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Apr 252016

This weekend, I attended the beautiful wedding of my friends Jess and Erick at Shadow Creek in Purceville, Virginia. It was so much fun, and I wish we could do it all over again!


Yep – this weekend recap is starting off on a Thursday, when my friend Catrina flew in from San Diego. We met up with Catrina and my friends Megan and JR at Cantina Marina for dinner on Thursday evening, and it was so much fun! The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed sitting out on the water, sipping margaritas, and ordering a gigantic plate of nachos to share.


What a fun night!



On Friday morning, Catrina and Megan joined me for a class at Urban Athletic Club! Megan and Catrina are both into fitness, and I’ve been dying to bring them to a class with me. They did great and seemed to really enjoy the class! Yay!


After class I said goodbye to Catrina and Megan and headed off to work. It was really hard saying goodbye – especially since they both had the day off from work and were planning to do fun things like get their nails done – but I knew I would see them later!

After a work day that dragged on and on,¬†I finally headed home, packed, and then Fabio and I scooped up my (other) friend Megan from Union Station and my friend Britt from Regan airport. The timing worked out perfectly, and before we knew it we were all reunited at Megan’s apartment for snacks and wine!



We spent the evening catching up and eating some delicious grilled wings while the boys smoked cigars outside. Toward the end of the evening we played a bunch of games of charades, which was absolutely hilarious.


In this one, Megan is a palm tree! Haha!



Such a fun night with my favorite gurlays. ūüôā


Saturday was wedding day! Upon waking, we enjoyed a delicious breakfast of blueberry pancakes and bacon, courtesy of Megan’s husband JR.


Plus mimosas and fruit! Yum!


We spent the rest of the morning getting ready for the wedding and then made the drive down to Leesburg, Virginia where our hotel was. After dropping off our bags and quickly changing, it was time to head over to the wedding! Jess and Erick had arranged for buses to take everyone to the venue, so no one needed to worry about driving. Yay!

When we arrived at¬†Shadow Creek, I couldn’t believe how beautiful everything was! The weather was perfect for showcasing the beautiful rolling hills of this amazing property.


So pretty!

I got to sit next to this handsome guy for the ceremony. ūüėČ


Jess and Erick had a lot of¬†cute printouts and decorations at their wedding, many of which Jess made¬†herself! I’m¬†definitely going to need some tips from her when it comes time to plan my own wedding next year.


Soon enough, it was wedding time! A couple of our good friends were bridesmaids, and they all looked so beautiful. Hi, Vic!


Here comes the bride and her parents!


I really loved Jess’ dress and thought she¬†looked so elegant.


The ceremony was officiated by Jess and Erick’s friends Nick and Jake, and they did such a good job making it personal. Jess and Erick also wrote their own vows, which were incredibly heart-felt and beautiful. Then their friend Janie read a Beyonce poem about love (Jess LOVES Beyonce), and I think it’s safe to say the entire audience had a lot of laughs and a lot of tears during the ceremony. Phew – what an emotional roller coaster!


Then before we knew it, Jess and Erick were married! Yayy!! What a beautiful bride and groom. ūüôā


After that, it was time for cocktail hour!


Naturally our group took advantage of the beautiful weather and scenery to get some pictures!







Love this guy. Can’t wait for our own wedding next June!


Sloppytown! (Minus a few…)


Jess and Erick had the most adorable guest book, which was a map with a heart linking Maryland (where they’re both from) to Amsterdam (where they live now). What a cute idea!


While we enjoyed the cocktails and signed the guest map, Jess and Erick were off being adorable. Here’s a sneak peak at their pictures! (Borrowed from Facebook…)


Aren’t they just the best looking couple?



Then it was time for the reception! Shadow Creek is a really beautiful venue, and I loved all the exposed beams inside. It was perfectly rustic but had all the modern accompaniments you’d want in a venue like clean bathrooms and a beautiful bridal suite.


The flowers and decor were beautiful too!




When the bridal party made their entrance, they encouraged everyone to circle the dance floor to welcome them in. Loved this idea!



First dance!


