasty!

For dinner I made another pizza with homemade crust – I’ve been making this a lot lately! It’s just so easy and is always a big hit.




While we ate our pizza we watched The Fault in Our Stars and although I read the book ages ago, I don’t think I ever wound up seeing the movie. I thought it would be a good one to watch because they go to Amsterdam in the movie and we’ll be heading there on Thursday, but I forgot how much that story was going to make me cry. I wound up actually sobbing during the movie (like ugly sobs) and I knew that this morning I’d wake up with puffy bags under my eyes. Lovely start to my Monday, hmm? 😉

Question of the day: Is there a fair where you live? Do you go to it?

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Apr 202015

Hi friends! I know you’re all excited to hear who the winner is for my blogiversary giveaway, but we’ll get to that in a minute. 😉

First up, let me tell you about my weekend!


Fabio and I knew we had a very busy weekend ahead of us, so we decided to get all of our normal Sunday chores like grocery shopping and cleaning the apartment taken care of on Friday. I have a feeling we may do this more in the future; it was so nice to have the whole weekend ahead of us without having to worry about doing all the chores on Sunday!

After we hit up Costco and Harris Teeter and got some cleaning done, we curled up on the couch next to this cutie and watched a few episodes of Turn, a new-to-us show on Netflix.


So far we are really liking it!


Saturday was an absolutely beautiful day here, and for whatever reason I wound up waking up pretty early. After a few moments of reading my kindle in bed, I headed out for an extra long walk with Jack. It was just gorgeous out!


A little while later, we joined our friends Megan, JR, Katie (Megan’s sister), and Tommy for brunch in DC at Local 16.


I know I’ve blogged about Local 16 before, but they really have the best brunch deal! It’s $23 for one entree and any bottomless drink of your choice (mimosas, bellinis, beer, bloody maries, etc.) for two hours. It’s great!


I wound up ordering the springtime breakfast pizza, which came with a bunch of different veggies and a fried egg on top. I was only able to eat a few slices, but it was goooood.


The company wasn’t bad either! It had been way too long since we had last seen Katie and Tommy, and it was great to catch up with them.

After brunch we decided to continue the fun and walked over to Garden District, a fun beer garden. It was packed, but we were able to squeeze into a table.


The boys ordered the largest beers the garden had (of course) and had no problem finishing them.






We ladies wound up ordering the half liter beers, which were (slightly) more civilized. 😉


The beer garden was awesome, and we had such a fun time hanging out in the beautiful springtime weather. While we were there we ran into two of my favorite people ever – Jojo and Jadd – and I could not have been happier. Put me outside in the sunshine with a bunch of my friends and give me some good beer? Yes please. 😀


This guy. 🙂

After spending some time at the beer garden, we came back to our apartment and had a little picnic outside. It was just so pretty out, and I don’t think any of us wanted to be indoors.


We brought Jack out with us of course!


Eventually our friends had to leave, which was probably a good thing since we were totally pooped by this point. It was such a perfect spring Saturday!


Sunday was dedicated to apartment hunting, and we’ve now officially decided we are going to move into DC. We even told our landlord! We will miss Arlington a lot, but want to try living in the city while we are young. Here goes nothing!

After walking around all day looking at places, we joined my family for dinner at Uncle Julio’s (our fav) to celebrate my dad’s birthday.


My sister had just come from a cat-themed birthday party, hence the ears, nose and whiskers, haha!

My family just came back from Disney World, and they brought me a Hogwarts mug and chocolate frog from Harry Potter World. SO jealous I missed this! I am happy about the souvenirs though. 😉


We tried to get a picture with my dad blowing out his candle, but failed miserably. This is the best we got.


Oh well, it was a fun evening nonetheless. Happy (belated) birthday, Daddy!

Giveaway Winner

Ok ok, you’ve waited long enough. It’s time to announce the winner of my blogiversary giveaway!  The lucky winner is….


Chiara! I emailed Chiara this morning to let her know she won, and she will be receiving her sweaty band soon.

Thank you all SO much for filling out my blogiversary survey; your sweet comments meant the world to me and I cannot thank you enough. You guys are the BEST!

Question of the day: What was your favorite part about the weekend?

