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Dec 072016

Hi friends! Happy hump day! I hope your week is going well so far.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a day in the life post, and I always like reading how other people spend their days, so I thought it was time for a little update! Here’s a snapshot of my day last Wednesday.

5:55 – Alarm goes off. Hit snooze.

6:00 – Time to get up! Quickly brush my teeth, get dressed in workout clothes, put in contacts (this is relatively new for me – I used to just wear them on weekends), zip up my gym bag, and say goodbye to Fabio who, by the way, is still dead asleep.

6:15 – 6:30 – Take Jack for a walk. When I have enough time I let him run around off-leash at the park, but on this particular day I was running late so we just went for a regular walk. Sorry Jack! I make a vow to let him run around tomorrow.

When we get home I feed him, and then it’s out the door!

6:35 – 6:55 – Drive over to Flywheel in Dupont. Long-time readers will know that Flywheel is one of my favorite classes to take through ClassPass (<–affiliate link for $30 off!), but since we moved to Virginia I don’t take it as often as I used to. The drive over in the morning actually wasn’t too bad at all, and I make (another) vow to work this class into my schedule more often.

Arrive at Flywheel, grab a perfect parking spot, and almost forget to pay the meter. I am used to the 6 a.m. class when parking is free, and I’m constantly having to remind myself that it’s not free for the 7 a.m. class. Oy.

Run in with just enough time to drop my stuff off in a locker, find my bike, set it up the way I like it, and pedal a bit to warm up. Phew!

7:00 – 7:45 – Sweat my butt off at Flywheel. The class was led by a new-to-me instructor and she was really good! I loved her music and felt really energized the whole time. At the end of class my total power was 249, which is not a high or low score for me – it was right in the middle. I gave this morning workout two thumbs up!


Post-Flywheel sweaty selfie FTW

7:50 – 8:05 – Drive to work! I used to be all about the 6 a.m. classes so I could drive home after class, shower, eat breakfast at home, and then head into the office. Well, all of that worked great in our old apartment when Fabio and I would eat breakfast together and then walk to the metro together too, but now we are on totally different schedules. These days it’s not worth it to me to wake up an hour earlier just so I can shower at home and have breakfast (by myself). Luckily I have a shower at work so I take advantage of it at least a few times a week.

8:05 – 8:40 – Use the shower at work. Play Christmas music on my iPhone while I shower, and hope that you can’t hear it too much through the door. I don’t want my coworkers who might be using the bathroom to be freaked out by the weirdo playing Christmas music to herself in the shower room.


Finish up my makeup in the bathroom, and then walk to my desk with dripping wet hair. I’m lucky that it air dries well! 🙂

8:45 – 9:30 – Enjoy a hot mug of green tea while catching up on emails.


Then dig into breakfast for the day: two hard-boiled eggs with a banana. (One of the eggs is unpictured – I ate it before remembering to snap a pic!)


I like my eggs with salt, pepper, and hot sauce. Yum!


1:15 – After a busy morning, I finally break into lunch! This day’s lunch was leftover Thai green curry from Blue Apron. The leftovers were lacking on some of the sweet potatoes since we had eaten most of them the night before, so I had tossed some white beans in there for added protein and sustenance. It was delicious and a nice change-up from my usual salad.


Rest of the afternoon – 5:45 – Like usual, work is busy, busy, busy. I had a ton of meetings and projects to get done, so I didn’t have time to eat my afternoon snack (an apple with some trail mix). That’s ok though because the day passed by in a flash. Phew!

5:50 – 6:08 – Drive home! I listen to a podcast in the car – I can’t remember which one but it was likely either Harry Potter and the Sacred Text, Young House Love Has a Podcast, or the Bon Appetit Foodcast – during my quick and easy commute. While I still prefer the metro to driving (I really miss my reading time!) I’ve found that driving really isn’t too bad since it’s so fast.

6:15 – 6:45 – Fabio arrived home around the same time as I did, so we take Jack on a longer walk together. This is one of my favorite parts of the day – even when the weather is crappy like it was this day – because we get to catch up on our days. 🙂

6:50 – 7:50 – Arrive home, give Jack a treat, and change into comfy clothes. Hooray!

We have another Blue Apron meal on the menu tonight (spinach and ricotta pizza, which I added bacon to because, why not?) and since those meals always take a while to make I get started right away. I forget what we did while I was cooking – sometimes we will play music and talk and other times we will have the TV on. I do know I did NOT have a glass of wine because I’m trying not to make it an every-night-of-the-week thing. So far I’ve been doing really well!

8:00 – 10:15 – Eat dinner. I forgot to take a picture of the whole pizza which is a really stupid blogger move. After dinner, we cleaned up and wrapped up the leftovers, and I finally remembered to take a picture.


The pizza was delicious!

After dinner, Fabio and I indulged in our favorite new (bad) habit: enjoying a couple of peppermint chocolate sandwich cookies from my friends over at Giant. These things are so delicious and so addicting! They pair perfectly with a glass of milk too.


I think they’re probably similar to the peppermint Jo Joes from Trader Joes, but I’ve never actually had those so I can’t say for sure. Anyway, they’re delicious!

Jack wanted in on the action too, obviously.


We wrapped up our evening on the couch while watching Shark Tank (we love that show). We’re not really binge watching anything right now, but we are looking to start something new. Any suggestions?

10:15 – Upstairs to bed! I read my kindle for a couple of minutes (I’m reading Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind for some reason – it’s different than my usual book selections but really interesting) and though I’m really enjoying my book I was exhausted from the day and only kept my eyes open for about 10 minutes before falling asleep.

The end.

Question of the day: What are you binge watching right now?

Disclaimer: Giant sent me the cookies for free, but this post is not sponsored in any way. All opinions are my own. 

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Dec 102015

Hi friends! It’s been a while since I’ve written a Day in the Life post, so I thought I’d share one today. Here’s a look at yesterday, which was a typical weekday for me!

5:15 am: Alarm goes off. Today’s workout starts at 6:15, not 6:00, so I got to sleep in 15 minutes later than usual. Score! Snooze.

5:20 am: Ok. Time to get up. UGH. Throw on workout clothes, brush my teeth, and put my hair in a pony tail. Put Jack’s leash on and a coat, and head out the door!

5:40 am: Come back inside from walking Jack. I hate walking him when it’s cold and dark out. The fact that it’s so early doesn’t help; there’s no one else outside to say hello to and no other dogs to sniff. At least my podcasts keep me entertained. Feed Jack, fill up a water bottle, check that there’s water in the Christmas tree (that thing is a camel!!), and head out the door. Drive to today’s class, which is in Georgetown. Listen to Christmas music on the way so I can wake up. 🙂

6:10 am: Attempt to parallel park. Succeed…this time.

