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Hello, hello! Happy Thursday to you. 🙂 I have a bunch of random tidbits to share with you guys today, so I thought I would just list them all out for you. Ready? Here we go!

1. Remember on Sunday when my Christmas tree looked like this?


Well, when I came home on Monday evening after a cold and dreary (miserable) day, I opened the door to my apartment to see this.




In the past, Fabio and I always put up a fake Christmas tree, but when we moved to our new apartment without a storage unit, we figured it was time to ditch the fake tree and try out the real thing.

Our new tree stand said it could hold a tree up to six feet, so when we bought our tree at Costco (for $30!), that’s exactly what size we asked for. I guess the one we got was a little taller than 6 feet because it wasn’t very secure, and after just one day with Jack, it went tumbling over. Ugh.

After spending about an hour fixing the stupid tree on Monday night, we wound up driving to Home Depot (in the rain) and getting a bigger stand to be safe. Hopefully now it should be secure, even with a wagging tail from Jack. Fingers crossed!

2. I’ve been enjoying the best salads with Thanksgiving leftovers this week!


These bad boys are complete with a mix of greens, feta cheese, turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce (as dressing). I figure the stuffing is pretty close to croutons anyway, and the cranberry sauce makes a really tasty dressing. Yum! Definitely try this if you have any more Thanksgiving leftovers. I’ll be so sad when all my leftovers are gone and I can’t make this salad anymore!

3. We’ve also had some really delicious dinners this week, including turkey soup (perfect for more Thanksgiving leftovers!) and a NY strip steak! Fabio has seriously perfected steak cooking, and mine was perfectly medium-rare. So good! (Jack thought so too.)


On the side we had more stuffing (because why not), roasted potatoes with thyme, and a huge pile of green beans. This plate of food was gigantic and I was only able to make it halfway through everything, but it sure was good!

4. Guys – I’m finished with my Invisalign! Yesterday I headed back to Alex’s office (Fabio’s brother-in-law and my Invisalign dentist!) to have the little attachments on my teeth removed and get my retainers ordered.


Bye bye, Invisalign!

If you are even somewhat considering getting Invisalign I would totally recommend it; the process was so easy for me and since I only had to do nine steps, I qualified for Invisalign Express which was faster and cheaper. Win! After just about four and a half months, my teeth are straight again! Woohoo!


I’m so happy with how they turned out, and I can’t thank Alex enough for working with me on them. 😀

5. I am loving all things holiday right now (who isn’t?!) and I was especially happy last night when I saw that the Grinch was on TV – and not the Jim Carrey version but the original cartoon.


It’s one of my favorite movies, and it brings back memories of watching it with my mom while eating festive green snicker doodle cookies as a kid. 🙂

I’m also heading up to NYC this weekend to see some of my friends, and I’m so excited for all the holiday activities we are going to partake in! In addition to seeing the Rockefeller Christmas tree (which now seems to be a bit of a yearly tradition?) we are finally going to Rolf’s, the bar that decorates like crazy around the holidays. I’ve been wanting to go there for years, so I can’t wait!

Think I should wear my Christmas vest??

Yes? Cool.

Question of the day: What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

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  1. Oh no! Your poor tree! 🙂

  2. Oh god what a nightmare about the tree! But it’s still a beautiful tree anyway at least.
    I can’t wait for Christmas as they’ll be sooooooo many leftovers. I’ll be in turkey heaven!

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