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Apr 082015

Hi friends! How is everyone today? Even though the weather is kind of crappy here, I’m in an oddly chipper mood. I’m not really sure why, but I’ll take it!

Since today’s Wednesday, I thought I would once again take the opportunity to join Jenn and tons of other bloggers from around the web in the good old What I Ate Wednesday linkup. Today Arman from The Big Man’s World is hosting the linkup. Thanks, Arman!


Let’s take a look at my Monday, shall we?


My day began with another 6:00 am spin class at Revolve DC.


I have to admit when I crawled out of bed at 5:15 I was feeling pretty miserable, but as soon as I got changed into my spin gear and took Jack for his walk I felt much better. By the time I arrived at the studio I was ready to sweat, and sweat I did.


For whatever reason this workout felt extra tough on Monday, and I was totally red-faced and dripping by the time I headed back home. Lovely.

Breakfast #1

Once I got home, I drank a glass of fresh juice which included beets, carrots, lemon, celery and ginger.


It was a tasty batch, but very lemony since we had a few lemons we needed to use up. It almost was more like lemonade than veggie juice!

Breakfast #2

After a much-needed shower, I dug into my second breakfast of the day: a bowl of 1/2 vanilla almond and 1/2 multigrain Special K cereal, plus skim milk and some raisins tossed in.


Raisin Bran is one of my favorite childhood cereals, but I never buy it because it’s loaded with added sugar (you can even see the sugar coating the raisins). I don’t know why it took me this long to realize that if I added my own raisins to a regular bran-type cereal, I could make my own lightened up Raisin Bran. Duh! I can be so dense sometimes. Anyway, this is a really delicious combination that I’ve been enjoying all week. 🙂 Plus we are out of bananas at the moment, so raisins are a good way to make my bowl a bit more interesting.

Snack #1

As much as I love Special K cereal for breakfast, it does absolutely nothing for keeping me full. At around 10:30, I dug into half of a peanut butter crunch CLIF bar.


I bought these CLIF bars on a whim at Costco a few weeks ago, and I have been absolutely loving them. In addition to the peanut butter crunch flavor, the box also came with chocolate chip. Both flavors are awesome!

These bars are great because they have 11g of protein, making them great for post-workout snacks. Granted I waited a little while after my workout to eat it, but at least I got that protein in! These are seriously delicious.


At noon, I headed out into the gorgeous sunshine to meet my friend Claire for lunch. The weather was absolutely beautiful on Monday!


Claire and I began working together back in 2012, and we have been close friends ever since. She recently got a new job near me in Silver Spring, and we are planning to have lunch together at least once a week. I’m so happy I’ll get to see her more!

We decided to head to Potbelly since she had two coupons for free sandwiches (woohoo!) and I opted for my usual turkey and swiss on whole wheat bread with lettuce, tomato, and mayo. Yum, yum, yum.


I had no problem finishing this off.

We sat outside since the weather was so nice, and had a great time chatting about her new job. Claire also lives in NoMa – the area Fabio and I are thinking about moving to – so I asked her about a million questions about the neighborhood. So nice to have a good resource!

Snack #2

After work I met Fabio at the dog park, which was so nice. On my walk over from the metro, I munched on the other half of the peanut butter CLIF bar (unpictured).

This winter we really didn’t make it to the dog park much, and on Monday I realized how much I missed this little routine. It’s just so nice to spend some time outside in the afternoon with my little family!



After the dog park we headed home, where I whipped up a quick dinner. As I mentioned, we had some lemons to use up, so I made this creamy lemon pepper orzo with chicken, and tossed in a fire-roasted red pepper that we had hanging out in in the fridge.


It was delicious, and Fabio and I both gobbled it right up. There was also a ton of orzo leftover, which I have been adding to my salads all week. So good!

After dinner Fabio worked on his taxes, while I played around with fitting our furniture into our potential new apartment.


Unfortunately it looks like not all of our furniture will fit, but all the important stuff is in there! I’m hoping to chat with Fabio tonight to make a decision one way or the other, so we will see what happens.

Question of the day: What did you miss most about spring?

I have to say the green trees, the longer days, and just being outside!

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Dec 192017

When I looked back at my phone to see what pictures I had to document this past weekend, I realized there were surprisingly few. Womp womp – blogger fail.

BUT, I did have some pictures from a fun night out on Wednesday last week, so I’m sharing those with you guys today as well! Let’s dive right into today’s weekend + random Wednesday recap. 🙂

As I mentioned, after work on Wednesday I had plans to meet up my old coworkers, Claire, Jojo, Shriya, and Brittany!

We haven’t all worked together since early 2013, but I love that we always make an effort to see each other for various dinners and happy hours throughout the year. I love having good friends that I can count on to stay in touch!

This time we decided to meet up for a cozy dinner at the festive Floriana, and of course, we couldn’t resist snapping a picture with the large Christmas tree outside the restaurant. I just love this spot during the holidays!

Once we sat down at our table and caught up over delicious bread and homemade pesto, we swapped Secret Santa gifts! I had Claire and got her a sweater from J. Crew, and Brittany had me and got me an eye mask and the most amazing smelling candle. Yay! Secret Santa is so fun. 🙂

For my meal, I got the braised lamb gnocchi with a big old dollop of house-made ricotta on top. Yummmm.

My meal was delicious, and I had plenty of leftovers the next day too!

Claire and Jojo are both somewhat recently engaged (and now after this past weekend, Brittany is too!) so we had a fun night catching up about wedding planning and work over lots of wine and laughter. What a fun night with friends!

As for my weekend, it was a good one! Friday night was spent hanging out at home watching The Crown. Anyone else watching?

I was so, so happy to be on the couch with the glow of the Christmas tree and the warmth of the fire. Is there anything better?