6:12 am: Arrive at the studio; today I’m taking a Metabolic Resistance Training class at Definitions with my friends Anne and Kathleen. Anne and I love this class, but Kathleen had never taken it before. We were excited for her to try it out! 🙂

We spent the next hour rotating among three stations, and completing a bunch of different exercises at each one. Some of the highlights included rowing, kettlebell swings, box jumps, wall balls, and frog jumps. There were a lot more too! The variety kept the workout interesting, and before you knew it we were all a sweaty mess.


Love this class!

7:15 am: Rush home. Hop in the shower. Enjoy a delicious breakfast of Quaker Oatmeal Squares, Kashi Go Lean Crisp (the cinnamon flavor), milk, and a banana.


Fabio eats a bowl with me and we watch the Today show. The Kashi cereal was a new purchase, and it’s been a delicious addition to my bowl. Yum. No fresh juice this morning, because we didn’t get around to making any this week. Womp womp.

8:15 am: Finish getting ready, and wait for Fabio to put on his shoes, coat, etc. etc. etc. Every morning he seems to take longer and longer to get out the door, and it’s now to the point where I will get his cell phone, wallet, keys, and headphones organized while I wait for him. Haha! Kiss Jack goodbye, and head out the door.

8:25 am: Walk to the metro with Fabio. I tend to use this time to remind him about things we have coming up or ask him about what’s going on with his schedule. Yesterday’s conversation involved when we were going to schedule our vet appointment for Jack and whether he plans to volunteer at the University of Maryland this weekend. It’s an exciting life we live, people. 😉

8:35 am: Kiss Fabio goodbye and hop on the metro. (He goes one way and I go another.) Read my kindle (I’m reading After You by Jojo Moyes) and realize I’m at the climax of the plot. I got totally sucked in by what happened, and almost missed my stop. Whoops! Listen to a podcast while I walk to the office.

9:00 am: Arrive at work, and drink a mug of hot green tea. Lately I’ve been using the cute “C” mug that my friend Jess got me for Christmas last year. Having a special mug makes me so happy.

12:30 pm: Work, work, work all morning. Take a break to eat lunch: leftover cabbage kielbasa soup that I had in the freezer (unpictured), plus a blueberry Chobani.


It had been forever since I’d eaten a Chobani – I got kind of sick of them a while back – and I forgot how delicious they are. Yum!

1:00 pm: Take a walk over to CVS with a few of my coworkers to pick up stamps for this year’s Christmas cards! They came out so cute and I can’t wait to mail them out. It was cold and foggy out – gross – but it felt good to walk around.

3:30 pm: After working through the afternoon, I took a break for a snack: half of a CLIF bar. Love those things.

5:00 pm: Time to go home! Woohoo! Walk to the metro with one of my coworkers, and talk to him until we get to my stop.

5:30 pm: Stop to pick up a package from our concierge on my way inside; we ordered a lot of stuff online in the last week so I’ve had to stop to pick up a package almost every day! Arrive home (the Christmas tree is still standing. Phew!), leash up Jack, and take him for a walk while talking to my dad on the phone. I let him run around off leash in a small field behind our apartment, but as soon as he started charging toward a raccoon that was near some trash cans (!!) I put him back on the leash. Nope, I am not dealing with that today.

6:15 pm: Take Jack inside and change into comfy PJs. It was cold out, so I grab some extra cozy ones. 🙂 Start working on this blog post.

7:15 pm: Fabio comes home (he went to a work happy hour today). I reheat a slice of quiche for both of us.


7:30 pm: We settle in to watch an episode of Sons of Anarchy while we eat dinner. We were actually in the process of watching this show back in January, but we called it quits after I started having nightmares. This show is so good, but SO gruesome! I haven’t had any nightmares since we picked it back up, and I’m crossing my fingers that it stays that way!

8:30 pm: Put dishes away (hooray for an easy clean up!) and finish this post.

9:30 pm: Head to bed early to watch Cutthroat Kitchen, Shark Tank, or some other crappy TV. 🙂 Goodnight!

Question of the day: What “crappy” TV shows do you watch?

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Apr 222015

Hi friends! Happy hump day!

It’s been forever since I’ve written a day in the life post, and I always enjoy reading them on other people’s blogs, so let’s take a look at my Monday day-in-the-life style, shall we?


Linking up with Jenn and Meghan for What I Ate Wednesday too. 🙂 Thanks for hosting, ladies!

5:05 am – First alarm goes off. Snooze!

5:10 am – Second alarm goes off. Snooze one more time.

5:15 am – Ok, time to get up. Jack knows when I’m done snoozing, and instantly comes into the bedroom to tell me good morning. I use the bathroom, brush my teeth, and put on my workout gear I laid out the night before.

5:30 am – Take Jack for a walk. It’s raining, so I get wet and he gets muddy. I listen to a “How Stuff Works” podcast on the Paleo diet (read my podcast recommendations here) and learn that skim milk is very processed and not that good for you. Interesting, but not very helpful as I have a huge jug of skim milk in my fridge from Costco that needs to be used up. Womp womp. Maybe I’ll stop buying skim milk? What about all those extra calories in whole milk – worth it or not? I ponder all this while we walk.

5:42 am – Quickly towel off and feed Jack, pour water into my water bottle, and hit the road. It’s time for yoga!

5:56 am – Arrive at CorePower yoga in Georgetown, and have a terrible time parallel parking. (This is why I always make Fabio drive.) Run inside and check in, grab my weights, and roll out my mat. Once my mat is rolled out it’s 5:59 and the instructor gets started right away. Phew. Perfect timing.


7:01 am – Come out of savasana feeling great. This Sculpt class was really tough, and our instructor had us doing burpees, jumping jacks, and tuck jumps in the midst of our yoga practice (not that I could fully do all the high impact moves since I’m still recovering from foot surgery, but I did as much as I could). Head home looking sweaty and red. Awesome workout.


7:15 am – Arrive home (later than I would have liked – now I’ll have to rush) and chug a glass of fresh juice made with beets, pineapple, celery, cucumber, lemon, apple, and ginger. Yum. Quickly hop in the shower.


7:35 am – Eat a quick breakfast of Crispix cereal, Special K cereal, and a banana in skim milk while I let my hair air dry. Remember the podcast about the skim milk. Ugh.


