Jul 292016

Yesterday was quite a fun day for me! Every summer my company puts together a fun activity for all of us to do together, and this year’s outing took us on a segway tour around DC!

I got to work from home in the morning, which meant I had time to make myself a real breakfast. It was super hot and humid out yesterday, so a smoothie bowl sounded perfect. In my bowl: plain Greek yogurt, frozen mixed berries, and a little milk to get it all going. I topped my bowl with some chia seeds and Kashi Go Lean Crunch for texture. Delicious!


Before I knew it, it was time for me to head into DC for our tour! Capital Segway’s office is located right off of Farragut Square, making it convenient to get to.


We spent the first 30 minutes watching a safety video and learning how to use the segways. Once I got the hang of things I didn’t find it too difficult, but it was a little scary at first since the segway reads your body movements and if you lean the wrong way you could wind up going forward, backwards, or in a circle. Eek!


Once all of my coworkers felt comfortable on the segway it was time to head out. The folks from Capital Segway did a great job touring us around the city and peppering us with lots of fun historical facts along the way.

Hello, Obamas!


Most of the history I had heard before (we learned a lot of it during our DC Duck tour a few years back) but I also learned a few new things along the way. For example did you know that DC only has two monuments? The rest are all considered memorials, and the difference is whether the monument/memorial was built to honor someone when they were still alive or when they have already died. Interesting!


We stopped for a break at the Lincoln Memorial so we could walk around a bit and snap some pictures of the reflecting pool.


Remember when I used to meet up with the folks from November Project and run up and down these steps in the snow?




Much better, haha!

I also really enjoyed checking out the World War II memorial on the other side of the reflecting pool, since this is an area I don’t seem to frequent too much during my numerous runs/kickball games/and other adventures around the National Mall in DC. It’s so beautiful and a nice reminder to honor our vets as much as we can.


We wrapped up our tour after a couple of hours and then it was time for lunch!

We walked over to Founding Farmers where I enjoyed a “shrimp Loui” cobb salad.


It was really delicious, if a little difficult to eat.

Later in the evening, I met up with these lovely ladies for an evening of crab picking!


Our friend Jess was in town from Amsterdam for a wedding, so Megan and I jumped at the chance to meet up with her. We are Marylanders at heart (even though none of us live there anymore) so crabs and beer are an important summer tradition for us. We spent a few hours picking out the delicious crab meat and catching up on life.


What a perfect end to a perfect day!

Question of the day: Have you ever ridden a segway?

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