On Saturday, we were up bright and early for an early morning dentist appointment in Reisterstown, MD (outside of Baltimore) with our brother-in-law, Alex. Though we had to get up pretty early to make it to Alex’s office by 9, it was worth it since we got to stop by and see this little cutie on the way! (We dropped Jack off at Diane and Alex’s house so he could hang out there while we got our teeth cleaned).

Baby Michael turned four months old on Saturday and was looking even cuter than last time we saw him. What a little nugget!

He was also way more grabby this time – when I held him he was all about holding on to my nose, chin, and scarf. 🙂

After our dentist appointment (no cavities!), we ran some errands then scooped up Jack and headed over to our friends Jay and Meg’s place in Baltimore. Jay and Meg recently bought a house, and we were excited to see it and stay there for the remainder of the weekend.

Upon arriving, we wasted no time heading out for some fun! We first popped into Das Bier Haus for some lunch and drinks and were entertained by a crowd of folks participating in an ugly sweater bar crawl, complete with competitions to see which team of four people could finish off a boot of beer first. Yep, entertainment at its finest!

For my lunch, I enjoyed a tasty Reuben sandwich and fries. Yum!

After that, we headed to one other beer garden (I forget the name!) and then headed back to Jay and Meg’s to get ready for a holiday party at our friends Tom and Cait’s place. Tom and Cait also recently got engaged (next year is going to be #alltheweddings) so we were thrilled to be able to celebrate with them! Somehow I didn’t manage to get a single picture from the party – I was having too much fun catching up with everyone! – but it was really a lot of fun.

Fabio and I headed back home around noon on Sunday, and my afternoon was spent baking tons of cookies for our coworkers to enjoy this week.

I wound up making ginger snaps and chocolate chip M&M cookies from my Sally’s Baking Addiction cookbook, and these “world peace cookies” that I heard about on the Bon Appetit podcast. All of the cookies came out great, but I was especially happy with the world peace cookies! BTW – apparently they have that name because if everyone ate them we’d have world peace. Ha! They’re THAT good!

And that’s about it for our weekend! It sure was a good one, and it’s hard to believe next weekend is Christmas! Where did 2017 go?!

Question of the day: What kind of treats do you like to make or eat during the holidays?

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Jul 212017

Helloooo! How’s everyone doing today? Did you have a good week?

Mine was really crazy – work is incredibly busy right now and I’ve been trying to do too many things at once and wind up doing none of them very well. I can feel myself making stupid mistakes because I’m trying to juggle too many projects, and for the first time in possibly my whole life I’m not meeting all my deadlines. Hellpppppp!

Needless to say, this weekend couldn’t come soon enough.

At least my boys made me smile a lot this week when I finally got to head home and relax!

I especially love this picture from bed time the other night. 🙂

That face!

Anyway, let’s take a look at my workouts this week!

Saturday, July 15 – As I mentioned, on Saturday morning I took a very slow, easy-going yoga class with my friend Jojo at Lincoln Park in D.C.

Although it barely felt like a workout, it was nice to get outside and relax my mind a bit!

Sunday, July 16 – Rest day! We spent Sunday helping Diane and Alex prepare for the baby, who will be here before we know it! (Still no sign of him yet though..)

Monday, July 17 – On Monday, I took Jack for a steamy three-mile run. This week has been super hot, and both of us were feeling the heat. By the end of the run, Jack was lagging behind me a bit, which almost never happens. Poor guy! We definitely took it easy on our speed and will continue to do so until the weather cools down a bit.

Tuesday, July 18 – Tuesday morning kicked off with a bootcamp class with Anne at Next Phase Studio via ClassPass (<– affiliate link for $40 off!).

This time we had Emily as our instructor, and she was great! Our workout included lots of unique and challenging exercises, and she was very efficient when telling us which stations to go to and what moves to do at each. There wasn’t a ton of time spent standing around listening to instructions, which I loved!

Here I am post-workout demonstrating one of the moves we did – kettlebell squats!

The hardest move she had us do though was pull-ups on the TRX straps. For this, she had us sit on the floor with our legs out in front of us and then we had to pull ourselves up using the TRX straps. It was so, so hard (much harder than a pull-up with bands) and my arms were sore for days afterword. Awesome workout!

Wednesday, July 19 – On Wednesday, I joined Anne again and our buddy Kathleen for a bootcamp class at our favorite spot, Urban Athletic Club. We had Graham for our teacher, and his workouts are always really hard (in the best way).

At one point he had me doing hanging knee raises, and he then he came over and put a 10-pound medicine ball in my lap. As if hanging knee raises weren’t hard enough!

Thursday, July 20 – Thursday was a rest day, and I enjoyed sleeping in and snuggling with Jack and Fabio for an extra hour and 45 minutes. 🙂

Friday, July 21 – It’s Thursday night as I’m typing this up, but tomorrow morning I’m planning to take Jack for a one-mile run and then complete an interval workout at the track. It should be a good one!

As for other highlights this week, I had a fun happy hour/dinner with my old coworkers – Jojo, Claire, Shriya, and Brittany – on Wednesday night at Farmers Fishers Bakers on the Georgetown waterfront.

I started off with a delicious cucumber cocktail and then ordered the crunchy tuna roll for my meal. We also got tableside guacamole and chips!

Yum! It was a really fun night with my girl friends, but it was also super hot! We sat outside thinking there might be a breeze since we were by the water, but no dice. Ordering cold sushi and sipping an icy cocktail helped though!

We also enjoyed a bunch of Blue Apron meals this week.

On Tuesday evening, our neighbor knocked on our door and offered us a free Blue Apron box. Apparently Blue Apron made a mistake and sent him two boxes of the same thing (he only ordered one), so he offered the extra to us. YES!!