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Feb 062015

Hello, and happy Friiiiiiday!! Today is an extra special day for me because it’s walking day!


Yep, after one whole month of not being able to put any weight on my right foot, I can finally start putting some weight on it when I’m wearing my boot. It’s pretty sexy, no? 😉

Of course the transition to walking is not going to be easy, and so far I have been taking things slow by walking using two crutches, and only putting some weight on my foot. My hope is that within the next few days I will be able to transition to using one crutch, and then no crutches, but from what I’ve read online this can take anywhere from a few days to a week or so. Sigh.

As much as I wish I could just hop into my boot and get going, I know I have to be patient with this last part of my recovery! I have another doctor’s appointment on Tuesday and at that point I should have a better idea of how long I’ll need to be in my boot for (probably a while, unfortunately). You know I’ll keep you guys posted!

Anyway, since today’s Friday let’s talk about some of my favorite moments from the week in today’s Favorite Things Friday posts!

Favorite Change

As you can see in the photo above, I was finally able to give myself a little pedicure earlier this week, and it felt great! The red nail polish that I had on my toes before was from Christmas (yikes!) and I hadn’t been able to switch up the polish because of my foot.

Well now that I can wash my foot and unwrap it from the bandage, I decided to give it a good exfoliating scrub earlier this week and then gave myself a foot massage with some lotion (being careful of my stitches, obviously). It felt great! I think the massage helped take down some of the swelling too.

Then I took off the red polish (about time!) and replaced it with Essie’s chinchilly, which is one of my favorite cold-weather colors. Now I’m feeling so much better!

Favorite “Walk”

On Wednesday evening, the weather was actually somewhat nice (about 50 degrees) so I decided to venture outside. It was my first time outside since Sunday, so I was just itching to get out!

While Fabio took Jack for his usual walk, I hobbled on my peg-leg over to the area where they play fetch and waited for them to get there. Then I spent a few minutes playing around with my boys (being careful not to fall off the peg-leg, of course) which was so nice.


The only downside was that I got some mud on my peg-leg (which of course I wear inside too) but it was nothing a quick rinse couldn’t fix. #WorthIt


While it took a lot of effort to get myself outside and down the hill to where Fabio plays with Jack, it was worth it! I can’t wait until I’m able to walk better in the boot and can join them for this more often. 🙂

Favorite New Routine

So I know I’ve been talking about our green juice a lot lately, but I just have to say one more time how much I am loving this boost of energy in the morning!


We are still going strong with one glass of juice each in the morning, and we have definitely noticed the benefits. For me, I will say that my um…bathroom activities…have been much more regular since drinking the juice. I also have more energy and just feel so good after drinking it! I also mentioned that I lost a tiny bit of weight, and considering I haven’t been doing any cardio because of my leg I would say that’s a win. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how much we are still loving this new routine!

Favorite Breakfast

Fabio had a dentist appointment yesterday afternoon for FIVE fillings (poor guy!) so he wound up working from home. This was awesome for me since he offered to make us delicious egg, cheese, avocado and sriracha sandwiches for breakfast. We didn’t have any regular bread on hand (truthfully, we haven’t been eating regular bread very much lately) so he made it on a burger bun we had in the freezer. Whatever works!


It was a delicious sandwich, and it was so nice to have Fabio make it for me. 🙂 Clearly Jack was wishing I had shared with him. No way, Jose!

Favorite Dinner Out

Last night, Fabio and I joined my dad for a dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Uncle Julio’s!


My dad was in DC for a couple of meetings yesterday afternoon, so he asked if we wanted to meet him for dinner to catch up. Heck yes we do! When we got there we ordered a round of swirls, which are a mix of frozen margarita and sangria. Basically, they’re the best thing ever.

For our meal we ordered the usual – steak fajitas to share. They were incredibly delicious, as always!


The company wasn’t bad either, and we had a fun night catching up with my dad. 🙂

Favorite Snuggler

I don’t know if it’s because it’s extra cold outside or what, but Jack has become the snuggliest dog ever. Every night when we get into bed he gets under the covers, and then curls up in a ball next to us. The other night I guess he had trouble breathing under the covers (understandable) so he stuck his little nose out to breathe.