After the first dance and before dinner was served, we took advantage of the remaining daylight and got a few more group pictures.


Plus one with the bride!


Then we enjoyed a delicious meal and hit the dance floor!


So fun!


After the wedding, the buses took us to a local bar for the after party!


We continued having an amazing night with amazing people.


So fun!


Oh, and the bride enjoyed some chicken fingers. Necessary. ūüôā


Once we got back to the hotel, I stayed up until nearly 3:00 am catching up with some of my best friends. I wouldn’t have wanted to end the night any other way!


On Sunday morning we enjoyed a group breakfast at the hotel and then lounged around for a while before eventually we all headed back home.


Overall it was such an amazing wedding weekend, and I have to thank Jess and Erick so much for inviting us to take part in their special day. Congratulations you two!! <3

Question of the day: What is your favorite part of a wedding?

I obviously love the dancing, but I also love the beginning right before the ceremony starts because you still have the whole event ahead of you!

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Jul 242015

Woohoo – we made it to Friday! Anyone have fun plans for the weekend? Fabio and I are actually headed back up to Otis, Massachusetts to see my aunt CC and uncle Steve get married! Although they’ve been together for something like 12 years (!!), they never officially tied the knot and will be doing so at their lake house in the Berkshire mountains on Saturday. My mom, stepdad, and uncle will all be coming up for the occasion¬†too, as will Steve’s family, so I’m really excited! Can’t wait for the celebrations. ūüôā

Anyway, before we can get to any of that let’s take a look at some things that made me smile this week!

Favorite New Breakfast

Now don’t get all crazy thinking that I replaced my favorite cereal and banana breakfast combo (I didn’t), but I did buy a package of these double protein Thomas’ English muffins last week and really enjoyed them!


I actually had these for the first time¬†when we went up to Otis over July 4 weekend. Aunt CC’s and uncle Steve’s eating habits are pretty similar to ours (eat healthy 80% of the time and indulge on wine, homemade¬†ice cream, and good cheese the other 20% – or something like that ūüėČ haha) so they toasted up a bunch of these double protein English muffins for us while we were up there and served them with local jam. Yum.

While I was grocery shopping last week I decided to pick some up, and Fabio and I devoured them in no time! I liked having half with PB and banana and half with Earth Balance butter, while Fabio liked Earth Balance butter and homemade blackberry jam that my stepdad made. So good!


The best part about these muffins is that with 7g of protein, this little breakfast kept me full all morning. Of course it’s still a super processed product with lots of weird ingredients so it’s not perfect, but sometimes you have to choose your battles.


I definitely recommend these if you’re into English muffins!

Favorite Treat

The other day my office building held its annual ice cream social for tennants, complete with Baskin Robins ice cream and an assortment of toppings. I wound up getting chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and topping my cup with hot fudge, Reese’s pieces and Oreos. Because, you know, #ChelseaEatsTreats.


Yum! Such an awesome mid-afternoon pick me up.

Favorite Monday

Ok I know Mondays usually suck, but just listen to how good this one was.

First, work went great and I got a lot done. Always a good thing. After work I met up with Fabio, who had a nice little Starbucks surprise waiting for me (mocha frappuccino for me, caramel for him).


Then we drove over to Cantina Marina, our favorite outdoor summer bar, for a “yappy hour” with our friends James and Shelley and a whole bunch of furry friends!


The yappy hour was a fundraiser to benefit City Dogs Rescue, a nonprofit organization made up of volunteers who rescue dogs from kill shelters. Since we rescued Jack from a similar shelter back in 2011, we always try to support dog rescue organizations. Plus a happy hour at one of our favorite bars with good friends and lots of furry faces? What’s not to love?!


Jack with James’ and Shelley’s dog, Riley

These two. <3


We had a really fun time at the bar chatting with James and Shelley while the dogs socialized, and by the time we left Jack was pooped. Success!


Overall it was such a nice evening and it was definitely better than most Mondays around here.


I <3 summer.