We hadn’t had Blue Apron in ages, and it was really nice to have a bunch of meals ready to make without me having to think too much. So far we’ve enjoyed pasta with basil, zucchini, tomatoes, and Parmesan, and steak with potatoes, homemade pickles, and more zucchini. And we have a corn and chicken dish still to make! Woohoo! Best neighbor ever. Haha!

Alright friends, that’s all I have for you today. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Question of the day: How hot is it where you are?

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May 242017

Hi friends! How is your week going so far? Sorry for the delay in posting my weekend recap; things have been extremely busy on the wedding front (and work-wise, if I’m being honest), so it’s been hard to find the time to sit down and write.

On Sunday evening for example, which is normally when I would write my weekend recap post, I was busy planning out which hotel rooms each of our guests will be staying in. It was like planning a seating chart, only with hotel rooms. It was kind of fun, but also a lot of work!

Anyway, I did have a really nice weekend that included a mini bachelorette party with some girlfriends, so I wanted to make sure to still get a recap in. Here’s a look back!


Our Friday night began with a few errands to pick up supplies for the wedding, including welcome bag items, alcohol for the after party, etc. I think we finally have everything we need, though we are seriously lacking space to store it all in. Yikes.

We also kicked off our Friday evening with some tequila from my wedding basket! This one was supposed to be for the seating chart, but that night we started working on the hotel room assignments which we figured was pretty similar. Plus there’s still plenty of tequila left for when we actually do tackle the seating chart and escort cards, which will be in our very near future. Gulp. We need to get on that.

Fabio used the tequila to make us each a margarita, and they turned out great!

To go with our margaritas, I made us some Caesar salads with salmon.

I even made homemade croutons by toasting a random hamburger bun we had on hand and sprinkling it with salt, pepper, and garlic salt – I guess the margarita had me feeling creative. Ha!

After dinner, we hung out on the couch watching Netflix, which was my definition of a perfect Friday night. Our favorite furry companion joined us.

He has absolutely no sense of personal space – these are my legs he’s laying on. 🙂



On Saturday morning, I met up with some friends for a mini bachelorette party! I had invited these ladies to come on my March bachelorette party in Florida, but due to tight budgets/limited vacation time/other obligations they weren’t able to come. Luckily, they are awesome friends and decided to plan a mini, local bachelorette party for me instead! This group of ladies includes friends that I used to work with ages ago, and my stepsister Maggie even joined us as well! Woohoo! They’re the best. 🙂

We started off our day with breakfast at Northside Social, my absolute favorite Arlington cafe/breakfast spot. I got the smoked salmon (yep, more salmon) and poached egg sandwich and it was delicious!

Then we headed off to a couple of vineyards for a fun day of wine-tasting! We started at Hillsborough Vineyard, which featured some beautiful views! 

My favorite wine at this vineyard was Ruby’s Blush, a delicious rosé. Yum! Claire was a sweetheart and bought me a bottle to go. Thanks, Claire!!

After our tasting, we moved outside where we enjoyed some snacks that the girls brought (goat cheese brie, hummus, crackers, carrots, and chocolates – perfection!) and enjoyed the views.

Eventually, it was time to move on to vineyard number two: 868 Estate Vineyards! This vineyard was pretty crowded and we wound up doing our tasting standing up at the bar, which was fine but not as nice as the ambiance at Hillsborough.

One of the options for this wine tasting was the “truffle tasting” which came with different chocolate truffles for each wine. Yum! We got one of these to share and wound up cutting the truffles into little pieces so we could all try some. The wine was good, but I mostly remember loving the truffles. 🙂

On our way out, we randomly bumped into my cousins Yasi and Niloo, who were also vineyard hopping! It was so nice to see them, even if it was only for a minute.

Then we headed over to Breaux vineyards, which was definitely the biggest vineyard we went to that day. The grounds were so beautiful!

It was a little chilly by this point so we all huddled together, but it was so pretty out that we didn’t want to move inside. We were having too much fun!

After this vineyard, we decided it was time to call it quits, and my friends came back home with me where we ate dinner and eventually said our goodbyes.

I can’t thank my friends and stepsister enough for taking the time to plan this special day for me! They really are so thoughtful, and I had a blast with all of them.

Thank you also to Shriya and Maggie for being our designated drivers and not minding when the rest of us had too much wine. 🙂

If you’re ever looking for vineyards to visit in the Loudoun County area of Virginia, I definitely recommend these three! They were all about three minutes from each other, which made popping from one to the other so easy. What a fun day!


On Sunday, we made a quick drive out to Bethesda to watch my favorite little person’s playoff lacrosse game!

Though Nicole’s team didn’t win, I’m so glad we went and were able to watch her running around in her element. Now that she’s getting older (12!!) it’s really fun to watch her interact with her friends and get more involved in sports!

Go Nicole!

And, as you already saw, our Sunday afternoon/evening was spent working on wedding stuff. I really hope to be able to keep up with regular blog updates throughout the next two weeks before the wedding (!!!), but it’s definitely getting more and more difficult. I’ll do my best though because I really want to document this fun time in our lives!

Question of the day: Have you been to any good vineyards in Virginia? If so, which ones?

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Mar 232017

Well, I really tried to make this the final recap post of my bachelorette party in Fort Lauderdale, but I couldn’t do it! So, you will have one more post after this one. Sorry! Hopefully you don’t mind too much. 🙂

If you missed the first two recaps, you can read about our first day and night in Fort Lauderdale here, and read about our fun day by the pool here! When we last left off, we had just finished chatting in the hot tub before going inside to get ready for dinner.

We decided to wear our fun bachelorette tanks for this night – mine was white and in gold sparkles said “Drunk in Love” and everyone else’s were black and said “Just Drunk.” Yep! Sounds about right! 🙂

Once we were all just about ready, all my friends secretly got together in the back room. I had no idea what they were doing, but then they all came out with flower crowns and – get this – tattoos with Fabio’s face on them!!