How funny is this dog? Can you see his tongue sticking out too? I know, I know, I’m sort of a crazy dog lady. But I just thought this was too cute!

Favorite Activity

Ok I realize this post is sort of turning into “why I’m obsessed with my dog” but when I’m stuck at home all the time there’s just not a lot else going on.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this on the blog before, but every Monday we brush Jack’s teeth (after the Bachelor, of course).


We actually got a little out of practice with this after his most recent vet visit (sort of like when you study hard for a test and pass, and then slack off), but this week we brought it back into the routine. Jack actually loves the toothpaste, and when we bring out his toothbrush he wags his tail and gets all excited.

Then when we actually start brushing he gets a little annoyed (he’ll try to push us away a bit) but ultimately he lets us clean his pearly whites.


Fabio and I love brushing his teeth not only because it’s good for him, but it’s also incredibly funny to see him trying to lick off the toothpaste while we are brushing. It’s such a fun little Monday night activity! Once we are done brushing he gets one of his Greenie dog treats, which is pretty much the only time we give him one since they’re so darn expensive. The rest of the time he just gets Milkbones from Costco! 😉

Alright folks, let’s end this Jack love fest while we still can. Wherever you are and whatever you do, I hope you have a fabulous weekend! Wish me luck with my walking progress!

Question of the day: Pet owners, what’s your favorite thing to do with your pet? Non-pet owners, what’s the craziest thing you’ve seen someone else do with their pet?

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Dec 222014

Well, once again I was treated to a totally amazing weekend. This one was filled with lots of love, laughs, and holiday cheer, plus a little fitness, which is exactly how I like it! Let’s take a look.


On Friday night, Fabio and I met up with a bunch of our friends for a delicious Mexican dinner at Uncle Julio’s. I swear, I feel like we go there once every week or two. It’s just so good!IMG_8422

Our dinner group included two of my best friends from home – Bianca and Sam – plus some of Bianca’s close friends who we have come to know and love over the years.


Fabio and I ordered a large plate of beef fajitas to share, and we all sipped on Uncle Julio’s famous swirl drinks, which are made with frozen margarita and sangria. Yum!


After dinner we headed back to Bianca’s apartment for a few more drinks, before eventually calling it a night and Ubering home. It was so much fun!


On Saturday morning, our little pup had an appointment with the vet!


We were there for his annual check up and vaccinations, which Fabio and I secretly think is a lot of fun. Jack is always really well-behaved at the vet and gets a ton of compliments, so we sorta feel like proud parents when we take him there, haha.


After a couple of shots and a psychical exam we were told we have a healthy boy. Hooray!


Fabio and I spent the rest of the day finishing up some Christmas shopping and gift wrapping, and before we knew it, it was time to drive over to our friend Jess’ house for her engagement party!


As I mentioned last week, our friends Jess and Erick are a) recently engaged and b) home from Amsterdam for the holidays. Of course that means just one thing – celebrations are in order! On Saturday Jess’ parents hosted a really fun party with all of their friends and family. I was lucky that a lot of my best friends from New York came down for the occasion, and I was also pleasantly surprised to see a few other mutual friends I didn’t realize would be there.

Of course I had Fabio by my side as well, which makes any party better. 😉


Overall it was such a fun, joyous night spent celebrating the upcoming union of our two very good friends. I know they will be very happy together, and I can’t wait for more wedding festivities to come!!


Sunday morning began with a yoga class with Anne! Clearly she is much more talented at yoga than I am.


We went back to Edge yoga, which I really enjoyed. This time we had Rebecca as our instructor, who was quirky, funny, and very easy-going. She encouraged us to get deep into our poses, but was also totally cool about letting us go at our own pace if something was uncomfortable or too advanced. I could also tell she was really talented, but in a very unassuming way. It was a great way to get my blood flowing!

After yoga, Anne and I grabbed a quick latte, and then we parted ways. Up next on my agenda was gingerbread house building with my best friends from home!


Building gingerbread houses is a tradition we have kept going for many years (maybe nine or ten?!) and it’s always one of my favorite events of the holidays.

