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Hi friends! I have some pretty awesome news to share with you today. On Tuesday I went back to my doctor to check on the recovery of my foot, and he was thrilled with my progress. While this wasn’t too surprising (he’s been pretty happy with everything this whole time) I was totally caught off guard with what he said next. Drum roll please……I can wear normal shoes again starting tomorrow!

Isn’t that awesome? I thought I was going to have to be in the boot for another month or so, but it sounds like my doc was being pretty conservative with that initial estimate and he thinks I’m ready to switch to regular (albeit sturdy) shoes really soon. Woohoo! I can’t even tell you how excited this makes me!

I also talked about exercise with my doctor, and he cleared me to start increasing the types of exercises I’m doing as long as they’re not high impact. Thank goodness – as happy as I was to be able to do pilates during my recovery, I’m totally sick of it now and am more than ready to jump into something else. In terms of cardio I am cleared for swimming and stationary biking (not spinning though) so I think I’m going to look into some options for how I can incorporate these into my routine moving forward. Stay tuned!

Since I’m getting back a bit of mobility in my foot and now feel more comfortable distributing my weight on it, I decided to try out some yoga yesterday morning. I knew yoga would be a good workout for me since it’s low impact, but I also knew it could be challenging since you have to balance a lot – sometimes on one leg – which would be difficult with my injured foot. On the other hand, my physical therapist had me doing similar types of balancing exercises during my last session, so I figured as long as I didn’t push myself too hard it would actually be good for me.

Well it wound up being really great! I completed this 50 minute yoga video from Tara Stiles, and although I had to modify a couple of the poses, I was able to do a lot more than I thought I would. Woohoo!

While I was practicing my yoga, my mind started to wander a bit and I thought back over my history with this type of workout. To be honest I used to really dislike yoga, but now I’ve come around to truly enjoy it and I plan to incorporate it into my workout even once I’m back to running and bootcamps. I thought some of you might have gone through similar phases when it comes to yoga, so I thought it would be fun to recap my ever-changing experience with it.

35 Thoughts I’ve had About Yoga 

  1. Yoga? What is that – something hippies do?
  2. I’m hearing more about this yoga thing, but I still don’t really get it. Is it just like a ton of stretching?
  3. Why would someone do yoga? Isn’t it better to spend that time doing cardio?
  4. My friends all bought a Groupon for a yoga class. I guess I’ll go too because I hate FOMO.
  5. OMG my first yoga class. I hope no one judges me. I’m so inflexible!


  6. How the heck am I supposed to get my leg over there?
  7. I’m going to fall over onto this girl next to me. Don’t fall, don’t fall, don’t fall…
  8. Oh yeah, I’m supposed to be focusing on my breathing.
  9. I really don’t think I can hold this pose for one more second.
  10. If I have to repeat this downward dog, plank, cobra series one more time…
  11. Seriously, we’re going to repeat this whole sequence again just to add one more move to the end?
  12. I don’t think I’m saying this “OM” thing right.
  13. Wow. This savasana thing is pretty fantastic. Any workout that includes a nap at the end is ok in my book.
  14. Ok I guess I sort of enjoyed that, but I still don’t think it was worth an hour of my time. Think how sweaty I could have gotten doing a different workout!
  15. Why must Tony Horton make his yoga DVD 90 minutes? 90 minutes of yoga is way too long.
  16. I’ve seen a lot of yogis recently with awesome bodies. How do these girls get so toned? Do you think they run and lift weights on the side?
  17. Woah. How does that girl on instagram DO that??
  18. I want to do cool yoga poses when I travel to awesome locations.



  19. Like. Like. Like. Geez, when did I start following all these yogis on instagram?
  20. I love that YO-GA sweatshirt I keep seeing around. I kind of want to buy it and then go to a yoga class, even though that’s not something I would usually do.
  21. My runner/bootcamp friend swears by yoga. Maybe I should give it another try?
  22. I’m doing it – I just signed up for another class. I’ll have to wear my cutest Lulu gear because then at least I’ll look cute as I get judged for my inflexibility.
  23. Hmm everyone’s so nice here. Maybe people aren’t judging me as much as I thought.
  24. Ok this instructor is awesome! I love that he’s helping me get into my poses without being condescending. This feels so different from my last yoga class.
  25. Look at me! I’m almost in crow pose! Ok, not really.
  26. Ugh gimme that yoga strap. There’s no way I can reach over there.
  27. I’m going to fall over onto this girl next to me. Don’t fall, don’t fall, don’t fall…


  28. How the heck am I supposed to get my leg over there?
  29. Oh yeah, I’m supposed to be focusing on my breathing.
  30. This seems less boring than before. Maybe I’m just doing more poses?
  31. This feels nice. I think I like this?
  32. Ahh…savasana. Just as good as I remembered.
  33. Ok that was much better than I expected. I might actually be a little sore tomorrow?
  34. Apparently yoga is good for a million things, including reducing stress and helping with weight loss. Maybe that’s why everyone in my class was so toned?
  35. I’m definitely going back. That was great.

The end. 🙂

Question of the day: What are some thoughts you’ve had about yoga?

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  11 Responses to “35 Thoughts You’ve Probably Had About Yoga”

  1. The worst thought I’ve ever had about yoga is definitely the fear of other people judging my inflexibility! But, the more I go, the more I realize that people really do focus on themselves and their practice. It is such a non-judgment zone!

  2. have you ever tried Hot Yoga? The challenges are different and you definitely get more limber. Last year I was getting shoutouts for good poses in class by my 3rd day. And the feeling afterwards can’t be beat. I actually just bought a living social deal for my area 🙂

    • I’ve tried “warm” yoga (just not quite as hot as traditional hot yoga) and I really liked it! I would definitely be down to try real hot yoga though!

  3. Haha so true. I do enjoy yoga but I find it very hard to “switch off” at the end and lie still with my eyes closed. I get a little bored. I know I’m missing the point!
    Good news about your foot as well!

  4. Love your list. So true, so true.

  5. I love yoga. I used to do hot yoga frequently in college, then stopped going once I changed neighborhoods. But I started a regular practice again during my marathon training, and I love my off days of running spent stretching on the mat.

  6. I have tried and tried and tried to love yoga, but I just cant. I am more of a HIIT girl and anything that gets my heart rate up and has me jumping around and using weights. I know it is important, especially as a runner, but I can’t seem to make myself do it. It’s something I would only do on a rest day and half the time I know it’s a rest day so I don’t do anything at all!

    • Keep giving it a chance if you can; I felt like that too until a few months ago! Now I’m ok with doing it once a week or so as an active recovery.

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