Feb 242017

Hi friends! How was your week? Fabio was away for a work trip for the majority of the week, which meant I did lots of fun things I don’t usually get to do like wear face masks and go to bed at 9:00. 🙂 It was a pretty lonely week, but thankfully I had Jack to keep me company.

I also had a good book to read – I just finished America’s First Daughter which was really good! If you like historical fiction you’ll like this one. It also had some mentions of Alexander Hamilton and since I’m also loving that soundtrack right now it made me doubly happy. It was a good one!

Aaaaand, I started rewatching Grey’s Anatomy! I used to watch this show with my friends back when we were in college, but once I got out of school I fell way behind and haven’t watched since. I decided to start all over again from the beginning once Fabio left, and it’s made me so happy.

Fabio gets home later tonight (it’s Thursday night as I type this) and I can’t wait to see him! Woohoo!

Anyway, let’s take a peek at my workouts this past week.

Saturday, Feb. 18 – Seven mile run with Fabio on the National Mall! Gosh, that was such a good run. The weather made a huge difference!

Sunday, Feb. 19 – Rest day! I spent this day grocery shopping, running errands, and doing some meal prep.

Monday, Feb. 20 – Rest day! This was a fun day spent with my mom getting my hair done, going shopping, and enjoying a delicious lunch outside!

Tuesday, Feb. 21 – Bootcamp class with Anne at Definitions DC! As we drove into Georgetown for this class, we couldn’t get over the beautiful sunrise. Plus, it was light out – spring is coming!!

Our class was a good one, as usual, and led us through a bunch of different exercises including rowing, staggered-arm push-ups, various squats and lunges, kettlebell swings, and reverse crunches.

Anne and I both agreed our abs were sore from the reverse crunches the next day. Ow!

Also, for the picture above we decided to grab kettlebells that matched our outfits instead of the kettlebells we actually used during the workout (#bloggerproblems). Can you tell this 20 lb purple kettlebell was way too heavy for me? I’m practically falling over! Haha!

Wednesday, Feb. 22 – Another bootcamp class with Anne, this time with our friend Kathleen at Urban Athletic Club! For whatever reason, this class was totally packed on Wednesday and was one of the largest UAC classes I’ve ever seen. Maybe the warm weather has people scrambling to get in better shape for bathing suit season? Who knows.

Our instructor Romain had us going through lots of difficult exercises that were a mix of strength and cardio.

The hardest thing he had us do was the “zombie walk” where we put our feet on these little furniture slider things and “walk” in a plank down the length of the gym. Anytime he brings those sliders out we know it’s going to be a tough workout. Phew!

Thursday, Feb. 23 – The weather was beautiful again on Thursday (it’s been awesome all week!) so I decided to take Jack out for a run instead of going to the spin class I had originally planned to take (luckily I made this decision on Wednesday night so I didn’t get charged for canceling a ClassPass class). We wound up running a 5K!

We finished in 27 minutes which is definitely not my fastest (my 5K PR is 25:19) but I feel like it was pretty good for a random Thursday morning run with Jack, especially given the number of times he made us stop so he could sniff and pee. 🙂

Friday, Feb. 24 – Rest day! The weather is supposed to be beautiful again tomorrow, so I’m hoping Fabio and I can go for a long walk with Jack after work. Fingers crossed!

Alright friends, that’s all for today! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Question of the day: What things do you like to do when you’re alone? Also, does anyone have a face mask recommendation? I’m in the market for a new one. 🙂

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