Feb 212017

Global warming is real my friends – this past weekend we enjoyed the most beautiful weather. With clear skies and temperatures in the high 60s/low 70s, everybody was out and about the entire weekend, including us! Here’s a peek at what we were up to.


When I got home from work on Friday, I saw that I had received two packages: the first was a bachelorette-themed Stitch Fix. I’ve been wanting some fun new pieces to wear to my bachelorette party next week, so when a coworker recommended I get a Stitch Fix and ask the stylist to include a bunch of bach-specific pieces I decided to go for it. I hadn’t ordered a Stitch Fix in a couple of years (!!) but I decided to give it a go. The result? Meh. I didn’t wind up loving anything in my fix so I sent it all back. Womp womp.

The second package was a bit better: my friends from Giant sent me some products from their new “twisted chocolate” line!

Since receiving this package on Friday I’ve already tried all of these and can confirm that they’re quite tasty. Now I want to try the “chocolate hummus” which is made with hazelnuts and probably more similar to Nutella than hummus. Yum!!

Thank you, Giant!

The rest of the evening was spent relaxing on the couch with Fabio and Jack. 🙂


We slept in a bit on Saturday morning and then laced up our sneakers and headed out for our weekly training run! We decided to drive over to Iwo Jima so we could run through DC instead of through Arlington, which turned out to be a fantastic decision. I think we’ll do this more often!

Our seven-mile run took us across Arlington Memorial Bridge, past the Lincoln memorial, and down the mall to the Capitol building. Then it was time to turn back!

It was SUCH a beautiful day on Saturday which made our run a million times better. Beautiful weather + beautiful scenery = a great run.

With all the hostility/anger/sadness/disappointments happening in DC right now it was nice to just get out there and enjoy the beautiful day.

7 miles = done! This was one of the best runs we’ve had in a while!

We didn’t go too fast, but our focus for now is just getting our endurance back up. We can always focus on speed later!

After our run we headed home, cleaned up, and grabbed some lunch. Then we decided we weren’t ready to head inside yet so we took Jack over to Shirlington dog park where he splashed around in the water with some furry friends!

He was definitely loving life.

What a happy pup!

After all that swimming he really needed a bath, so we headed to Unleashed for their $10 DIY doggy wash. Poor Jack – he hates baths. Haha!

Later in the evening we stopped by a housewarming party with a few friends, and eventually the beer pong table – which was actually a door – got brought out. Fabio and I played a couple of games and proved that even though we’re getting older, our 8+ year history of playing beer pong together had us on a winning streak. 🙂

We went out to El Centro in Georgetown after the party and wound up doing a lot of dancing! It had been a while since we’d gone out together like that and we had a blast. 🙂

Sunday & Monday

Sadly I had to drop Fabio off at the airport on Sunday morning for a work trip, and I spent the rest of the day running errands, meal prepping, grocery shopping, etc. It was another gorgeous day so I made sure to take Jack on some extra long walks to the park once my errands were complete!

I had off from work on Monday due to President’s Day (woohoo!) so I kicked the day off with a haircut and highlights.

I’m a lot blonder now which I’m loving, even though I know the upkeep will be expensive.

Look at all those highlights!

After my haircut, I met up with my mom for an afternoon of shopping and a ladies’ lunch out! We went to Coastal Flats and wound up indulging in all kinds of delicious (not at all healthy) seafood treats. Yum! The weather was also nice enough for us to sit outside in the sunshine, so I was a happy camper, through and through. Thanks for lunch, mom!

And now we’re all caught up!

Question of the day: How is the weather where you live?

February is usually my least favorite month because of the weather, but this one hasn’t been bad at all! *Knocks on wood.*

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