Aug 312015

Hi friends! As you know, I’m off exploring the beautiful cities of Amsterdam, Ghent, Brugge, Brussels, Reims, and Paris this week. Phew! I think I’m going to need a vacation after my vacation. ūüėČ

These days it’s really hard to unplug from technology/work/online responsibilities 100%, but on this vacation I’m planning to do just that. No trying to post as I go. No looking for wifi everywhere. No worrying about social media or approving comments. I’m¬†just going to enjoy my trip. :)

Instead of slopping together a few quickly pre-written posts that – let’s be honest – are never quite as engaging as I’d like, I thought I would instead put together a whole bunch of links to some of my older content to keep you guys busy this week. Feel free to poke around at some of my older recipes, lifestyle posts, and more. Yes, putting this post together definitely made me cringe at some of my older posts (the pictures – yikes!) but hey, at least they will allow you to appreciate my growth over the years. ūüėČ








I’ll check in with¬†you all when I get back after Labor Day. Have a great week!

Question of the day:¬†Leave a link to one of your favorite blog posts – mine or someone else’s – below for others to read!

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Aug 282015
Guest Post from Jess: Americans in Amsterdam!

Hi friends! Today is the first day of my European vacation, and by the time you read this I will already be in Amsterdam. Woohoo! Since we are there visiting our friends Jess and Erick, I thought it was only appropriate to include a guest post from them (well, it’s from Jess, but there are […]

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Aug 272015
Ready to Go!

Hello, hello! How’s everyone doing today? I for one am just bursting with excitement because¬†Fabio and I leave for Europe later this afternoon. Eeek!! This week has been a little sad on the food front since we have been trying to use up the food in our fridge before we leave. Eventually we ran out […]

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Aug 252015
Learning to Love Salads

Raise your hand if you remember when my every day lunch used to look like this. Yep, anyone who has been reading CET¬†for more than a year¬†or so may remember that I used to have this same exact lunch every day at work: a sandwich thin with turkey, American cheese, and mayo and/or mustard, plus […]

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Aug 242015
Weekend at the fair!

Well, another summer weekend is in the books! I can’t believe it’s almost the end of summer already; where did the time go?? Luckily we’ve been taking advantage of every minute of it and had another great weekend around these parts. Here’s my¬†recap! Friday Fabio’s work held a summer formal on Friday after work, and […]

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Aug 212015
Workouts & Eats Lately

Helloooo and happy Friday! (Or Fri-yay as I keep seeing on the interwebs ūüėČ lol.) How did everyone’s week go? Mine was great, and while I initially planned on writing a Favorite Things Friday post today to tell you all about it, I realized that most of my post would have been about my fitness […]

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Aug 202015
Six Tips For Your Next Eurotrip!

Hi friends! Fabio and I are leaving for our vacation to Europe in exactly one week, and I’ve done a ton of research to help us prepare. Since I know¬†plenty of you like to hop across the pond as well, I thought I’d compile some of the most valuable tips I’ve collected from my research. […]

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Aug 182015
Tuesday Morning At Home

Hello there! Today I am working from home which is quite a nice change of pace. Our apartment building recently got purchased by a new management company and the new staff wants to come in to each unit to do some “general inspections.” The notice said if we have pets we should put them in […]

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Aug 172015
A Weekend of Summer Favorites

Hi friends! The last few days have been so much fun, and since I didn’t check in on Friday I have a lot to share with you. Here’s a recap, sentence-per-picture style! (Err, ok, sometimes two sentences per picture!) Thursday Wine tasting + a live band + good¬†friends = a perfect Thursday summer evening. Guapos […]

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