We met up at Hana’s house for the occasion, and I was happily surprised to see that Hana and her mom had put together a delicious lunch spread for us complete with pumpkin bread, chicken salad cucumber cups, peanut butter chocolate banana bites, hummus and veggies, and butternut squash soup.


Everything was delicious, and it was so nice of them to put this together for us. Yum!!


After munching on some snacks and pouring glasses of mimosas, it was time to get started!

Unfortunately Bianca and I waited until the last minute to buy our gingerbread house kits, and by the time we got to the store the shelves were completely picked over except for two Chanukah houses. There wasn’t much of a difference between the Chanukah kits and the regular ones, except that the Chanukah houses came with blue and yellow icing and a few menorahs. Oh yeah, and they cost more than twice as much as the regular houses, which I thought was totally unfair. Aren’t we all about equality these days?!

Anyway, we didn’t have much of an option so we decided to give them a shot.


Well, as it turns out, they worked out just fine! Our friend Sam is actually half Jewish, so she made her house half Christmas (red and green) and half Chanukah (yellow and blue) using of the materials from our kits. It looked great! Hana made more of a gingerbread village, which came out really cute, and Bianca made a colorful house with a swimming pool (lol).

Mine was fairly traditional with white icing, icicles, and mostly red and green candy. Can you tell whose is whose?


Now you can! Haha!


Overall it was SUCH a fun day, and I love that we keep this tradition going. Can’t wait until next year!

The rest of my Sunday was spent cleaning up the apartment and getting ready for our trip to Jamaica later this week (EEK!!!). I also watched the season finale of Homeland (disappointing) and the first episode of Marco Polo on Netflix (great).

Question of the day: Do you have holiday traditions with your friends?

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Dec 102014

Hi there! Happy Wednesday! 🙂 Thank you all so much for your thoughtful comments on yesterday’s post. I know these next few months are going to be quite challenging for me, and knowing that you all are behind me really does help. Thank you!!

For today’s post, I thought we should talk about food! It’s been a while since I’ve done a What I Ate Wednesday post, so I decided to bring it back today. However since it’s been so long, I have a lot of pictures to share! Instead of documenting just one day of meals, I thought it would be fun to do an “iPhone photo dump” type of post instead. That way you can see all the tasty meals I’ve been digging lately. Sound good? Great. Let’s get started!

As always, I have to thank Jenn for hosting the fun What I Ate Wednesday linkup!



For a while Costco stopped selling my beloved Oatmeal Squares cereal, so when I spotted them on the shelves again a few weeks ago I was practically jumping for joy. (Literally, I think I embarrassed Fabio a bit). Because of this, my breakfasts lately have been all Oatmeal Squares, all the time. They’re just so darn delicious!

photo (8)

When I’m not eating this cereal I’m usually having a bowl of hot banana oatmeal (1/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup skim milk, 1 ripe mushed up banana – try it!) with some pb on top. This breakfast is so good, and is perfect for when my bananas start getting too ripe for cereal.

I’ve also needed to pack a few grab-n-go meals for mornings when I’ve taken the morning class at Urban Athletic Club and had to go into work right after. On these days, I usually throw a chocolate almond & sea salt Kashi bar in my bag, along with a banana.


Why is it that when I put my banana in my bag it’s perfectly yellow, and when I take it out barely two hours later, it’s all bruised? What the heck happens to it when it’s inside my bag??

Anyway, these breakfasts do a pretty good job of holding me over until lunchtime, and if I’m feeling extra hungry I will sometimes buy a hard-boiled egg from a little deli by my office for some added protein. It gets the job done!


My lunches lately have featured lots and lots of hot soups! It’s been so cold and gross out lately that soup is about the only thing I want come lunch time.

A couple weeks ago I made a big batch of my favorite skinny homestyle chicken noodle soup, which is awesome for bringing for lunch. I love that soup!!

photo (5)

I also recently discovered a really tasty Pho place near my office called Pho Tan Vinh, which is really more of a sit-down restaurant but also (thankfully) has carry out.

photo (2)

Last week I got a huge cup (this was the small!!) of chicken pho, and once I added the lime, basil, green onions, and jalapenos, it was just heavenly! (P.S. I don’t actually eat the raw jalapenos…I just leave them in the hot broth to flavor it a bit, and then when I get toward the bottom I take them out!)

photo (3)

So good!