(FYI – they got them from my sorority sister’s Etsy store, Dunkirk Designs!)

How hysterical, right? They had one for me too, obviously. 🙂

How funny! They also had tattoos that said “Make good decisions,” so I decided to wear that one on my lower back. Haha!

I then took the opportunity to take a million pictures with my amazing friends! Here I am with Sam, Hana, and Bianca. I’ve been friends with Hana since first grade, and Sam and Bianca since middle school!

Bianca is also one of my maids of honor, and she did a great job planning some of these fun bachelorette decorations and surprises. 🙂

I also grabbed a picture with Kristen, my pledge sister! We met in the fall of 2008 – the same time that I met Fabio – and have been such good friends ever since. <3

Then there’s Megan, who was basically the bachelorette planning Queen! She’s super organized and helped Bianca with a lot (ok, all) of the planning logistics. We’ve also been friends since college, and she’s now the only one still living in Arlington with me (all of our other gurlays have moved away!). I don’t know what the heck I would do without her.

Then we have Catrinaaaa! My California girl, fitness buddy, fellow foodie, and amazing friend. I don’t get to see her enough!!! Move back to the East Coast, Treen!

A Megan/Catrina sandwich!

And then there’s this. Lol.

That right there is probably one of my favorite pictures from the whole trip. It’s so us!

Once we were done with our photo shoot (this wasn’t even all the girls – just a few of them!) we hopped in a Lyft and headed to a drag show at Lips!

When we got there, we saw that Hana had coordinated another Snapchat filter for us. Seriously, my friends spoiled me rotten during this trip.

Somehow we got SUPER lucky and wound up with a table right up front. Look at my bachelorette crew! Aren’t they beautiful? (People probably hated us, lol. We were definitely “those annoying bachelorette party girls.”)


Before the start of the show, we met our waitress for the evening, Chocolata. She had such great energy and right from the get-go I could tell she was going to make the night so much fun.

We ordered our food and a couple of drinks before the show started, and I ate some surprisingly good mushroom raviolis. (I say surprisingly because I’m not sure good food is the main focus of a drag show place, haha!)

Then Chocolata brought over two bottles of champagne and said they were from Claire and Jojo!! I couldn’t believe it – two of my sweet friends who weren’t able to come on the trip had coordinated to have the champagne brought over to us. How many times can I say that my friends are the best?

Once we were done with our food, it was time for the show! Our front and center seats came in handy and we had a great view.

After a couple of entertaining acts, Chocolata came out in a whole new outfit and worked the room with an amazing lip synching and dance performance!

I looove this picture of her putting her boot on the table in front of Megan.


Basically, Chocolata was phenomenal.

Then before I knew it, the main part of the show was over and I was being called up on stage with a bunch of other bachelorettes for a challenge! I screenshotted this picture from Hana’s Snapchat. 🙂

For the challenge, we had to get on our hands and knees and take a “blow job” shot without using our hands. Yep, I had to do that. On stage. In front of a bunch of people.



The challenge was a lot of fun, and at the end I fulfilled my dream of taking a picture with Chocolata (who had changed outfits again).

Right before we left, I talked to Chocolata a bit more (probably too much) and thanked her for empowering women everywhere to be the best version of themselves and to just be confident in their own skins. Yep. I’m not making this up. Luckily my friends pulled me away and we left Lips before I got too annoying. I hope, anyway. Haha!

That’s some love right there.

What a fun night!!

Question of the day: Have you ever been to a drag show? Also, do you get stage fright?

I thought I would be nervous about going on stage for the challenge, but since my friends were all right in front of me I didn’t feel nervous at all. The drinks beforehand probably helped too. 😉

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Dec 222016

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go….

Hello, friends! Happy Thursday before Christmas! I don’t know about you guys, but I am SO ready for the holidays. Today is my last day at work for a little while, and then we have some busy travel plans that have us driving up to New York tonight to see Fabio’s family, and then driving back down to Maryland midday Saturday to spend time with my family. ‘Tis the season to be travelin’.

Before I get wrapped up in any of that fun stuff though, let’s have a little virtual coffee date!

How do you like my festive Christmas nails? Yes, I am THAT person. 

I always like taking these opportunities to tell you guys about random thoughts on my mind. Here we go!

I tried two new-to-me recipes this week, and both were delicious. First, I made the basil Thai chicken lettuce wraps from one of my favorite cookbooks, Eating in the Middle. Like every other recipe I’ve made from Andi’s book, this one was a hit!

We didn’t have any hoisin sauce so I made my own variation based on some recommendations I found on good ole Google, and it turned out great! I especially liked the large pieces of basil, which added so much flavor to every bite. Yum!

We ate these with lettuce wraps for dinner one night, and then I used the leftovers in a salad the next day. Fabio and I gave this recipe two thumbs up!

I also made the prosciutto-wrapped chicken from Cravings, my other favorite cookbook at the moment.

This was another delicious recipe, even if it wasn’t that healthy (I mean this recipe calls for bacon AND prosciutto – next time I’m skipping the bacon). We served this delicious chicken with a side salad and some bread for mopping up the tasty juices. It was another hit, and we even had some leftovers to enjoy another night. Win!

My knee has been bothering me lately, and my Physical Therapist friend, Sam, thinks it might be some tendinitis. I wound up skipping a boot camp with Anne and Kathleen on Monday because it was bothering me so much, which had me really bummed! It mostly hurts when I bend my knee 90 degrees or more, and after doing lots of lunges and squats during my bootcamp on Sunday, I figured it would be best to rest a bit and let it recover. Womp womp. Sam thinks that I haven’t been stretching my quads enough, so I’m hoping that with some extra stretching and lots of ice I can get back into action in no time.

