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Hi friends! Did you have a good weekend? Ours was possibly one of my favorites from the whole year, thanks to spending lots of time with good friends. On Saturday, Fabio’s fraternity “little brother” Jon got married to another one our college friends, Liz, and it was such a beautiful and fun weekend with many of our friends. The wedding itself was also really traditional, and Liz looked like a Disney princess. It was like a fairytale!


Fabio had off from work on Friday due to Veteran’s Day, and I left work around 3 p.m. so we could make the drive up to Frederick, MD, where the wedding was. Frederick isn’t too far from my mom’s house, so we were able to drop off Jack on our way. Thanks, Mom!

Upon arriving in Frederick, Fabio joined the groomsmen for the ceremony rehearsal, and I joined the other significant others (or SOs as we dubbed ourselves) in an amazing townhouse Air BnB that we all rented for the weekend. The townhouse was right in the heart of historic Frederick and was walking distance to the restaurant where the rehearsal dinner was held, as well as the church where the wedding took place. It was close to lots of shops and bars too, which made it so fun!

Eventually it was time for us SOs to head over to dinner, which took place at Ayse Meze Lounge. We got there a bit early to help set everything up, and then the bridal party and other guests arrived. Look at these handsome groomsmen!

After chatting and mingling for a while, we all took our seats and I truthfully thought I had the best seat in the house: Fabio and I got to sit with the bride and groom and two of my best friends, Andy and Cullen, who were in town from Los Angeles (Andy and I have known each other since 6th grade, and I’ve gotten to know Andy’s husband, Cullen, pretty well over the last few years as well).

Before our food came out, a few members of the bridal party stood up to make toasts to the bride and groom! Fabio stood up to say something, and I thought his words to the couple were really sweet.

The bride and groom!

Then it was time to eat! We enjoyed tons and tons of tapas-style dishes, including lots of delicious lamb (my favorite). Yum!

We even had some flaming, melted cheese!

So fun!

The dinner was a blast, and I felt so lucky that I got to sit with such good friends.

After dinner, we stopped by the townhouse quickly to drop off all the food leftovers, and then we headed out to one of the local bars!

The groomsmen are featured in the picture above, and below are the SOs! I loved bonding with them throughout the weekend.

Since Frederick isn’t too far from where Andy and I grew up, we decided to call our friend Jamie who still lives in the area to see if she was able to meet us out. We were thrilled when she was in town and available to come! What a fun, unexpected surprise!

Love her!

Jamie is also really good friends with Andy and Cullen, so having her at the bar worked out perfectly. Yay!!

We wound up staying out way too late, but had so much fun!


Saturday was wedding day! Jon and Liz had a ton of food brought to the townhouse for us for breakfast, including pancakes, bacon, eggs, and sausage. Wow! The boys had to be ready for pictures by 11, so we SOs hung around for a while taking our time getting ready and sipping mimosas until it was time to walk over to the church for the 2 p.m. ceremony.

It was a beautiful Catholic church, and I thought Liz looked just like a Disney princess!

Even though our own wedding wasn’t necessarily traditional (we got married by our good family friends, who are two gay priests), it was nice seeing what a wedding with all the traditions could look like. It felt very elegant without being stuffy. Beautiful!

Congratulations, Jon and Liz!

Once the ceremony was over, the bridal party hopped on a trolley that took them to the reception for photos.

Meanwhile, we SOs had some time to kill, so we went back to the townhouse and spent a couple of hours chatting, eating sandwiches, and sipping on more mimosas. We invited a couple of the other Sigma Nu couples to come back to the house with us, and it wound up being really fun!

Before long, it was time for us to order a few ubers to head to the reception, which took place at the Catoctin Hall of Musket Ridge Golf Club. Apparently the grounds were really beautiful, but unfortunately it was dark out by the time we arrived. I can’t wait to see how the photos turn out!

After being reunited with Fabio and the rest of the bridal party at the reception, we proceeded through all the regular wedding activities, including a few beautiful dances (Liz and her dad danced to Beauty and the Beast and we all LOST IT) and some emotional and funny speeches.

Halfway through dinner, Fabio and I realized it was our nine-year dating anniversary. Cheers to my forever wedding date!

The rest of the night was spent on the dancefloor with our friends!

The night didn’t end when the reception did – afterwards we all went back to the townhouse to change, and then headed to a bar for the after party. The party then continued back at the townhouse when the bars closed, and I think we finally went to bed at 4:30 a.m. Oof!!


Sunday morning began with bagels at the house, and then we all spent some time cleaning everything up and packing up our stuff. Eventually we said goodbye to our friends, which was really sad! We had such a fun weekend together, and I wasn’t ready for it to end.

After leaving the house, Fabio and I popped into some of the cute shops in Frederick where I bought a couple of souvenirs. 🙂 Then we did some grocery shopping and stopped by my mom’s house for a belated joint birthday lunch (Fabio, my mom, and I all have fall birthdays).

The dining room was set up so beautifully, and the food was delicious. I especially loved my mom’s chocolate marshmallow pie. Yumm!

After that we hit the road, and finally arrived home around 7 p.m., exhausted but happy. 🙂

The end!

Question of the day: Are you more into traditions or doing your own thing?

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