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Hey there, and happy Tuesday! For those of you who had the day off yesterday for Labor Day, I hope you made the most of it! My Labor Day weekend included a perfect mix of fun and relaxing activities, which was just what I was hoping for. Here are some highlights from my long weekend!


Saturday morning called for just one thing- Banana Oat Greek Yogurt Muffins from Amanda’s recipe. Not only were they nutritious (minus the chocolate chips, but they were so worth it) but they were also really easy to make and came together in no time at all. Win!


After breakfast, Fabio, Jack and I piled in the car and drove over to my grandparents’ house for a day on the bay.

Fabio’s sister Diane and her fiance Alex came over and we spent the afternoon zipping around on the boat and tube. We all had a fabulous time, and it was the perfect way to close out the summer. Nothing says summer to me like a day on the bay!

After tubing we took Jack over to the small beach so he could swim around.


This is easily his favorite activity on the planet, and it made me so happy to watch him paddle around (even if it did mean giving him a bath with the hose afterword – which happens to be his least favorite activity lol).


Then we helped prepare dinner which included typical summertime fare- hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, deviled eggs, cole slaw, and salad. I had a little bit of everything, and it was all delicious.


Plus brownies for dessert! ;)



Sunday morning I was up nice and early for a run, but unfortunately I wasn’t up early enough to beat the heat. It was SO hot and humid out! I swear this was the hottest weekend of the whole summer! I made it through a hot and sweaty three miles, which were pretty slow and dreadful but were made better by the awesome waterfront views.


I could get used to running with scenery like that!

After cleaning myself up and eating a quick breakfast, we all jumped in the car and drove over to St. Michaels and Tillman’s Island- two cute little towns on the Eastern shore. After exploring a bit we stopped for lunch in Marcoritaville, a fun Margaritaville-themed restaurant right in downtown St. Michaels.


We started off with pitchers of Rum Runners, as one does.


Then for my lunch I ordered crab cakes with sweet potato fries. Everything was delicious, but I could only make it through one of the cakes. They were very filling!


After lunch we stopped for ice cream at Justine’s.


My sister got cookies and cream, Fabio got a malted milkshake, but I had the best ice cream by far with peanut butter ripple. SO GOOD. I swear they sprinkle crack in that stuff.

After ice cream we walked around St.Michaels a bit more before heading back to the house. Fabio and I were eager to avoid the beach traffic, so we decided to pack up our stuff and drive home. It was another fun weekend on the bay!


I woke up early again on Monday, only this time it was so I could clean the whole apartment top to bottom, including washing and folding about 1,000 articles of clothing. [Insert sarcastic quote about how fun this was here.]

After the cleaning and chores were done, Fabio and I decided to go on a little date. We headed over to National Harbor, MD, which is about 30 minutes from us. They have a whole bunch of cute waterfront shops and restaurants in this area now, and we were excited to check them out.

The new ferris wheel was lookin’ good too! Apparently it’s the biggest one on the East Coast! We didn’t ride it since it was a million degrees out, but we did agree that we want to come back and ride it in the fall when all the leaves are changing :)
photo (14)

Then we stopped for lunch at Red Stone Grill, a delicious American restaurant that looked out over the water. To start things off  I ordered a strawberry champagne mojito, which was as awesome as it sounds.

photo (12)

Then I got the rotisserie chicken chopped salad which had – get this –  cornbread croutons. Brilliant.

photo (13)We spent the rest of the afternoon popping around the new outlets over there, but it was so crowded and hot that we didn’t buy much.

Later Monday night I got together with a couple of blog friends for a new project I’m working on, which I will tell you guys about soon! ;)

Question of the day: Do you have any end of summer traditions?

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