Update: I wrote that last part on Tuesday night, and as of today (Thursday) I’m doing a little better. I wound up going for a short run yesterday and did a bootcamp with Anne this morning at MADabolic in Arlington. While my knee isn’t 100% better, I think things are improving slightly…maybe? Working out doesn’t seem to irritate much more than not working out, so I’m just keeping an eye on it for now. 

I had dinner with my friend Claire this week, and it was so nice to spend some time catching up with her. When we started working together back in 2012(ish), we talked all day every day! Now we will usually text around once a week and will get together every other month or so, which is not nearly enough! I miss my Claire!

Having dinner with her was really nice, and I have plans to see her a couple more times in the next week or two. Hooray! Time with girl friends is so important.

Wedding planning (and honeymoon planning) is still going really well! Recently we booked our florist, and I’m pretty sure we’ve landed on a bakery too. We’re scheduled to meet with the bakery toward the end of January for a full consultation, but my grandma has been buying cakes from there for years for my birthday and they’re always delicious. Plus, the woman has been such a pleasure to work with, AND our venue recommended her. All signs are pointing toward go!

We also have another visit to the wedding venue scheduled for that same weekend in mid-January, and I’m so excited to get some of the final details narrowed down. 🙂

Fabio also got his suit recently, which is a really nice custom made one! Now we just have to figure out what we want the groomsmen to wear, and where they should rent their suits from. I’m going to ask some of our other friends who got married recently what their experiences were like with places like Men’s Warehouse and…whatever other places offer suit rentals. Ha! Clearly I need to do some more research on this.

Honeymoon planning is also going really well, and I think we’ve nailed down our itinerary and are ready to buy our flights! Yay!

Also, my bachelorette party and bridal shower are in the process of being planned! My friends are planning the whole bachelorette party and surprising me with ALL of the details, so I have no clue where we are going. Eek! I love surprises, so this should be really fun. The bridal shower is not really a surprise, but my friends and family are still doing most of the planning themselves so I don’t know many details.

All the fun things!

I can’t believe I’ve been engaged for almost a whole year. On Sunday, it will have been one year since Fabio proposed! It really was SUCH a fun year for us, and I know I will look back so fondly of this year of engagement parties, wedding planning, and lots of champagne. 🙂


Alright friends, that’s all I have for you today. It’ll probably be pretty quiet on this front until after the holidays as I want to spend as much time with family as possible.

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Question of the day: Are you traveling for the holidays?

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Sep 092016

Hi friends! How was your week? Mine was pretty great, and I especially loved how fast it went by after the long weekend. Woohoo! Today I thought I’d share a recap of my highlights from the week in my usual Favorite Things Friday style. Enjoy!

Favorite Meal

After spending the holiday weekend in Massachusetts and New York, I was really happy to have a food delivery arrive on Tuesday since we hadn’t had a chance to make it to the grocery store. After a recommendation from an old coworker, Fabio and I tried out HelloFresh this week – a service that’s similar to Blue Apron but with a little more emphasis on healthy cooking – and we loved it!

All the ingredients for each meal come in a little cardboard box (except the refigerated meats, which are lower in the package by the ice packs) and I loved that you didn’t have to separate out all the different ingredients for each meal ahead of time. When it was time to cook dinner I just took the lid off the box, opened up the recipe book, and got started!


I also really liked that the recipe book shows you the nutrition per person for each meal. It also had helpful articles and tips on the extra pages in the booklet. The bright and colorful images with step-by-step instructions also made the recipes very easy to follow.


HelloFresh also puts on emphasis on sustainable and organic ingredients, and I really enjoyed these non-GMO black beans. They were organic and low sodium, and, in my opinion, you could taste the difference!


The recipe that we made earlier this week was Chipotle-style chicken salads, and I loved all the fresh ingredients.


It came together in a flash and Fabio and I both agreed it tasted just like Chiptole. Yum!


Tonight we are having burgers with grilled pineapple and slaw on the side, and I can’t wait!

By the way, you can save $40 on your first HelloFresh box with my code 222525LP2GQZ at checkout. If you try it, I hope you enjoy these meals as much as we do!

Favorite “Oh No”

When Tuesday’s lunch went all over the carpet at work.

After I dropped my salad – which was already tossed in dressing and ready to eat – I couldn’t do anything but laugh. Seriously, what a way to start off the week! I think maybe there was some salad dressing on the outside of my container that caused it to slip out of my hands? Maybe? Either way, I felt pretty ridiculous using the office dustpan and broom to clean up afterwords. Then I took my embarrassed butt down to Subway since it was the closest option and I needed to grab something quickly before a meeting. Sigh.

Favorite Redo

Luckily, I did much better on the salad front on Wednesday, when I enjoyed the delicious goat cheese and peach salad from SweetGreen.


This time I got my salad with shrimp instead of chicken per a recommendation from Aunt CC, and it was delicious! Yum! I’m going to be sad when this seasonal salad comes off the menu.

Favorite New Products

The folks from Skinny & Co. recently reached out to me asking if I wanted to try their coconut oil-based facial oil, body butter, oil pulling, and  sugar scrub. All their products are made from small batch, extra virgin, cold-processed coconut oil and are made with nothing but 100% pure, raw, wild-harvested coconuts. There are no chemicals, fillers, or preservatives in any of the products.

I am all about skin products that don’t have any harmful ingredients (I shudder to think about what future science will tell us about all the harmful toxins we’ve been rubbing on our skin for decades) so I was definitely on board to give them a try!

The package of products came in the mail earlier this week, and I’ve already tried out a couple of them.


