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Hi there! As I mentioned yesterday, sides are my favorite part of Thanksgiving. Turkey is tasty and all, especially when drizzled with gravy, but I can never get enough of the sides! My favorite side of all has got to be the stuffing. I don’t know why we only ever eat stuffing on Thanksgiving; who says we can’t eat it year round? I think we should change this.

Before Thanksgiving, I was contacted by the folks at Jones Dairy Farm who asked if I would be interested in an ongoing partnership, part of which would allow me to use some of their products to make one of these delicious stuffing recipes. Their email came right around the time I was making my Thanksgiving plan, so it was perfect timing! After browsing lots of delicious stuffing recipes like butternut squash stuffing, smoky jalepeno and corn bread stuffing, and brussels sprouts and bacon stuffing, I decided on this more traditional recipe: sausage, cranberry, and apple stuffing.

Yum! Once I told the folks at Jones Dairy Farm which recipe I wanted, they mailed me everything I would need to make the recipe (minus the wine, chicken broth and fresh herbs, for shipping reasons). Check out the size of the package!


I loved that they sent me everything I would need, even down to the butter. They thought of everything! It reminded me a bit of Blue Apron, actually.


You know what I loved even more? The ingredient list on the sausage: pork, water, salt, and spices. That’s it.


In fact, one of the main reasons I was excited to work with Jones Dairy Farm is that their products are made with only premium ingredients and contain no fillers, binders, preservatives, allergens or MSG. They’re also certified gluten free and sponsor the Celiac Disease Foundation, for those who have gluten concerns. I typically try to limit my intake of processed meats because you just don’t know what the heck is in those products, but I was so happy to see that products from Jones Dairy Farm are completely natural.

Once I had the ingredients, it was time to get cooking! I started by chopping everything in advance – including the shallots, nuts, and herbs – and made sure to cube and toast the sourdough bread ahead of time. Yummm – I definitely snacked a bit on the bread while I made this. 😉


Then on Friday morning (the day that we ate at my apartment) I cooked up the sausage and then the shallots and herbs.


Easy peasy!


Then I mixed everything together, topped the mixture with a reduction of chicken stock, butter, and wine, and threw some eggs in. I covered the stuffing with tin foil and baked it for 40 minutes, and then when the turkey had about 15 minutes left I threw it back into the oven – uncovered this time – to crisp up. And voila! Delicious sourdough, sausage, cranberry, apple stuffing! 🙂


You can find the full recipe with measurements and more detailed instructions here.


Overall the stuffing was a huge hit, and everyone gobbled it right up. I also loved telling everyone that the sausage was all natural with only four ingredients; it made me feel good to serve my guests food that I can support.


This recipe also made a ton of leftovers, and after sending some off with my guests, I still had enough leftover that I’ve been adding it to my salads this week. What? It’s basically the same as croutons! 😉

Question of the day: What kind of stuffing do you make? Do you stuff it in your turkey or bake it separately? Do you call it dressing if you don’t put it in your turkey? I personally don’t, but I know some people do!

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