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*Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by DuClaw Brewing Company. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for your support.*

Hello there! Today we’re talking about one of my favorite things – craft beers!


Over the last few years, Fabio and I have really gotten into craft beers. We used to order Blue Moons when we were out at the bar and wanted a beer that was a bit fun, but now that we’ve tried so many other beers we actually find Blue Moons to be a bit boring! Who would have guessed? While our favorites are now the hoppy IPAs (we especially like Dogfish Head 90 minute, Heavy Seas Loose Cannon , and Lagunitas India Pale Ale) we are always open to trying new brews.

That’s why when the kind folks from DuClaw Brewing Company reached out to me about trying their new summer flavors – Funk and Morgazm – I was pumped! (So was Fabio, obviously 😉 haha.) DuClaw Brewing Company is a local craft brewery that was founded in 1996 right in Baltimore, Maryland. Driven by the company motto “craft be cherished, rules be damned,” (haha!) founder Dave Benfield took DuClaw from a home-brewing operation that sold beer through his dorm room window to a state-of-the-art brewery. How cool!

Here are the two flavors I got to try:

Funk: With American Wheat Ale as the beer’s foundation, Funk infuses blueberry and Meyer lemon flavor into this unconventional brew. American Wheat Ales are delicious to drink with fresh summer salads. They take well to the flavors of leafy greens, cucumbers, and bean sprouts, and can handle a vinaigrette or creamy dressing.

Morgazm: Named after Morgan, a DuClaw employee (!!), Morgazm is infused with grapefruit and dry hopped with Citra hops to add lemon and tart aromas. Citrus Blonde Ales pair perfectly with any sweet, hot, or spicy dish. If you’re all about the flavor, Asian dishes like hot Thai noodles, stir-fry or spicy sushi rolls are ideal. Not to mention, this is a great option for nights you’re ordering in. For all you Sriracha lovers, meat like chicken or beef marinated in a Sriracha-based sauce is an awesome addition to a tall, cool Morgazm.

I love that this brewery has so much fun with its names – some other flavors that they sell are Sweet Baby Jesus, a chocolate peanut butter porter; Bare Ass Blonde, a Blond Ale; and Dirty Little Freak, a coconut caramel chocolate brown ale. So funny!

Since Funk pairs well with fresh summer ingredients, I decided to pair it with a delicious summer vegetable orzo bowl!


To make this bowl, all I did was chop up half an onion and one garlic clove…


…plus half of a huge zucchini my mom gave me from her garden.


Then I sauteed the onions and the garlic in olive oil for a few minutes until soft, and then added the zucchini and a few other summer veggies I had in the fridge (I used grilled corn and grilled red bell pepper, but you could use whatever you have!). I cooked everything until it was crisp-tender, and then tossed in some grilled chicken breast that we also had in the fridge.


I cooked this just until the chicken was warmed through, and then seasoned everything with salt and pepper.

While my veggies and chicken were cooking, I made some whole wheat orzo. When it was done cooking I added 1/3 cup of the pasta water to the pan along with all the orzo. Then I added in the juice from 1/2 a lemon.  Plus more salt and pepper!


I topped the whole thing with a sprinkle of feta cheese and green onions, and then dug in! It was a delicious meal and came together in no time. The fresh flavors of my meal went so well with the blueberry and lemon flavors in the Funk beer! (Enjoyed while watching – and crying to – the season finale of the Bachelorette #TeamShawn!)


For the Morgazm beer, I decided to pair it with my favorite homemade pizza. Beer + Pizza makes me so happy!


Nom nom nom.


Both of these beers were incredibly tasty, and I would totally buy them on my own! Definitely keep an eye out for them if you’re looking for a fun new summer beer to try. :)


DuClaw is available in select liquor stores, restaurants and bars throughout Maryland, DC, New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, West Virginia, and most recently, Cleveland, Ohio. DuClaw also operates brewpub restaurants in Arundel Mills, Bel Air, Bowie and Baltimore Washington International Airport that serve its award-winning craft beers on tap.

Question of the day: Beer or wine?

I like both, but because Fabio likes beer so much that’s actually what we wind up having on hand more often than not!

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