Favorite Switch Up

Recently I feel¬†like I’ve been doing the same few workouts over and over, even though I’m on ClassPass which is supposed to encourage you to switch things up. What can I say, I’m a creature of habit and I’ve found a few really good studios I like! That being said, I¬†want to start switching things up with my workouts (hence my return to November Project last week).

First up, I headed to Biker Barre one day last week for barre and one day this week for cycling. (Read my past review of Biker Barre’s cycling class here. I guess I never posted about the¬†barre class there? I’ve taken it once before and thought it was pretty decent – not my favorite DC barre class but still a great workout.)

Both classes were excellent and I am going to try to incorporate this studio into my regular routine.


I will definitely be back soon!

Then on Wednesday I met up with my friend Jojo for a barre class at Xtend Barre in Shaw.


This studio was totally new to me and I have to say I really enjoyed it! Unfortunately there’s no shower or changing area (unless you count the bathroom), but other than that I thought the facilities were great. The class was really good too, and all of my muscles felt the burn. Jojo warned me to use the small set of weights for the arm exercises, and I’m so glad I did!! They were no joke! Definitely a great workout.

After class¬†we stopped at the nearby¬†La Colombe¬†for iced coffees (as did 90% of our class, it seemed like). It was an adorable little coffee shop and the coffee was delicious, so I’ll definitely have to go back. Yum!


Such a fun way to start my Wednesday morning.

Favorite Cheese

Last night for dinner we had the most amazing homemade cheesy pizza.


For some reason I got out of the habit of making homemade pizzas (probably because I don’t like using the oven much in the summer?) but when Fabio requested adding one to this week’s meal plan¬†I was more than game. Gimme all the cheese! (BTW I used this recipe and the dough attachment on my new Kitchen Aid mixer, and it turned out great!)

Is there any food better than pizza?

Alright friends, that’s all I have for you today. I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Question of the day: Name one thing that made you smile this week.

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May 182015

Hi friends! I had a seriously amazing weekend, and was able to pack a ton of fun into my schedule. Since explaining everything would take forever, here are some of the highlights with a sentence for each picture.

This is chef Marc, an adorable French butcher who showed us how to chop up¬†a lamb at the Lamb Jam DC VIP tasting on Friday. (I’ll talk more about the Lamb Jam in a separate post!)


POV, the rooftop bar at the W hotel in DC, has the most incredible views.


The White House looks even better when this handsome guy is standing in front of it.


In addition to the fun Caribbean-esque atmosphere of Cantina Marina, they also have some pretty stellar fish tacos, which we enjoyed for lunch on Saturday.


Fabio’s sister Diane celebrated her last night out as a “single” lady on Saturday!


Being around Diane and all her other lovely bridesmaids got me so excited for our trip to Jamaica next week for her wedding. (EEEK!)


We celebrated her special night with table service at the Gryphon, a club in DC I had heard of but never been to before. It was really fun! (Ok, that was two sentences…)


One of my best friends from home, Sam, graduated from Marymount University with her degree in physical therapy on Sunday. So proud of you, Sam!


We finished off our weekend with even MORE lamb (seriously, I’ve never had so much lamb in my life). Again, details to come!


The end!

Question of the day: What was the highlight of your weekend?

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May 042015

Hi friends! I wound up having a seriously amazing (if less than healthy) weekend. I have a lot of pictures to share with you today, so I’m going to try to keep my¬†words brief!

The highlight of the weekend was a surprise bridal BBQ (similar to a bridal shower, but without the female-only traditional vibe) for one of my best friends, Megan. It was so much fun!



After work on Friday, I met up with my friends Lauren and Kristen for happy hour at El Centro in Georgetown. The three of us were all in the same pledge class (Fall ’08 baby!) when we joined our sorority, Kappa Delta, in college, and it was so nice to be¬†together again after all this time.¬†IMG_1345

Kristen¬†came into town on Friday evening for Megan’s¬†bridal BBQ, so it was great to catch up with her a bit before the big party.

A little later in the evening my friend Britt flew in as well, and after picking her up from the airport we had a fun evening chatting over delicious cannolis that she brought with her from Boston. Yum!!


We wound up chatting until a little after midnight before finally hitting the hay. We knew we had a long day ahead of us!


