May 282012

Hey everyone! Happy Memorial Day to you all! I hope everyone had a great weekend; mine was awesome and I truly had a blast, but I’m so happy to be home. There were definitely a ton of unhealthy decisions this weekend (lots of booze-drinking and fried-food-eating) and I can’t wait to get back on track.

Friday morning I headed over to Britt’s house and we hit the road at about 8 am. Traffic wasn’t too bad so we made it to the beach by around noon. Luckily our rooms were ready so we were able to get right in and unpack our stuff. Our hotel was on the bay side and we had a nice little walk-out porch. Check out the view!


Our New York friends got there before us so we quickly got changed and headed to the beach!


Hi Britt! Hi Vic!

After a few hours at the beach, we relocated to a bar called Bottle & Cork which had a really great band playing 90’s music. We ran into a ton of our friends from college at the bar and had a really great time dancing.


Later that night, my friends headed to another bar called the Rusty Rudder, where apparently my dad used to hang out in college, but Britt was feeling so hot so we stayed in. It wound up being a great decision since we had already had such a long day and still had the whole weekend ahead of us. We needed the sleep!

The next day we planned to take a bus to Seacrets with all of our friends from college! Our buses embarked for Ocean City around 10:30 am and we quickly arrived.


When we got inside it was packed and there were literally thousands of people there. I saw friends I knew from college, high school, and work. It was crazy! Seacrets is a really fun bar because it’s on the beach and there are tables in the water. It was definitely a fun day. When we got home around 6 we “napped” which turned into us all waking up at midnight and being unable to fall back asleep. This wound up being one of my favorite parts of the weekend because we just sat around chatting and watching crappy late-night TV and ordering a pizza. It was great to just be able to sit and catch up with the girls!

The next day we went to another bar on the beach and saw more friends from college. I wound up seeing these three Labradors swimming in the water near the bar, so what did I decide to? I jumped in the bay and swam with them. Like, literally, they swam to me and I was hugging them in the water. This was obviously an alcohol-induced decision and later on I realized how silly I must have looked swimming around with the dogs. Ha! Oops.

There was also a photo shoot with the Megans:


And one with me and Lauren (pre-bay frolicking):


It sure was a fun day!

This morning Megan, Lauren, and I left the beach pretty early because Megan had to work this evening. It was hard leaving the beach when the rest of my friends were staying for the day, but it was totally worth it to be able to come home and get everything organized. This afternoon I was able to clean the apartment, unpack, and do some laundry. Now I am ready to tackle the week ahead!

So, how was everyone else’s weekend? Mine was fun but definitely not relaxing at all. I need a vacation from my vacation haha!

Update on 6/1/12: My friend Catrina sent me this beautiful group picture of all of us from Sunday. Here’s the whole crew!

Bottom row from left to right: Britt, Catrina, and Emily

Middle row from left to right: Megan M, Kristen, Jess, and me

Top row from left to right: Megan C, Lauren, and Vic

Love you all!

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