Dec 092015

Hello, hello! How’s everyone doing today?

I had a really nice day yesterday, as I took some time off from work to recuperate from my fun weekend in NYC and also get started on my Christmas shopping! (I have a ton of sick time that’s going to expire at the end of the year, so I figured I might as well treat myself to a day off!)

Have you guys started and/or finished your holiday shopping yet? I feel like I’m usually pretty ahead of the game, but I guess I was slacking a bit this year because I just got started yesterday. Luckily, I was able to spend some time digging around at Marshall’s and got a bunch of gifts checked off my list. I even wrapped them. Boom!


I also ordered a bunch of things online, which is just the best. My shopping is almost done!

One gift I’m really excited about this year is for my little sister. As you all probably know, we are 15 years apart (she’s actually my half sister) so I feel more like an aunt than a big sister. Last time I was home, she started talking about yoga and asked for some help with a supported headstand inversion. As you may remember, this is something I was working on – but still haven’t quite mastered – back in the Spring. I was able to give her some good tips, and she got much better within a matter on minutes. 🙂

Later on we went outside to play with her friends, and she told them all about how I “do yoga” and helped her with her headstand. So cute!

Given this new interest in yoga, I thought it would be fun to take her to a yoga class with me! I did some research to figure out which studio would be best for a pre-teen/tween, and I think I’ve decided that the Back to Basics Flow class at Yoga Heights DC would work best. (FYI – to do the research I wound up sending my question to the DC blog PopVille, and received tons of great tips from the online community. If you are ever looking for suggestions for something local, that blog is the best!)

Anyway, I’m really excited to give her the gift, and I think taking a class together will be a lot of fun! I also got her some clothes, so if she hates the yoga at least she’ll still have a gift to open. 😉

In other news, I used the rest of my afternoon to make a quiche (and do laundry, but we’re talking about quiche)! Specifically, this quiche with broccoli, potatoes, and bacon.


As soon as I saw this quiche online earlier this week, I instantly bookmarked it to make later. I’d never made a quiche before, but it sounded fantastic. Since I had some extra time last night, I decided to put it together! It was pretty easy, even if there were a few different steps.

While I waited for it to set up enough so I could slice into it, I took some pictures of my favorite furry friend. That tongue!


Look at all that white around his mouth! He’s getting old. :'(


Ok, five is not really that old, but still.

BTW – our Christmas tree is doing much better now. No more walking in the door to find that it’s been tipped over by said furry friend. 😉


Finally, it was quiche time!



For it being my first time baking a quiche, I think it turned out really well! The crust was nice and flaky, and the broccoli, potatoes, and bacon gave it a nice heartiness. Of course it wasn’t the healthiest dinner in the world, but at least it was pretty high in protein and had at least one green vegetable in there. So there’s that.

Cheese? What cheese? 😉


Plus I only ate one slice, so it was at least pretty portion controlled. At least that’s what I told myself as I dug into the creamy, cheesy, flaky deliciousness. Yum! If you like quiche, definitely check out the recipe! 🙂

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