On Saturday morning we slept in a bit (glorious), and then Fabio made breakfast for us ladies. After eating,¬†we took Jack on a leisurely stroll (it was beautiful out!) and finally around lunchtime we met up with some of Fabio’s friends at¬†Cantina Marina for some sunshine and cocktails on the water.


Cantina Marina is one of our favorite bars because it feels like you’re on vacation! I love having the water all around, and the fake palm trees are a fun addition. ūüėČ


Cheers to the first visit of the season!


Cantina is a very dog-friendly bar, so of course we brought Jack with us. He was loving all the attention from Fabio’s friends.


We wound up ordering a plate of nachos to share, and after soaking up the sun for an hour or two it was time to head back to get ready. We scooped up Kristen on our way over, and before we knew it, it was time for the surprise bridal BBQ!

The party was held at Megan’s parents’ house, and everything was decorated beautifully.




My friend Megan (not the bride – another Megan) and I actually realized we matched the desserts perfectly, which was pretty funny. Twins!


Once we arrived, we found a seat out back with a bunch of our friends and waited for the bride- and groom-to-be to arrive!


It was a perfect day for a party – very sunny and not too hot. Soon enough,¬†Megan’s mom told us that Megan and JR were¬†on their¬†way, so we all lined up in the hallway so we could yell surprise when they walked in.


At this point we were all so nervous and excited! Gahh!!


Here they come….surprise!!!


Megan and JR had the best reaction, and they definitely seemed surprised. I love her face in this picture!!


Hugs all around. ūüôā


Megan was especially excited to see Britt and Catrina, since they flew in from Boston and San Diego (respectively) for the occasion.




After the big surprise, we all dried our eyes a bit (we always get so emotional…) and then it was time to enjoy the party! We spent the rest of the afternoon sipping wine, enjoying delicious BBQ food, and chatting and laughing with one another.



I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday!




After dinner and desserts, it was time for Megan and JR to play a fun relationship game. Megan’s sister-in-law read questions out loud, and Megan and JR both had to write their answers on a dry erase board. The questions varied from “What is Megan most looking forward to on the honeymoon” (answer: pasta and wine) to “What is JR’s favorite TV show” (answer:¬†Game of Thrones).


The game was really cute, and Megan and JR did a really good job! The only question they got wrong was who their dog loves more, which I thought was so funny. Fabio and I would have had different opinions for that one too! ūüėČ


A little later in the evening we all headed downstairs to play some fun games of flip cup and beer pong. We also had a 90s playlist going, and had a great time just enjoying each others’ company.



Overall the party was absolutely perfect, and I was on cloud nine to be with so many of my best friends. Such a fun day!


We all woke up feeling pretty groggy on Sunday (everyone had spent the night on various couches and air mattresses) but luckily we had Fabio to cook us an amazing breakfast of eggs (over easy and scrambled), bacon, turkey sausage, and bagels.


We had quite the spread! I definitely have to give Fabio a lot of credit here for making so much food for everyone. It turned out great!

After breakfast we spent a few last hours with our friends in the sunshine (it was another gorgeous day) before eventually driving back home. We dropped Britt off at the airport around 2:00, and then spent the rest of the day meal planning, grocery shopping, and relaxing. Sigh. It’s always sad when a weekend like this comes to an end.

This party wound up being so much fun, and even though I’m sad it’s over, we still have the bachelorette party and wedding to look forward to!! I can’t wait!

Question of the day: Do most of your best friends live local, or are they all spread out?

We used to be split pretty evenly¬†between New York City and DC, but over the last few years we’ve all spread out a bit more. Luckily I still get to see all my college best friends pretty often, and we chat through g-chat, texts, and our email listserv throughout the week!

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Aug 272014

Hey friends! Happy huuuuump day! I don’t know about you, but this week is just dragging by¬†for me. Yesterday when I woke up I had to remind myself that it was Tuesday, and then I was like,¬†how can it only be Tuesday?¬†Sigh. Oh well, at least Wednesday brings one of my favorite blogging traditions, what I ate Wednesday, of course!