7:50 am – Time to leave for work! Didn’t have time to try my hair – whoops! Say goodbye to Fabio (who is still sleeping) and Jack (who is looking for squirrels out the window) and walk over to the metro. Say good morning to the woman handing out the newspapers. Wonder where Vladamir, the trash guy that I usually say hi to, is today. Get on the train like I do every morning. Get excited when there’s a seat. Read my kindle and think about how much better my commute is going to be when we move to DC.

8:50 am – Arrive at work! It’s my turn to work on our organization’s weekly newsletter (my manager and I switch off weeks) so I work on that all morning. I send it off to my manager for review at 12:30, and then catch up on emails and other assignments.

1:45 pm – My manager and I have a working lunch date, so we take our notebooks and papers outside to the little deli across the street (it’s stopped raining, thank goodness). We both order the chicken Caesar salad wrap because it’s DELICIOUS. I love that the chicken is hot, the lettuce is cold, and the crutons in the wrap are crunchy. Perfection!

Old, recycled photo, but you get the idea.


3:00 pm – Finally make it back into the office (we wound up covering a lot of ground during our lunch meeting) and spend the rest of the afternoon preparing to ship materials to an upcoming conference. The materials include BMI wheels and posters about the importance of treating obesity, and will be given away for free to doctors at the conference. Even though getting them ready to go out is not my favorite task, I love what we’re doing. Being able to help doctors treat obesity is great! No snack today because I’m too busy.

4:45 pm – Time to go home! When I get outside I call Fabio, and we decide to meet at the dog park since it’s a nice afternoon. I spend another hour reading my kindle on the metro, and then get out at the Clarendon stop and walk over to the park. Jack runs right over to me when I get there, making me feel like a proud mom. 🙂

IMG_1149 (1)

6:45 pm – Arrive home and get dinner started. While the chicken is in the oven, I spend some time working on the blog and getting posts ready for the week. I take a little longer than usual, and Fabio whines that he’s hungry. Oops. Better get on with the cooking.

7:45 pm – Sit down to eat! Tonight’s dinner is oven “fried” chicken with curried quinoa and broccoli.


It’s delicious and Fabio and I both have no problem clearing our plates. While we eat, we watch the Game of Thrones episode that we missed on Sunday. So freakin’ good.

It’s thunder-storming out, which makes everything super cozy.

9:00 pm – Fabio turns on a baseball game and I read my kindle a bit. I dig into the chocolate frog my family brought me back from Disney World, and am sad to see I got a Salazar Slytherin card inside. Seriously? Come on, no wants him!


Bummer. Couldn’t I have gotten Nicholas Flamel or Viktor Krum or something??

10:15 pm – Head to the bedroom and lay out my workout gear for tomorrow (I’m taking another spin class at Revolve) and figure out what time I need to get up. Try to stay awake while reading. It doesn’t really work.

10:25 pm – Turn off my light and say goodnight to Fabio and Jack. Asleep in seconds.

Question of the day: What was the highlight of your Monday?

I’d have to say it was either my morning workout or my time at the dog park!

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Jan 152015

Hi folks! It’s been a really long time since I’ve written a Day in the Life post, and now that I’m working from home post-foot surgery things have changed quite a bit with my routine. I’m sure my schedule won’t always look like this while I’m working from home, but until I get the go-ahead from my doctor to start walking again, thus meaning I can go back to work, this is probably what most of my days will look like.

Ready? Here’s what my day looked like yesterday.

5:30 am – My body wakes up, thinking it’s time to get up and work out. Nope, not anymore. Go back to sleep.

7:30 am – Can I really be allowed to sleep this late? This seems silly. I know I have half an hour still to lounge in bed, but I have a hard time falling back asleep. I pick up my phone and read some emails/peruse Instagram for a while, before eventually picking up my crutches from the floor and hobbling to the bathroom. From there I do my business, floss, and brush my teeth.

8:00 am –  I decide to eat my breakfast right away because my foot is hurting and I want to take my pain meds (I’ve learned that taking them on an empty stomach is a no-go). I’m almost weaned off my Vicodin, and now take just a half pill in the morning and before bed. I also am supposed to take three ibuprofen with breakfast, lunch, and dinner whether I think I need them or not, so down the hatch they go. I wash it all down with some water from my Camelbak water bottle that I have been lugging around everywhere, and a couple bites of chocolate chip banana bread that Megan brought over on Sunday. What a good friend. 🙂


Yum yum yum.

I do all of this while watching the Today Show crew introduce their new guiding eyes lab puppy. I’m acting basic because I can’t even.

8:15 am – It’s time for a workout! A couple days ago I dug around in my workout cabinet and found an old Pilates DVD that I didn’t think required too many standing-up movements. I change into workout gear (while wearing my fancy new iWalk hands-free crutch) and cross my fingers that I’ve found a workout I can do.

It’s not exactly Pilates gear, but I didn’t have the energy to dig through my drawers of workout clothes on one foot. It works.


8:25 am – Time for Pilates! I pop in the DVD and am pleasantly surprised to find that I can do almost all the moves in the DVD. They mostly involve laying on your back or sides, and as long as I modify a bit here and there I can do them all. WOOHOO! Best news ever.


After this my abs are dying. Ouch.

8:55 am – Hobble to the bedroom and bathroom to wash my face, change my clothes, and get ready for the day. (Showering is a whole separate issue, and I’ve decided that while I’m on one foot I’m probably going to shower every other day. Judge all you want, but I can’t get my foot wet OR put any weight on it, so I just don’t have the energy to attempt to wash myself every day. #DirtyLife)

9:05 am – Sit down at my makeshift work space and get to work. Fabio moved our iMac from the bookshelf to a TV tray so I can still prop up my foot and ice it while working. He’s the best. He leaves for work around this time (not dressed in sweats like in the photo below, that was right after he walked Jack, he looks handsome in a suit) and I kiss him goodbye.


9:06 – 11:00 am – Work, work, work. I took three sick days for my foot surgery, so there are a ton of emails to catch up on. While I work I prop up my foot and ice it on and off every 20 minutes. Sitting like this is pretty uncomfortable, and I’m feeling incredibly thankful that my job is letting me work remotely while I’m on crutches.

11:01 am – Put on my iWalk crutch and hobble around a bit. I make a pit stop to the bathroom, fill up my water bottle, and tidy up the living room a bit. Thank goodness for this crutch – I love being able to move around and still use my hands.

11:10 am – Back to work! I try to concentrate but really all I want to do is snuggle with this guy. He’s so good at taking care of me.


I work on a couple of interesting writing assignments that take my full attention, and before you know it it’s time for lunch.