Other recent lunches have included a bowl of leftover chili from this past weekend with two spinach quinoa cakes with hot sauce….

photo (1)

…and a delicious curried cauliflower chicken salad from SweetGreen. That salad was SO good. I’m going to need to get that again soon!

photo (7)

So overall, my lunches lately have been great!


Same old, same old sliced honey-crisp apple with a mug of hot green tea. I know, I’m so boring. Sometimes I’ll add some peanuts for healthy fats (we have a huge container of peanuts in my office) but not always. I’m still loving this afternoon snack!

photo (6)


Well let’s see, I already told you guys about dinner with my dad at Uncle Julio’s last week. My dad, Fabio and I wound up splitting an order of steak fajitas and man, were they good.

photo (4)


I also recently tried out this recipe for crockpot lasagna soup, which turned out really well! I added a few spices at the end to give it more flavor, and I was so pleased with the end result. I will definitely be making this again!


And other than that Fabio and I have just been sticking with our weekly meal planning, and trying out new recipes as we go! I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted of other recipes that we like!

Question of the day: What’s the best thing you’ve eaten lately?

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Apr 282014

*Update: If you tried to leave a comment earlier and it didn’t work, the problem should now be fixed!!*

Hi friends!

You might have noticed things look a little different around here today. That’s because on Friday night instead of going to happy hour with my friends I stayed in to fix some kinks in the blog that have been bugging me lately, and I decided it was time for a little face lift while I was at it. I actually wound up having a nice little evening to myself (with Jack’s help, obviously) since it was pouring rain and I hunkered down at the computer with a bowl of hot tomato basil soup. Not the most exciting Friday night, but I enjoyed it nonetheless and got a lot accomplished!

So, what do you guys think of the new look?? I wanted something a little more streamlined and clean, so I think this works for now. Eventually I’d love to add some custom social media buttons to match the new colors, but I just didn’t have energy for that on Friday night. Haha!

Anyway, I had a great little weekend so let me tell you all about it! You already heard about my Friday, so I’ll skip right to…


Fabio and I woke up on Saturday morning to bright sunshine and chirping birds outside. It doesn’t get much better than that!

As soon as we were up and moving, Fabio, Jack and I headed out the door to get some bagels for breakfast. The bagel shop near our apartment is fantastic and well worth the long line. I got sausage, egg, and cheese on a whole wheat everything bagel and it was divine. The three of us took our bagels (well, Jack didn’t get a bagel, obviously) to a little square by the Clarendon metro station that has a lot of outdoor tables, and once we were done eating we crossed the street to the dog park!

The park was pretty crowded since it was so nice out. It was so fun to watch all the different dogs playing around!


It was definitely a nice way to start to our weekend.

We stayed at the dog park for a little while and then headed home to get ready for Rebecca and Richard’s (aka Rebchard’s!!) wedding! (I just love their nickname Rebchard, lol. Everyone used it throughout the wedding!)

The ceremony began at 2:00 pm over in Fairfax, VA, so Fabio and I took a cab over there and arrived at around 1:45. We wound up getting there at the same time as the rest of our friends, so we selected a pew big enough for us all to sit together. I then killed some time by taking a picture of the lovely church. 🙂


Rebecca used to work with Fabio at his old job, and we have hung out with her and Richard a number of times. During the wedding we wound up hanging out with the rest of Fabio’s old coworkers (who we are also good friends with) but the majority of Richard and Rebecca’s other friends come from their two a cappella groups- the New Dominions (their UVA college group) and the Noctonals (their post-college northern Virginia group). Because there were so many awesome singers in attendance, the entire wedding party started off the ceremony by singing a song in Latin. The music was absolutely beautiful, and it was such a nice way to kick off the wedding.

The rest of the ceremony was fairly traditional, with one more song (Ave Maria) being sung at the end.





Once Rebecca and Richard were officially husband and wife (hooray!) we took some pictures outside of the church with our friends. It was still a beautiful day, but it wound up being quite windy!! Our hair was all over the place, haha!

The ladies.


My handsome date.


Once we were done with pictures we still had a few hours to kill before the reception, so hopped in the car with our friends Angela and Ryan and headed over to the Green Turtle for a couple beers. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed the sunshine and good company!