I’ve been using the coconut oil moisturizer for face and body before bed (I’ve put it on my face and hands) and when I wake up in the morning the oil is completely absorbed and leaves my skin feeling so refreshed and soft. I love this!


I also tried the minty oil for mouth pulling, but truthfully I did not love the feeling of having a mouth full of oil so I’m not sure if pulling is really for me. (Psst – if you’ve never heard of pulling, it’s a process where you swish oil around in your mouth which is supposed to help remove bacteria that can otherwise be tough to get out. It’s supposed to help with bad breath, oral health, and even teeth whitening. You can read more about pulling here.) Also apparently you’re supposed to swish the oil for 20 minutes, but I could barely handle 20 seconds because of the weird mouth-feel. Hmm – I’m thinking of trying again because it is supposed to be so good for you. Has anyone else tried pulling?

Anyway, whether or not you’re a fan of pulling, I think you’ll like these products! So far I’ve loved all the ones I’ve tried, and can’t wait to give the after-shower razor burn oil a try and also use the sugar scrub. If you’re interested in trying these oils out you can get 15% off any Skinny & Co. order here with the code SKINNYCO15.

Favorite Shopping Trip

On Wednesday I met up with my friend Claire for a lunchtime shopping trip to TJ Maxx! She needed some wrapping paper and I needed some more dry shampoo (they sell this stuff at Ulta across the street for so much more – why wouldn’t I buy it from TJ Maxx?) and luckily I walked out with just a couple other little things: some adorable lamb dish towels and a potato masher which I’ve been needing for a while.


I was pretty proud of myself for not giving in to temptation and buying more! Claire and I had a fun time catching up and decided we need more lunchtime shopping dates in the future. 🙂

Favorite Evening Workout

On Thursday night, Fabio and I joined my best friend (and Maid of Honor!) Bianca for a class at FlyWheel! Bianca was in town again for work, so we figured an evening spin class would be a fun way to get together.

Fabio and I arrived at FlyWheel a little early, so Fabio asked if we could stand in the cute alley next to FlyWheel so he could take over the Pokemon gym there. Sigh. What am I going to do with this guy.


Before long Bianca arrived and then it was time for class!


We wound up having a great class and it was so fun working out beside two of my favorite people. Bianca and Fabio both did absolutely awesome in the class too!

Afterwords, our little trio walked over to ShopHouse, a delicious Asian fast-casual restaurant that is set up sort of like Chipotle. Yum.


We enjoyed our massive bowls (and took tons home for leftovers) while chatting, and it was such a nice evening.

Favorite New Workout

The very next morning (oof) Anne, Fabio, and I checked out a class at Madabolic, a new bootcamp-style franchise gym right in Clarendon. (Also let me tell you how impressed I was that Fabio joined me for BOTH workouts. He was a trooper this week!)


Our class was pretty challenging and had us moving between five different stations for the duration of the class: Ski Erg (a cool new-to-me machine that’s sort of a mix between skiing and a rower), medicine ball toss, block hops, broad jumps, and resistance band pulls.


The studio seemed very well organized and had a lot of good equipment, so I’m sure the workouts here vary a ton.


Our class was nice and challenging, and I know if Madabolic gets on ClassPass then Anne and I will be frequent visitors.



Favorite Learning

I decided I want to try to learn calligraphy so that when it comes time to work on wedding crafts I won’t need to hire someone. I don’t care about it being perfect, but having some decent handwriting for things like wedding invitations and signs would be nice!

I discovered these PDFs called Learn Calligraphy for a Latte (i.e., the PDFs cost the same amount as a latte) and so far I’ve really enjoyed them! It’s also really calming writing out all those letters – sort of like what I imagine those adult coloring books are like.


The PDFs show you step by step how to create lettering in a bunch of different fonts, and though you start out with simple print like you see above, eventually it walks you through how to write in pretty script lettering. We will see how it goes!

Alright friends, that’s all I have for you today. I hope you enjoy your weekend!

Question of the day: What made you smile this week?

*Please note this post was not sponsored in any way, but does include a few affiliate links. As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for your support.*

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Aug 312016

Hey there! I had fun recapping my Monday last week, so I thought I’d do the same thing today. I hope you guys enjoy another edition of Monday in Review!

I woke up at 6:05 on Monday morning and began my day with a sleepy walk around the neighborhood with Jack. I let him run around off-leash at the park while I listened to a Bon Appetit podcast, so it was a nice way to start the day.

At 6:40, my chariot (Anne!) arrived to pick me up. We drove into Georgetown with a beautiful sunrise, and before we knew it we were sweating to another great workout at Urban Athletic Club.

We had a fun class taught by Romain which included some jump roping.


I’m never very good at jump roping, but it definitely is fun and it’s a great way to get your heart pumping!


This was our first class without our friend Kathleen, who actually wound up having her baby yesterday. Woohoo! Kathleen was such a trooper and kept the workouts going up until a few weeks ago. Amazing! Congratulations, Kathleen – we will miss you while you’re out!

After class, I hopped in the shower at UAC and then took the bus over to the metro. I’m reading a really good book right now called Katherine, so I really enjoyed my hour on the metro to read it.

Before I knew it, I had arrived at work and it was time to dig into breakfast: plain Greek yogurt drizzled with a little honey, plus a banana and homemade peanut granola from my favorite Eating in the Middle cookbook.


This granola is like crack, and I’ve even found myself reaching for handfuls after dinner when I’m craving something sweet. It’s delicious!

My yogurt bowl tupperware was a little too small once I added all my toppings, but I was too lazy to grab a bigger bowl out of the office kitchen. #keepingitreal


After working all morning I took a break for lunch, which was a salad with couscous, chicken, feta cheese, carrots, Craisins, and avocado. Plus balsamic dressing. Yum! I picked up some pearl couscous during my last trip to the grocery store, and I’m liking these larger rice-like grains a lot!