Thanks to Jenn for hosting the fun linkup each week ūüôā Let’s take¬†a look at my eats from Monday.


Breakfasts lately have featured¬†two-ingredient (egg + banana) pancakes, oatmeal with a banana, or¬†Greek yogurt with granola, a banana, and fresh berries when we have them. Obviously there’s a lot of banana going on here, which I don’t mind one bit!

Monday’s breakfast was another two ingredient pancake, which I slathered with peanut butter post-picture. Clearly I had some trouble getting this guy out of the pan, but it still tasted great!



It’s pretty much all salads, all the time over here lately. I’ve been buying big bags of both spinach and “power greens” from Costco, and I’ve been¬†eating a ton of¬†huge salads in order to use up all the greens before they go bad. It’s sort of like a game for myself- can I eat all the greens before they go bad? Haha. This week I think I will succeed, but¬†that’s not always the case ūüėČ Stupid spinach.

Monday’s salad included the greens mentioned above, plus a kale/brussels sprouts mix, shredded carrots, chicken, feta, and craisins. Plus a homemade dressing of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, mustard, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and some herbs. It’s random, but it works!


I’ll also usually throw in some leftovers from the night before when I have them, which either makes a totally delicious salad or a really awkward combination of flavors. Oh well,¬†you gotta’ do what you can!


On the way back from my grandparents’ house over the weekend, we stopped by¬†a produce stand where I loaded up on fruits and veggies for the week. While we were there I picked up a container of peaches, which are SO ripe and delicious right now. Yum. This one made a perfect snack on Monday.


Pre-dinner beverage

After work on Monday, Fabio and I met up with our friend James at Cantina Marina for “yappy hour.” Each Monday in summer, dogs are invited to Cantina Marina¬†to enjoy the “bottomless milkbone bar” while their human owners get awesome drink specials.


We aren’t sure if Cantina Marina is going to continue holding their yappy hours after Labor Day (depends on when they consider summer officially over, I suppose) so we didn’t want to miss this fun opportunity.

Although Jack had fun sniffing a few of the other dogs, and he certainly enjoyed the free treats, I think it’s safe to say the humans had more fun.

I ordered a margarita, which was delicious.


I enjoyed it alongside this lovely lady, who we seem to stand next to every time we go to Cantina. I think she needs a name. Shall we call her Veronica? She looks like a Veronica to me.


Since Fabio and I are trying to save money and make smarter food choices after our big trip out west, we only stayed at the bar for one drink, and then headed home. What responsible adults we’ve become!


As soon as we got home I immediately got started on dinner, which was a veggie pasta skillet with cherry tomatoes, yellow & green squash, and corn on the cob, loosely based on this Iowa Girl Eats recipe (I wound up using Laughing Cow cheese and skim milk for the sauce, along with some pasta water, and it turned out great).


The pasta came out salty, sweet, and spicy, which is definitely my favorite combination. It was another winning recipe from Kristin!


On Monday morning I completed one of the arms & abs workouts in the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Program, and it was another killer. My triceps are still sore, two days later. Ouch.

The best part is that I made Fabio do the workout with me, and he was like “man, this is¬†tough!” Haha! He’s sore too, FYI ūüėČ I think he’s going to get back into working¬†out with me in the morning, which I’ve really missed. I’m always so much more motivated to get out of bed when the alarm goes off at 5:30 am when I know someone else will be working out with me. Hooray!

Alright folks, that’s all I have for you today. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Questions of the day: Have you ever been to a yappy hour? Who do you work out with?

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Jul 202014

Finally, a weekend this summer where we weren’t on the road traveling from place to place! While I do love traveling during the summer and appreciate a good road trip as much as the next girl, I feel like we have spent way too much time away from home lately, and it was really nice to have a relaxing(ish) weekend here in DC. Here’s a look at what I was up to…


On Friday night I met up with two of my favorite couples for another triple date! After work I headed over to Mexicali Blues to celebrate Megan and JR’s engagement and Jess and Erick’s upcoming move to Amsterdam(!!). I was so thankful to be able to celebrate these important milestones in my friends’ lives!