1:05 pm – Heat up a bowl of chicken tortilla soup that I made last week in preparation for being off my feet this week. I added a bit of leftover rice from when our family friend Dan brought us Thai food on Monday. It’s spicy and delicious and I slurp up every bite. Plus pills on the side.


While I eat I watch What Not to Wear. I haven’t seen this show in forever and I forget how addicting it is. I try to mute it/turn it off at 1:30 so I can get back to work, but it only sort of works. I wind up half watching/half answering emails until 2:00. Womp womp.

2:00 pm –  TV is turned off – it’s back to work. Finish up the writing assignments I’m working on.


3:15 pm – Take a break to snuggle with this guy. What a ham.


Turn on Ellen to have playing in the background. I love Ellen and am hoping I can multitask by doing work and listening, but it only sort of works. I wind up missing most of Ellen and also slow down on my work progress. Fail. When Ellen is over, I turn the TV back off and keep working.

4:55 pm – Send one last email, then decide I’m allowed to be done for the today. Technically I’m supposed to work until at least 5:00, but what’s five minutes?!

4:56 pm – Put the iWalk back on, and hobble around a bit to clean up my work station, grab my kindle, refill my water bottle, etc. Jack follows me and brings me every single toy he owns. (That’s a lie, it’s probably only half, but holy cow when did he get so many toys?)

5:00 pm – Turn on the news and read my kindle on the couch with Jack for a while. Fall asleep for a little, which is glorious.

5:39 pm – Jack tells me Fabio is home. Woohoo! He comes in and we are both happy to see him. Fabio tells me about his day then takes out Jack. I’m feeling like a huge lazy bones, but I don’t know what else to do. Ugh. This is going to be a long month on crutches.

6:00 pm – My boys are back! I ask Fabio to bring me a snack and am rewarded with a mini Babybell cheese. Delish. I start this post.

6:35 pm – Fabio’s coworker Torin comes over because they have some work they need to finish up. I get distracted talking to them and this post winds up taking longer than usual. They get to order dinner and expense it to their company, so they ask if I want to order with them. Heck yes I do. We go over delivery menus and decide on Chinese. I was hoping for something a little healthier but I am overruled.

7:35 pm – Dinner is here! We devour Chinese while watching Shark Tank. Not a bad way to spend a Wednesday night.

photo (35)

8:00 – 9:00 pm – Hang out with Fabio and Torin in the living room while they continue working. I putz around on Instagram for a while, read some blogs on my phone, and LOL more than once from a group text I’m in with my best friends from home. I think the boys thought I was a little crazy for laughing out loud by myself. 😉

9:05 pm – Say goodnight to the boys and head to the bedroom to read. When I get in there, I see that Jack is laying under the covers with his head on a pillow like a person.

photo (36)

Oh, with his tongue out. What did you expect?

photo (38)

We snuggle together and I read my Kindle for a while.

photo (37)

10:35 pm – I wind up finishing the book I’m reading – The Invention of Wings – and feel that sense of sadness that comes with the completion of a good book. Luckily my friends from home (the ones I was LOLing about earlier) gave me a ton of good books in a care package they dropped off earlier this week, so now I can browse through the stack and pick a new one. I’ll save that for tomorrow though. For now I turn on the TV (Restaurant Impossible) and try to fall asleep.

10:45 pm – Torin leaves and Fabio comes into the bedroom. I ask him to turn the rest of the lights off because I’m crippled and couldn’t do it myself. He giggles at my helplessness but obliges. He comes to bed and I whine a bit about how much my foot is hurting and how annoying it is not to be able to do anything. He reminds me that this surgery was worth the pain, and that I’ll have a long happy life without any foot pain soon. He brings me half a Vicodin for the pain and a bite of brownie to wash it down. What a guy.

11:00 pm  – Sleep.

Question of the day: If you have a pet, do they have any weird sleeping habits?

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May 022013

Hey there people! Happy Thursdayyyyyy 😀 I am in a fantastic mood this morning for no particular reason and it feels great. Don’t you just love days like that?

Ok so it’s time to announce the winner of Wednesday’s giveaway! Thank you so much to everyone who entered! You guys were really excited about those boxes 😉 I used random.org to pick a winner from the comments. And the winner is…

Number 31, Samantha!

Samantha, please send your shipping address to ChelseaEatsTreats@gmail.com so I can send the information to Bestowed Box. Also, to everyone who didn’t win but is still interested in receiving a box, don’t forget you can get $5 off your order by using the code 5OFFBSTOWED01 at checkout. It sounds like a great deal to me!

A Day In The Life

Earlier this week, Caitlyn from City & The Cubicle left me a sweet comment on my Weight Loss Story. She had never commented before (I don’t think…) and her comment inspired me to pop on over to her blog to see what City & The Cubicle was all about. Upon reading the first post I saw, A Day in the Life, I was hooked by her witty sense of humor and clever idea for a linkup.

In that post Caitlyn claims that her life is super boring and that she was sure no one would link up, but I liked the idea and wanted to prove her wrong. I think everyone likes reading about a day in the life of someone else! So, without further ado, here’s a day in the life of me 🙂

6:25 am: My Sleep Cycle alarm goes off, which either means I’m in the “lightest” cycle of my sleep or I’m all out of time. It’s usually the latter. I hit ignore and go back to sleep.

6:45 am: My “real” alarm starts going off, but I know I still technically have fifteen more minutes. I hit ignore and go back to sleep. Repeat every five minutes until 7:00.

7:00 am: My actual real alarm goes off, which has a different noise than the other one. I’m pathetic, I know. Jack has learned the difference in these alarms, so when the real one goes off (it’s super loud and obnoxious) he jumps on top of me and licks my face. Thanks, Jack. Good morning to you too.

7:03 – 7:12 am: Attempt to wake up my brain by catching up on everything on my phone. I usually look at my Sleep Cycle (to see if I’ve slept well or not so I can decide whether it’s appropriate to be feeling as tired as I am), check the weather, read my horoscope (this is a new habit! Thanks a lot Megan and Vic…), check Facebook, Instagram, and whatever else I can do to prolong the actual start of my day.

7:13 am: Jack is usually whining constantly by now for me to take him outside. I throw on sweatpants and flip flops and toss my hair into a messy bun. Jack runs around frantically until I get the leash out. Then he sits patiently at the door because he knows I won’t put the leash on him until he sits. Good boy.

7:15 am: Jack barrels down the stairs of our apartment and I pray that no one is in the hallway lest 1) he pounces on them in joy or 2) they see me in my full beautiful morning glory. I open the door and Jack runs outside with varrying levels of enthusiasm, depending on the number of squirrels he sees.

