Mar 302015

Hi friends! My weekend involved driving to Baltimore and back three times, but each time was a lot of fun. Here are the highlights!


On Friday evening, I joined Fabio, my dad, my stepmom, and my little sister for an evening in Baltimore with Bill Cosby. Fabio and I were recently given the tickets for free, and we decided to invite my family along since my dad is a big fan of Bill Cosby.

I know there’s a lot of controversy surrounding Mr. Cosby right now, but my family has always been a fan of his work and we didn’t want to waste the opportunity to see him, especially now that he’s getting older and may not be doing many more shows.

Along with the tickets, we also had the opportunity to go back stage and meet Mr. Cosby! It was such a cool experience, and we had fun joking around with him for about 10 minutes before the show began.


Being around Mr. Cosby was incredibly cool – he is so clever and everything he said had us laughing out loud. It’s amazing to see someone’s brain work like that; the jokes just came so naturally!


He wound up telling some pretty funny jokes about Iran, since that’s where my stepmom is from. He even joked around about her accent a bit, all in good-natured fun of course. I think all of us were bent over laughing at this point.


It was so cool!

Once we were done meeting Mr. Cosby, we headed back out to the main hall of the theater for a quick glass of wine. I think we were all in shock at this point that we had gotten to spend time with Bill Cosby. What an awesome experience!


Then it was time for the show, which was just hilarious. We were all laughing the entire time, even my little sister. I love that Mr. Cosby’s jokes are all family-friendly, and she giggled as he reminisced about the time he dropped his huge ice cream cone on the ground, inevitably creating a real life “rocky road” flavor, or how he had trouble convincing his 10-year-old daughter to do her homework.


Overall it was such a nice evening, and I was so thankful for this opportunity.


Saturday morning was super busy, and before noon Fabio and I had already washed and put away three loads of laundry, vacuumed, cleaned the bathroom, dusted, and windexed. Phew!

Later in the afternoon we drove back to Baltimore to join Fabio’s cousins for an early dinner at Lebanese Taverna.


All of Fabio’s cousins were in town to celebrate his sister Diane’s bridal shower on Sunday, so we took the opportunity to have a nice meal together on Saturday. I wound up ordering the chicken curry, which was delicious.



After dinner we headed back home with two of Fabio’s cousins. We had a nice little pregame at our apartment where my friends Jadd, Jojo, and Kyle came over, and Fabio made us delicious drinks. He’s becoming quite the bartender!


Then we met up with our friends James and Shelley at Masa 14 and spent the rest of the evening dancing to great music.


So fun!


On Sunday we made our last trip to Baltimore, this time for Diane’s bridal shower. The shower was hosted by all of us bridesmaids, and it was so nice to see how it all came together.


The bridesmaids!

The shower was held at 7 West Bistro in Towson, which was the perfect venue.


The whole space in the back was reserved for us, and we had plenty of room for all her gifts, plus the 40+ people who were there.


The decorations were wonderful too, and I loved the feminine touch of the flowers, pink table runner & napkins, and heart decorations.

During the shower we had an unlimited supply of mimosas and sangria (woohoo!) and while the waiters brought out plates of spanakopita, salad, meats, cheese, and bread, I helped organize a few games. We wound up having a purse scavenger hunt that was a lot of fun, and then moved on to bingo when Diane opened her gifts.



Toward the end of the shower, the groom-to-be arrived, surprising everyone. (Everyone but me that is – I knew he and Fabio had been having some beers down the street while watching basketball games.) ;)

Once people started to leave, Fabio came inside so he could congratulate his sister and spend a little time with his family.


Overall I would say it was the perfect shower, and I could not be happier for Diane and Alex.


Now I just can’t wait until the wedding!

Question of the day: What’s your favorite part of a bridal shower?

I’m going to have to say the cupcake ;)

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Mar 262015
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