We kicked off the evening with giant margaritas as big as our heads…

Which was quickly followed by chips, queso, and fish tacos (for me).



Yum. Mexicali Blues has some of my favorite fish tacos!

After dinner we walked over to the Clarendon metro station where we knew there were some public tables and chairs set up outside. The boys headed off to one table to smoke some celebratory cigars, and Megan, Jess, and I flipped through some wedding magazines at a table nearby. It was so fun!


My friend Sam also happened to be in the area, so she stopped by to say hi for a minute. While she was there I asked her to snap a pic of the group. Thanks Sam!


Overall it was a lovely evening with friends and I had such a fun time!


On Saturday morning I was up early to do some baking (I made these, which I will get to¬†in a minute) and then we headed off to my grandparents’ house to help them mount their new TV. While the men hung the TV, I played with my sister and the dogs in the yard. It wasn’t the nicest day (the whole weekend was pretty gray and overcast) but we still had fun frolicking outside.


We didn’t hang around at my grandparents’ house for too long because we had dinner plans! At around 6:00 pm, my stepsister Maggie came over with her boyfriend Nick, and then we all popped into DC for a dinner party with Dan, one of our family friends.


Dan made an amazing dinner for us which included salmon, corn salad, and a regular salad with almonds and dates. Everything was delicious (especially the salmon!), and I went back for seconds of both salads. Yum.


After dinner we played Cards Against Humanity, which was hilarious. Obviously.

Then it was time for dessert, and I brought out my creation….


Peanut butter s’mores bars! They came out great, and I think everyone really enjoyed them. (Here’s the recipe again, in case you’re too lazy to scroll up!)

Dan also made a tasty fruit salad, which was perfect for the summer evening.


After wrapping up dessert we stopped by Cantina Marina for a drink and then we all headed home. It was such a fun evening! Thanks for having us, Dan!


On Sunday morning I set out for a run with Jack.


Since we’ve been on the road a lot lately I haven’t been doing much running on the weekends, and it felt great to hit the pavement.


We wound up covering about 3.5 miles, which was just fine with me.

Other highlights of the day included a trip to the best store on earth (in Jack’s mind anyway)….


And dinner with my other grandparents at The Pig, which included this awesome peach cake.


The reason we met up with my grandparents is because my grandfather is having surgery at the Washington Hospital Center today, so please keep him in your thoughts and prayers!! Hopefully all will go well and I can visit him today and/or tomorrow after work. Stay strong, Grandpa!!

Question of the day: How often do you get to see your grandparents?

I feel extraordinarily lucky that I get to see mine as often as I do, especially this weekend when I got to see both sets!

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Jul 072014

Hey friends! I hope everyone had a lovely fourth of July weekend! Before I jump into a recap of my weekend, I have two important things to address.

First, I always think it’s important to recognize that July 4 is not just a holiday for eating hot dogs and drinking beer in our finest red, white, and blue apparel, but it’s also a holiday to be thankful for the country we have and for those who have fought so that we could maintain¬†our freedom. My thanks go out to all the men and women in our armed forces¬†who help keep our country free every day. Thank you for your service!

Second, two of best, best friends, Megan and JR, got engaged over the weekend!!! I could NOT be happier for them and I know they will have an amazing life together. Now I can’t wait for all the wedding festivities to begin!!! I’m sure you all will be hearing a LOT more about their wedding events in the months to come. Congrats, JR and Megan!!!!!

BTW, here’s the proposal caught on video for those who are interested in seeing it. Don’t worry- I’ve already binge-watched this about 100 times.

Oh, and for anyone wondering, that’s a GoPro camera on JR’s head. He caught the whole thing on camera from his perspective, and I can’t wait to see it!

Anyway, enough chat for today. Let’s jump in to my weekend recap! I have a TON of pictures to share, so I’ll try to keep it light on the words. Try being the key word there ūüėČ


I got out of work early on Thursday and headed over to my mom’s house for dinner. Fabio was already over there helping to build the chicken coop, so I happily joined them for a fun family evening. We had a great steak dinner on the grill, but the highlight of the evening was my mom’s homemade cherry pie.