7:16 – 7:26 am: We walk around the neighborhood, Jack stopping to pee every few seconds (on all the plants that have signs saying “Keep pets off” while I yank on his leash and tell him to get out of the recently-mulched rose bushes). I listen to Harry Potter on audio book and enjoy the sunshine. This task is a whole lot less enjoyable in the snow and rain.

7:27 am-7:45 am: Head back inside. Jack dances around his food dish until I fill it up. Then I brush my teeth and hop in the shower.

7:46 am-7:57 am: Dry off. Wear comfy white bathrobe that I got for free from work one day last year (weird, I know). Head to the kitchen for breakfast- usually cereal and a banana. Turn on the Today Show. Watch until the local news comes on, which tells me that I’m running late. Oops.

7:58-8:26 am: Continue getting ready while watching the Today Show. I usually bother Fabio at some point, who is still sleeping, by asking him if my outfit looks ok. He grunts. I continue getting ready until the local news comes on again. Time to leave! Force Jack to lick my face (“Give me a kiss. Come on. Jack, just lick me. Jaaaaack. Just a small one. Ok. Thank you. Have a good day.”) and then say bye to Fabio. Grab my bagged lunch, head outside and wave to Fabio and Jack from the window.

8:26-8:55 am: Listen to Harry Potter audio book. Walk to the metro. Have a conversation with the newspaper manwoman (no really, I can’t tell what gender this person is and I see him/her every day) that goes like this…

“Express?” [while he/she holds a newspaper in my direction and smiles]

“No thank you.” [smiling back]

“Have a good day [or weekend, if it’s Friday].” [still smiling]

“You too.” [smile and walk down escalator]

Squeeze onto a packed metro car. Try to hold on to something. Feel excited if I’m lucky enough to stand by a vertical pole. Otherwise I stand on my tip toes and attempt to hold the overhead railing. Try to ignore the feeling of being squashed and rubbed by strangers on every side. Open my kindle, read for 6 minutes until it’s time to get off the metro. Hope my SmartTrip card works, since it can be finnicky. Listen to Harry Potter some more. Walk three blocks to work.

8:56 – 9:25 am: Arrive at work. Check urgent emails. If it’s a bad day, respond to emails instantly and jump right into assignments. If it’s a good day, drop off lunch in the kitchen, pour a huge glass of ice water, and catch up on blogs.

9:26 am-12:16pm: Begin working for real. Procrastinate a little in between projects. Keep working. Go to a meeting. Keep working. Read a Buzzfeed article that my coworker sent me. Send it to all my friends. Watch videos of puppies trying to walk down stairs. Keep working.

12:17 pm-1:17 pm: Lunch time! Walk to kitchen for my lunch. Take a photo if it’s Tuesday. Eat lunch. Read blogs. Write that day’s blog post.

1:18 -5:42 pm: Begrudgingly get back to work. Take a break after a few minutes to eat three Hershey kisses. Get back to work. Go to another meeting. Send a bunch of emails. IM my coworkers. G-chat my friends. Work. Work. Work. Walk to CVS for an errand or grab froyo with coworkers if it’s someone’s birthday or the weather is particularly nice.  Drink some green tea. Eat an apple. Do all of these things. Do none of these things (it varries).

5:42 – 6:35 pm: Enter my time in billable 15 minute increments. Try to remember what I did all day. Log off my computer. Put on headphones and listen to Harry Potter audio book while walking down the stairs (I never take the elevator). Walk back to the metro. Squeeze back onto the crowded metro car. Try to avoid the fat guy’s armpit in my face. Open kindle. Read for 6 minutes. Put on Harry Potter audio book again. Get anxiety about my Smart Trip card holding up the line of people behind me trying to exit. Feel the shame of people going around me, or the thrill of making it through the turnstile on the first try. Walk home. Greet Jack and/or Fabio (if he’s home) and join them for a walk if Fabio hasn’t already taken Jack out.

6:36-7:36 pm: Eat a pretzel stick with hummus and try to prolong my run. Eventually put on running clothes. Put on Harry Potter audio book, again. Start running. Go to Georgetown if it’s three miles. Run along the water if it’s four. Go to the gym and grumble if it’s raining.

7:37-8:15 pm: Start making dinner. Ask Fabio to abandon his cell phone game, Clash of Clans, or the baseball game on ESPN to help me chop the veggies. Catch up on our day. Continue making dinner. Ask Fabio to get the plates down and pour our waters.

8:16 – 9:00 pm: Find something good on TV to watch while eating dinner. Snap a photo of my food, just in case I need it for the blog. Say prayers (“Bless us oh Lord, and these thy gifts, which we are about to receive, from thy bounty, through Christ, Our Lord. Amen.” -the prayer we both learned growing up. “Bless this food to our use and us to thy service” – the prayer my stepdad said when I was growing up. “Thank you for Jack, and our home, and each other. And please help grandpa to get better” -our own thing. Amen.) on varrying levels of speed depending on how excited we are to eat (lol I can’t believe I’m admitting this). Eat dinner. Continue watching TV, usually Dexter, Shameless, Game of Thrones, Homeland, or something on regular TV (The Voice, Biggest Loser, The Bachelor, etc).

9:16-10:37 pm: Once the show ends, do dishes and clean up from dinner. Make lunches. Debate watching more TV. Decide to move to the bedroom. Fabio will put on a baseball game or something and I will probably read. Once the clock approaches 10:30, I put my kindle down and try to watch whatever Fabio has on TV. Fall asleep.

Phew! Now you know more about me than you probably ever wanted to lol. Sorry about that! But it was fun writing it all out and maybe some of you can relate to pieces of it.

I’d love to read other people’s “A day in the life posts” so feel free to visit Caitlyn and participate in her linkup!

Question of the day: What’s the weirdest thing you do every day?

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Mar 172017

Hello there! How was your week? I had a particularly good one–despite some bitter cold weather–and it seemed to fly right by! Here’s a look back at my workouts from the week.

Sat., March 11 – Solo eight-mile run into D.C. and along the Georgetown waterfront.

As I mentioned in my weekend recap, I was super proud of myself for this run since I was cold, alone, and struggling to run up all the hills in Rosslyn. The thought of taking an uber home crossed my mind a million times during the hilly part of the run, but luckily I stuck with it and powered through to the end. Woohoo!

Sun., March 12 – On Sunday I took a Yoga 1 class with Fabio’s sister Diane at Edge Yoga in Courthouse. This is one of my favorite yoga studios and I love that their Yoga 1 class is really what a Yoga 2 class would be anywhere else. We got into some challenging poses (we even attempted flying lizard, which was a no-go for me) and I really enjoyed the stretch after the long run the day before.

