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Hey there, and happy Fri-YAY!! I have a little something different planned for today’s post; you see, earlier this week I received a flash drive in the mail with the professional pictures from our engagement party in New York City! Although I already recapped the party in full here, I still wanted to share the pictures with you. I tried to pick the best photos from the hundreds that the photographer sent us, and even though I narrowed it down significantly, there are still a TON in this post. Whoops?

Anyway, I thought they turned out great, so I hope you enjoy them!


Our party was held at Distilled NY in Tribeca, NYC, earlier this month.


As you probably remember, my Aunt CC and Uncle Steve planned the whole thing! CC wound up hiring Forever Young, a full service event planning company. When we arrived at Distilled NY before the party, we got the chance to meet Sara Greenberg, the director of Forever Young, who pointed out all the little details of our party.



Sara had worked with CC to determine what little touches would make the party more festive for the big day, all while staying within CC’s budget.






While a lot of the details were coordinated by CC (like our guest board below, which she ordered from Etsy), Sara painted all the mason jars herself and helped with a lot of the other decorations. So cute!




Sara did such a good job making sure our party was festive and fun, and I can’t recommend her services enough. Definitely check out Forever Young if you’re looking for an event planner!


Ok now for all the people pictures. 🙂 Here we are when the party first started! I borrowed a pink blazer from my mom, and wore this dress from Lulus that I had gotten taken in a bit at the waist. Great decision!


Here I am with CC, the most amazing hostess there is!! 🙂


Also, how pretty are those flowers pinned to my blazer? That was another detail Sara coordinated! (Fabio and our moms got some too!)

Before long, the rest of our friends and family started to arrive.


Mother daughter pic! (Can you tell she and CC are sisters? I think we all look alike.)


My dad, stepmom, and little sister Nicole


Fabio’s parents


My stepsister, Maggie


Me, Fabio & Nicole


Bianca and Hana, two of my best friends from high school


Sloppytown, my college besties!

From there, the party quickly picked up steam. We had invited 55 of our closest friends and family (and wished we could have invited more!) and the room quickly filled up with our favorite people.



Here’s the groom to be!


We had a great time mingling with friends…







Lol – Megan’s face!




…and family!






Epic photobomb!




I love pictures like the one above, which includes important men in my life from multiple families (Fabio’s, my mom’s, and my dad’s). The fact that they were all getting to know one another makes my heart so happy!

Also these next two pictures are some of the best ones I have of my closest family members. Love! <3



Plus Fabio’s family!


Me & my sister. <3


Toward the end of the night, all our families and friends were mixed up with each other and I was on cloud nine. Everyone got along so well and seemed to have a lot of fun intermingling with different groups. (I guess an open bar will do that to you…)





My Maids of Honor!

Once again, I have to thank CC and Steve from the bottom of my heart for throwing this amazing party for us. This was truly a day I will never forget! You guys are the best!!




And of course, to the one who made this whole thing possible…



I love you, my amazing fiance. 🙂

The end.

Question of the day: Would you ever hire an event planner or do you like to plan everything yourself?

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