Topped with homemade vanilla ice cream, of course.


This was insanely delicious.

We also talked a bit about some approaching vacation ideas, which I will fill you guys in on as soon as I know more. It was a great night!


Knowing that the weekend was going to be a bit of a blur, Fabio and I spent Friday morning doing laundry. It wasn’t the most exciting start to the fourth of July weekend, but it had to get done sometime!

Then around noon, it was time to party! We started out with these festive Dirty Shirley drinks that Fabio made for us with frozen blueberries. Yum.


Then we headed to the bar up the street to watch the Colombia game! I’m pretty sure I was the only one wearing red, white, and blue in the whole bar. Everyone else was supporting¬†Colombia!


Colombia lost, but we had a great time watching the game and cheering them on.

A little later in the afternoon we headed over to our friend James’ place to watch the fireworks from his rooftop.



Photo bomb! ūüėõ


It was such a beautiful evening, and we had a perfect view.


The atmosphere on the rooftop was a ton of fun, and there was lots of good music, food, and dancing.


The boys! (I would apologize for the bad lighting, but I actually kind of like it.)


Right before the sun set and the fireworks started, I got the call from Megan saying she was engaged. I’m pretty sure I screamed and jumped up and down and cried a little, so people probably thought I was nuts. Luckily it was really loud where we were, but still. #crazystatus

Then it was time for the fireworks!


I couldn’t get over the view we had- it was just incredible.


Another cool thing about this view is that you could see tons of other fireworks off in the distance. You can sort of see what I mean in the picture below, but there were even more fireworks all along the skyline. I’d guess there were probably about 50 different sets of fireworks that we could see.


Perfect night!


After the fireworks we headed to Cantina Marina, a fun pirate/mermaid themed bar right on the water. We ran into my old coworker David while we were there, and it was so nice to catch up with him.


All in all it was a perfect fourth of July!


Saturday was spent at my grandparents’ house on the Chesapeake Bay. It wound up being¬†another picture-perfect day.


For this trip we decided to pull out the tube and get some water action going! Doesn’t my sister look thrilled here? Lol. I think she was pretending to nap?


Anyway, here we are in the tube! (This was before we switched out her way-too-big life vest for one that actually fit.)


Ok, and now I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.






Obviously it was a blast!

Fabio went too ūüôā


So much fun.

A little later in the day we took Jack to the small beach down the street and let him swim in the bay.


He’s off!DSC02246

He made a few doggy friends and probably had the best day of his life, haha.





I love this one ūüôā


That’s my boy!

After giving the dogs a bath (my grandparents’ dog swam too) and showering up, we had a nice relaxing evening on the back porch.



Complete with a typical July 4 dinner!


We ended the evening with some sunset lacrosse,


and then watched more fireworks along the water.


It was another a perfect evening!



We drove home from my grandparents’ house on Sunday morning and then spent all day grocery shopping and doing some serious cleaning around the apartment. We even tackled things like the junk drawer and small bookshelf in the bedroom that have been neglected for way too long. It was a nice productive day and when we were all finished with our chores by around 4:00 pm, we had the whole rest of the evening to relax watch season 2 of Orange is the New Black. ūüėČ

All in all it was an absolutely perfect weekend and I couldn’t have asked for anything more.¬†Congrats again to Megan and JR! I can’t wait to celebrate with you guys!!!

Question of the day: How did you spend your 4th of July?

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May 192014

Hello, hello! Boy do I have a lot to share with you guys today. I had a really fun weekend that was absolutely jam-packed, so let’s jump right into today’s recap!


On Friday night I met my friends Britt and Jess at Hank’s Oyster Bar for a little ladies’ dinner! (Chicks #1)


I had never been to Hank’s before, even though I’ve heard plenty of people talk about it over the years. Unfortunately Fabio is allergic to shell fish, so I knew an¬†oyster bar would never be a place he’d suggest going. That made it a perfect spot for an evening with the girls!

