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Yesterday morning, I joined my friends Anne, Kathleen, and Sarah for a 5 mile run around the tidal basin, which gave us the opportunity to get up close and personal with DC’s famous cherry blossoms.


Photo via Anne

Every year I make it a point to try to see the cherry blossoms, but it can be tricky since they are only in peak bloom for a day or two, and for the last couple of years their peak has been on a weekday. Trying to view the cherry blossoms on a Saturday when they are a) no longer in peak bloom/starting to fall off the trees and b) swarming with crowds is definitely not my cup of tea. Seeing them during a morning run – on peak bloom day no less – is much more my style!

We began our run by the Georgetown waterfront since it’s not too hard to find parking over there so early in the morning. The sun was just starting to rise when we got there, and the moon was still out which was really pretty.



As usual, we chatted during the whole run which made the time fly by. It was fun having such a big group of us yesterday morning; running with four people is so much more fun!

Soon enough, we came upon the Washington monument right when the sun was rising. So pretty!


And then before we knew it, we had arrived at the tidal basin!


The cherry blossoms were just as beautiful as I remembered. It was so worth getting out of bed early for this!



Even though it was early in the morning, there were still tons of people at the tidal basin. We saw lots of photographers, other runners, and people in suits who were – we assume – heading right into the office later. We saw people taking prom/quinceanera photos, engagement photos, pregnancy photos, and newborn photos.


Fun fact: Fabio and I actually wanted to take our engagement photos with the cherry blossoms, but then we decided to get them done somewhere else instead. 😉 Sorry to tease you, but you know I’ll share them with you when it’s the right time!

It was a little hard to keep running with all the people everywhere, but that just meant we could stop for more photos. 🙂


So beautiful!



At one point we noticed there was a wall of photographers set up in a specific spot, and although we knew it was really pretty we couldn’t figure out why this particular part of the tidal basin was so much better than the others. And then we saw it: the sun shining through the Jefferson memorial!


So beautiful, right?? I love how you can see the silhouette of the Jefferson statue.


Clearly these photographers know what they are doing. They were very serious about their picture taking!

After making our way 3/4 of the way around the tidal basin it was time to head back to Georgetown. We wound up covering 5 miles which was pretty awesome considering we mostly just wanted to see the cherry blossoms. 🙂 What a fun morning!


Another photo borrowed from Anne

Question of the day: Have you ever seen the cherry blossoms?

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  1. So jealous! I lived in Charlottesville, VA for part of last year and while I went over to DC a couple times, I was unable to make it for the cherry blossoms because it was so hard to know when they’d be in full bloom and to be able to get off work to go see them. Maybe one day!

  2. Oh, so beautifull! There is a bit cold for the cherry blossom in my area. But I see forward to find some flowers in the future.

  3. Such a cool run!! Cherry blossom time makes me wish I lived in DC

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