Feb 202018

Hellooooo, friends! How are you doing today? Demolition of our kitchen, living area, and stairs (aka, more than 50% of our house) began on Thursday last week, and things are both very exciting and very chaotic right now. Our house is a MESS! Before I get to any of that though, let’s talk about the lead-up!

Before everything got removed from our downstairs living space, Fabio and I decided to try our hand at selling our appliances. Our contractor warned us that they were pretty ugly and might not sell for much (LOL), but we decided to give it a shot anyway. We listed our oven, fridge, and microwave both on Craigslist and Facebook marketplace and then sat around waiting for bites. Meanwhile, I cleaned everything from the inside out so they’d be ready for new owners.

We also decided to sell our kitchen cart, which definitely made me sad. It served us really well in the last three years, and I didn’t want to see it go! But, we’re planning to stay in this house for the foreseeable future and with a new kitchen peninsula there just wasn’t space or a need for it anymore. Goodbye, kitchen cart!!

Old pic from when we first assembled it in 2015!

Before long, I had lots of inquiries on Facebook marketplace for the oven, microwave, and the fridge, and some on Craigslist for the cart. (I thought this was interesting – none were vice versa!) We coordinated with everyone and were able to sell everything. Woohoo!

Also in case you’re wondering, this is the fridge we are currently using to store the essentials:

Ugh. I can’t WAIT to have full-size appliances again!

Speaking of those, we’ve also been doing some shopping! Fabio and I were planning to get some very basic appliances in stainless steel finish, as we definitely don’t need anything over the top. But then his cousin’s husband who works at Lowe’s texted us saying this amazing fridge got returned to the store and had the open-box discount (and he walked around but didn’t see any dents or anything), which when combined with President’s Day sales and his employee discount, saved us $2400!! We couldn’t turn down that deal, so now apparently we are getting a crazy, over-the-top smart fridge. Just check out this demo video to see all the cool stuff it does!

We also purchased some laminate floors from Floor & Decor (we went with the Aquaguard brand) and are really excited to see how they look once they’re all laid out.

And also, byeeeee, money.

We haven’t quite decided on the countertops yet, though we did get a quote from Pyramid Granite for two different kinds of quartz: Calcatta Verona and Calcatta Caldia.

I did some Googling to try to decide which one I like better, but I’m kind of torn. What do you guys think?

This is the Calcatta Verona:



Basically bright white with large, prominent, gray veins.

And this is the Calcatta Caldia:



Basically a bit of a warmer white with smaller gray veins throughout. (Also, sorry those pictures are so bad – they were from a thread on Houzz.com.) So, any thoughts?

Aside from that, we spent a ton of time getting the downstairs ready for demo day. In fact, we spent our Valentine’s Day evening getting the last items out of the cabinets and moving tons and tons of stuff upstairs. Fabio’s dad even came down from New York to help us. How romantic. 😉

Here’s the house, ready for action!

And one last “before” shot of the terrible carpeting on the stairs.

And then the next morning, right at 8:30, the contractors arrived to rip everything out. Woohoo!!

Me & hubby (and Jack) excited to see the changes!

Fabio and I both had to head off to work, but we received lots of pictures from Fabio’s dad throughout the day. Here are some of the highlights:

This is the view from the front door…

From the top stair…

From the upstairs landing looking down…

One of Jack hiding in the bedroom so he doesn’t hurt his paws on any nails or staples…

And this is what I saw when I got home. Ahhh! What happened to my house?! (I know it will all be worth it in the end…)

Crazy right? Compare this panorama to the one from the night before. I can’t believe how much they did in one day!

We also discovered this interesting little thing on the stairs – apparently, someone named Darnel wanted to leave his mark!

Day two of reno was just as crazy – the drywall in our kitchen came down!

Our old cabinets had bumped-out drywall above them, and we want our new ones to go all the way up to the ceiling. (Oh, and the oven was still there until Saturday morning, which was the earliest the person buying it could come pick it up.)

But at least the stairs got (mostly) finished, meaning Jack’s paws were safe again. 🙂

Here’s the before shot again for reference – eek!

And there are lots of other updates to come! I will try to keep you guys posted as I have new pictures to share. 🙂

For now I need your thoughts on the countertops! Which one do you like?

Question of the day: Which quartz option did you prefer? For the locals, are there other countertop places in the DMV-area you recommend? We want to get a second quote to compare our options.

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