We ordered six¬†raw oysters to share as an appetizer, and my friends had a good laugh at my inexperience with eating them. I had only ever had raw oysters once or twice, so I was a total rookie! Everyone always says you should swallow the oysters down like a shot, so I didn’t know that you can chew them a little. It was pretty funny and even though I barely tasted oyster #1¬†because I swallowed it so fast,¬†I enjoyed #2 a little more ūüôā Ha!

For my entree I chose the softshell crab with tomato, pesto, and feta cheese which was delicious. I love softshells and will always order them when they’re on the menu!


I got home from dinner at around 11:00 pm and then read my book in bed for a while before eventually giving in to sleep. It was a nice evening!


On Saturday morning I had workout plans with Britt at noon, so I made a two-ingredient pancake with a little peanut butter on top for myself beforehand. I was feeling extra hungry so I used two eggs instead of one, and it got the job done.


After breakfast it was time for our workout! I met up with Britt at the metro, and from there¬†we headed over to Ballston for a “Sweat for Survival” CrossFit class benefiting the American Cancer Society.


One of my former coworkers set up the event and invited me on Facebook a couple weeks ago, and ever since I heard all about CrossFit from Catrina I have been wanting to try it out. It was a free class with a suggested donation of $15 benefiting the American Cancer Society, which I thought was perfect. Sweat for a good cause? Count me in.


The class itself was fantastic! It was an introductory level class that was customizable to your fitness level.

We started out with a brief 400 meter run followed by some plyometric moves as our warm up. Then we spent some time going over squats and the coaches came around and corrected¬†everyone’s form. After we practiced our squat form, the coaches explained the workout of¬†the day (WOD). The WOD was as many reps as possible (AMRAP) of wall balls, box jumps, and burpees.

We spent¬†one minute on each exercise¬†and then rested for one minute in between, which we repeated three times. We were encouraged to count each rep (so each wall ball, each box jump, each burpee) continuously throughout the workout. The goal was to get 200 reps, which no one in our class was able to do (though one guy got to 194 I believe). I got up to 161 which I was pretty proud of! I definitely hustled to try to get in as many reps as I could and I loved that I was competing against myself and the clock. It was a great workout and definitely made me want to go back! I’ll be keeping my eyes open for more CrossFit deals, that’s for sure.

After CrossFit I headed back toward home and picked up a salad from Corner Bakery on the way. Gotta refuel!


After lunch I quickly showered and then met up with a bunch of Bianca’s girl¬†friends at the BullPen, the fun outdoor bar outside of the National’s ball park! (Chicks #2!)


Thank you, Fabio, for photobombing.

We debated buying tickets for the actual game, but we got there late and tickets were around $40. We decided instead it would be more fun to just hang out in the BullPen and listen to the live band, play cornhole, and drink cheaper beers ūüėČ

Here I am with Britt, feeling a little sore after our morning CrossFit adventure.


Fabio also took advantage of the little pitching booth they had set up in the BullPen, which he does pretty much every time we go there. He used to play baseball in high school so he likes to check up on his throwing speed from time to time.



Go Fabs!!

It was a beautiful day and I had so much fun with my friends!


After the BullPen we all headed to Cantina Marina for dinner, and then went to Saint Ex to continue dancing the night away. It was so much fun!


Since I didn’t see my mom last weekend for Mother’s Day, Fabio and I went over to her house yesterday to enjoy a belated celebration! My aunt and uncle were also in town from NYC and Los Angeles (respectively) so we had a fun day with the family!

Chicks #3!


I gave my mom her Mother’s Day gift, which was a Lily Pulitzer serving tray. It matched what she was wearing perfectly and I think she¬†really liked it!


She immediately put it to use by bringing out her delicious chips, salsa, and guacamole!


I also got to see the baby chicks! (Chicks #4!)

They are so cute right now and it’s going to be so funny to see how they change when they grow up to be real chickens! My mom is so excited that she’ll have fresh eggs every morning, and I can’t wait to¬†take some back home with me when there are extra eggs.


SOOO adorable.


It was a wonderful day with my family!


Questions of the day: Are you a fan of baseball games, or do you just enjoy the atmosphere? Would you ever consider raising chickens?

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