And the beers. Clearly 😉


The whole gang!


At around 4:45 pm we headed over to the reception which was held at the Fairfax Country Club. It was a lovely venue and was close to the church (and the Green Turtle!), which was convenient.

Hors d’oeuvres were passed around for a little while and then it was time to be seated! Our table was near the window and we had a fabulous view. The sky looked a bit ominous but the rain held off. Phew!


More pictures with Angela 🙂


And another of me and Fabio!


Here are Angela and Ryan!! They are so much fun and I wish we got to see them more. We will have to change that once the summer is here!!


Soon the food came out and we began our meals with a delicious spinach, strawberry, feta, and almond salad. Yum.


I chose the filet for my main meal and it was delicious! It was so tender that I only needed a butter knife to cut it. The cheesy scalloped potatoes were also delicious 😉


The rest of the evening was spent talking with good friends, drinking the signature “R&R” cocktail, and dancing! It was a lovely wedding.




I especially loved the father/daughter dance to Brown Eyed Girl 🙂


And when Richard serenaded Rebecca with a rendition of John Legend’s All of Me. So sweet!


Thanks, Rebchard for inviting us to share your special day!!


I had plans to meet one of my old coworkers (Claire) and my old manager for brunch on Sunday in Bethesda, so after another lovely trip to the dog park and completing a few little chores around the house, I headed over to Uncle Julio’s in Bethesda. (You know how I feel about that place, haha!)

I’d actually never been to brunch at Uncle Julio’s, and I really enjoyed the dish I got which included eggs, grilled chicken, peppers, onions, cheese, tortilla chips, and sour cream in a big bowl. On the side was a delicious fruit salad. Great brunch!


It was really nice to catch up with my old coworkers and we lingered for a while filling each other in on life updates 🙂

Afterwords my old manager left and Claire and I popped into the Lululemon that was right next door. Ahhh that store is so dangerous! I wound up buying a new pair of summer running capris (since I wore my winter ones ALL THE TIME) and restrained myself from buying anything else. Phew! It was a narrow escape.


And that’s pretty much it for my weekend! After Lululemon I headed back home, ran some errands, cleaned up the apartment, etc. etc. etc.

We finished up the evening with another cut-up mango and Game of Thrones! Perfect Sunday!

Other News

Three other things I wanted to share with you guys today:

1) My mom and stepdad have decided to start raising chickens (yes, like cluck cluck!!) and the baby chicks arrived over the weekend. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get over there to see them soon!


I don’t know anything about raising chickens (and my mom doesn’t either; thank goodness for my stepdad) so if any of you have tips please let me know so I can pass them along!

2) My aunt CC and “uncle” Steve just bought a beautiful house in the Berkshire mountains!! I am so happy for them and can’t wait to visit this summer/winter, since there is a lake, mountains, skiing, etc. Congrats CC and Steve!!

3) Unfortunately my stepdad’s father passed away in his sleep over the weekend. I wasn’t all that close with him but I know he was a great man, so please keep him and my stepdad in your thoughts and prayers this week 🙁

Ok guys, that’s all I have for today! Thanks for sticking with me through this super long post!!

Questions of the day: Would you ever raise chickens? Do you shop at Lululemon?

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Mar 282014

Sometimes I feel like I should rename this segment “things I ate this week that were really, really good.”

I feel like 90% of the time I wind up with all these food pictures on Fridays, and then have to struggle to come up with other topics to talk about that aren’t about food. Hm…I wonder what this says about me, lol. Ah well, the name of this blog is Chelsea Eats Treats, right? 😉

Anyway, it’s Friday (yahooooo!!) so let’s jump into some things I’ve been eating loving this week.

Favorite Family Dinner

Last night my dad got stuck in Crystal City after work, which meant he was near my apartment around dinner time 🙂 Lucky for me, he called me up and asked if Fabio and I wanted to meet him at our favorite Mexican place, Uncle Julio’s.

Well we never turn down an invitation to Uncle Julio’s, especially since they have those awesome swirls – frozen margarita swirled with frozen sangria – and delicious fajitas.