Mon., March 13Anne and I decided to start the workweek off on a sweaty note with a Monday morning bootcamp class at Urban Athletic Club. We had the new(ish) instructor, Ali, again, and she took us through a couple of rounds of EMOM (every minute on the minute) and AMRAP (as many reps as possible) intervals with moves like toes to bar, TRX rows, TRX mountain climbers, burpees, thrusters, and more. I challenged myself to use heavier weights than I usually do and I was SO sore after this workout. Phew! It was a good one, if a little more CrossFit-y than I usually like.

Tues., March 14On Tuesday I enjoyed a lazy, snowy rest day! We were initially supposed to get between 8 and 12 inches of snow on Monday night/Tuesday morning, but it wound up being only about 2 or 3 inches here in Arlington. It was still enough to allow Fabio and me to work from home though, so I was a happy camper!

We took Jack to the park before we got started on work, and needless to say, he had a blast in the wet, heavy, snow.

We played a couple of rounds of fetch with a stick we found until we all got too cold and decided it was time to head back.

Once we were warm inside, I made us some blueberry muffins for breakfast using this recipe.

The recipe was perfect since we only had a tiny bit of almond milk in the fridge, and I liked that it called for Greek yogurt, honey, and old fashioned oats instead of any butter, oil, or refined sugar. Woohoo!

Fabio and I wound up working from the couch in front of the fire for most of the day, which was lovely! I could get used to that!

Wed., March 15 – Anne and I were ready for another sweaty workout on Wednesday morning, so we hit up BLAST in Foggy Bottom for a treadmill/strength workout. For anyone who hasn’t been to BLAST, it’s very similar to Orange Theory in that half the class is spent on the treadmill completing various different intervals (sprints and steep hill climbs) and the other half is spent on the floor doing various strength work.

Anne and I both agreed we enjoyed the BLAST workout more than we did the last couple of times we’ve gone to the class. I don’t know if it was the instructor (we had Lauren) or just that we are getting more familiar with the format, but I have a feeling we’ll start going back to BLAST more often!

Thurs., March 16  On Thursday, Fabio and I took a spin class at FlyWheel in City Center. It was a great class, and as usual, I sweat up a storm.

My overall score at the end of class was 158, and when I checked back to see how my score compared to last time, I realized that the last class I took was exactly one month ago (Feb. 16) and I got exactly the same score then too. How random is that? I usually fall somewhere between 230 and 270, but to get the exact same number two classes in a row is a pretty big coincidence. What can I say, I guess I’m consistent lately? Anyway, the class was great! Plus I always like when Fabio joins me for a class. 🙂

Fri., March 17 – Rest day!

Ok so really quickly before I sign off for today, I have to share this random story with you from this week.

So on Monday at Urban Athletic Club, Anne and I were chatting with this girl during our cool down stretch about where she likes to go on ClassPass. I remember she had a really cute matching leggings/sports bra set that had black and white palm trees on them, and she had a University of Maryland gym bag. We left class and I didn’t think about her again.

Then on Wednesday as I was leaving BLAST, I noticed the girl walking out in front of me had a University of Maryland gym bag. I looked down and saw the black and white palm tree leggings! My first thought was, OMG – it’s that girl again! My second thought was, I hope she did laundry yesterday! (Lol – hopefully she did.) She was too far away from me by then for me to say anything to her, but I remember thinking it was such a coincidence to see her twice in one week.

THEN on Thursday when I got to FlyWheel, I saw the University of Maryland gym bag again! It was sitting under a bench and when I looked around, sure enough I saw the same girl sitting by me putting on her spin shoes (this time she was also wearing the palm tree sports bra so again, I hope she did laundry lol). This time I said hi to her, and we laughed about how we took three of the same classes this week.

Anyway, I just thought it was such a random coincidence that I had to share here! Now I’m wondering when I’ll see her again, and if she’ll have on something other than the palm tree outfit, lol. Next time I see her I also want to ask if she went to University of Maryland! I’d love to find out if we have any Terp friends in common.

Alright friends, that’s all for today. Have a wonderful weekend!

Question of the day: Have you ever seen a stranger more than once in a week? It’s so weird when that happens, right?

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Dec 192016

Hi! How was your weekend? Mine was a nice and relaxing one at home, but was also really productive. Now I’m feeling ready for the holidays and the week ahead! Woohoo!


Fabio and I enjoyed a nice little date night on Friday. 🙂 We had such a great time at Texas Jack’s over Thanksgiving – and really appreciated their $5 sandwiches during happy hour – that we decided to go back for a date night!

We both started with beers, which were also $5. You can’t beat these prices!

Then we each got a brisket sandwich and shared an order of fries. Everything was just as delicious as we remembered, and we had such a nice evening sitting at the bar and chatting about work, our plans for the holidays, our wedding, and our honeymoon.

Recycled photo from last time

What a fun date night!

When we got home, we did a little more honeymoon planning which was really fun. I think we’re going to book our flights soon! Eek!

Eventually we wrapped up our planning session and moved to the couch where we watched an episode of our new favorite show: The Crown. It’s a good one! Meanwhile, Jack kept us company. 🙂

Eventually we all got sleepy and headed up to bed.


I had hoped Saturday would be a fun day spent doing Christmassy things, but it wound up being not as fun but way more productive. Eh well, it could have been worse.

First, we headed to Home Depot where we spent way too much time returning a bunch of stuff we bought during our last trip, and then filling up our cart with just as much new stuff (that we will probably wind up needing to return in a week or two). Story. Of. My. Life.

After Home Depot we drove over to TJ Maxx where we did get to do a little Christmas shopping. It was so crowded though! I guess we aren’t the only ones who wait until the weekend before Christmas to get stuff done. 😉

When we got home, Fabio got working on a bunch of house projects. He wound up fixing the light in my bathroom, and it looks so much better now! He also fixed the fan in my bathroom last week, so now both are working perfectly. Yay!

He also replaced all the doorknobs upstairs, which is a HUGE improvement. Not only do they look better, but now no one is going to accidentally lock themselves in the guest bathroom …which is what used to happen anytime someone used that bathroom. Yikes. This update was definitely a good one.

Meanwhile, I cleaned the whole house from top to bottom! It felt good to have clean windows, showers/tubs, toilets (ughh), microwave, laundry, and everything else, since lately I’ve only had time for the basic vacuuming and dusting. Sigh. One day I will be able to convince Fabio that we need a cleaning lady.

