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Hi friends! How was your weekend? Ours was a really fun one, and we spent the majority of it at Fabio’s sister Diane and brother-in-law Alex’s house outside of Baltimore. It was so nice spending quality time with everyone! Here’s a peek at the highlights.


Fabio, Jack, and I hopped in the car after work on Friday to make the hour and a half journey to Diane and Alex’s house. Diane had some delicious chicken salads waiting for us for dinner. Yum!

Fabio’s dad had arrived from New York earlier in the day, and his older sister Karen and her daughter, Sofia, were on their way down from New York as well. We had planned to have this “family weekend” back when we last saw each other for Christmas, and I was so happy everyone was able to stick to the plan and get together!

We spent the rest of the evening chatting around the kitchen table before calling it a night around 11 p.m.


On Saturday morning, Fabio and I were up before everyone else for a run! It was only 18 degrees out and we had five miles on the docket, so I was not looking forward to being out in the cold for that long.

At least it was nice and sunny out!

As for our route, I looked at my Google maps app ahead of time to figure out where we should go in the neighborhood. It was hard to tell how far five miles would take us, so I made sure to have a couple of back-up routes in case we needed to tack on some extra mileage.

The one thing I didn’t realize about Diane and Alex’s neighborhood was that it was so hilly! Phew! It made the run challenging for sure, but Fabio and I powered through it.

We wound up using all of my back-up routes and arrived back at Diane and Alex’s house after only 4.2 miles. While part of me wanted to keep running the last .8, Fabio and I were both cold and tired and going inside sounded┬álike a better idea. ­čÖé

Once we got inside we showered up, changed into comfy clothes, and spent the rest of the day relaxing with Fabio’s family!

We had a fun day snuggling on the couch watching Finding Dory (so cute!) and playing with all the dogs.

It was nice and relaxing!

Later in the afternoon, more┬áof Fabio’s family came over, and Alex’s parents joined us as well! We don’t usually all get to see each other except during holidays, so I was really happy that this family weekend worked out.

Eventually we sat down to a delicious dinner of Greek food that Diane, Karen, and I put together, and midway through dinner, Diane and Alex said they had an announcement to make.

….and then Diane pulled out a picture of her sonogram!

I just love this picture. ­čÖé

Diane and Alex are going to be parents!!! Yay!!!

I could not be happier for these two and am SO excited for all that is to come. Woohooo!!

Truthfully I was not very surprised by their announcement – I actually had an inkling that Diane might be pregnant back in December – but it was still SUCH a happy┬áconfirmation!! ­čÖé

We spent the rest of the night eating cake, laughing, talking, and even doing some salsa dancing (as this family tends to do…).

Congratulations, Diane and Alex!


We drove back home on Sunday and I immediately got to work meal prepping for the week. The grocery store was a mad house with all the Super Bowl shoppers, but we made it out fairly quickly thanks to a shorter list this week.

Now that everything is all prepped Fabio and I are getting ready to watch the Super Bowl! (It’s Sunday night as I type this.)

Catch ‘ya later!

Question of the day: Does your family mostly live nearby or far away?

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