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Hi friends! Happy Friday! Thank you for all your well wishes this week; I am finally feeling better! I’ve only blown my nose a couple of times today, so I’d call that a win. You never realize how nice it is to be able to breathe through your nose until you can’t anymore!

Even though it’s been raining cats and dogs this week (literally, snapchat had a filter this week with cats and dogs falling from the clouds) and I haven’t been feeling great, I still had a lot of good moments! Let’s take a look at the highlights with today’s Favorite Things Friday post.

Favorite Meals

I tried two new-to-me recipes recently, both of which were a hit! First up was Asian salmon and noodles.


I promise there are some noodles under all those snow peas!

This meal was really easy to make – it only took about 30 minutes from start to finish – and it was so flavorful! Fabio and I both gave it two big thumbs up. We also had huge portions of salmon, which meant we had a lot of delicious leftovers. :)

Another meal we really enjoyed this week was slow cooker Tikka Masala! I popped this into the crock pot as soon as I got home from work one evening, and after cooking it on high for just about an hour, it was ready to eat.


This was another very simple and very flavorful meal! I was worried Fabio wouldn’t like it since “he doesn’t like Indian food,” but he gobbled it up and gave it rave reviews. He even texted me when he ate his leftovers for lunch the next day to tell me how much he enjoyed it, which never happens! This recipe is another keeper for us.

If you’re looking for some new meal planning ideas, definitely give these two recipes a try!

Favorite Shows

Over the summer, Fabio and I were really too busy to keep up with any shows. We almost always have some sort of show that we binge on or watch weekly (some old favorites include Dexter, Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, Homeland, Game of Thrones, Shameless, etc.) but during the summer we really fell down on our TV watching and called it a success if we could manage to keep up with weekly episodes of John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight. While I obviously didn’t mind that we were too busy to watch TV (in fact it was pretty nice), I did miss having time together to unwind after a long day at work.

In the last couple of weeks though we’ve dusted off our Netflix account and powered through the first season of Narcos. We both absolutely loved it, and can’t wait for season two! This week we started watching Bloodline, and so far it’s also really good!

I also started watching Friday Night Lights on evenings when Fabio has softball and volleyball games since it’s a show he never wanted to watch with me, and weirdly enough it has the same main actor, Kyle Chandler, as Bloodline!



I can’t tell you how weird it is to watch this man play both a football coach and a detective from night to night. In one show he has a teenage daughter and in the other he has a teenage son, and it gets so confusing! What a weird coincidence that I started watching both of his shows at exactly the same time.

Favorite Breakfast Learning Session

As most of you probably know, I work in public relations for a health and wellness nonprofit organization. Because of the nature of my work, I was invited to a breakfast learning session on Wednesday with Deb Eschmeyer, Executive Director of Let’s Move! and Senior Policy Advisor for Nutrition Policy at the White House.



The breakfast event was set up as a Q&A session between Ms. Eschmeyer and a moderator, and a small group of about 25 of us got to hear about her goals for the Let’s Move! program and how she got involved in nutrition and fitness.

It was such a cool experience, and I loved hearing how passionate Deb is about connecting children with healthy, wholesome foods. Ms. Eschmeyer told us how she grew up on a dairy farm in rural Ohio, and was used to eating natural produce grown right from her own backyard. She now has a farm of her own with her high school sweetheart (who grew up on the farm next door – awww) and gets her biggest pleasure from showing kids how delicious fruits and vegetables can be.

This opportunity made me realize once again how lucky I am to work in an industry that I’m so passionate about! I also think it’s pretty cool that I got to meet her predecessor, Sam Kass, through a work event a couple of years ago as well. Maybe I should take this as a sign that I should try to get more involved with Let’s Move! someday? I do think it’s a great initiative!

Favorite Warmth

Yay – the cozy blanket scarf that I bought last week arrived!


It’s really big and really cozy and I just love it. How perfect is this for fall? I love all the colors too and think it matches well with a lot of my clothes.


It arrived just in time to keep me warm in this weather that turned so frigid all of a sudden. Yep – don’t be surprised if you see me wearing this giant, cozy blanket scarf a ton this season. I can’t get enough!

Favorite Workout

I took it pretty easy on the workouts this week because of my cold, but I did manage to make it over to FlyWheel one evening for a VIP barre class! FlyWheel recently launched their fall clothing collection, and they offered VIPs (aka, bloggers and guests – I brought along my friend Jojo) the chance to shop the collection before anyone else with a special discount.

I didn’t wind up buying anything, but I really loved this Washington DC fly tank.


So cute! Jojo and I also spotted a comfy looking pair of sweat pants that we couldn’t stop thinking about! They were the softest things ever!

Flywheel also offered light refreshments courtesy of Glen’s Garden Market and South Block Juice Co.

I tried some kale salad and soba noodles from Glen’s…


…as well as some fresh juice from South Block Juice! Everything was delicious and very fresh.


I especially liked the dark green juice pictured here from South Block Juice since it was really clean-tasting and fruity. It even has activated charcoal in it to absorb toxins! Who knows if it really works, but I felt great when drinking it. :)

Then after a bit of mingling, it was time for our barre class!


Jojo and I had taken this class before and loved it, so we were excited to try it again.


Our instructor for the evening, Destinee, totally killed us with a “cricket” sequence that had us on all fours doing all sorts of crazy leg extensions. All my muscles were shaking and quaking in the best possible way, and we got such a great workout.

Thanks so much for having us, FlyWheel, and thanks again for joining me, Jojo!


Question of the day: Tell me one fun thing you did this week.

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