Once we were both finished, we rewarded our hard work with spiked hot apple cider, pizza, and a movie. 🙂

We wound up watching the Fundamentals of Caring on Netflix which was really cute! I did think the plot was weirdly similar to Me Before You (minus the romance), but I still enjoyed it a lot. It’s a good one!


On Sunday morning, Anne scooped me up for a workout date! We headed back to Definitions — this time to try their new MRT climb class!

Their new climber equipment is really cool, and pretty challenging too! To use the machines, you step up onto pedals and then grab hold of the handlebars, and then “climb” until you reach a certain speed (there are signs for targets to reach for jogging, running, and sprinting).

The day’s workout was a particularly tough one, and these climbers didn’t make it any easier! There was a lot of cardio and Anne and I were both panting and sweaty by the end. Phew! All in all we loved this class, and are trying to encourage our friends at Definitions to add a 7 a.m. climber class into their weekly rotation. We will totally take this class again if it fits into our schedule.

It was weirdly warm out after class, so we grabbed a couple of lattes from Baked and Wired and then walked around the Georgetown waterfront. It was looking very festive!

Like usual, we had a great time chatting away and before we knew it, it was time to turn around and head home.

When I got back, I quickly showered and meal planned, and then Fabio and I were off to the grocery store.

After a quick trip, we arrived back at home and I got busy in the kitchen making holiday treats for our coworkers! I wound up making these gingersnap cookies

this “Christmas crack”….

…and a variation of these m&m cookies (the ones in the cookbook I used also have chocolate chips in them). Of course I did some tasting and snacking while I baked, which in my opinion is the best part of cookie-making. You gotta’ taste the dough to make sure it’s going to be good, right??

Jack was a fan of all my baking too. 🙂

No surprise there.

Now everything is packed up and ready to take to work! I hope our coworkers like them. 🙂

We ended the evening with laundry folding (clearly we procrastinated a bit on that) and more episodes of The Crown.

The end!

Question of the day: What’s your favorite thing to bake during the holidays?

Growing up, my mom always made homemade caramels and snickerdoodles, so now I always think of those as holiday desserts. 🙂

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Dec 142016

Holiday gift guides seem to be popping up online every day now, and I always love browsing through them. Truthfully, my favorite guides to read are the ones geared toward women with similar interests as me–that way I (selfishly) know what to ask for! 🙂 And while the clock is definitely ticking, there’s still some time to get something special for the fitness-loving, foodie, female in your life (how’d you like that alliteration, eh?).

So, here are some of my favorite holiday gift ideas this season!


Gift card for a fitness class or studio

Last year my Aunt CC and Uncle Steve got me a two-month gift certificate to ClassPass (<–affiliate link for $30 off!) which was just the best! Having a membership to ClassPass is something that makes me so incredibly happy, so this gift went over great for me.

This year I’m asking for a gift certificate to CorePower Yoga since their classes aren’t on ClassPass as much these days. They have a great deal right now where $100 gift certificates only cost $80!

Festive Jewelry

I always enjoy a little something sparkly around the holidays (and, let’s be honest, all times of the year). I’ve gotten some really fun sparkly statement necklaces as gifts in the past (Francesca’s has a great selection and they aren’t as pricey as some others you’ll find) and I find myself turning to them time and time again during the holidays!

I also love all things Kate Spade, and I think their sparkly studs that come in a bunch of colors are really fun.


Wintery Clothing

This time of year I feel like you can never have enough cozy sweaters in your life! This year I’m loving the longer cardigans, kimonos and vests that drape down, and I’ve seen a ton of affordable ones — some with fun aztec prints! — at places like TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Target.

Here’s a fun vest I saw online at Francesca’s!


Psst – this is a steal compared to similar versions sold at Anthropologie!

Fitness Apparel

Come on, you knew this would be on my list right? 😉 I ask for new fitness gear every year and usually take this opportunity to ask for something a little bit nicer quality than I would typically buy for myself.

This year I’m loving these tights from Athleta and this jacket from Lululemon.

athletapants lululemonzipup

This is something I would use every day and is a little bit more of a splurge than I would get for myself. It’s a perfect holiday gift!

New Training Shoes

Similar to workout apparel, I think new training shoes would make a great gift! I rarely buy myself new running shoes or cross-training shoes, so when someone buys me new ones that’s pretty much the only time I replace them. (Unless they are seriously worn down, in which case I will procrastinate as long as possible before buying new ones.)

I’m loving the Nike Women’s Flyknits right now and think they would be great for all the bootcamp classes I take! Plus they come in lots of fun colors.


Something Personal

The end of 2015 and all of 2016 were big years for me personally–from getting engaged last Christmas to buying a house in July–so a personalized gift with some of these milestones would mean a lot to me. I actually recently bought myself this ornament from Etsy to remember our first Christmas in our house, and I think a personalized wedding ornament or memento could make a great gift.


While Etsy is obviously a good place to look, there are lots of other places online to find gifts too! I was actually recently contacted by the folks at Uncommon Gifts, and I was surprised by the amount of truly unique personalized gifts I found on their website. In particular I’m loving this tote bag with a personalized picture of your pet on it. If anyone wants to get me one with Jack’s picture on the front I won’t mind a bit! 😉 I actually wound up crossing two people off my list this year with personalized gifts from this site, but I can’t post them here because they both read the blog! 🙂

Some of the stuff on that site is a bit out there, but some of it’s really great too. I think it would be especially helpful if you’re stumped on what to get a boyfriend or husband–I never know what to buy for boys!

Question of the day: How much holiday shopping have you done?

I only have three measly gifts so far…looks like I need to get on it!

*Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored in any way and all opinions are my own. Some affiliate links are included. I also received two free gifts from Uncommon Goods in exchange for a review of their site.*

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Dec 092016

Helloooo, and happy Friday to you! Is everyone ready for the weekend?

I know I am. Tomorrow evening (it’s Thursday night as I’m typing this), I’ll be hopping on a bus to NYC with Fabio and our friends, Megan and JR! Like last year and the year before, we wanted to plan a weekend trip up to the Big Apple to celebrate the holidays with some of our very best friends.

This year I’ll be spending time with my best friends from high school (Bianca, Hana, and Sam) as we as my best friends from college (known as Sloppytown or The Gurlays). I can’t wait for us all to be reunited again!


Before I can dive into the weekend fun though, let’s talk about some of the things that made me smile this week with my usual Favorite Things Friday post! Feel free to play along in the comments below and let me know what you were loving this week.