In addition to the yummy food, it was really nice to see my dad mid-week! We hadn’t caught up with him in a while, so it was nice to chat about work, weddings, Bolivia, summer vacations, etc.

Speaking of seeing parents in the middle of the week…

Favorite Lunch

Having lunch with my mom on Monday was also really fun! As I mentioned on Wednesday, we went to Eggspecatations which was great. I already told you guys about my delicious ham, asparagus, mushroom crepe, but I didn’t tell you yet about the appetizers we got!

We got two to share including the brie and pecan crostini (broiled ciabatta slices with brie and honey, garnished with candied pecans and fresh pear slices) and the ahi tuna nachos (fried wonton chips layered with chunks of medium rare Ahi grade Tuna, fresh avocado, homemade salsa and drizzled with cilantro lime aioli). Nom!


I think we might have enjoyed the appetizers even more than the crepes!! The crostinis were crunchy, sweet, and salty, which is a winning combo in my book. Plus I can pretty much never turn down brie when I see it. The fresh pears were also a nice touch.

But those nachos (those nachos!!!) were so. good. The crunchy wontons were a great (albeit, unhealthy) alternative to your typical tortilla chip, and the tuna was cooked and seasoned perfectly. There were also a ton of juicy tomatoes in the dish, and my mom and I were wondering where they came from, since they were so fresh. Yum!

It was so nice of my mom to treat me to lunch, and I am so lucky that I get to see my parents as often as I do 🙂

Favorite Running Buddy

Ok so this is probably the world’s worst picture.


But, 1) it’s of Jack (which makes any picture better) and 2) it was really amusing at the time so it makes me happy.

Some background: as you probably know, running with Jack in the morning has made me really happy lately. We used to run just one mile together and then I would drop him off at home and forge on alone (or with Fabio), but lately I’ve been taking him on longer and longer runs, and he is doing great!

So the thing I wanted to share with you today is that Jack does NOT understand bridges. Like, at all. When we run over the Key Bridge, he is SO CONFUSED about the water underneath us. He is constantly looking out over the water and trying to figure out what it is/why we are above it. He was doing that again this morning (checking out the Georgetown crew team that was practicing below us, no doubt) and I thought it was hilarious so I tried to take a picture mid-run. I noticed other runners and bikers were looking at him too, so it wasn’t just me who thought his antics were silly!

What a nut!

Favorite Purchase

I recently saw that Rue La La <– referral link! was having a sale on Lily Pulitzer, which is one of my favorite brands of all time. There were SO many cute things on sale, but as I mentioned yesterday I’m trying to save some money so I forced myself not to go too crazy on the website.

That being said, I did see these beautiful Lily Pulitzer sunglasses (they are the “Amelia” sunglasses for those of you who are interested, and come in different color combos) and with a $10 credit that I already had to Rue La La they only cost me $35. Woohoo!



I have been needing some new sunglasses for a while, so I’m glad I found these fun (and cheap!) ones before the spring and summer are officially here.

Favorite Baked Goods

This weekend Fabio and I are going up to New York to celebrate his niece’s second birthday!

I made her some healthier Pink Lemonade cupcakes using this recipe, and now I just need to ice them before we head up (I wanted to wait until the last minute for this, since there is some butter in the icing recipe I used and I didn’t want the icing to start melting/sliding off the cupcakes).

These ones are naked right now!


As you can see the cupcakes are bright pink, as is the icing I made. I also have hot pink sprinkles to go on top. Too much pink?? Never! Haha!

Favorite Spring Sighting

Look! A daffodil!


Surrounded by snow. Haha!

I know spring is “officially” here, but it sure hasn’t felt like it. Little signs like these daffodils growing in the woods behind our apartment and the robins I’ve seen hopping around are making me hopeful that the weather will warm up soon. Next week is supposed to be in the 60s/70s, so I’m crossing my fingers that this was our last week of winter. Please, please, please!!

Ok so that’s all I have for you guys today! Whatever you do this weekend I hope you have fun!

Question of the day: Do you like the color pink?

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Jan 062014

Goooooood morning and happy Monday to you! It’s supposed to get quite cold around here in the next day or so, and I know half of the country is already being blasted by wind chills of up to negative 59 degrees, so please stay warm wherever you are!!

