Mar 062015

Hi friends! Happy Friday! It was a pretty fun week around here, and I’m excited to tell you all about it in today’s edition of Favorite Things Friday!

Favorite Day

Yesterday we had a snow day!!IMG_0012

The federal government was closed, which meant I got to stay home and didn’t have to work. Woohoo! I actually wound up doing about three hours worth of work anyway (some things just had to get done even though our office was closed) but it was still a really fun day!

The snow started falling in the morning, and I had fun taking Jack for his morning walk. Of course he found a gigantic stick, which was definitely way too big for him to play with.


That didn’t stop him from trying though! He had a great time dragging this huge thing around.




Once we got back inside I made some delicious banana pancakes for Fabio and I to enjoy for breakfast. I used this recipe, and I was definitely happy with the results.



Our day was actually really productive and in addition to working for a few hours, we also did three loads of laundry and completed some tasks around the house. We did take a couple of breaks to watch House of Cards, of course. ;)

A little while later we took Jack out into the snow to play some more, and we had a great time running around with him.


Fabio and I even got in on the action, and wound up throwing snow at each other (it was a little too powdery for snow balls) and making snow angels. It was cold, but so fun!


Once we came inside Fabio made us a couple of margaritas, and then we threw our meal planning out the window and ordered a pizza.


So although I am totally 100% OVER winter, I have to admit this snow day was pretty darn fun.

Favorite Wow

Last May, Fabio’s dad bought me an orchid plant. Once the orchid flowers died and the petals fell off, I kept the plant around just to have something green in our apartment. I kept feeding it two ice cubes per week like the instructions suggested way back then, but I never really expected anything to come of it. I figured even having a boring plant with a few green leaves was nice enough. Then imagine my surprise when a few weeks ago I noticed more than ten buds on it! This week one of them opened, and there are a few more that are almost in bloom.


How pretty is this?


I don’t know anything about orchids really, but it seems pretty strange that it’s blooming now. My mom read a book recently written by a medium, and the book says that when people pass away one of the top ways they like to show they are still watching out for you is through plants. She said there were all these stories in the book about flowers that never bloomed or plants that had died that were suddenly revived, and that is supposed to be your loved ones who have passed on looking out for you. I really like this idea, and now I think maybe my grandpa is responsible for this strange blooming.


Of course I’ll never know for sure, but I’m going to choose to believe that it’s him. :)

Favorite LOL

Back when I wrote my podcasts 101 post, you guys recommended the podcast If I Were You. This has since become one of my favorite podcasts, and it has me laughing out loud during every episode. The other day I was catching up on older episodes, and I listened to the “Best of 2014″ episode. You guys – this literally had me laughing out loud for almost the whole hour. It was just SO funny!


If you haven’t tried this podcast yet I totally recommend it.

Favorite Free

On Tuesday when I attended the Open House at Urban Athletic Club, the coaches gave me this sweatshirt for free!


I thought this was so thoughtful and I can never turn down a cozy sweatshirt, so I am pretty excited about this. It will be perfect to wear over my workout tank before and after class. Thank you, UAC!!

Favorite Free #2

I got something else for free when I was at the UAC Open House on Tuesday – a free meal from Power Supply!


Power Supply is a company that works with local chefs to create delicious and healthy meals that get delivered right to your door. Power Supply is a partner with UAC, so they had a representative at the open house giving away free samples of their energy bars (OMG so delish) and meals. I wound up taking the coconut lime chicken tenders with Thai coleslaw for my lunch, and it was really tasty. This meal was paleo, and I really liked that you could clearly see all the ingredients on the packaging.


You could also go online and look up additional nutrition information, which I really liked. Here’s the nutrition info for these chicken tenders:

  • Calories 619.0
  • Total Fat 27.0g
  • Saturated Fat 9.0g
  • Cholesterol 182.0mg
  • Sodium 441.0mg
  • Total Carbohydrate 40.0g
  • Dietary Fibers 16.0g
  • Sugars 6.0g
  • Protein 49.0g

Cool, huh? It also tells you to avoid this meal if you can’t eat eggs, spicy meals, cabbage, cilantro, chicken or pineapple. Awesome!

Overall I really liked this idea, and would totally order from them if I was ever having a busy week and didn’t have time to cook myself. I probably wouldn’t always pick something like chicken tenders (they were a little higher in calories and fat than something I would normally choose for lunch) but it was free so I can’t complain!

Alright friends, that’s all I have for you today. Catch ya’ on Monday!

Question of the day: What do you typically eat for lunch during the week?

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