While I ate I read some blogs at my desk (ugh I know – I should have gone outside, but my email inbox kept pinging and it was hard to totally step away) and then it was back to work.

I took a break at around 3:30 (like usual) for a snack! On Monday I had a peach and a mug of raspberry green tea.


Sadly my peach was a bit of a dud – it was sort of mealy/flavorless – so I wound up tossing it after a couple of bites. Boo.

After work, I walked over to 8407 Kitchen Bar to meet two of my old coworkers for dinner! (One of whom is my friend Claire, who you guys hear about often!)


8407 Kitchen Bar is a fun little spot that’s sort of tucked away from the main drag of downtown Silver Spring, and they have great happy hour specials and delicious food. We wound up ordering spinach artichoke dip, calamari, and deviled eggs (all unpictured because I was having too much fun chatting) and then a while later we wound up ordering a second order of the deviled eggs because they were so yummy.

Having dinner with my old coworkers made me realize how much I miss working with them every day, but it also made me feel incredibly lucky that we still keep in touch as much as we do. It’s important to keep up those relationships!

Claire rode the metro home with me up until Noma (man, I miss being her neighbor!) and then I rode the rest of the way home by myself. I actually wound up getting caught up in reading and responding to emails once Claire got off the train, and I went two stops farther than I needed to on the metro! Oops – that never happens!

Luckily I realized my mistake and quickly got back on a train in the other direction, but then when I got to metro center to transfer trains I forgot I was on the opposite side of the platform as usual, and got on another train in the wrong direction! Ah!

At this point I started reading my kindle which sucked me in for a while, and eventually I looked up to see what stop we were at and I realized I had gone pretty far in the wrong direction – again. Of course when I got out to transfer there were no trains coming for a while, so I waited at the deserted L’enfant Plaza station for a while.


Eventually a train came, but it was a blue line train which only goes as far as Rosslyn (I needed orange or silver). I quickly called Fabio and asked if he could pick me up from Rosslyn since the next orange or silver trains would be another 12 minutes. Luckily he agreed, and before long I was in Rosslyn waiting for my second chariot of the day.


Ugh – what a nightmare. And I didn’t even have any wine at dinner! Sheesh! I wound up not getting home until almost 10:00, and by that time I was ready for bed.

The end!

Question of the day: When was the last time you made a stupid travel blunder?

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Aug 102016

As you know, Fabio and I got invited to a ton of weddings this year, and a few months back when I was planning what I would wear to each of them I got really stumped! While I definitely have a decent amount of nice dresses to wear to weddings, there came a point where I realized I was probably going to have to go out an buy something new to wear for at least some of them.

It was around this time that I started thinking about trying Rent the Runway! A few of my friends had tried it in the past and were pleased with how everything worked out, so after staring at my collection of dresses that I’ve worn tons of times already, I decided to give it a shot.


Signing up was easy, and once I was logged in I browsed through tons of dresses that I liked and was able to save them to different “wish lists” in my account. I made lists for the different weddings I was planning to get dresses for (one for Jay and Meg’s black tie wedding and one for Bobby and Dani’s regular one) and then once I had a few contenders I took screenshots of my options and sent them to a few of my girlfriends for feedback (as one does). They helped me narrow down my choices and then I selected the dates I would need the dresses for, chose my size, clicked my way through the payment process and voila! Dresses = purchased.

A couple of days before Bobby and Dani’s wedding, the first dress arrived! For this wedding, I initially chose the Sangria Claire Dress from Elizabeth and James, which was $70 to rent and would have cost $365 to buy.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 10.02.03 AM

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 10.02.09 AM

When you order a dress from Rent the Runway you can get a second size for free, so I got a 4 and a 6. When I tried on the 4 it was SUPER tight, but I tried on the 6 and it fit ok. It was definitely still tight, but I was ok with how it looked. Unfortunately when I took the size 6 dress off I noticed it had a bit of a stain/water mark on it, and since it was so close to the wedding I didn’t think I would have time to get it dry cleaned. Obviously this was very, very annoying and definitely wasn’t a good first impression for my experience with Rent the Runway.

Thankfully I had Friday off from work due to my summer flex schedule so I was able to bring both sizes of the dress to my local Rent the Runway store in Georgetown and make an exchange. When I explained my situation to the staff at the store they were very apologetic and immediately set me up with a computer so I could browse the dresses in their store and exchange the dresses with something that would work.

I wound up finding a dress that I actually liked even more than the original one, and I got a $25 credit to my account because of the stain issue. Not bad at all!

The dress that I got from the store is the Lavender Floral Marceline Maxi dress from Parker (size 4), which cost $80 to rent and would have cost $398 to buy.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 9.59.48 AM

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 9.59.56 AM

(FYI – that’s a slit in the back.)

I really loved this dress and felt so good in it at Bobby and Dani’s wedding. I also received a ton of compliments on it too! It was a little long on me but I wore flat sandals since it was an outdoor wedding on the water, and I’m sure if I had worn heels it would have been fine.


When I was done with the dress I zipped it back into the bag and dropped it off at a UPS box down the street from me, which was the easiest thing ever. I was actually sort of sad to return this one; it was so beautiful and I bet I could have found an occasion to wear it again.

Then a few days later, my dress arrived for Jay and Meg’s black tie wedding! For this wedding I chose the Hudson Gown by Laundry by Shelli Segal (size 4) which cost $100 to rent and would have been $325 to buy.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 9.59.15 AM

I especially loved the back of this one!

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 9.58.52 AM

I tried to order a size 4 and a size 6 of this dress since the second size is free, but the 6 was unavailable so I wound up getting a size 4 and a size 8. The 4 fit pretty well but was a little snug and the 8 was HUGE up top so I think a 6 really would have been best, but in the end the 4 was just fine.