I had a really nice time this weekend- it was a nice mix of fun and relaxing. Perfect!

Here’s a look at what I was up to.


After work on Friday, Fabio and I had dinner with my former coworker Ellen and her boyfriend, Mike. Ellen left my company to pursue law school at the University of Kentucky, so it’s always nice when she’s in town and we can get together.


For dinner we went to Uncle Julio’s in Ballston, which is without a doubt my favorite Mexican restaurant. We ordered steak fajitas for the table and each of us had one of their famous “swirl” drinks, which consists of frozen margarita and frozen sangria swirled together. Delicious!

Ellen also just adopted the most adorable puppy named Tucker, so we had a lot of fun talking about dogs 🙂 It was great to catch up!


After dinner Ellen and Mike came over for a while, and she reunited with Jack. These two love each other so much! Haha!

IMG_7849 Ellen and Mike stayed over until around 1:00 am, and then Fabio and I hit the sack. We were pooped!


On Saturday morning I woke up nice and early to get my day started. Jack and I went for a quick run before I downed some oatmeal and hopped in the shower. Then I took the metro to Bethesda to have lunch with my manager and froworker (that is, my friend/coworker), Claire.

My manager has been on maternity leave since the end of September and she won’t be back until March, so it was really nice to catch up with her. I tend to think of her more as my “work mom” than my manager, since I feel like I can talk to her about anything. It was so nice to tell her what has been going on in the office and to hear about her adorable new baby!

After lunch, my dad, stepmom, and sister picked me up and we headed to the Newseum! If you’ve never been to the Newseum, it’s a museum dedicated to the news. It might sound kind of weird, but they have all kinds of cool stuff like the front page of newspapers from monumental dates in history and stories about how news differs all over the world. They also have great exhibits on JFK and September 11, which, if you’re anything like me, will probably leave you teary-eyed.

Anyway, this is without a doubt one of my favorite museums in DC, and I’m so glad we were able to go on Saturday! Fabio met us there and we started off the tour with a 4D movie that talked about reporting the news during the Boston tea party. It was really cool and the chairs moved a bit and “wind” blew inside the theater.


3D glasses!


Afterwords we had a chance to report our own news at the interactive section of the museum. We took some really funny videos where we stood in front of a green screen and had to report the weather, sports, etc. It was hard!



They also have a beautiful outdoor terrace that overlooks the Captiol building. Here I am with my sister!


And with Fabio 🙂


The museum closed at 5:00 pm at which point we hopped in the car and headed to dinner. We chose Clarendon Grill because 1) it is near my apartment 2) the food is pretty good/cheap and 3) most importantly- there were plenty of TVs for Fabio and my dad to watch the playoff football games. Ha! I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich (sorry, forgot to take a photo!) and it was delicious 🙂

It was such a fun day with my family and I’m so glad we were able to spend the time together.

A little after we parted ways with my family, our friends Megan, JR, and Scott came over for drinks. Fabio made us his famous margaritas which were delicious!


We also had these festive margarita glasses that my grandma gave me for Christmas last year 🙂 Thanks, Grandma!


We headed to the bar around 11:30 and had a great time!



Since my Saturday was packed full of activities, Fabio and I decided to take it easy on Sunday. There was a lot of lounging around, reading my book (I’m currently reading The Pact by Jodi Picoult and I LOVE it!), and watching TV. I did manage to finally finish my nutrition certification program (hooray!!! I’m officially certified!!!) and make a big pot of sweet and spicy chili for dinner (recipe to come!).


We also did some laundry around 8:00 pm, but the power went out with about 30 minutes left to go in the dryer. Ughhhh. We wound up getting the damp laundry out and putting away the few things that were dry, and laying the rest all over my apartment to finish drying. How annoying!

I have to admit the rest of the evening was kind of fun- Fabio and I bundled up since the heat was off, Jack crawled under the covers, and I read my book by candlelight while Fabio read a magazine until it was time to go to sleep. The power came back on around 2:00 am which was quite jarring (you know how it is when you’re fast asleep and then everything turns on and starts beeping) but I’ll take it! Woohoo for power!

Question of the day: What’s your favorite thing to do on a lazy Sunday?


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