Feb 122016

Hello there, and happy Fri-YAY! :)

Last night I attended a really fun fitness event with my friend Anne at Sculpt DC. It was called Sip, Sweat, Shop and included two 30 minute fitness classes (one spin class and one yoga class), some new fitness gear on sale from Reebok, and some free food and drinks from local vendors. Fun!

I arrived at Sculpt DC around 6:30 pm, and enjoyed seeing the Valentine’s Day decorations they had on display. Cute! Plus it looks like they have  a Valentine’s Day sale going on – hint hint to all the fellas out there!


This was actually my fourth time at the Sculpt DC studio – I’ve been to their spin class once, yoga class once, and attended the DC ClassPass launch event there with a special rooftop bootcamp yoga class. It’s a great studio, and I love that it combines yoga and spinning, two fairly different workouts that I love!

For the event, I wound up wearing a new pair of workout tights that I bought recently from Fabletics!


They’re really comfortable and thick (which has been great since it’s so cold out right now!) and they didn’t fall down at all during either workout. They also have a nice wide waistband that doesn’t dig into my sides, which I like. Plus how fun is the pattern at the bottom? :) It sorta’ looks like a cow to me, but in a good way. Haha!

As soon as I put my coat away, Anne arrived and then it was time for our first class: 30 minutes of spin! I really liked how they divided up the evening into two shorter workouts; it was such a good teaser for a full class!


Our instructor was very energetic (and funny!) and she led us though a fairly tough class that had me dripping in sweat in no time. It’s amazing how quickly you work up a sweat on the bike!


(Anne’s workout tights are from Victoria’s Secret’s fitness line, for anyone wondering)

Anne and I both agreed that it was a really fun class, and the playlist was especially energizing. So fun!

Then after a couple minutes of down time where we browsed through some new fitness gear on display from Reebok, it was time for yoga! When we entered the yoga studio, we were surprised to find that the room was totally dark, and each mat had a few glow sticks set out for participants to make necklaces, bracelets, or just leave on the mats.


This was the best picture I could get since it was so dark!

Our instructor explained that this class was all about depriving our usual senses (sight) and connecting with our inner selves. I really liked the idea of her class, but still took a minute to get a good glow stick selfie before really focusing on connecting with my inner self. 😉


The class was challenging enough to feel like you were working on your body, but also very relaxing and zen. It was the perfect way to spend 30 minutes after the noisy and intense spin class! Our instructor also used two essential oils during the class: one that she rubbed on our lower backs that felt similar to icy hot, and one relaxation one that she sprayed in the air during savasana. Both of the oils added a little something special to the class, which I really enjoyed.

Soon enough class was over! Anne and I took another glow stick selfie as soon as the lights came on. :)


What a fun class!


Once our workouts were complete, we spent a few minutes trying some “spa water” from the juice company Jrink


…and we also tried some delicious forbidden rice with salmon and beet/goat cheese salad from Galley Foods.


I really liked the concept of Galley Foods, which delivers healthy and delicious meals all over the DC/MD/VA region. You can order the food in advance, and the chef-made meals come right to your door! I could totally see myself using this service on nights when Fabio isn’t home and I don’t feel like cooking anything for myself. All the food we tried was delicious!

All in all we had a lot of fun at the event, and I’m so thankful to Anne for inviting me!

Question of the day: When you order delivery, what kind of food do you usually get?

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