This dress was absolutely perfect for Jay and Meg’s wedding, and once again I received so, so, so many compliments on it.


I also thought that Rent the Runway was perfect for this occasion because I don’t go to many black tie events that would require me to actually own a dress like this, and even if I did, a bright red dress is pretty memorable so I wouldn’t want to wear it again for quite a while. Renting this dress from Rent the Runway was perfect!

All in all, I was really happy with my experience with Rent the Runway even if it didn’t start off on the best foot. I thought the ordering process was really easy and the staff at the store made me feel a lot better about having to go in to make an exchange due to a stain on one of the dresses. I loved both of the dresses that I got and even surprised myself by wanting to keep the first one. I do think this service is fairly expensive just to rent a dress (I’m very cheap/frugal!) but I definitely think it’s worth it for special occasions like black tie weddings or if you have 7 weddings to go to in one year. 😉

First time users of Rent the Runway can also get $30 off with my referral code here. If you try it out, I hope you like the service as much as I did!

Question of the day: Have you ever tried Rent the Runway? How did it go?

Note: This post was not sponsored in any way, although it does include a referral link. All opinions are my own. Thank you for your support. 

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Jul 052016

Hey, hey! I hope you all had a wonderful fourth of July! I had an extra long weekend due to a flex day at work, which I definitely needed since we moved out of our apartment and into the town house!


On Friday morning, I woke up relatively early (for a day off) and headed straight to the DMV to switch my driver’s license and license plates over to Virginia. Luckily the lines weren’t too long, and I was driving away with my new plates by 10:30 am. Not bad at all!

When I got back to the apartment, my mom was there waiting for me! She had driven over to help us pack, which was a HUGE help. Meanwhile, Fabio loaded up the car for another trip over to the town house. My dad met him there with another load of stuff he’d been storing for us in his basement, which again was so nice and helpful.

My dad also gave us these cute F & C lights as a housewarming present. Aren’t they cute?


I need to get some batteries for the & sign and a new lightbulb for the top of the C, but I can’t wait to use these cute little signs in our new place. 🙂

After working for a while we all met up for a quick lunch at Liberty Tavern, and I couldn’t stop thinking about how awesome my parents are for driving over to help us move. They are the best!

Fabio and I spent the rest of the day moving more stuff over in the car, as well as making two trips to Target and a stop at Home Goods. Phew! It was a busy day.


Saturday was our big moving day! First thing in the morning, Fabio and I headed over to UHAUL to pick up our moving truck.


Then we drove the truck over to the apartment where our friends Jojo, Jadd, Claire, and Kevin were waiting for us! After a bunch of trips down the freight elevator, we had the truck fully loaded except for a few small items (one of which was Jack).


Yep – Jack got to ride shot gun in the truck right next to Fabio. Haha!


Claire and Kevin helped us unpack the truck along with my stepsister Maggie and her boyfriend Nick (they had arrived as we were packing up the truck) so we got everything unloaded in no time. Claire and Kevin had to leave shortly after unpacking, but Maggie and Nick hung around for a celebratory lunch! We walked over to our favorite Mexican place, Uncle Julio’s where I enjoyed some delicious tacos.



After Maggie and Nick left, Fabio and I continued packing along with some help from our next set of visitors – Fabio’s sister Diane and brother-in-law, Alex! They helped us make some great progress in unpacking boxes and organizing the town house.

Of course, we may have procrastinated a bit…


…but all in all we made great headway!

I just have to say how appreciative I am to all the friends and family who helped us move. We couldn’t have done this without you guys! <3


Sunday morning was spent clearing out the last loads of boxes/miscellaneous items from the apartment (my dad helped us again with his big car!) before we drove over to my grandparents’ house for a break! My aunt, uncle, and cousin were in town from Arizona for the 4th of July, so we figured it was worth taking a break from the move to go see them.

It was kind of a crappy day outside – overcast and a little chilly – but it was still beautiful on the water (as usual).




We wound up going for a quick boat ride despite the chilly weather, and it was a lot of fun! (Having some adult beverages didn’t hurt either…)





Afterwords, grillmaster Fabio cooked us up some burgers and hot dogs.


For dessert we had homemade chocolate cake (and wine!) and I was definitely in my happy place. Ah, this break was definitely needed.


I’m so glad we made the trip over to my grandparents’ house and got to spend some time relaxing with family on this busy moving weekend!



On Monday, the fourth of July, we were back at it with the unpacking. And boy, did we have a lot to conquer.




Luckily we made a lot of progress and decided to take a break from unpacking to run some errands. It was another crappy day out and rained almost the whole day, so I didn’t mind spending my 4th of July at Lowe’s and Best Buy. #homeownerproblems


At least my TOMS were patriotic!

Then we stopped by the apartment to finish cleaning up and turn in our keys!


*Sigh* I’m going to miss this kitchen.


We also had half a bottle wine in the fridge and I didn’t feel like packing it, soooo I drank it. From the bottle because we didn’t have any cups. Just keepin’ it classy over here!


The rest of the evening was spent pretending like it wasn’t the fourth of July and avoiding social media; we didn’t really want to see all the fun BBQs and fireworks that we were missing out on in favor of assembling blinds and closet organizers. 😉

Even though we might not have had the most fun or exciting July 4, I feel so incredibly fortunate to have a home of my own! Being a homeowner is a huge step for us, and we enjoyed this long weekend in our own way. I fell incredibly grateful for everything that’s happening in my life right now, even if it does mean spending holiday weekends surrounded by cardboard boxes and bubble wrap.

Question of the day:
Did you see fireworks this holiday weekend?

Even though we didn’t get to actually sit down and watch any fireworks, we actually saw plenty from the car as we drove around this weekend!

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