Favorite Purchase

A while back, my friend Cait raved to me about her new favorite cookbook, Cravings by Chrissy Teigen. At the time I had just bought Eating in the Middle, a cookbook by Andie Mitchell, and so I raved back about that one.

Then my mom got me the Cook’s Illustrated cookbook for my birthday, and I realized how ridiculously happy it makes me to read a new cookbook.

I know they might not be for everyone – certainly the Internet has changed the way most people find recipes – but there is something about flipping through the pages of a book with beautiful glossy photographs and flagging recipes that I know I want to make in the future. It also makes meal planning a lot easier because I can just look back at the pages I’ve bookmarked when it’s time to select a recipe.

So, last week when I saw Chrissy Tiegen’s cookbook included on a holiday gift guide I was reading, I decided to treat myself to it.


As predicted, it made me way too happy as I sat on the couch flipping through the pages.

I’ve already made two of the recipes from the book: the veggie stew and the cobb salad. Both were incredible! Admittedly Fabio was skeptical about both dishes (veggie stew??? “Just” a salad for dinner???) but even he agreed that they were both a hit. Yay!


Anyway, all three of the cookbooks I mentioned above have amazing recipes in them, so if you’re looking for a gift to give a foodie in your life I definitely recommend them!

Favorite View

On Wednesday morning, Fabio, Jack, and I drove over to the National Mall to meet our friend Dan for a running date! Sadly we weren’t able to connect with Dan – he didn’t bring his phone with him and after waiting for him in our agreed upon spot for 10 minutes we just decided to start running. (When we talked to him later he said he waited for us for about 10 minutes too, so we still don’t know what happened!) Anyway, we had a nice little family run on the National Mall and got to enjoy quite the views!


I love that we got to see the National Christmas tree!

It was quite cold and gray out on Wednesday, but on our way home we got to enjoy a nice pink sunrise. Too bad it wasn’t like that while we were running!


In other workout news, I took not one but two great bootcamp classes with Anne this week via ClassPass (<– affiliate link for $30 off!). Now that Anne isn’t training for any races, she’s planning to take more bootcamp classes with me during this week. This is fantastic news for me because having a workout buddy keeps me accountable (plus, it’s always fun to chat with her during class). Hooray!

Favorite Treat

I know I mentioned this on Wednesday, but the peppermint chocolate sandwich cookies from Giant are so freaking delicious and addicting. I am thinking of buying more when we finish this box…and I NEVER buy cookies. Help!


Favorite Spirit

It’s the mooooooost wonderful time of the year. I love all things holiday, and there were a bunch of holiday related sights and events this week that made me smile.

First, there is ABC Family’s (now called Free Form??) Christmas lineup. The other night Fabio was out at a work holiday party so I wound up watching The Santa Claus and then Elf, which are two of my all-time favorite movies. I think I’ve seen them both way too many times (especially the Santa Claus which I basically watched on repeat as a kid) but they never get old to me.


Then there’s our fireplace, which I think is so cozy and cute right now with the little stockings. Plus there’s nothing better than a warm fire when it’s cold out! Fabio’s gotten really good at building the fires too.


Lastly, holiday cards started arriving in the mail this week from our friends and family! These make me so happy and I love displaying them on the Christmas tree. Here’s a cute one from Jess and Erick! Miss you guys! <3


Favorite New Friend

Our friends Jojo and Jadd are watching Jack for us this weekend while we’re in New York, so earlier this evening we dropped him off at their house. They recently adopted an adorable pup named Tilly, and Jack and Tilly were instant BFFs. Yay! I’m so happy to know he’ll be in good hands while we’re gone. 🙂


Thanks again for watching him, guys!

Alright friends, that’s all I have for you today. Have a wonderful weekend!

Question of the day: What made you smile this week?

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Oct 122016

Hey friends! How is your week going so far? Mine is excellent, and I am absolutely loving my new job! I thought I’d tell you a bit more about it by doing a day-in-the-life style recap of my first day (Monday). Here we go!

I started my day off with a challenging bootcamp workout at MADabolic via ClassPass (<– affiliate link for $30 off!). We went through a great circuit that included weighted walking lunges, D-ball slams, box step-ups, rowing, and kickboxing. It was a tough one, and I was a sweaty mess by the end. 🙂


Side note: Whenever I have an important day ahead of me (i.e., a new job!!) I almost always make sure to get a morning workout in. It just sets me up to feel so much better for the rest of the day!

After my class, I came home, showered, and ate a bowl of Quaker Oatmeal Squares + skim milk (not the smartest breakfast choice since it was so low in protein, but sadly I didn’t take the time time to prep anything else over the weekend). Then it was time to get dressed for my first day!


For my new gig, I’ll be driving to work instead of taking the metro, which is something totally new for me! I hardly ever drive (Fabio and I share a car) so it’s definitely going to take some getting used to. The good news is that my new commute is only 15 minutes, which is SO nice compared to my old commute of an hour. Woohoo!

When I arrived at my new job, I sat down with my manager, headed to a training, and then immediately got started on a bunch of projects! Later I went out to lunch with my new team (we went to Clyde’s where I ordered an unpictured curried chicken salad) and had a great time getting to know everyone. The Marketing/Communications team at my new office is pretty big, and most of the employees are similar to me in age, so I think I’m going to make a lot of new friends. 🙂 The rest of the day was spent heading to meetings and reading up on the projects I’ll be working on.

Overall, I was so incredibly excited by everything I found out I’ll be doing. I will be working on consumer-facing campaigns to educate the public about treating and preventing diabetes, including how to balance a healthy lifestyle with a healthy diet and exercise. So perfect!! Since the organization I’m now working for is so much bigger than where I was working before, they actually are capable of hosting really cool events (sometimes with celebrities) and can make real progress! I’m planning to talk to my new manager to see how much information I’m allowed to share on here (I want to make sure I’m not breaking any company policies or anything) and then I’ll elaborate on what I can.

The overall verdict was that I had an amazing first day, and am so excited about my new responsibilities.

At 5:00 I hopped in the car, and I was back home by 5:20. This new commute is SO great!

I spent the rest of the evening blabbering away to Fabio about everything that I learned and all that I’ll be working on, while cooking a Blue Apron meal of steamed pork buns and a kimchi style side of cabbage.


It came together so well and Fabio and I both agreed that we loved this meal! We are going to see if we can find these kinds of buns in the grocery store. 🙂



After dinner we had some ice cream for dessert, and I don’t even remember if I watched anything on TV or just called it a night. I do remember feeling exhausted!

Question of the day: Do you have a ritual that you do before a big day?

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