Sep 132017

Hi friends! Today I’m back with another recap of our amazing wedding weekend!

If you missed the first two posts, you can read about our pre-rehearsal dinner, dinner here and our pool party and ceremony rehearsal here. Today I’m sharing some photos from our rehearsal dinner photo shoot, which I absolutely love!

When we booked our amazing wedding photographer, Lauren Nievod, we found out that Lauren’s services include a photo shoot prior to the wedding. Lauren explained that she does this so she can get to know the bride and groom better before the big day, and so the bride and groom can get comfortable in front of the camera too. Smart!

Since Fabio and I had already taken some engagement photos during our vacation in Jamaica, we asked if we could use our extra photo shoot during the rehearsal dinner instead. We figured this way we’d be able to capture the excitement we felt leading up to the wedding, and hopefully get some pictures of our friends and family too!

Lauren was totally cool with this plan – we just had to pay for her accommodations that night so she didn’t have to drive down and back twice – and we were able to get some amazing photos of the two of us plus LOTS of awesome pictures of our friends and family enjoying the rehearsal dinner. It was the perfect solution!

Today I’m sharing the photos of just the two of us, and then I’ll recap the actual rehearsal dinner in another post. 🙂 All of these pictures were taken by Lauren Nievod, and the location of these photos was the River House of the Wye River Conference Center. Oh, and the boat is my dad’s. Enjoy!

The end! <3

Question of the day: For those of you who have had professional photoshoots done similar to these, what do you do with all the pictures?? These are just some of my favorites, but there were hundreds more!

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